I fucked an old dark plus sized women

Hi All.. This is Sam 34 years old. This is about an incident which happened a few weeks ago. I work for a MNC in chennai. When it comes to women, my taste is a bit wierd. I like aged women that too dark, heavy and ugly. My friends used to tease me about my taste but thats how i am. I often fantasize about maids, sweepers and vegetable sellers and often jerk thinking about them.

This story is about how i fucked an old dark plus sized women in my area whom i was stalking for almost an year without knowing that she was a pimp and usually pimp her daughter and some of her friends.

In sep 2020, i started going for morning walks as per doctor advice. One such day when i found a woman sitting in front of a house along with another girl. The woman would be around 50, dark and fat. She was wearing a black blouse and red saree. Blouse was so tight and could see that she was not wearing any bra. She had not covered her back with saree and her back was visible clearly. She had a round face with nose pierced and was chewing betel leaves. She had a huge bindi. Her neck was dark and sweaty and was wearing only mangalsutra. I could also see her blouse wet under armpits. Its always humid in chennai, and she was sweating. Her sweaty dark fat body turned me on. I just kept staring on her as i walked past her.

From that day, daily i used to go for a walk at same time and sometimes if she is not there i used to wait for her to come. One such day when i came out for walk she was sitting on the place where i met her first. But when i approached near her, she stood up and started walking. I followed her and she was walking in front of me. She had huge ass. I was just looking at her as she was walking in front of me. I lost myself in her ass movement. I understood that her home is near by and i followed her till her house. Luckily it was exactly near by a tea shop where i used to smoke sometimes. It was a local housing board area surrounded by huge apartments. Its the area where maids, local vendors of that area live. From that day i made a habit of going to the tea shop near house and stalk her. Her house was in ground floor. She often used to sit outside her house in a chair and will be speaking to some one in phone or real.

From her appearance and the way she used to talk with other women i understood that she was a like a local head. I intentionally walk slowly when i cross her and sit at the table in front of tea shop, light a cigarette and smoke looking at her. Initial few days she didnt observe, but after she started understanding that i am stalking her. Many times she found me staring at her body, but she used to continue doing her activities. There used to be a young girl always with her. I understood that it was her daughter. She would be around 25 years old tall dark and but a strong physique. Some times she also would be doing morning walks.

I started taking random pictures of that milf when i used to smoke in front of her house. I was continuing this for almost 8 to 9 months. I got close to the tea shop owner and he also found out that i am looking at that aunty for a while and stalking her. As we got more friendly, one day he asked me whether i am lusting for that lady’s daughter. I was shocked and was taken aback. I just said no and came back home. I was little tensed and at evening again went to the shop. No one was there in the shop except for the owner. I asked why did he ask me like that in the morning. He said that he was watching me everyday looking at her while smoking and he know about it. But he didnt knew that i was not looking at her daughter but her mother. I was blushing and he said why are you wasting time then. Go ahead and bang her. I was confused and was looking at him puzzled. He said she is a hooker and her mom only pimps her. I was completely taken aback. I was lime what the fuck. He started telling about the ladies.

The old lady whom i was stalking is Valasamma. She is andhra tamilnadu border and settled in chennai some 30 years back. She used to be a fish seller in the morning and hooker at night. Her husband used to pimp her. She has two daughters and a son. Elder daughter is married and now in Bangalore. She also used to do escort service in chennai and now after marriage she had moved to bangalore. Her second daughter indrani is the one who is now with her and doing escort service. Her son is a local rogue and half the time he used to be drunk or have weed. Her husband is no more now. Apart from her daughter, she also pimps some of the local ladies in that area. She is like the lead pimp in that area.

I was cursing myself that i have wasted time stalking behind a hooker rather than banging her on the first day i saw her. I asked the guy how can i speak to her and bang her. He said he can arrange but he needs commission. He wanted 500Rs. I said ok but i need the hen not the chick. He was confused and asked me again. I said i want valasamma and not indrani. The shopkeeper started laughing loud and said you are a strange person. She is now old fat ugly and filthy and you want to bang her. I said nothing can beat the experience. He said now she is not doing escort service and just pimp other ladies. I asked him to speak to her and make her accept. I said i will pay him 1000 bucks if he manages to do. He said he will speak and asked me when do i want her? I said i will confirm in a couple of days. He said ok. I was very happy that i am going to bang her but at the same time i was cursing myself that i have wasted time. I just cant wait to bang her now.

Since my family was with me, i cannot bring to my home. My friend has a bungalow in ECR and he is now in kerala in his hime because of the lockdown. He had a security who knows about us. We used to bring many ladies there and have fun. I called my friend and asked him permission to use his house for a couple of days. He said ok and when i explained about vlasamma he was like teasing me about my taste.

