Bengalee Film Queen 6

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Episode : 6 ( Gargi’s Dilemma )

Things were getting rougher and rougher around the Roychowdhury household. Money had never been so tight. When you have it you don’t think about it, but if you don’t, that’s when all you can think about.

Goutam, the husband and father in this household, was already working two jobs. Gargi, the gorgeous Tolly Queen, the wife and mother of two adult children, was doing her show-business in large screen as well as in small screen, so that they could continue their luxurious life style.

But with neither the filmy role nor the TV-serial role in hand for last one year, she made little more than minimum wage, except when she got one of her rare bikini modeling gigs. And to make matters worse, she had trouble even keeping those silly modelling jobs for more than a month or two.

It really wasn’t her fault that she had to keep changing jobs. The truth is Gargi was just too damn cute, too good looking, and was just too damn well built, too sexy, at least for the job situation. She would interview, be chosen for audition almost instantly as the male producers and directors practically drooled over her lush body.

But after a month or two she would be fired from a TV-soap when she wouldn’t “accommodate” her producer in which she had a major role of a judge. It had happened over and over for the last two years. Each time she would come home in tears and her husband would tell her she had done the right thing, no matter how badly they needed the money.

But lately her husband was beginning to wonder about that even. Gargi really felt worse and worse about it each time it happened. Especially with the extra load it put on her husband until she found another half ass job.

Things had all gone to hell financially, two years before, when her brother had gotten seriously ill, so ill, he had required open heart surgery immediately. But with her brother having no health insurance, no nursing home would take him.

A decision was required right then. Gargi had been overwrought and her husband, whom she adored, had cared so much for her and her family. He had suggested that they should take out another mortgage on their house to pay for her brother’s surgery. And that’s what happened, a very big mortgage. Gargi knew that they were having trouble living on her husband’s insufficient salary before, and now with another big mortgage…

The surgery had gone well thankfully and Gargi’s brother was now out of the danger and recovering, although slowly. It had been a long expensive process. Now Gargi and her husband were glad that he had done so well, but unfortunately, the two of them were stuck with the bills. Their savings were gone and they had to struggle to just make all the mortgage payments to keep from losing every thing they had worked for the last 16 years.

With her husband holding down two jobs and Gargi with her few TV-serial jobs, they were just getting by. She thought that troubles in their life never seems to come to anybody singularly. Unknown to them there were other problems starting to brew in their household

Their two adult children, a daughter Pallabi at 18, and a son Palash at 20, had way too much unsupervised time on their hands. And anybody could guess how the modern kids could be nowadays. They were going to fill that time with something if their parents had known what they were filling it with. They might have been upset, although what the children were doing could have been a lot worse. But we will get to that later.

Their house was expensive, lovely, in an upscale neighborhood and well taken care of in spite of all the problems. This day, a Friday, her husband came home exhausted between jobs. He had only three hours before he had to be at his night job for another five hours.

Understandably he was not as aware as he might have been had he been rested. Rested he might have noticed the flimsy little garments in the floor beside the couch…. he had flopped down on while waiting for Gargi to get home.

Thank God, he thought, today is Saturday. ‘I actually have one full day to rest a little and catch up on things here at home’. His thoughts ran over those things, the small garden, the car, the children. But mostly he was thinking about what he and his beautiful and equally horny wife would be doing in their big bed…. most of Sunday. He realized he wasn’t all that tired, as his cock started to harden into a large bulge in his pyjamas.

Just then Pallabi, his early blooming, lovely young daughter, came into the room with a fearful, guilty look on her face, and nervously moved over to her Dad. She sat on the edge of the couch beside him, smiled lovingly and said ‘HI’ to him as she leaned down to kiss his cheek. Her father surprised her as he wrapped her in his arms and hugged her close to him. He did love his both children and was very proud of them.

As Pallabi half lay on top of him with one hand on his chest,  her other slim young hand slid just under the couch to get what she had come downstairs for. Her wispy little black panties and bra were peeking out from just under the couch.

