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Biggest fantasy ever.
The beginning
All pictures are actually me, so please be gentle in the review 😉 💋

I couldn’t believe it as I was reading the message from a couple that invited me over for drinks and a little private party.. The message was in response to my profile on Mixxxer that has been up forever without any interest. After all who wants a cross dresser? I’ve never had a guy and I’m so shy and scared I doubted I’d ever have anyone that could get me to actually meet since I want more than just a wham bam thank you man. I’d like to feel wanted and feel big arms around me all safe etc, the whole experience of being treated like I have always treated women.
I never thought it would happen but I received a message from a couple, well a wife anyway, it was a picture of a tiny girl with an ass I could bounce a quarter off, and another of a huge well groomed cock. Both of the sights I really wanted to eat. The message was brief, to the point, and bossy. I was immediately hard as a rock and had to relieve myself, which I did all over myself and took my time rubbing my fingers in it and slurping my cum off them while pondering weather I was going to take it seriously or not. .
The message said simply “cum over and watch a movie with us tonight bring your girly gear but leave it in your vehicle, wear a plug and shave yourself smooth and use plenty of lotion, I like my sluts soft 7pm don’t be late.
The address was at the bottom along with…..
P.S. do not respond to this email, just follow your instructions bitch

I arrived five minutes early and stared at the house for four minutes trying to not chicken out, finally I worked up the nerve to knock on the door. The woman that answered it was smiling and invited me inside as friendly as could be, she was short and had one of those average kind of looks about her like any ordinary house wife, not what I considered extremely beautiful but pretty, kinda soccer momish to me. She introduces her husband and pours me a drink, it was stiff lol she must have sensed my nervousness. She tells me to have a seat on the couch and they sit down next to me her in between me and her husband and we flip channels finally agreeing on some adultish skinemax flick. You know the type, B- rated soft core chick porn basically.
After everyone is relaxed and just watching a movie on the couch together they start making out and heavy petting right next to me!
I try and watch the movie but I can plainly see her rubbing his hard cockmeat through his pants and she catches me looking and grins. She looks at me and tells me to go get her a drink in a stern, demanding kind of voice that makes my knees a weak instant
When I come back his pants are undone and she’s stroking him, his cock is way bigger than my useless limp thing. He looks over at me and smiles and raises an eyebrow a little, I’m embarrassed and red faced as I walk over to hand her her drink, she takes it and says “ good boy, now come here and kneel. I comply without saying anything but I’m so nervous and excited at the same time I am definitely shaking visibly.
I just kneel in front of them and watch as she strokes and played with one of the nicest cocks I’ve ever seen in my life, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m so close to it and it’s not on some screen I wish I could jump through, it’s right there in her hand glistening with pre-cum I’m seriously salivating quite badly by this point. She just teases it slowly and I can tell it’s driving him crazy as well.
“Do you want to be our sissy slave for the night?” She asks with the sexy kind of grin that comes from a confident woman that knows what she wants and knows the answer to her questions before she asks them. I nod my head yes slowly, I can’t believe this is happening I’ve fantasized about this moment all my life, but I am so scared and nervous at the same time.

She snaps at me in a harsher tone “ I asked you a fucking question and I expect an answer not a half ass lazy nod bitch!”…. “Yes ma’am, I’m sorry yes I would love to serve you, I’m yours!” “ good for the rest of the night you will be my bitch, this is my husband he’s earned the right to be my second. I am the only authority there is, he is my #1 slave you are beneath him…… way beneath him as the new bitch” “ did you bring your girly outfit and wig like I instructed in the email?” To which I respond “ yes ma’am I brought my bag, shaved everywhere, moisturized and painted my toes like you requested.” She tells me to go make myself as pretty as a chubby worthless sissy can possibly get and to holler for her to come approve my transformation.