I finally fixed the date and told my family that i am going for an office work to Bangalore for a couple of days. I went to the tea shop and told him about my plan for two days and asked him to speak to her. He spoke with her and she didnt agree it seems. Instead she offered her dauughter. She was adamant about it. The shop keeper dialled her number and gave to me. I was shivering when speaking with her. She was adamant that she wont come. But i started talking about my taste and how i felt when i saw her first time. I told her thag i was stalking her for all these while. She was laughing. Is said i will pay her what ever she asks. She said wi you pay 10k for two days. I said take 12k. She was surprised and asked why are you so desperate. i some how convinced her to come with me. I asked her to take tight blouses and dark sarees with her for which she obliged.

Finally the day arrived. The tea shop guy asked me to wait near another tea shop which is around a km away from his shop. He asked me to come by 3 pm. He said he will bring her there. I couldnt wait and reached there by 2.45 itself. I was smoking continuously and could wait for her to come. I parked my car a bit far from the tea shop. I was waiting and they didnt turn up till 3:30. I was getting restless. Finally at around 3:40 the tea shop guy called and asked where am i? I told him where i am standing and asked him to make her sit in my car which is near the school nearby. He said ok.. I asked him not show me as the customer and rather act as a stranger. I just opened the car lock thru remote and i was smoking. I was looking at them. She was in a black blouse and black saree and was carrying a small bag. She got down from the auto and the tea shop guy made her sit in my car. After that i locked the door and asked him to come near me. He came and was smiling at me. I gave him 1000 bucks as i promised. He was very happy and said call me if you face any issues.

The tea shop guy went. Now i slowly started moving towards my car and i opened the door and entered the seat. She was sweating heavily and her saree pallu was moved and she was trying to get some air thru her pallu and was wiling her sweat. I entered the car and said hi to her. She was shocked to see me and she gave a naughty smile. I asked her why is sweating and i took my kerchief and tried to wipe her sweat. She asked me to switch on the ac and move the car before anyone sees. I started driving. Now she started talking. So you are they guy who wanted tk fuck me. I said yes. She said she has been watching me stalking her and twice she tried to speak to me and ask me whether i am intrested in her daughter. I was like oh shit. I was scared of you and when i saw you approaching me, i thought you were about scold me. She started laughing. She spoke proper local chennai slang. We got comfortable with each other and i was explaing to her how i was stalking her all these while and finally how i ended up meeting her now. She was laughing. I stopped near a tasmac and got down to get some booze. I asked her what she wants. She said anything is fine. I bought 3 bottles of whiskey, cigarettes and she asked me to buy some ghutka and pan. I bought a these stuff and also bought chocolate flavored condoms.

My friends bungalow is almost an hour long drive. We were talking about each other lives and we were getting comfortable with each other. She didnt use any deo and because of her sweat a pungent smell was coming from her body. I loved that smell and my cock was in upright position while i was driving. She was telling about her hooker life and how she was abused in early stages and now how she is controlling the business. We both got convenient with each other. Finally after an hour long drive we reached my friends bungalow. The watchman opened the door and gave the key to me. He was looking at valasamma and was smilint at me. I gave him 500 and asked him to get drunk and enjoy. Asked him not to disturb for next two days and just collect the swiggy orders and handover to us whenever it comes. I gave him a bottle of whiskey too. He was very happy.

Finally i opened the main door and enetered the house. I closed the door and as soon as i closed the door i threw my bag on the couch and hugged valasamma from back. This was the moment i was waiting for almost an year. She was laughing loud. I hugged her tightly and started licking her neck. Her neck was dark and there were some scales due to dirt accumulation over years. I liked it and i was holding her stomach and was kissing and licking her ears and neck. Initially she was laughing was not responding but after 30 secs she was aroused and started moaning. I was massing her stomach and was licking her neck. She lifted her hands and caught my neck and started pushing me hard towards her. My dick was hard and touching her ass. My boxers were wet bcos of precum.

She heldy neck with one hand and started squeezing my dick with other hand. I was licking her neck like a dog. She liked it and was getting aroused a lot. She removed my hands from her stomach and pushed me on to the couch. That was a hard push and i fell on my back. Before i could recover from the fall she jumped and sat on me. Her saree pallu fell down and i could see her black blouse holding jer huge black melons inside. Since we started our play as soon as we enteres we didnt even turn on the ac or fan.

We started sweating a lot. She became a hungry dog and strated hugging me and licking my face. I hugged her tightly and we started kissing. Since she used to chew pan and gutkha her mouth was filthy but i loved it. We started kissing hard and tasting each other tongue. I could smell and taste the gutkha in her tongue. But it aroused me even more. Both of us were now like hungry dogs. Both of us were licking each others face.