Hell her parents didn’t even know she owned lingerie like that. She kissed her father again and noticed her sensitive nipples were hard and tingled against him. Her father noticed that too and how nice, big and firm her breasts had become. It was even more noticeable since she didn’t have a bra on. Then her father rebuked himself for his inappropriate thoughts but his previously growing cock took another big jump.

Having retrieved her underwear before her father noticed them…… she started asking questions she didn’t want to ask. Then after another kiss for her father on the cheek, she stood up to go back to her room. She told her father that she had to go finish her home work and started to walk away. That’s when her gaze fell on her father’s crotch and she blushed. She noticed the large swelling in her father’s pyjamas….. she grinned to herself, wondering if she had caused for that…
________    __________  __________  ___________  ________  ________

Gargi was late getting home and rushed to the bathroom first where she was in some thirty minutes as her husband had expected her eagerly. He noticed that she looked flustered as she apologized for being late.

He also noticed that his wife looked like she was upset and about to cry as she blew him a kiss and hurried upstairs. He heard her again in the bathroom and wondered why the change in routine. Normally she went right to the kitchen to fix dinner before her husband had to leave for work. Oh well, he thought, she will explain when she comes down.

She was almost running as she headed for the kitchen wrapped in her thin robe. She still looked like she was upset about something as she again blew him a kiss in passing.

Her husband was so beat, he actually fell asleep for a few minutes of much needed rest while Gargi was busy in the kitchen. The next thing he knew Gargi had leaned over and kissed his lips to wake him for dinner. He thought for a minute it was Sunday morning in his half sleep.

He pulled his celeb wife down on top of him and kissed her with a lot of tongue as his hands found the opening of her robe. He pushed it up over her waist, baring her huze smooth ass and long fleshy milk-white show girl legs… and her already swollen pussy lips. In his mind he expected her to raise up and take his hard cock in her tight wonderful pussy as she did every Sunday morning.

She was calling his name, “Dear, honey wake up.” as he caught her knees and pulled them up higher beside him on each side of his rib cage.

Gargi was about to panic knowing how exposed she was. Her beautiful cunt lips, closely trimmed for the few bikini modeling jobs she posed for when she could. Those lips were now in clear view….. and if anyone came down the stairs, he/she could easily notice her hidden treasure.

Nervously, still trying to pull free, to get her exhausted husband to wake up, she looked over her shoulder to the open door. She was shocked in shy…..she noticed her daughter and son standing on the doorway. Both her children were staring at her revealed ass and pussy with huge mischievous smiles on their faces.

She screamed loudly in panic, jumped up pulling her robe back around her and rushed into the kitchen. Her husband sat up, shaking the sleep out of his eyes and saw his children staring at him grinning. He missed hearing her daughter whisper to her elder brother, “I told you they were horny people, and did you see Daddy’s big cock stretching his pyjamas. Wow!”

Palash laughed softly saying, “Are you kidding, I couldn’t take my eyes off from Mamoni’s sweet looking pussy. Her’s looks exactly like yours sis…… bare and soooooo…. beautiful.”

Goutam just managed to get up groggily as his children led the way to the dinner table.

Gargi was blushing still as they sat down on the dinning chairs and she served the dinner. She knew how her children had seen her entire bare bottom, pussy and all…. she couldn’t think of a such an embarrassing situation.

Surely It wasn’t their fault. Still they shouldn’t enjoy it so much. Every time she looked at her son or daughter they smiled at her wickedly and she blushed again. She thought, first the thing with her Arabian client and now this.

What the hell else is going to happen to me today? Am I going to tell my husband about my new profession and what happened with my young Muslim client. Or just keep my mouth shut and secretly use the extra money to pay down that damn second mortgage?