She comes in and looks me up and down telling me to turn around. When I’m facing away from her she runs her hands all over my body to make sure I’m smooth and soft as she demanded I be. I was of course, she tells me to bend over and she grabs my ass cheeks roughly spreading them apart wide, I am blushing and embarrassed even more by the moan I let out when she reaches out and grabs the base of the butt plug I have had inside me all night and eases it half way out gently then sharply shoved it back in making my knees buckle and a drop of pre cum drip from my half limp useless little cock, she giggles and tells me I need to clean that off the counter, and there will be no waste in her house! I comply immediately I love the taste of my own cum it’s all I’ve ever had! She gives my useless little thing a squeeze to get whatever else she could put which was actually quite a bit coating her whole finger. She sticks her finger in my mouth and tells me to suck. I gladly comply with a “yes ma’am” and I suck my pre-cum off her finger and keep sucking until she fishhooks her finger in my cheek and stands up in one fluid motion starting to drag me out to the living room where her husband is still on the couch.
Her husband being a good boy hasn’t touched himself at all and has gone soft waiting for his mistress to examine her new toy. She looks at his flaccid cock and looks at me saying “ look at that! I had to come instruct you and I forgot to tell him to touch himself just enough to stay hard for me now we got to start all over, and by we I mean you slut! Get your fat ass down there and put that cock in your mouth, go slowly if you make him cum I’ll be very angry with you. Get down there put your mouth down and ass up with your legs spread I need to remedy your tiny plug selection….pathetic!”
I don’t know that I’ve ever moved as fast as I did diving mouth first on that beautiful hunk of tube steak but I couldn’t get it in my mouth fast enough. WHACK!!! She slapped my ass so hard I actually had a tear welling up in my eye as she yelled “ what the fuck did I just say slut! Slowly!! He’s got to suffer way more before he cums, don’t be greedy this is about my pleasure not your desire to finally suck cock!!”
I do as she asks and slow way down slowly taking it and twirling my tongue around the thick head and killing and butterfly kissing down the shaft it didn’t take long before he was throbbing hard again and my mouth was as full as I could get it but I couldn’t take it all the way down while he was fully hard. She wasn’t about to accept that she put her hand on my head and started guiding me in a rhythm making me go down further with each stroke until I was choking around his huge cock and my throat finally relaxed enough to enjoy it a little. She ripped my head away sensing how much I was loving her mans cock and every drip out of it I could get.

“Lay down on your back slut!” “Yes ma’am” I was quick to comply. She immediately straddled my face and ground her sopping wet pussy into my mouth and nose so I could breath and felt like I was literally drowning In pussy. Fuck she must really enjoy watching a crossdress let suck cock cause she was wetter than I would have thought a woman could get. She continued to grind herself on me until her head leaned back and her body tensed up and she let out song deep moan as her legs started to shake and my face exploded in wetness as she squirted all over it for what seemed to be a full minute! I love squirters so it was a sexy as fuck surprise as I lapped it all up as best as I could. She calls her husband over who straddles my body and shoved his huge cock deep inside her as I watch from underneath . She smacks the top of my head saying “ nobody told you to quit licking!” She didn’t have to tell me twice as I worked my tongue over her dipping pussy as her husband moves his cock slowly, he pulls it out and points it directly at my mouth and just shoved it down my throat for a few strokes and then goes back to his wife’s beautiful gushing box for a few and keeps switching like that for quite a while as I’m in absolute heaven.
She looks back at her husband and says “cum now, fill me up! It better be overflowing!” Without missing a beat his whole body tensed and I could feel his cock throbbing as he shot spurt after spurt deep inside his wife, he came for longer than I ever have and so much it started seeping around his Vick even though he was still buried as deep as he could fit with his balls contracting in time with his throbbing cock and my tongue lapping at the underside of his balls and cock trying to get all the yummy juice I could.
He slowly pulled out his cock and immediately thrust the cum coated monster down my throat for a cleaning, which I did happily and vigorously thinking I’ve found my heaven. After his spent cock is clean as it could get he backed out of my mouth leaving me feeling a little sad and empty until she mashed her pussy back into my mouth and I immediately got a full gush of the cum she was filled to the brim with.
Omg, there was so much cum, and it tasted so fucking amazing with both their juices flowing like a river into my mouth, so fast I had to continuously swallow to keep up wondering if I could possibly keep this up much longer.
I was so busy I hadn’t even noticed my cock get hard until it started throbbing so bad it hurt and I wanted to cum so bad. She must have sensed it in the pitch of my moans because she jumped off of me and told me to get on my knees. She proceeded to slap my ass as hard as she could ten times in a row and I stopped feeling my little dick. She told me to stay there until she comes back and keep my ass spread wide and they both left the room and were gone long enough to make me start really wondering if they were coming back, I was starting to get uncomfortable enough to start fidgeting a bit in place.

When she comes back finally she puts a collar and leash on me and tells me to crawl by her side to the bedroom. I had no clue what she wanted now I thought we were probably done since they had both cum so hard, I was even trying to remember if I had ever cum that hard in my life! I don’t think I have. When we get to the bedroom she tells me to get on the bed face down with my ass in the air and spread nice and wide. She pulls my plug out slowly shaking her head and telling me how disappointed she was that I should come with such a small plug. “I’m sorry ma’am it’s the biggest I have. Her husband comes into the room and climbs on the bed and positions himself so he’s laying with his legs on either side of me and scoots down so his cock is in my face, even soft it’s bigger than mine and absolutely yummy looking. I let out a little whimper it’s so close but I haven’t been told to do anything so I figure I should wait patiently until I’m told. As I’m contemplating the meal set before me I’m not paying attention to what’s going on behind me until I feel pressure against my hole and look back to see mistress (is that what I should call her? I just realized they never gave me their names!) wearing a huge strap on and pushing the head against my hole, before I could even voice concern that I’ve never had anything that huge in me before the head popped through my hole and filled me all at once with a jolt of pain and a huge wave of pleasure to follow.I gave a half yelp, half moan that surprised even me. Mistress kept pushing and pushing, I thought I was going to split in half and felt like she must be almost all the way in plus some, but when I looked back she still half halfway to go! She let up and quit pushing for a second and spit down my crack to help lube her huge fake cock up and started slowly thrusting, moving back and forth. It hurt for a few more seconds but soon began to feel so good I couldn’t stay quiet I was moaning like a whore, and pushing back against her on my own. It wasn’t long before I felt her mound against my ass and realized I was taking that giant toy of hers to the hilt and loving it. Hell I was practically squeezing by this point and my cock was dripping continuously so I reached down to let it drip into my hand so it didn’t get on her bed, she really starts fucking my stretched hole for real and moaning along with me as she rides my ass to her orgasm. She tells me to clean my hand up and not dare touch my cock. The big hunk of meat in front of my face had grown again watching his wife pound my sissy ass and was glistening with pre cum running down it. Mistress still behind me reaches forward and crams my face down on the object of my attention as she slides her giant rubber cock out of my now stretched hole. . I am in complete subservient heaven right now but I wish she’d put her cock back in my ass I feel so empty. I am whimpering and she knows what I need but won’t give it back. She looks to her husband and says “ she’s all yours “ and walks out of the room I hear the shower start running.

