My hot indian mom’s tales -part 1

Hi guys myself Adi , im 19 years old . This story is about how i tried my luck to seduce my mom and found her dirty secret . So let me give you a brief description about myself and my mom .

We are a small upper middle class family . We are very much respected family in the society. My dad owned school institutions and recently started a new branch near outskirts of the village and was mostly busy in that work and my mom is currently working as principal in the old branch .

So coming to the story my mom is a typical hot milf kinda women whom anyone would want to fuck. I always wanted to fuck my own . She has a very sexy ass which anyone would die for , she always used wear sarees mostly and nighty’s sometimes rarely . I always used to stick close to my mom trying for a chance to get her in bed . She loved me so much like every normal son .

This story was from recent times when dad used to stay outside most of the time so it was my duty to drop and pick my mom to the school . So my mom use to wake me up early in the morning and after her shower and change her saree right in front of me thinking im asleep , but i use to peek lightly . Ohh what a pair of boobs she has, her cleavage man . I had quick boner watching her change ,then after some time i had my shower and got ready came looking for my mom .

She was standing in kitchen preparing something , she was wearing purple sleeveless cotton saree , few cotton string on her blouse which made her look more sexy and her bun tied hair perfect add on .

I slowly entered into kitchen , hugged her from behind and said “Good morning maa , u look so beautiful today “ she replied “ good morning beta , only today?” I placed my hands on her smooth waist and said “every single day” and kissed on her neck , I stayed in that position for few more minutes while my dick was pressing her ass and my hands where around her navel and kissing her neck . She set herself free saying “enough with the acts ,now come lets have breakfast“.

She took me over the dining table and feed the idilis with her hand , i asked her innocently “ maa did u have your breakfast”
She replied “no not yet”

I laughed inside for myself and thought this was my chance and said “oh maa i know u love me somuch u do somuch for me but today let me feed me with my hands” she was smiling and agreed hesitantly . I quickly in no time pulled her towards me and made her sit in my lap , before she could even react i placed my hand around navel and pressed her belly button with left hand . She was moaning very lightly and i was acting very casual about it and started feeding her with my right hand .

But my left hand was holding her waist , I pressed her belly button once again which made sit in my lap in a position that my dick was poking her ass straight. We had the breakfast and left for her school to drop her . Everything was normal from there for half distance then I thought of something and asked her to drive the scooty , she surprisingly asked why . I said my shoulders were aching . She took the scooty and i was sitting behind her . Suddenly while she was driving i placed my hands over her smooth and sexy waist , i was acting as if she was going too speed but inside enjoying her hot navel .

Later i dropped her at the school and just while leaving noticed something very strange maths sir was cunningly smiling at mom for which she also responded smiling cunningly , i could not understand what was happening. Later that day afternoon i came back from college and randomly opened cc camera app in my mobile which was installed in our school , i was shocked to see what was happening, mom’s saree pallu was removed and her petticoat was raised above her stomach , she was half naked with maths sir , who was fucking her from behind in her office room , i had instant hard on watching that .

He pinned her against the wall in doggy style. His one hand was on moms left boob presssing it, squeezing it while the other hand was hitting on her ass , he fucked her for 15 mins in that position and stopped suddenly and kissed her all over her back . She was too enjoying it . He kissed her all over her back from her neck to her ass while his hands were roaming all over her boobs.

He then holded her from her waist and changed the position and threw her on the sofa behind , he then sat on her stomach and removed her half opened blouse completely and threw both her blouse and bra , then he took his dick and placed right between her both boobs , he then started going in a front back motion fucking her boobs , within few mins he cummed a huge load on moms chest .

I saw a new angle in mom giving boobjobs which will make my line clear.

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