She decided she would talk to her children after her husband left for work…. about what happened in her bedroom and then think about what, if anything, to tell her husband later…

Dinner behind them, at the door, with his children upstairs, Goutam slowly kissed his wife for goodbye. His hands were inside her robe on her bare ass and those magnificent tits. His hard cock was pressing into her trimmed pussy through his pyjamas. “Oh Gargi, baby, I need you so bad. Sex on just the week ends just isn’t near enough.”

Gargi was as hot as her husband…… since her fires had been stirred up so high at Paradise Hotel by her first Arabian customer Jamal Khan that evening and fully sated at last. But her insatiable cunt always cried for more. She moaned, “I agree dear, hurry to bedroom and we can start our Sunday morning games as soon as you get home. I’ll be waiting up for you there. But we have some things to talk over this week end.”

Her husband looked at her warily, wondering if another producer had tried to fuck her. Probably…..she is so damn sexy without even trying to be. She kissed him and pushed him out the door saying, “Don’t worry, we can work this all out and if I’m right, sooner than we thought maybe.”

Her husband drove the few miles to the office where he was moon lighting as he thought about Gargi. Fuck…..he thought, another bastard sure trying to get in Gargi’s loving hole. I can’t stand another loss of a single rupee and keep us afloat.

‘Sometimes I wish she would just fuck the bastards for attaining her roles, and not say anything to me about it. I have about all I can handle right now.’ He thought. In his mind’s eye then, he could see his dear wife Gargi.

Yes…his beautiful film-actress wife bent over a desk, her saree-saya were hiking up her waist, with her producer fucking the shit out of her in a doggie style manner. Imagining the lurid scene, his cock was standing rigid in his pants for the third time that evening.

Without thinking, he touched himself and almost came. He felt a little guilty for his nasty thoughts and opened the window of his car to let the cool air get his mind off that recurring fantasy of his. Damn! he thought, as he calmed down, I’m not getting near enough pussy. If his previous thoughts about his wife weren’t bad enough, he remembered how good his daughter’s body and growing tits felt against him.
_________  _________  ________  __________  _________  ______  ____

Gargi had pulled her children into the living room after their father left. She looked at them, still embarrassed trying to say something.

But then to her surprise, Pallabi smiled lovingly at her and said, “Mamoni, we know you were embarrassed earlier when Dada ( elder brother ) and I saw you and Daddy in your passionate condition. Don’t worry Mamoni, we know you both enjoy yourselves sexually still now…which is natural. Just because we saw your bare bottom smiling at us, shouldn’t get you so shook. I thought it was cool.”

“Watch your mouth Pallabi honey.” Gargi wanted to be strict, but it was pretty weak.

Actually Gargi and her husband both used those vulgar words pretty freely. So how could she fuss at her daughter too much, just enough to seem to object.

She smiled at her beautiful children and knew she was lucky to have such good children. They were never in trouble in school or college, made excellent grades, were loving and considerate. And to top of it, all off they had foregone almost all normal expenses…. most teens required. She was proud of them. She had meant to apologize to them for embarrassing them. Guess that wasn’t necessary.

She looked over at her son and said, “You cool with it too, honey?”

“Yeah Mamoni,” and he smiled naughtily as he said, “It was however pretty educational too.”

Gargi knew that her son was talking about looking at her pussy. She blushed… smiled… and then all three of them were laughing in each other’s arms on the couch.

After a few minutes Palash said, “Mamoni, you know you’ve so many fans and my friends really like your films and serials. So do you suppose I could take you to school for show and tell my friends? The guys would surely love it.”

With that the laughter rolled again. Then Gargi hugged her son and kissed his lips lightly. But she was surprised when his soft young male lips parted sexily.

And did she just imagine feeling his tongue? She pulled back frowning as she moved over. She then hugged and kissed her daughter… with the same thing and the same question in her mind afterwards. She ran them off to their rooms shaking her head in disbelief.

Then she thought, “Forget it girl, you have bigger worries than a little tongue kissing from your children.”

