Good Daughter In Law

My wife and I got married at 18 yo and had just returned from our honeymoon. We came home a few days early due to bad weather.Being young newlyweds we started fooling around, my sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35, redhead wife was on her hands & knees on the bed in a sexy black garter belt & stockings. I was at the foot of the bed, I was 6-5, 240lb, 9″ cock. I was fucking my sexy young wife in the ass as she moaned and was telling me to fuck her like dirty little whore. That’s when I realized we weren’t alone.

Standing only a couple of feet away was my father, one of his buddies, and the guys grandson. Lynn cries out again not seeing them for me to fuck her ass deep and hard saying she wants to feel all of my big dick inside her ass. I quickly pulled out and as timing goes shot a huge load of cum all over her ass & back. She asks why I didn’t shoot off in her ass? About then looking back seeing we have an audience. I’m sure my dad was thinking this is the quiet, wholesome, preachers daughter my son married. As he sees every inch of her sexy body from the front, his eyes moving from her big tits to her furry red bush & back. She hurries past our guest saying sorry as my cum drips off of her firm round ass.

My dad had been coming by checking our mail etc and had a key. He’d gone out to dinner with his friend & his grandson so hadn’t gotten our message on his answering machine that we were back. ( was before cell-phones ). He’d came by to check the mail and was going to show his friend how nice we’d fixed up our apartment. Lynn comes back in wearing a housecoat but standing in front of the lamp makes it totally see through.They said how sorry they had walked in on us and try not to stare but can’t keep their eyes off Lynn as she stands there basically naked. Their eyes moving up & down her long sexy legs and hairy bush to her big tits. And they finally left.

That’s when I got my first clue that my conservative little wife was actually an exhibitionist down deep. I expected her to be mortified,but her first thought was to drop to her knees and suck my cock and get me hard and to fuck my brains out. Later we talked about what had happened but figured it was just one of those things. Though she did confess she’d once intentionally let a mailman see her naked by laying on the couch in her parents living room right in front of a big picture window when the mailman was coming knowing he’d see her. Confirming my suspicion of her secretly being an exhibitionist.

The next few times my dad came over no one mentioned that night and tried to act normal but you could feel some tension. I knew my dad was open minded about sex because I’d grown up jerking off to his porn collection he thought he had well hidden. And some of it was pretty kinky. That included some super-eight movies I suspected starred my mother. They were obviously made in our house. But thing were still kind of tense until one night he came over and we’d fixed a bunch of shrimp and were eating shrimp & drinking lots of beer. Lynn was wearing a long skirt but it fit tight and one time she bent over and it was skin tight against her sexy ass. I saw my dad get a little grin & take a big breath checking out my young wife’s sexy ass. I’m not sure why but I nudged him and said nice isn’t it? And he got a big smile and said for sure. Not knowing what we were talking about she asked what we were talking about and I boldly said, your sexy ass.

She didn’t know we’d been checking out her ass when she bent over and thought we were talking about the night he caught us fucking. And she say’s she was wondering if we were ever going to talk about him seeing us having sex. We weren’t but after that we did, and I was surprised at how open my dad was. Saying how turned on he got and talking about what a sexy body Lynn had, and how hot she looked in the garter belt & stocking. Going on about how much he liked them and how long it had been since seeing a woman wearing them. And was even telling us what all his friend had said about how sexy Lynn was.But he kept going back to the garter belt & stockings and then asked if she was wearing one then? In fact she was and asked if he’d like to see it? Of course he said yes, I was expecting her to lift the skirt to the top of her stockings but instead she reached back and unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. She had a tan garter belt on with sheer stockings and the matching tan panties were so sheer you could see right through them, plus they only half way covered her bushy cunt. Then to my surprise she started to unbutton her blouse and took it off. The bra was made of the same sheer material as the panties showing off her huge puffy nipples and big tits. I could tell she was enjoying standing there practically naked. Which by then she’d started exposing herself to strangers when we’d go out of town. And we’d had a few threesomes with a couple of my friends.

So I wasn’t shocked after she’d gone that far when she said she had a new one she’d show him. While she was gone he kept saying how lucky I was & how sexy Lynn was. Then it really shocked me when he said how open minded Lynn seemed to be and asked if we’d ever thought about getting into swinging? I’d always suspected my parents were in the lifestyle. I surprised myself when I said we’d had a couple of threesomes but were thinking about finding a cpl because Lynn wanted me to be able to do other women. When he said not to be surprised if Lynn hooked up with the other girl too. But later found out how right he was. Lynn came back in a corset with garters and stocking and a pair of 4″ heels. She’d also put on bright red lipstick she only wore for sexual experiences. The corset pushed her tits up & together making them look huge. And she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. She turned very seductively letting him see her in several sexy poses and leaned forward showing off her big tits. He commented how firm they looked and she took his hand & put it on one of her tits.

Soon his hands were moving over her body and she started to unhook the corset and took it off leaving the thigh high stockings on. She looked at me and I knew what she wanted so I moved over to them. She had me stop beside her and pulled him out of his chair to the other side. In no time she had our cocks out and was taking turns sucking us off. I could tell my dad was loving having my young wife sucking his dick and seeing her naked. It was getting hot so we undressed and she had us both suck her tits at the same time. Then he moved down & started to eat her pussy, which was something I hadn’t gotten very good at back then. So it was the first time Lynn had an orgasm from having her pussy eaten, but far from the last. She said she wanted a cock inside her pussy and another in her mouth. So I motioned for him to fuck her while she sucked me off. When I knew we were ready to cum I asked if she wanted us to cum on her tits. I did this for 2 reasons, we had done it in a cpl of threesomes & loved it, and I knew my dad had a lot of porn where girls had guys cumming on their face & tits.

She got up on her knees and cupped her tits lifting them up and we started jerking off. It wasn’t long until we shot a huge load of cum on her face & tits. We watched her lick off what she could reach and wipe the rest up on her fingers licking & sucking it off. She got a cpl of warm soapy was clothes and cleaned us both up and dried us off. Then she washed off real quick and came back in another sexy garter belt & stockings and heels and went straight and got us a cold beer. Then went to fix her hair. My dad couldn’t say enough about how lucky I was and how hot Lynn was, as well as how open minded and skilled she was. He said he’d had lots of women suck his cock but Lynn was by far the best and commented on what a great fuck she was. Then added that she seemed to really go out of her way to please me. And was impressed that she still came across as that conservative, preacher’s daughter in public but was so open and willing behind closed doors. I repeated something I’d heard once and said My classy lady in public and my whore in the bedroom. He grinned & nodded yes. When she came back she asked if we needed anything? When we said no she curled up beside me on the couch naked except for the garter & stockings and heels.

Over the next year or so we had 3 more threesomes with him until he started dating a younger woman and got married. As a payback I got to fuck her once. He wasn’t there but had set it up. Only she didn’t know I knew that he knew. She just thought she’d seduced me. But she was a fantastic fuck.

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