Sex with first girl friend

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Hi friends ,this is shyam and this is my first time sex with girl friend lalli.Her body perfect shape and hair so long.we both friends from school ,later met occasionally.

We first met outside of godavari river no one there at that time. We both looking each other. I saw her hair it’s open full and water drops falling from edge of her hair because it is wet, her hair smell meera shampoo. We both sit on bench and looKing river, i put my hand back side of her and trying to touch her hair it is dark black and wet i won’t control .

She looking river then I touch her hair below neck just amazing it’s so thick and smooth i collect and hold the hair and remove flower she looKing at me . I ask her to can i eat ur hair,then she makes a bun .

Then she turns and I started pressing and put into mouth it’s awesome and huge bun not enter into my mouth then I open slowly and put edge into mouth and inserting slowly into mouth .

We do 30 minutes after she turns and smile ok done .I said ok.After one month we met at same place this time both single and time evening , we both talking by holding hands and light fallen darkness coming , then I open one video in my phone that about lip lock ,both watching scene after I went near to her and kissed. She ask more, then both stand and hug, then I started kissing first time kiss to both she was awesome and kissing ,then I put my hand into her panty ,she resists and after that again slowly touch her pussy outside. I touch her boombs,hand on her pussy its already wet both r kissing , then I put on her bench darkness there.

I remove her leggin and panty.start kissing on pussy my dick so hard i remove my pant and wear condom and I won’t control i lift her legs and slowly insert into her vagina even so tight. Once insert into her vagina do push-ups she making sounds and slept on her and kissing. I done push-ups and kissing.

She want kiss and kissed her. Once remove dick she say dengu raaaa plzz inka chala time chey then she touch my dick come near to me and inserting into her vagina she removing and giving stokes to my dick and inserting ..

Any long hair girls contact me [email protected]

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