Gargi then retired to her bed to ponder what she was going to tell her daughter. How could she tell her husband that she had finally gotten tired of hunting her roles in films or other show business jobs. And at last being fade up, she had started her new career as a high class callgirl and let her first customer, a Arab stud to fuck her.

Earlier she had rejected this type of offer numerous times. But this one was totally different. The thing that had been different this time was….she was able to earn Rs. 2,00,000/- just in one hour and along with that there was 100% security and secrecy of her illicit profession.

Laying there she relived the last week at work, culminating in the last hour that day. When it came down to it, she had found it easier than she ever imagined to cheat on husband. She liked her first customer, Jamal Khan…… he was cute, too young to be her son, very nice and sexy looking. If she had not been married to Goutam, she might have married him anyway.

And she was always sooo horny lately. He had already booked her for next seven days with an advance of Rs. 10 lakh, with his blind fascination about her body. It had increased each day for the entire week. She had reacted positively as his fucking techniques and variety of nasty adventures amazed her a great.

She remembered one day when she was lying back on the expensive leather couch of the hotel… spreading her legs for him and raised her knees as she looked up at him in eager invitation. She thought of how she slid her arms around his neck and held her lips up to be kissed as he crawled between her spread legs as naked as she was.

Oh fuck! it had felt so good always when his hard circumcised cock spread her swollen pussy lips. She remembered thinking….. ‘sorry my dear husband’, I love you but I want this and it’s too fucking late to stop now, even if I wanted to do so.

So big, so deep……. she started cumming immediately with his long shaft buried up to the hilt. She couldn’t stop as she wrapped her long legs around his back and fucked back into him freely and cried, “Oh yes Jamal, fuck me, I need it sooo bad.”

She had gone a little crazy as she loved everything he did to her and they fucked relentlessly. He kissed and sucked her hard nipples….. playing with her clit…..playing with her sensitive asshole and kissing her open mouth so passionately. After he finally came in her, flooded her highly appreciated aristocratic pussy, and pulled out, she bent down and eagerly sucked his wonderful cum-soaked cock to another climax.

The last thing she remembered as she left the hotel in a daze to go home, only somewhat cleaned up, was her client saying, “Gargidevi, that was spectacular. If you weren’t married, I would marry you and took you to Arab as my honorable Begum.”

All the way home she thought about his nasty proposal and what she had done made her a real whore at last. She had been fucking for money…… she couldn’t imagine…..from a renowned actress to a sophisticated callgirl. She smiled from ear to ear as she strangely liked that idea. Such easy money and so much fun. Then she pulled into their driveway, thought of her loving husband and had gotten scared.

As she thought about it all now after the fact, and relived it all again, she shuddered and had another small orgasm. She thought about her children seeing her bare wet pussy as she spread her legs over her husband. And then their sweet tongue kissed her….. she shuddered and came again….even harder this time.

After that she laid her head on her pillow and just before she drifted off to sleep, her thoughts came back to her new profession.

‘I can make a lot of money doing this with Jamal few more days, and after that with other customers too. If my husband has to go along, he has to. I will convince him. So much money and so much wonderful sex. Oh God! I can never detach myself from this wonderful job…and I must be grateful to Swastika for introducing me with this noble profession.’

She drifted off to sleep dreaming about lots of cocks…. in different sizes and colours……. in all of her openings with her daughter and son watching her get fucked by a string of her customers, and the money came raining down around her.
_____  ______  ______  _____  ______  _____  _____  _____  _____  ____

While Gargi relived her exciting afternoon, her children were in Pallabi’s room, with the door locked. The two of them were on the bed in a beautiful and passionate 69. And it was obvious that they knew what they were doing, and loved it.

Later when they were once again sated for the moment Pallabi turned around and kissed her brother’s lips and laughed saying “You taste like pussy my sweet brother.”

He laughed with her and said, “And you like cum, my sweet sister.”

Pallabi laughed and said, “Aren’t you glad I talked you into fucking me last year?”

