My sex world

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It was one faithful afternoon when I was at home with my senior brother.past fees days when I was coming back from school l saw him urinating when l look straight down his Dick was large.

I started cumming and fall for me not knowing that he has saw my body on precious day when I was bathing and fingering my self there in the bathroom. Not knowing that he was videoing me. Then one fateful evening I came back from shopping after having sex the seller l went home with happiness, because I have Nice exchange of goods with my when l reach it was too late our parents have not come back yet work,l groaned for a longtime and pretending that I want to sleep.

When I saw fell down to the bed half naked to draw his towards me.suprisely my brother started pulling my pants and turned me started pulling my clothes up to down still pretending. The next other things he started fingering my pussy l could not hold it anymore l moaned so sexually.then l pulled down his shirt and shorts, l started licking and sucking his Dick like a hungry milf, he moaned so loudly. Then we had a good blow job and he lnsert his Dick inside my pussy, he started fucking style by step .

He digs in and out and fucked me harder my staying top of him which lasted 20minutes and breast sucking and piercings made me mad because his mouth was sweet and horny brunette he started licking my pussy so hard harder and harder.then insert his Dick inside and gave a hot blow job without no mercy and cum inside me started which lasted almost two hours.

We stopped and l started cumming so hardly so cum too and poured it and I locked it was full loaded cum. We stop and clean the sperm in the bed to prevent our. From not knowing our secret. We went to the bathroom and returned to our rooms.

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