I fucked an old dark plus sized women

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Hi All.. This is Sam 34 years old. This is about an incident which happened a few weeks ago. I work for a MNC in chennai. When it comes to women, my taste is a bit wierd. I like aged women that too dark, heavy and ugly. My friends used to tease me about my taste but thats how i am. I often fantasize about maids, sweepers and vegetable sellers and often jerk thinking about them.

This story is about how i fucked an old dark plus sized women in my area whom i was stalking for almost an year without knowing that she was a pimp and usually pimp her daughter and some of her friends.

In sep 2020, i started going for morning walks as per doctor advice. One such day when i found a woman sitting in front of a house along with another girl. The woman would be around 50, dark and fat. She was wearing a black blouse and red saree. Blouse was so tight and could see that she was not wearing any bra. She had not covered her back with saree and her back was visible clearly. She had a round face with nose pierced and was chewing betel leaves. She had a huge bindi. Her neck was dark and sweaty and was wearing only mangalsutra. I could also see her blouse wet under armpits. Its always humid in chennai, and she was sweating. Her sweaty dark fat body turned me on. I just kept staring on her as i walked past her.

From that day, daily i used to go for a walk at same time and sometimes if she is not there i used to wait for her to come. One such day when i came out for walk she was sitting on the place where i met her first. But when i approached near her, she stood up and started walking. I followed her and she was walking in front of me. She had huge ass. I was just looking at her as she was walking in front of me. I lost myself in her ass movement. I understood that her home is near by and i followed her till her house. Luckily it was exactly near by a tea shop where i used to smoke sometimes. It was a local housing board area surrounded by huge apartments. Its the area where maids, local vendors of that area live. From that day i made a habit of going to the tea shop near house and stalk her. Her house was in ground floor. She often used to sit outside her house in a chair and will be speaking to some one in phone or real.

From her appearance and the way she used to talk with other women i understood that she was a like a local head. I intentionally walk slowly when i cross her and sit at the table in front of tea shop, light a cigarette and smoke looking at her. Initial few days she didnt observe, but after she started understanding that i am stalking her. Many times she found me staring at her body, but she used to continue doing her activities. There used to be a young girl always with her. I understood that it was her daughter. She would be around 25 years old tall dark and but a strong physique. Some times she also would be doing morning walks.

I started taking random pictures of that milf when i used to smoke in front of her house. I was continuing this for almost 8 to 9 months. I got close to the tea shop owner and he also found out that i am looking at that aunty for a while and stalking her. As we got more friendly, one day he asked me whether i am lusting for that lady’s daughter. I was shocked and was taken aback. I just said no and came back home. I was little tensed and at evening again went to the shop. No one was there in the shop except for the owner. I asked why did he ask me like that in the morning. He said that he was watching me everyday looking at her while smoking and he know about it. But he didnt knew that i was not looking at her daughter but her mother. I was blushing and he said why are you wasting time then. Go ahead and bang her. I was confused and was looking at him puzzled. He said she is a hooker and her mom only pimps her. I was completely taken aback. I was lime what the fuck. He started telling about the ladies.

The old lady whom i was stalking is Valasamma. She is andhra tamilnadu border and settled in chennai some 30 years back. She used to be a fish seller in the morning and hooker at night. Her husband used to pimp her. She has two daughters and a son. Elder daughter is married and now in Bangalore. She also used to do escort service in chennai and now after marriage she had moved to bangalore. Her second daughter indrani is the one who is now with her and doing escort service. Her son is a local rogue and half the time he used to be drunk or have weed. Her husband is no more now. Apart from her daughter, she also pimps some of the local ladies in that area. She is like the lead pimp in that area.

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