After a short pause with Palash, she just smiled at her elder brother and blurted out, “I want to fuck Daddy next… and I want you to fuck our great Mamoni.”

Yes…Pallabi seemed to be the instigator of all of their fun games, just as she had seduced her brother into their sex games months ago. Of course Palash was always eager to go along with anything she could think up.

He looked her in the eyes and smiled, “Damn Pallu darling, I would love that… to fuck our sexy Mamoni… but how are we going to pull that off?”

“Well my horny brother, I don’t know yet….but we are going to do it. I will have to think about it for a while. I will have to seduce Daddy like I did you. And you can do the same with Mamoni. Can you even imagine how much fun it would be if we were all four openly fucking each other?”

With that thought Palash didn’t want to talk, but his sister saw his newly erect cock and smiled. Suddenly she didn’t want to talk either as she felt his cock enter her again, and again…
______  ______  ________  _________  _______  _______  ______  _____

Goutam slipped into the house later and went to his son’s room to tell him good night. He noticed his room’s door was slightly ajar and he peeked through the crack. He noticed that his son stood there in his loosened Bermuda and could clearly make out his son’s semi-hard…. rather large cock.

His son was growing up fast he thought. He was as tall as he was and was filling out nicely. Smiling to himself he wondered if his son was still a virgin. He himself had lost his at only **… younger than his son was now.

They had already had “the talk” and it had been frank and open. Both Gargi and her husband were always very open about sex with their children, even letting them know masturbating was fine.

Few days ago, even he had ended their latest sex talk, after answering all of his son’s silly questions directly, with he saying, “Palash sex… pussy, is wonderful. As you’re already in show-business job like your mother, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed some of the aspiring actresses also. You’ve sure realised that in this silver-screen job, most of the rising heroines are too much willing to offer them just to attain a role. Although you aren’t an established producer who has greater chances to enjoy these sexy actresses, yet I’m sure you’re lucky enough to taste some of them. But just be careful, no unwanted babies or diseases and be nice to them all. OK Tiger? If you need help on anything…..please let me know.”

Palash wondered what his father would have thought if he knew the pussy he was enjoying currently was his sister’s? With his sites set for his own respected mother’s pussy next, he thought, if he has lucky enough to taste his favourite dream-queen.

Next Goutam stopped by her daughter’s room and rapped lightly on her door. His visit was brief, a lot briefer than he planned, and he was blushing with a growing hard-on when he backed out of his daughter’s room.

When he had opened the door of his daughter’s bedroom, she had been laying on the bed, posed in wait for her father. She was in a sheer baby doll top, with no bottoms, and the top pushed up above her tits. Her full young tits and her heavily downed pussy were beautiful and in clear view. Her hand was between her legs toying with her clit.

He had stared in hypnotically and stuttered…… apologized for intruding and then leaned down for a quick kiss ‘goodnight’ on the cheek so that he could get the hell out of there. But she had turned and their lips met suddenly.

Instantly he felt her salivating tongue snaked deep into his mouth and automatically in his hypnotic state, he softly sucked on it for a second or two or three or four or five…he didn’t really know. He was in trance….he couldn’t believe.

His daughter… yes, his own cute daughter moaned sexily. He backed away quickly as he noticed she was staring at his huge bulge…. saying, “Good night Daddy, come back soon.” and her hips were moving seductively in a fucking motion.

As he closed his bedroom door behind him, he almost convinced himself he was having a delusion. He started tearing his clothes off. Gargi raised up and rolled over on her back throwing the sheet off, beautiful and nude she said, “Hurry baby… hurry. I’ve been waiting eagerly for you, I’m so horny…”

It was a savage fuck for both of them, no tenderness, just hard unrelenting fucking… just what they both needed. His mind kept jumping constantly from his sexy wife to his sexy daughter, while Gargi’s mind was reeling from her husband’s hard cock to that of her Arabian young client Jamal. Then without a word after the wonderful climax, they collapsed and slept the sleep of the exhausted.

