My mom in a party

It’s a memorable evening as my mom NANCY is going to a marriage party in a club with her son Rajeev.she have put a lehnga and choli on her sexy body as her boobs are looking like mountainous range of Aravalli ,her tummy is glittering like a Alluvial plains of Punjab .she is looking like a sex bomb in her dress as she put her sandals on legs ,I moved out of my home to start my we both have to move towards the outskirts of town as marriage party is in a party Nancy is sitting on the back seat as I starts my bike and now driving it smoothly on a heavy traffic road.she have put her legs crossed as her right breast is touching my back and her hand is on my we both are on national highway as I am driving my bike fastly towards marriage hall .it’s a dark Evening as we both reached there,after moving inside premises ,there are too many guests as mom got a warm welcome from bride’s I am near drinking stall as my mom came there with bride’s maternal mom Nancy have hold his wrist as they are talking and than I can see my mom having a glass full of wine as I am drinking mom Nancy walked to me……

“he is my son Rajeev
(I Shaked hand with him)oh nice to meet you
(Nancy)he is dipti’s maternal uncle
(Maternal uncle)but Nancy no one can say that you are a mom of Rajeev,your physique is well maintained as your glooming face is not showing your age
(Nancy)thanks a lot Sirish .”

And more still to come as I sit on chair and took another glass full of beer to drink and my mom put her glass on table as she walked away with I followed them as I left marriage hall ,I can see both moving inside deserted lawn in I stand behind a bunch of trees to see their mom Nancy is sitting on a wooden bench as Sirish is sitting near him ,now Sirish put his arms on my mom’s shoulder as he is kissing my mom Nancy.looking at them ,I am drinking beer as I can see Nancy holding him tightly in her arms and both are kissing mom Nancy is now on his thigh as Sirish took her rossy lips in his mouth to suck ,his hand is on my mom’s back as I can see my mom pushing his long tongue in sirish’s mouth and he is sucking it wildely as her left breast is pressing hard on his both are enjoying oral sex as my mom is brushing her boobs on his chest and Sirish is rubbing her my penis started erecting in jeans as Nancy took out her tongue from his mouth……..

“Sirish we both have enjoyed sex too many times
(Sirish)yes even you were not married and I have fucked you in a park as your hymens have destroyed
(Nancy)yes I remember loosing my virginity to you but today your touch is giving me a different experience.”

And I can see Sirish pressing my mom’s breast on her choli as his hand is lifting her lehnga also but Nancy is too bold to unzip his trouser and she took out his penis .now she is masturbating his long cock fast as it’s semi erected and Sirish is massaging her boobs hardly as I can see Sirish lifting my mom’s lehnga’s upto her waist and my mom put her hand on his waist as I can see her panty in his hand and she put it near Sirish nose to smell I am hot as I can see my mom sitting on wider wooden bench on its corner and Sirish is on her legs ,now I can’t see him kissing or licking my mom’s vagina .so I moved towards opposite direction as I am behind bushes and I can see Sirish licking my mom’s cunt with his long tongue.I am 5-6 metres away from them so my nude eyes are looking at their sexual activities,now I can hear Nancy’s sexy voice…….

“oohh aahh you are still too good in licking vagina aahhh.”

As he took my mom’s vagina in his mouth to penis is trying to come out as I took it out and started masturbating sexy Nancy ,put down her lehnga’s to legs as Sirish is standing infront of my mom’s face while holding his cock.lawn’s outer dense bushes are giving them privacy as they can’t see me also and now I can see my mom’s lips on his penis as she is kissing its base to shaft.sirish a matured men of 40-42 years have put his 8-9 inches long and 2 inches thick cock in my mom’s mouth as she have put her hand on his waist and sucking his penis my penis is too hot but I don’t want to go there as it will reveal our dirty relationship ,now Sirish have hold his hairs tightly and he is fucking my mom’s mouth with his dick as I can see my mom sucking it hard ,her eyes are closed as they both are busy in oral Nancy took out his cock from her mouth as her tongue is licking it’s saliva and my mom Nancy took it again in her mouth as she is sucking it hard and Sirish…….

“oohh aahh you bitch you are best in sucking cock.” And than Nancy left his penis as she is taking a short sirish put his penis in undies as well as trouser and they both are sitting Nancy put her panty in purse as she asked………

“let’s move to party ,show our presence there
(Sirish)sure have a drink also.” And I started urinating than put my penis inside jeans and walked to party hall.
I am trying to make my mind cool as I took other glass of beer and started drinking it ,even Nancy and her love mates is drinking wine as Nancy came to me…….”Sirish is my college friend , so we both are together to remember our day’s
(Rajeev)sure ,I am fine.” And she sits on a chair as I moved towards lawn to sit on wooden bench.I know they will come here after sometime and I will disturb their love as well as sexual I am smoking a cigarette as I can see both of them coming inside lawn and looking at me ,Nancy asked…….

“oh you are here ,go and enjoy party
(Rajeev)mom sit here as I want to see remaining part of yours love
(Nancy is shocked)Rajeev you are in drunkun State ,so you are talking
(Rajeev)you both can enjoy as I will see it and masturbate my penis.” My mom is showing her anger but sirish surprised me and asked Nancy……..”darling now put your arms on bench as I will fuck you from behind.” And my mom also surprised me as she is like a four legged animal and sirish put her lehnga on waist as her panty is not on her vagina.I can see my mom’s sexy ass as Sirish took out his long cock and holding her waist ,he pushed it inside her Nancy is looking at me ,as I unzipped my jeans and took out my cock ,now Sirish fucked her hard as she screamed……….”oohh aahh it’s too hard Sirish fuck me like a whore.” As I am masturbating my penis fast ,I can see my mom’s vagina getting his penis in her glory hole.she is swinging her ass fast as Sirish is fucking my mom’s vagina with speed as well as sirish hold my mom’s breast on choli as he is pressing it hardly and my mom is enjoying a nice fuck as her ass is swinging in air penis is rock hard as I stand and came near my mom’s face ,she took my cock in her hand as she swallows it in her Sirish is fucking my mom’s cunt like a pro as she is moving her bum fast and while holding my mom’s hairs ,I am fucking my mom’s mouth with my penis.after 7-8 minutes of deep penetration ,Sirish shouted …….”oohh aahh now have my cum darling.” As I am still fucking my mom’s mouth with my cock and my penis ejaculated sperms in her mouth as she drink it.our party ends soon.

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