Now I’m alone with a man for the first time I’m my life and his cock is in my mouth. For some reason it felt differently when she wasn’t calling the shots, I can’t explain it, but it felt more personal being just the two of us. I was really getting into working the cock in my mouth trying to make it as sensual as I could and enjoy every bit of the pre-cum as it came moaning softly every time I caught a taste of his sweet nectar. He stopped me and pulled my chin upward, he pulled me straight into him and locked his lips to mine.
I didn’t know I could feel any of the feelings I felt as I melted into his arms and kissed him back. He just made out with me all slow and deliberate for a bit and rolled on top of me, my legs instinctively wrapped around him without even realizing it until I felt the head of his cock pushing on my hole, it was so hard and throbbing the fact that my ass was already well worked helped in his effort to penetrate my outer ring but the pure bliss I felt in his arms and feeling the tip enter my hole made me tighten my legs around him and pull him deeper into my hungry sissy fuckhole and I knew at that moment I wanted to spend as much time cock filled as I could and that I was totally this couples sissy slave for every second they allow me to serve them. I hope I can perform well enough that they’ll keep me for a very long time!

As good as it felt all night having my ass stuffed in different ways nothing could compare to how it felt when he pumped his hot load deep inside me I didn’t mean to, and I never touched myself but as he pumped spurt after spurt of his load in me I came all over us both so much I was shaking and couldn’t stop. I knew I better clean it and that’s what I did for the next ten minutes. I was so focused on my task and trying to make sure I pleased them well so they’d call me back that I didn’t even notice that Mistress had come back in the room at some point and was just watching from a chair next to the door.
She seemed satisfied with my efforts and came to bed crawling right between her husband and I, she fell asleep quickly in the arms of her two slaves, drifting off with a smile on her face, not as big as the one I was wearing but she seemed content.
Tonight was just a routine bit of play for Mistress and her subservient hubby, but for me it was absolutely magical, I wasn’t even aware I could enjoy anything in this world that much. I seriously loved every single second of tonight’s adventureawakening, and sleep is going to be hard to come by while I’m laying here wishing for another super sloppy cream pie to slurp out of Mistress, or Mr’s huge cock pulsing his smoldering hot load deep inside me.

There is no way I can go back to nothing but riding rubber dicks, and my fuck machine all night long, and only getting to eat my own cum. I don’t think there is anything on earth quite as yummy as cream pie! I could eat cum filled pussy for every meal for the rest of my life I’m pretty sure, or drink the cum straight from the source. After tonight I know for sure that I was born to serve, and I will do my best to make my masters happy no matter what it takes so that I can keep feeling this kind of happiness .
I’ve finally found my lace in the world, on my knees serving a couple that needs a slutty sissy to clean up their warm sticky messes and add whatever sensation want to their play time, that is my purpose and I intend on fulfilling it to the best of my ability.

………To be continued if there’s any interest in more.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty more fantasies. Maybe someday I’ll get to live one 😉
Well that at the moment is one of my top fantasies for sure, I can’t think of anything hotter than serving a sexy couple and eating cream pies! Let me know what you think and weather I should continue writing or just abandon writing all together if it’s terrible, at any rate I’d love to hear from you all so I’m including multiple different venues to reach out 😉
Until next time your chubby subby sissy slut, (at least in heart and mind until I find my Mistress/Master couple, Dom or daddy, or just an alpha that wants a guy to hang out with in public that turns into his personal sissy slave obedient fuck doll when we get home! Of course a Mistress with a giant strap-on that enjoys pimping me out and watching me drain her dates balls whenever the mood strikes her or she thinks I need a reward or punishment would be crazy fun too 😉
Lonely Lucy Loveless 💋
[email protected]
Kik- mt406biguy

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