They awoke mid morning and spent the next two hours getting reacquainted… more fucking. No part was left untouched, even a rare ass fuck.

By the time they came down for breakfast,  it was lunch time. By mutual agreement, their children were already out of the house…..all day on Sundays……so Gargi only wore short little robe. The robe didn’t quite cover her pubic hair…. so you can imagine what the gorgeous Tolly diva looked like.

A light lunch, then Gargi pulled her husband into the living room on the big couch as she said, “It is time to talk about our situation, and something that happened to me for last few days, and maybe a way for us to get out of this fucking financial mess we are facing.”

There was a long pause as she tried to get her courage up for what she was about to tell her husband and then her suggestion… no not a suggestion, a plan she was now determined to implement it fully.

“Dear, I am so sorry that my brother’s illness put us in a severe financial crisis. You know I’ve always loved you so much and the way you bailed my brother out was above and beyond. I am your’s….only your’s….lock, stock and barrel forever, I hope you know that very well. Please know that……know I will never love anyone but you. At last I tell you what has happened to me recently and then my suggestion for how we can get the second mortgage paid and off your poor back.”

Her innocent husband looked at her puzzled, wondering what she was talking about, but getting that fucking mortgage paid, well he was for that.

She continued, “Honey….you know how many show-business jobs I have lost because I don’t want to fuck those nasty producers for any type of role. Whenever I had to quit their dirty proposal, I knew I put an additional burden on your sweet back and I am so sorry. It hurt me every time. So much that I had started thinking I ought to just go ahead and let all of them fuck me and not say anything to you about it. I always felt so guilty about not being able to help you more.”

The beautiful Tolly Queen swallowed and almost faltered but took a deep breath and said, “I hope you don’t hate me after I tell you what I have to say… Honey, few days ago, one of my blind fans came on to me… said he wanted me… wanted to… fuck me.”

Another pause as she studied her husband’s face. So far he seemed OK, then she said “He was very nice about it, no grabbing like most of my producers have done. Then he told me about a financial bonus if I would be nice to him… if I would fuck him. A big bonus every time if I would fuck him. And… oh shit Dan, I did it… I fucked him.” and she handed him the two lakh rupees.

Her husband sat there staring at her blankly, not saying a word, looking down at the bundle of two thousand rupees notes in his hand and then up at his wife.

His head was spinning as he thought short pieces of thoughts… she fucked him… for money… whore… my wife is a whore… she fucked her fan… and he noticed suddenly that his own cock was very hard strangely.

He could remember how Gargi had rushed upstairs and showered as soon as she got home for last few nights… how she looked like she was going to cry. That was because she had cheated on him, another man had fucked his wife, came in her pussy…

Being an innocent husband, he truly wasn’t a jealous type. However his head was swimming now though… he got up and walked to their bedroom without a word. He didn’t know what he was going to do, he just had to do something as his brain slowly fried.

Gargi followed her husband silently, waiting for him to speak. He just slipped into a pair of jeans, shoes and a loose T-shirt. Then he picked up his billfold and car keys.

Gargi started to get really scared then. When he couldn’t face something, he usually left the house for a drive… to think.

Gargi broke the silence, “Dear, please…..don’t leave, stay and talk to me. Don’t you see I couldn’t continue to let you down. I had to help with my brother’s bills that you have been slaving, killing yourself to pay. It didn’t mean anything to me when he fucked me, just the easiest way to earn the huge money. Don’t you see why I had to do this……yes, for us.”

He just stared into her eyes with no emotion, he heard her and part of it made sense. Then he turned and walked out the bedroom door.

Gargi was scared but determined to stop him, she had no idea how. His car was in the garage she knew. So she followed him down the stairs through the house to the garage door. Her husband opened the garage and walked through it. She took a deep breath and dropped her small robe at the garage’s doorway. She stood there for a second without a stitch on, and then followed him into the garage.

He saw her and yelled, “What are you doing Gargi? Go back in the house.”

