Bengalee Film Queen 6

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Episode : 6 ( Gargi’s Dilemma )

Things were getting rougher and rougher around the Roychowdhury household. Money had never been so tight. When you have it you don’t think about it, but if you don’t, that’s when all you can think about.

Goutam, the husband and father in this household, was already working two jobs. Gargi, the gorgeous Tolly Queen, the wife and mother of two adult children, was doing her show-business in large screen as well as in small screen, so that they could continue their luxurious life style.

But with neither the filmy role nor the TV-serial role in hand for last one year, she made little more than minimum wage, except when she got one of her rare bikini modeling gigs. And to make matters worse, she had trouble even keeping those silly modelling jobs for more than a month or two.

It really wasn’t her fault that she had to keep changing jobs. The truth is Gargi was just too damn cute, too good looking, and was just too damn well built, too sexy, at least for the job situation. She would interview, be chosen for audition almost instantly as the male producers and directors practically drooled over her lush body.

But after a month or two she would be fired from a TV-soap when she wouldn’t “accommodate” her producer in which she had a major role of a judge. It had happened over and over for the last two years. Each time she would come home in tears and her husband would tell her she had done the right thing, no matter how badly they needed the money.

But lately her husband was beginning to wonder about that even. Gargi really felt worse and worse about it each time it happened. Especially with the extra load it put on her husband until she found another half ass job.

Things had all gone to hell financially, two years before, when her brother had gotten seriously ill, so ill, he had required open heart surgery immediately. But with her brother having no health insurance, no nursing home would take him.

A decision was required right then. Gargi had been overwrought and her husband, whom she adored, had cared so much for her and her family. He had suggested that they should take out another mortgage on their house to pay for her brother’s surgery. And that’s what happened, a very big mortgage. Gargi knew that they were having trouble living on her husband’s insufficient salary before, and now with another big mortgage…

The surgery had gone well thankfully and Gargi’s brother was now out of the danger and recovering, although slowly. It had been a long expensive process. Now Gargi and her husband were glad that he had done so well, but unfortunately, the two of them were stuck with the bills. Their savings were gone and they had to struggle to just make all the mortgage payments to keep from losing every thing they had worked for the last 16 years.

With her husband holding down two jobs and Gargi with her few TV-serial jobs, they were just getting by. She thought that troubles in their life never seems to come to anybody singularly. Unknown to them there were other problems starting to brew in their household

Their two adult children, a daughter Pallabi at 18, and a son Palash at 20, had way too much unsupervised time on their hands. And anybody could guess how the modern kids could be nowadays. They were going to fill that time with something if their parents had known what they were filling it with. They might have been upset, although what the children were doing could have been a lot worse. But we will get to that later.

Their house was expensive, lovely, in an upscale neighborhood and well taken care of in spite of all the problems. This day, a Friday, her husband came home exhausted between jobs. He had only three hours before he had to be at his night job for another five hours.

Understandably he was not as aware as he might have been had he been rested. Rested he might have noticed the flimsy little garments in the floor beside the couch…. he had flopped down on while waiting for Gargi to get home.

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