She removed my shirt and started licking my cheat and neck. This is what i normally like and i was surprised and how she knew that. She started licking my nipples and bite. I started squeezing her huge ass. I lifted her saree till her ass. She not wearing any panty. I was surprised. I started feeling and squeezing her ass. She was biting my nipples and i was in heaven. I was moaning heavily her name. She removed my shirt completely and threw it out. I somehow got up and started pressing her boobs and lick her neck. She was breathing fast and moaning heavily. Her boobs were huge and was of size 40. She was not wearing bra. Her black blouse is now wet because of sweat and her boobs were struggling to get free. I just pulled her blouse and it was torn. I said sorry but she didnt bother and instead she startes suking my lips.

Now her huge melons were hanging. I was squeezing them hard as we were kissing each other. I pulled her little up and started kissing her boobs. Her aerolas were huge and dark. My one hand was not enough for her boobs. I was squeezing her left boob with my right hand and was sucking her right boobs. I was actually chewing her big nipples. She was in heaven and was holding my hair and pushing my face into her boobs. I was completely smothered by her boobs. We were sweating heavily due to humid weather and we were tasting each other’s sweat also. After sucking and chewing her nipples for a while, i pushed her to other side of the couch. We both got up and undresses. She is now nude in front of me. Her dark melons were hanging

And her huge belly with pregnancy stretch marks were driving even more crazy. We were sweating and the room got even hot bcos of our activity. I grabbed her hand took her to the bedroom and pushed her on the bed. I turned on the ac and jumped on the bed. We started hugging and kissing each other again. I lifted her hand and looked at her armpit. It was hairy and smelling heavily bcos of the sweat. I started sniffing her armpit and started licking. She started laughing and tried to puch me as she was getting goose bumps. But i over powered her and made her already wet armpit even more wet with my saliva. I was licking like a dog. Her pungent smell was driving me crazy. I lifted other arm also and started licking both

The armpits. I was in heaven smelling her armpits i was pushing my face into her armpit. I started pressing her boobs as i was licking her armpit.. She was moaning heavily. I slowly moved hands towards her pussy. I inserted my finger into her pussy. It was loose and wet. Actually my 3 fingers were easily going in and it was wet. I removed my finger amd smelt it. It drove me crazy. I startes licking it.

Now she pushed me down and within a second she was on my top. She startes licking my chest and slowly moved towards my feet. She startes licking my feet and sucking my toes. I was moaning
heavily. She was sucking my toes and grabbed my dick. She started stroking as she was licking my toes. I tried ti get up but she pushed me down. She got up and sat my chest with her ass facing me and her face towards my dick and legs. She started licking my thighs and inner thighs. Her huge ass was now in front of my face. As she bent to lick my feet i saw her ass hole and started fingering and squeezing her ass. She was playing with my balls suddenly she moved up and took my entire cock into her mouth. Her warm saliva over my dick was making me horny. She started sucking my dick and at the same time squeezing my balls and inner thighs.

I pulled her ass towards my face. Her ass was filthy and smelling heavily. It made me crazy and without any further thoughts i started sniffing and licking her ass. She was more aroused and bit my cock. I shouted in pain but she continued sucking. She got down from me and went in between my legs. She strated licking my balls and stroking my cock. I was moaning loud and holding her head and pushing hard towards my balls. She started licking my inner thighs too. I pulled her head and started kissing her lips. I made her lie on her stomach and strated licking her back and shoulders. She started moaning heavily.

I continued to massage her shoulders and licking her back. She could control herself and turned front. She pulled my head and kissed my lips and pushed me towards her pussy. It was dark hairy and fully wet. She pushed my face between her legs. I started kissing her pussy. I seperated her pussy lips and inserted two fingers and was licking it. She grabbed my hair and pusing me more in with her legs. She came heavily. I was licking her cum. She niw pulled me again started kissing me deep. She pulled my dick and asked me to enter her. I said i need to take condom. She said hurry up i cant wait. I ran to the hall and searched for the condom.i was not able to find and she also came to hall to help I took it and ran back towards help me.

Finally i found but couldn’t open the outer cover. She was getting frustrated and finally opened it. She grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom. It seems she havent had sex for a while and now she is horny. She pushed me on bed and sat on my face in 69 position. I started to lick her pussy and ahe was sucking my cock. With in a min she came down and pulled me over her. She made me wear the condom and made me enter her pussy. It was nit tight as expected but warm and tight enough. It was wet and as my dick entered she made a huge sound. I lifted her arms and licking her armpit at the same time stroking her pussy. She wrapped her heavy legs around me and locked me. I was jumping on her and playing with her boobs and armpits.

After 5 mins both of us came with a heavy sound. I stayed on top of her for a while and got up. I removed the condom and showed her the cum inside. She laughed. I got up and went to take a cigarette. She also asked for one. Lying on the bed we smoked together. While smoking she was lying on my shoulders and both were tired. We smoked and decided to sleep for a while. I made her to lift her arms and placed my head close to her armpits. I started smelling it and she held my head close and started sleeping. Both were nude and sweating even with ac running. We didn’t know when we slept and woke up after 2 hrs.

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