She just shook her head and walked across the garage to stand near the closed garage door. “Dear, if you open the door, I will follow you out and down the street screaming for you to come back and all of our neighbors will see me like this. Do you want that?”

He just sagged and leaned into his car. She went to him and slid her arms around him kissing his face. She cried…. big tears were running down from her eyes as she said, “My dear sweet husband, please don’t be upset. I guess I shouldn’t have let him fuck me but it was such an easy way to earn a lot of money in just a few hours. It meant nothing to me baby. Please come back inside and talk to me about this. We have to get past this darling.”

He looked into her teary eyes…..he felt his heart melted and knew he was undone. He loved her soooooo deeply. He hugged her to him and they stood there and rocked back and forth for some time. Then quietly Gargi caught his hand and led him back inside the house, to the couch, picking up her robe as she went. In the living room, she put on the little robe and they sat on the couch, holding hands, facing each other.

Gargi straightened her shoulders and said, “Dear…. I simply could not continue to let you bear all the burden and I had no other way to earn real money. Please try to understand of it as nothing important. My fan….actually a client… just used a little more of me. Honestly it was so easy, I just let him do what he wanted to me for about one hour in Paradise Hotel and I made Rs.2,00,000/-”

The two thousand rupees bundle was still laying on the coffee table where her husband had dropped it. Gargi spoke again, “Dear… if you can just get used to the idea, I can earn enough money with my pussy, my mouth and asshole, to get us out of debt in a year. Not only that we can again start our luxurious life which we’ve missed for a long time. Not ten more years of this hell we’re now looking at… but just one. And that year will be a lot easier on all of us. You can quit your second job immediately. Our children can have the things they have been willingly giving up to help. I won’t have to put in so many hours for that and we can be a family again right away. I have thought it over and am certain it can work. It may be our only hope.”

He stared at her in disbelief. He was so tired of working all the time that her idea looked so tempting. Then he thought, ‘My wife a whore, a hooker, a call girl.’

He liked the name ‘call girl’ or highly paid ‘escort’ best…. it seemed more glamorous somehow. He thought of her dressed sexily, going out on “dates” with different customers and thinking it, his cock started to react.

Now he seemed to relax more as Gargi snuggled up close in his arms…. her robe instantly wide open. He looked at her awesome body and his cock stirred a little more. She kissed him and they looked in each other’s eyes for a long time as the information sunk into his head.

He started to speak in a soft relaxed voice, “Darling, the idea of being out of debt in a year is damned appealing. And the way it is now, our children will grow up without me…. you and I will be old before this fucking mortgage is gone. I’ve always said it’s nothing to the developed countries, but in India…our orthodox society looks it vulgar till now. Even I think ‘Prostitution’ should be legalized here. I know, as you’re a beautiful renowned actress, you would be in a great demand as a call girl, a very high priced call girl. Your beauty, your body, and honey…. you are a great fuck. No question….. you could make a lot of money.”

Then after a moment he said, “But I’m not sure I can deal with my darling wife fucking her clients, a lot of other customers. What would it do to you, to us?”

Gargi realised her husband’s intention, he was close to agreeing. She said, “Dear, when you made love to me last night as you got home, was I any different? Did my pussy seem different? I had fucked my client just a little while before you fucked me. Could you tell? It will take some time to you getting use with it…. I know my love….. like I get dressed to go out with other men, I mean… to fuck my customers. But I will always come home to you, clean, fresh and ready for my husband….. any way he wants me. Now we will have more time to be together, and with our beautiful kids. It will be just a job for me… a very high paying job.”

He kissed her and she could tell her husband was getting turned on. The idea was something close to a fantasy of his. She stroked his hard cock through his jeans, then she ripped them open and pulled his hard cock free as she dropped her mouth over it.

When he finally blew in her talented mouth, she sat back up and kissed him. Thereby Gargi gave him a taste of his own cum….. knowing that always turned him on.

