Recent encounter with my ex girlfriend

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Hi all i am arjun, with recent experience with one of my ex girlfriends. Recently met her in one of the mall in chennai. Her name is sindu( name changed) and she was married with two kids. Shocking to see her after a long time in the mall. She came along with her kids. I was alone and got introduced to her after a long time. She was happy to see me and i helped her in getting few stuffs in the mall. We enjoyed shopping. That day nothing much happened we exchanged our contact mobile numbers and left.

Days passed by i send a message to check if he is doing good, luckily i got a reply immediately and from there we started chatting regularly. Enquired about her husband, she mentioned he has gone for a short term onsite trip and due to covid he got a chance to extend his visa and staying there for some more days.

She is staying alone and its difficult for her to manage the kids. Then i got to know she is staying very near to my house and i thought i would like to invite her to my house for a change. So that kids would find a new place to stay and have fun. I asked her but she initially hesitated, but i keep on insist her for a day plan. Guys for an information, most of the apartments in chennai has play area, badminton court or similar one to have a good time pass.

Days passed and she was ok for a day to spend the time in my house. That day came. I went nearer to her house to pick her up along with kids. We reached my apartment shortly, and they are happy to see the facilities in our apartment. We went inside the house as my family has gone to the native town. I am living alone in my house. Kids were happy to see lots of toys in the house and they started playing. Now i got a free time to talk to her. I asked how are you? She started with a low tone and said missed lots of fun and enjoyment after marriage compared to what we had during our relationship time.

I hold her hands and made her comfortable and said i am here for your needs again. So don’t worry. She had a cute smile, which makes anyone to fall for her. Want to mention her size, even after two kids she has a great structure (34,32,36). Everything in perfect shape where tempt you to try on. Once she is comfortable, she wanted to cook some food for kids, she went to kitchen and started making things. Just to say guys that day she wore a skirt with top and she looks beautiful and stunning. While she was cooking, i was playing with the kids for a short time and then went to kitchen to see what she is doing.

She was cutting vegetables, i helped her in cutting vegetables, and she started doing other works. In between asked her how was she and happy with the married life, she is little upset and mentioned husband is more of money minded and not caring for her or even kids. Out of frustration she said he didn’t do sex offen. Very rare and that too she forget when she did previously, could be last year. I got to know what she wants at this time. I stopped cutting vegetables and hold her hands and started kissing.

She cooperated and this went for 10 minutes and we realised its time to cook. But she wants this badly, i told i can give her a quick 5 min pleasure by doing oral. She readily agreed. As she was wearing a skirt its very easy to go for a oral. I went inside her and covered me up with the dress, so that even kids enter they can’t find me. Removed her red floral panty, clean shaved pussy was inviting me to suck hard, took it inside and started sucking, she was fully filled in pleasure. I told her dont stop me, u parallely continue with the cooking work. But she can’t concentrate and i started doing fast and she enjoyed to the core. At last she had her first orgasam. I asked if i can cotinue again for the second one, she agreed and said be quick.

So that we can finish cooking and enjoy. I continued for another 30 minutes and she was enjoying a lot, this time she hold my head and wants to go deep inside her. She loved the way i am doing and she finally had her second orgasam. She was happy and she wants do it for me. She asked me to come out. Once i am out, she made me to sit onthe kitchen top and unzipped my pants and took my 6 inch penis and started giving a nice blowjob. After a long time i am happy to get a blowjob from her. She was eating that like a lollipop and ice-cream. Continued for 20 minutes and i told her i am about to cum, she said go ahead and i am ready to take it in mouth. Hearing this i was very happy and came immediately with a huge load, but she sucked everything from my penis without leaving anything. We were little satisfied, but the lust inside is not satisfied. Will continue our experiences in our next story.

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