My hot Indian mom tales – part 2

Hello guys adi here sorry for the delay this is the continuation of my previous story , which you can read here

My hot indian mom’s tales -part 1

For all those people who dont believe this is a real story go search Andhra teacher fucked in xnxx website you will find a video of my mom getting fucked by maths sir

So coming to the story i caught my mom having sex with maths sir in the principal cabin , i was watching them from my cctv app installed in the principal cabin , my mom and maths sir were naked and all pumped out sweating after hot steamy session , my mom was hot as fuck , naked sexy full of cum , i was leaking by watching them have sex . I couldn’t expect my traditional moms this sexy slutty side . They got dressed up and maths sir left the cabin and mom got dressed up and was acting quite normal like nothing happened.

Later that evening I went to pickup mom from the school and she was like hot as hell as usual, she was acting normal so i was also acting normal with her . She was wearing purple saree same morning outfit . It was quite normal on the way to home , i was thinking about a plan to fuck mom badly . We reached home and mom got fresh up and changed into another cotton saree , mom had a habbit of changing the saree infront of me and it was a habit since my childhood while changing the blouse her blouse , suddenly her blouse pin got stuck and she was struggling removing it , so i quickly went near her and asked mom may i help you , she thought for a minute and said yes .

I quickly went behind her pressing my dick on her ass , while my hands were below her boobs helping removing her blouse hook , I struggled for a while and removed the hook finally , all this time i was touching her boobs her nipples . As i was taller than my mom i could look above her cleavage easily there is a small mole on her right boob which is her beauty spot i was mesmerising watching the mole .

After some time she got dressed and was working in kitchen , she was wearing a yellow cotton saree . I couldn’t control myself anymore I decided to fuck her today at any cost .

I slowly went behind her and hugged her from the back pressing my hard on on her ass and my hands around her beautiful navel and moved her hair on side to kiss on her neck and i was shocked to see there a bite mark on my moms neck , maybe maths sir did that and she was trying to cover it with her hair . I kissed her on the same spot and asked her mom what happened here pointing on her neck , she was tensed for a second and said nothing got burned by a straightner but i knew what Actually happened . By saying let me help you i was kissing her on the neck and slowly lifted my hands from her navel to her boobs , she was moaning loudly.

I was kissing her continuesly while pressing her boobs , she too was enjoying it but suddenly cames into her senses and pushed me away and slapped me and screamed at me is this how a son behaves with his mom
I asked so how should he behave than ?

She got more angry now after my reply and said “ok let me inform your father about your behaviour “ and i said “no problem inform but also inform about your behaviour with maths sir “ she was totally shocked and scared now and said “what what what are you saying, you’re blaming lies on your mom “ i said to her he fucked you infront of cc camera and i have proof “ she paused for a second and started crying and said “ son please don’t say this to dad “

I gave a cunning smile and went near her placing my hand on her navel and said ok babe but let me fuck you before she could even react i started kissing her and my hands pressing her ass and navel , and lifted her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed and jumped on her , removed her pallu and kissed her all over her body like a mad dog .

She was leaking juices and asked me to stop teasing her , then I lifted her and pinned her and pushed my dick , she was screaming so loud , i fucked her for 15mins in that position and cummed a huge load inside her then we both fell down on the bed behind us , and slept like that cuddling naked.

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