Dads visit 2

The next day i couldnt even look at my dad (Dads visit part 1), i avoided him as much as i could the whole day. My mom and granny both asked if i felt alright was anything wrong. I couldnt tell them what happened as much as i wanted to.

My dad managed to catch me in the kitchen and says ” dont even thinking about trying not meet me tonight, i expect you after everyone is asleep. Do not make me come get you ” then walks away.

I dont really think he would be stupid enough to come into our room so i decided i would just stay in my room all night and fixed up a few extra bottles so i wouldnt have to leave the room at all.

I wasnt sure what time it was when i felt a dick pushing into my mouth. My thoughts were its jack so i layed still relaxed my mouth and let him start fucking my mouth. As he slowly pushed and pulled his dick in and out of mouth i felt someone move behind me on the bed. I open my eyes and look up its my dad standing beside our bed pumping his dick into my mouth smiling, i yank my head back pulling his dick out of mouth. He places his finger to his lips “shhhhhhh ” he places his hand on the back of my head and tries to pull my face back towards him. I resisted he bends down and says ” what did you tell me last night oh yeah ill scream dont make me scream and wake up your husband ”

I turn and look at jack sound to sleep and i dont want him to wake up and see this. I get up out of bed and push dad towards the door. He looks back making sure im following him as i shut the door i ask him are you fucking stupid. ” it was like old times wasnt it ” he pushes on my shoulders trying to get me to go down on my knees. Im doing that right in front of my bedroom door in the hall were anyone can walk out and see us. You may not care if we get caught but i dont want anyone knowing anything.
I know i have no choice but to let him do what he wants i can only hopes it want take him long. So we go to the laundry room and get down on my knees. He waste no time pushing his dick into my mouth and begins fucking my mouth. He was not being easy as he shoves his dick in my mouth causing me to gag. I pull back my head pulling his dick out of mouth. ” now i dont have time for this shit ” he pushes me back against the wall and shoves his dick back into mouth. My head is against the wall so i cant move my head as he fucks my mouth. Gagging each time he shoves his dick into my throat. Holding it in the back of throat as he cums.
Had no choice but to swallow.

He steps back, ” now that was a good girl, its to bad your mom dont suck dick like you do sweety ”
As i get up and turn to leave ” where do you think your going we are not done yet get back over here ”

He puts his hands on my hips and picks me up putting me on tge folding table. Drops to his knees and begins eating my pussy. I do everything i can not to get into my dad eating my pussy but jack doesnt do it often and it does feel good having a wet tounge licking my pussy and having my clit sucked on. I instinctively place my hands on his head and arch my back. I cant beleave im actually humping his face as he is pushing his tounge in me. I climax squeezing his head between my thighs. Moaning against my will.

My dad stands up his dick hard again pushes his head against my lips rubbing it up and down my lips. Slowly pushes his head into pussy. Takes his thumb and begins rubbing my clit as he pushes his cock in me. ” michelle you sure are hot and wet. Your enjoying this arent you” just hurry up and do what your gonna do to me. He slams his dick in me all the way. Placing my legs up on his shoulders leans forward pushing his dick in deeper. I can feel as he makes it swell up. ” dam girl you have a tight pussy your moms pussy has never been as tight as yours ” he begins pumping his dick in me faster. He pushes my legs down and makes me spread them wider as he begins pinching and pulling on my nipples. I cum again. After several mins of my dad fucking me he stops pulls me off the table and has me get down on my hands and knees. Pushes my head down to the floor so just my ass is sticking up. I feel him put the head of his dick to my ass hole. I pull forward and tell no way its not happening he grabs my hips pulling me back and with one push forward he has his head in my ass i yell out in pain. Shhh. As pushes more of his dick in me. I.manage to pull forward but as i do he moves forward with me. Now im laying flat on my stomach with my dads dick buried deep in my ass. I pled with him to take it out that hurts that jack doesnt even fuck me in the ass. Please dad take it out. He ignores me pumping his dick in me hard and fast. Moaning and grunting “dam its even tighter than your pussy” the pain starts to ease as he pumps his dick in me i continue to pled with him to stop he pushes in deep holding still pushing deeper i feel his cock swell as it fills my ass with his cum. ” dam chelle im gonna have to fuck you alot more after we get moved back ” he turns to walk out of the laundry room. Dad he stops. You better have enjoyed this i want do this any more. I cant handle it as soon as yall leave tomorrow i will be telling jack all about everything its over. I will even tell mom what you been doing to me.

” oh chelle you just dont even know. If you would have only opened your eyes when you were younger when you got ate out you would have seen one of those times it was your mom eating your pussy as i fucked her from behind. She knows what i done she got mad after i fucked your tight little ass the first time thats why she took you to live with your granny. She knew it was only matter of time before i fucked your little pussy and made yall 2 do each other ” your lieing “ask her and see if you think so”

The next day when i got up my parents were gone and i did tell jack everything and my mom did come stay a short while with me and jack but thats jacks story to tell 😉

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