Banged my colleague before her wedding

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Hi readers this is Rahul narrating my first experience with my colleague Sandhya (both names changed). I work for a BPO in chennai and I am married, have a kid. Sandhya works in the same floor. i used to interact with Sandhya’s team and we were just friends. Sandhya is a very straight forward and very strict when someone try to flirt with her. She has a 38′ boobs, average height, very homely and ever smiling.

She added me in FB and last year. she was missing from work for over 10 days. i didnt take much note of her absence and on a Friday, i saw her in fb chat and started asking if she was on long leave. she replied me that she had a surgery for her back pain and hence was staying at her home town. Since she was also getting bored in hospital and i was also not feeling sleepy, we started talking for more than an hour. I was very cautious that if i cross my limit, she will get wild. so maintained a low tempo. then i told her to come in whatsapp and there started our talk. The network traffic was high because of the flow of our whatsapp chats and we moved from friends to close friends.

After her return to office, i met her in cafeteria and we had talks for an hour and i came to know that her birthday was approaching. I wanted to surprise her with a gift and i bought a jacket which she could use while driving her bike. It was expensive and unfortunately, the size didn’t fit her. so she exchanged and informed me about the exchange. later that week, when i met her again in the cafeteria, asked her what she bought, she pointed at the t-shirt that she wore that day.

I asked her if that was all she bought, she was trying to avoid the question. I knew that she was trying to dodge and asked the same question again innocently. she just looked around and showed me the strap of her already exposed spegatti. I didn’t know why, but suddenly there was a heat wave in my body.

Since the cafe was crowded and other colleagues were around, i decided to stop the discussion there. I couldn’t concentrate on my work and the hidden evils of my mind started their show. I whatsappd her,”I knew that the top and spegatti don’t cost the worth of the jacket”, immediately there was a response from her with a smiley as “B & P”. I know what that means, but asked her unknowingly what that meant. she told me with a blushing smiley that it was bra and god, my penis started to get erect at this moment and again since it was a Friday, i decided to continue the conversation that night.

After dinner, i pinged her and immediately got her response, looked like she was waiting for my message. I was still afraid of her to proceed with any erotic talks, but decided to throw a stone and not wait for the fruit to fall down. I started asking her if she had a boyfriend and she told me that she just had boys as friends and also added that she had a close friend who is no more her friend. upon digging her deep with polite questions, she told me that the guy was talking dirty and she didn’t like it.

Suddenly, a red signal appeared in front of my eyes with a warning signal. i didn’t know how to react and i did not ping her and said good night. There were no msgs from me over the weekend and on Monday night, she pinged me y i didn’t msg her. she also told me that she was looking at her phone and waiting for my msgs. now, the red signal turned green on me. I told her frankly that if i had spoken to her on Friday, i would be the second person to get burnt on the same week. she laughed and said that she liked me and she wont stop talking to me. I said, i wont believe her for which she promised that she wouldn’t ever get angry on me..

Suddenly, the wickedness in me worked out and i asked her what color bra was she wearing… immediately i sent the second msg that if she gets angry, then her promise is false. There was a silence and i thought the show was over. then came a beep, which stopped my heart beat for a minute. Her answer was that she didn’t wear any at that time.

Woooooooowwwwwww was my reply. i then asked for the colour of her panty and she told me, its black. What more do you need my friends for a start.. from then on it was all XXXXXXX talks only. but at work, we never showed any likes on each other.

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