Sexy Rani periamma – part 1

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Hi guys, this is hari from chennai. I’m average built body with 6ft. I work in MNC.

The heroine of the story is Rani Lakshmi(name changed) and aged around 47. She is my mom’s sister. Her husband works in abroad. Her only daughter is married and lives in Australia. Rani had a well maintained structure and Her main attraction is her bubbly bubbly butt cheeks. Guys, whoever sees her in saree will surely imagine hardly pressing and massaging her butts.

We are very close as she stays just few house away from mine. Even she treated me as her own child. I used to buy vegetables and groceries for her. Sometime she used to call me if she had to go to bank whenever uncle sends money. As she is alone, she never cared about her dress at home and used to wear saree low hip mostly at home revealing her hot navel and I never had any bad intention on her.

This happened a few years back. That time my mom and dad went for dad’s relative marriage and would return after a week. I avoided as I had college. So my mom said to take care of me as I was alone and she too agreed.

Next day morning I went to college as usual and returned home. She called me to have dinner at her home for that night and I said ok. That evening I was watching a movie and passing my time. Then by night 9, she called me for dinner and I went wearing a tee nd shorts. I rang the bell, there came my sexy goddess Rani periamma and opened the door wearing a green saree with low hip revealing her navel and left melon. But it’s usual for me and had no bad intention. Then, We had our dinner and had some chitchats normally. After sometime it was 10.30 and I said I will go to sleep. She said to sleep me there itself as we both were alone. Then I went to sleep in sofa, but she said to sleep beside her as the bed is bigger to accommodate 2 people easily. I have a habit a holding a pillow between my arm while sleeping. But there were only two pillow, one for each. I asked for one more pillow and She said it’s in the loft and she will give tomorrow. I said else give me your hand so I can rest them near my cheeks and arm. She smiled and gave her hand. Then we slept on the bed saying good night.

It was at night around 3, I got up for peeing. I went to toilet and came back. There I saw something that changed my mind drastically. Till then I didn’t have any bad intention on her. The bedsheet that she used to cover her was aside. Her saree was upto knee and her palu was totally aside revealing her hip, navel and both melons ( of course with jackets on them) completely. My sleepy face totally got fresh. I had a state of mind whether to sleep silently or to proceed. But my evil mind overtook the situation. I went and slept near her. Slowly, I placed my left hand on her hip and literally current was passing through me fully, but no response from her side as she was in deep sleep. So slowly I caressed her hip and navel for 10 minutes. After sometime I slowly moved to her mountains. Its 36d , but one of the softest thing I touched till now. Suddenly, She turned to other side showing her butt to my side. I took my hand off her and waited for sometime. She was in deep sleep again. Again I slowly went near her and placed my left hand again on her melons and started to press them with little pressure. During this my little brother started to poke her butt cheeks and crack. I was totally excited and stayed in that position for half an hour. Then to avoid any risks, I went to normal position and slept again.

Then I woke up by 6 in morning and searched for my rani. She was cooking in kitchen. I went and said good morning periamma. She too said good morning chello. It’s usual, but due to last night scenario, it was very exciting for me. Then she asked me to get ready for college then come to her home , eat breakfast and go to college. As routine, I went to college and came back to home. After reaching home, I got call from her. She asked me to come to her home immediately. As usual I wore my tee and shorts and went to her home.

There was the twist…!!!

What would have happened?

Let’s see in part 2.

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