Student makes me sex addict

Hello everyone, this is Andrea. This is my first sex story. I m 38 years old with 5.4 feet height and have a good body structure for woman of my age. I am divorced 5 years back with big alimony enough to buy a Sedan car and stay in bigger house. I have a daughter who is 15 years old and stays with my parents in hometown.

I work as a professor in a reputed college in Banglore. Last year it was time fot projects for PG students and i was assigned to few students. Its was 5 girls and 3 guys. One of the guy is the hero of this story. His name is Mohammed Rafique. He is from Mizoram. He is tall and have a dark skin tone but handsome. I have heard that he had relationship with 2 girls in college in span of 1 year.

Now coming to story since this guy is from bengal he is the only one stays in a room near college where other students are far away. I also stay near college. I have seen him many times but now i got a chance to interact.

From regular talking we got to know about eachother. He is 26 years old and quit his job for further studies. One month into project first review was done and Rafique had few corrections needed. From that day we were chatting and talking more. Me feeling lonely also started to get attract to him. He used to ask me why am not married and indirectly hints on sex life. Sometimes he sends me double meaning jokes. One day i saw him shirtless in college during a cultural rehersal. Few days later there was college culturals. As a staff i had responsibility for decoration. I was last female staff to leave with all cultural items in my car. While going in my car I saw Rafique walking. I asked him to get in as it was raining outside plus he would help the boxes. He said he would walk. I also went outside and said to come in. In sometime i got drenched while insisiting him. I was wearing a sleevless black blouse and a green saree. He came in to car. I drove to my home and asked him to help the boxes. We set everything it was 11. I asked him to stay as we had few things about project to discuss next day. He stayed but had nothing to wear with rain drenched him. I asked him to remove his dress and give to me. He gave his shirt and pant. I gave my bath robe to him as a cover. I went to bathroom and put a slight makeup to make sure i get the sex. I put a loose sleevles nighty which is knee length. A petticoat was still there and coat over it. We had a coffee.

After that we started chit chatting and suddenly came to topic of sex. I tried to avoid and move but he caught my hand and pulled me. He started to kiss my lips. I wanted to stop but my lust overtook. He said he wants to fuck me. I lost in thoughts and he removed the robe. He was shirtless and i started licking his chest. He removed my coat. I licked his chest and came near his dick. By removing his undies i saw his black circumcised dick which would be biggest ever i seen. He started sucking it hard like no other go. He took me to bedroom and started removed my nighty. I sucked his dick for 15 minutes and he came a huge load in my mouth. I tasted some but spill some out. I went to wash my mouth. When i came back i was in bra petticoat and he lifted me. Removed my Bra. He started sucking my nipples. He sucked both my boobs and started giving love bites. He started to lift my petticoat. He removed my panty and lifted my petticoat, he was fingering my pussy while sucking my boobs. After sometime he went down and started to lick my pussy.

Some 10 minutes later he took me in 69 position and ate my pussy. I was about to cum but didn’t mind cumming on his face. He drank my cum. But he kept tongue fucking me. He put me in missionary position and asked me a condom. I said I don’t have one and you can fuck raw. I had my operation of family planning. He was very happy to enter. It was a 10 inch cock and was finding difficult to enter.Everytime he enters i started to moan hsss hsss hsss. Mmm mmm mmm. And he entered after 20 minutes of struggles. He started to fuck me slowly without non stop. He kept fucking me in missionary position for around 25 minutes.

He lifted both my legs and he kept ramming me. I already had my 3rd orgasm and he was not ready to stop. I realised the power of his body and control. After sometime he switched to doggy. He kept pounding my pussy from behind. After sometime he said he is about cum. The room was filed with moans and juices. He roared and he came deep in my pussy. If i hadn’t had my family planning i would have beared his kids.

After that his dick came out. I cleaned with my mouth and saw my pussing leaking both love juices. We hugged and slept. Around 7 in the morning we woke up and had sex again. He cummed on my boobs this time. We had shower together where he fucked me again and came in my pussy. He wanted to try anal and that night he fucked me Anal and came in there. He broke my anal virginity. From that day onwards i was addicted to his dick and i fucked him in my car, in my house everywhere. He also fucked me in his room. I am his teacher in college but his slut in bed. During my periods alone he doesn’t touch me. Other 25 days i get banged atleast for 15 days with weekend full of pleasure.

I will share the rest in my next part with more interesting with rafique his friend and new partners.

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