“Dear, I know how some men get off on their wives being fucked by other men. If somehow we could make it appeal to you that way… it would make it easier for you… have you ever thought of me with another man in your fantasies?” Gargi smiled at her husband wickedly.

She stared into his eyes, they were so close to a solution to all their problems…

After a moment he said, “Yeah, I have fantasized about you being fucked by my nearest friend Aditya, you may know him. He is one of your co-actresses Sreelekha Mitra’s husband. I always watch the two of you in my fantasy. And then I join in.”

“Yes, I know him very well. We’ve filmy party when Sreelekha introduced her husband to me. He undoubtedly a gentle man and I like him also.  Does it excite you to think of watching Adityada fuck me?”

Her husband nodded, feeling a little bit of guilty.

“Why, in your fantasy, is it better for me to fuck Adityada than anyone else?”

“Because I trust him. He would never hurt you, would keep his mouth shut, and he would appreciate you almost as much as I do.”

“Oh dear! that is so sweet. Now listen my darling husband, here is the big question, would you really like to watch Adityada fuck me? If you really want to do that it would be a big step in making all our plans come true without hurting anyone. I would be willing if it would help you adjust to the situation.” Gargi looked more confident now after releasing her mental stress regarding her new profession.

He was a little confused……. when did Gargi’s plan become their mutual plan? The fantasy was so appealing as he asked, “Tell me darling, how would me watching you fuck Aditya help our plans?”

“If it is your fantasy dear….. you like the idea. We could turn your idea into reality. Your watching of Adityada fuck me…. would give you a good idea. At the same time, you’ve gathered some good images of what I would be doing with my clients. If we can make your friend fucking me which would make you excited, then maybe we can make it all hot for you. I would love the idea of coming home to you, to my beloved husband, and making love after my “Escort Business”.

After a long pause where the two of them just stared at each other as he said, “OK honey, I see where you are going with this and maybe you are right. I could get hot right now thinking about you, my friend Aditya and me. But I need to think some more.”

“Dear, you’re my only love. So whatever you decide, I’ll follow that and we always will do together without keeping anything secret from each other. It is killing me to see you so tired….. all the time. I miss you, our loving. I miss my kids and I miss the life we had before my brother got sick. Think about it, let’s talk about it more and see what you think…. we should do. But Dear, I think…. it was so easy.”

Her husband walked around in a daze a lot that day as he caught up on the chores, around the house, out in the back yard. A couple of times that afternoon, he found his wife doing house work and pulled her to the floor right there as they fucked savagely like a newly wed couple.

After the second round of those fucks, as he was still in her squishy cunt, relaxing between her long shapely legs, Gargi said, “Dear, can you forgive me for letting my Arab client fuck me yesterday?”

Goutam kissed her and hugged her tight saying, “I already have. I understand why you did it. And truthfully it hasn’t changed a thing between us. I love you baby and I appreciate your escort business as you were trying to develop our standard of living. I really proud of you, darling.” then he grinned at his wife and said, “Did you cum with him?”

She smiled playfully, “Yes,… actually a couple of nice ones.”

“So you enjoyed it?”

“Dear… you know me… of course I enjoyed it. I love to fuck.”

“Did you do anything other than fuck him?”

“Yes… I did.”

“Tell me.”

“After he fucked me on the leather couch of the hotel… and came in me, I… sucked his cock until he came again… in my mouth, and yes I swallowed it all,… just like I do with you. But the most amazing thing was when he fucked my ass with his circumcised nine inches long cock”

Then she grinned at her husband suddenly, “Dear… your cock is hard again, did thinking about my young client fucking me make you so hard?”

“Yeah… damn honey… it did. Just call me weird.” and he started stroking feverishly in and out of her fabulous feeling whore cunt again.

Gargi smiled and knew that her plan was going to become a reality. In her mind she was now a high-priced aristocratic call girl, and she loved the idea of it. Her beloved husband seemed to be liking it soon.

To be continued……

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