My Naughty Sister Akriti

Hey everyone, this is my real-life story. I am Viveakanand from Kerala. My younger sister’s name is Akariti, she is 23 yrs old. She looks like south Indian actress Ulka Gupta. She studies in Delhi. She only comes home once a year.

During the lockdown, my younger sister was fully at home. I used to have an attraction to her from a very young age itself. But she was very orthodox and traditional. She only wore traditional dresses. Jeans were the most modern dresses that she ever wore. But she was in a relationship with a person. I knew they used to have regular phone sex and sex chats.

One day, I got her phone while she was bathing and as I knew the password, I opened it. I opened her WhatsApp and checked her chats with her bf. There were more than fifty plus nudes of my younger sister in that chat! I suddenly sent them to my phone and deleted the trace from her phone.

Then I started masturbating daily twice looking at my mallu sister’s nudes. After a few days, it was not enough for me. I wanted to see her nude in person at least. So I made a plan to do it.

Our family was a business family and the business was a failure during the lockdown. Our father was in big debt and we had no money to live. So, my sister was not getting a single penny as pocket money. I used this situation and told her that there was a way we can solve our financial crisis as well as live a luxurious life. Without hearing further, she agreed to do it. She was so much in need of money.

I told her that there were sites like Patreon and OnlyFans in which she can upload pictures of her without showing her face and make money by selling them. She was scared that her bf would find out and if he did, he will kill her as he was toxic and possessive.

I told my younger sister that it will be safe and no one will ever know. And somehow, I made her to agree. And I told her to get dressed in her regular outfits. I clicked many pictures and as a photographer, I touched her whole body by asking her to pose like this and that.

The shoot went normally and I then ordered some very sexy bodycon and lingerie for my sister online. I thought that it was worth a shot.

The shoots continued daily until the dresses arrived. I made Akariti wear bold and revealing clothes every day. From jeans to shorts, from full tops to crop tops that show her cleavage. I used to masturbate seeing those pictures.

The waiting was over one day. All the dresses that I ordered came. I showed it to her but she refused and told me that she will never wear those. Then I showed her the Instagram profile of Ashwitha Real. I told her this was how she had made money and bought two supercars, etc. Akariti agreed to wear the bodycon. She told me to wait outside her room to change.

After wearing it, she opened the door. The dress was a perfect fit for her body and I could see my younger sister’s 36C boobs and big ass clearly. But the problem was that she had stretched the dress to the full length. There was no exposing of her leg.

So I took it in my hands and pulled up her black bodycon dress. Luckily, I pulled it higher than her waist level by accident. Akariti was in panties and bodycon on the boobs part. I instantly got a boner by seeing my younger sister’s perfect ass and her pussy hair and pussy line.

She suddenly pulled it down and also noticed my boner. She didn’t say anything.

The photoshoot continued and I took many sexy pics of my sibling and asked her to change into a red Satin mini-skirt. Now, she didn’t mind me seeing her changing her dress as she knew that I already saw her half nude. All this time, I was having a boner and at last, I somehow convinced her to wear a two-piece green bikini.

My sis wore it and I took a couple of pics. That was when I noticed some of her pussy hair bulging out of her bikini bottom. Instead of telling her to hold it inside, I directly inserted my hand inside Akariti’s panty by telling her the hairs were visible and will ruin the pics.

Using that opportunity, I started rubbing my younger sister’s pussy with two fingers and she suddenly moaned! At first, she tried to remove my hands and but she couldn’t. Slowly, she started enjoying it and was touching my body back. Suddenly, my younger sister grabbed my hard dick. The precum was visible on my shorts.

To my shock, Akariti started giving me a handjob while I fingered her! She then got down on her knees, removed my shorts and started sucking my dick. I was on cloud nine. My whole dream had come true! My own younger sister was sucking my dick.

After a few minutes, I came inside her mouth. But my dick was not ready to go down. I removed her full clothes and my sister was standing in nude front of me. I made her lay in her bed and slowly rubbed my dick on her pussy. And finally, I did it! I put my dick inside my sister who was having a boyfriend!

I fucked my younger sister in many different positions for the next one hour. She came twice in between and then I was about to cum. I didn’t want to risk it, so I pulled my dick out and made her sit on her knees in a blowjob position and came on her face. Akariti looked like the most beautiful woman at that moment with my cum dripping from her face and lips. Then I took out my phone and took a picture of my dick on her face along with the dripping cum.

After that day, I and my younger sister started having sex whenever either one of was wanted it. After the lockdown, she went back to Delhi for studies. However, she would video-call me and we will masturbate on the video call. My sister would send her nudes whenever she feels so. She also sends pics of her trying bold clothes and her mirror selfies which makes her much hornier to masturbate.

Akriti became a different person after the lockdown and started wearing ultra-modern dresses to college. Later she told me that she was breaking up with her bf as she wanted to explore her life. My younger sister is coming home next month for her yearly vacation. I am waiting to fuck her brains out. She is also waiting to fucked by her own younger brother.

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