My Favorite Aunt

Miserable Aunt, My Favorite Aunt

My marriage wasn’t much of one. It felt more like a partnership than a marriage. I was on the road a lot to make ends meet and my wife was working part time, being homemaker and raising our daughter. Needless to say, we both were pretty miserable without being able to spend much time together.

Then the unthinkable happened. While traveling through Kansas toward a South Carolina destination, I got a call from my sister that no sister should have to make. My wife and daughter perished in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver. I thought I was living a lonely life before but now….well, it got worse. When I would go back to the house, it felt empty, dead and hard to stay. So I kept a few mementos’, cleaned up the place and sold it.

That was almost a year ago. In all honesty, the first holidays you observe are the toughest. They bring back the fact they’re not there to enjoy those good times with you anymore and then the pain reins you in to a near catatonic state. In addition, dealing with the death of my last living grandparent a few weeks ago isn’t as bad as it wasn’t a shock. She was ill for a long time and it was more of a relief than anything else that she was no longer suffering. I was in North Dakota when my Aunt Jean called to let me know Grandma passed on. I wasn’t able to make the funeral and scheduled time off to spend with Aunt Jean as soon as I could.

Aunt Jean had always been my favorite. She always seemed bubbly and happy. I had a crush on her for the longest time. She was only five feet tall, very dark brown hair that she always kept midway down her back but recently cut it to shoulder length. Though petite, she sported a nice figure on the order of a 35C-24-35 and might have weighed all of 100 pounds soaking wet. That was my memory of her when I was much younger. The few times I had visited, she always looked great and we always had fun driving around in her Porsche 914! My Dad was the oldest and she was the baby of the family and we were only fourteen years apart in age. Now at 46, alone and driving a truck, I couldn’t wait to get off the road and visit Aunt Jean at her new place she built and talk about good times we had at Grandma’s old house.

When I drove up into the driveway, my Aunt came running out to meet me, ecstatic that I could make it. As soon as we embraced, she broke down into sobs thanking me for coming. Grandpa and all three of her siblings were gone and she felt so alone having to take care of Grandma before she passed away. After several minutes of hugging and comforting each other, we went inside her house to talk about how things are going. She fixed us some coffee and we talked about all the stuff that was to be shipped to living relatives based on the Will. We talked for hours with good memories and bad coming back to us about Grandma. Before we knew it, it had grown dark outside and neither of us had supper.

“Would you want Italian or Mexican tonight?” She asked in her soothing southern accent.

“Italian. I don’t think my stomach will handle that kind of spice tonight.” I replied.

“Get your boots on and let’s go then! I’ll be just a couple of minutes.” She said cheerily. “Let’s take your Jeep. I haven’t had a ride in one of those yet.” With that, she winked and went upstairs to her bedroom to change.

I went to my room and changed into an upper-casual set of clothes. Kaki brown trousers, dark green button-down front dress shirt and black dress cowboy boots. After brushing my hair I waited in the foyer for her to return. A few minutes later I heard her close her door and start descending the stairs when I looked up. The room seemed to light up and my eyes widened as she took each step in an elegant and very feminine decent down a staircase. She was wearing a white casual dress with a black belt and black three inch spike high heeled shoes. The dress extended to just below the knee and sported a shoulder baring ruffle which hid sleeve loops to prevent them from sliding up onto her shoulders. She had her hair down but was adorned with a white hair band like those from the sixties, over the top of her head. Coupled with her amazing green eyes she looked to be in her mid-thirties. The look was classic demure elegance. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she looked straight at me and smiled knowingly. She knew she had that effect on men. She came up to me and with a slender finger, gently lifted my chin to close my mouth. I swallowed a hard dry lump. She looked fantastic and I then remembered why I had such a crush on her waaaaay back when. Apparently, I still had one.

“I take it you like my dress?” she asked as she twirled around for me to see the whole thing smiling happily. Her skirt flared out and I could see the white lace garters on her nude colored stockings high up on her thighs raising my temperature considerably. I thought she had good looking legs but I never suspected she wore stockings! I simply nodded in answer to her question as anything I would try to have said would either come out cracking like a puberty teen or a croak. She held out a hand, palm down and like a gentleman, I took on the chivalrous role she initiated and looked into her eyes. Her pupils were dilated, large as I then thought she saw mine were. With her in hand I guided her through the door to the Jeep.

Southern nights in Georgia can be quite uncomfortable. Tonight wasn’t one of those hot steamy nights. Instead it was quite pleasant. We still needed the air conditioning but didn’t need it going full tilt. She directed me on where to turn to get to the restaurant and in no time we were pulling up to a very nice one. I parked up close to the building so she wouldn’t have to walk in those high heels which I’m sure she didn’t wear but on rare occasions. I got out and hurriedly moved around to open her door before she opened it. I needn’t have worried. She sat there as befits a proper lady waiting patiently. I opened the door and held out my hand. She took it and swung her legs over and slid out landing on her feet expertly as if she’d done it all her life. When she was married, her husband always had a full-sized pick up with large tires and wherever they went, it was in his truck. She only drove her car when he wasn’t going anywhere with her.

“I remember that huge Jeep your dad had. It was so high up I was always afraid if I fell out, I’d fall on my face long before my feet hit.” She said. We laughed at that. His was a 1977 Cherokee Chief with the big tires and it was a doozie of a step. Any woman in a dress or skirt would have to hike it up pretty high to manage getting in or out. She commented that she liked this one better as it didn’t try to catch her dress and make it ride up. I gave a half-smile wondering why she commented on that. We walked up to the Maître d’ and asked for our names. I gave him mine and he found it on the reservation list.

“It is a pleasure to have you and your lovely wife here to dine with us tonight. “ He said reaching for her hand then bowing at the hip and kissing the back of it gently. My eyebrows launched upward then I frowned and she gave me a firm look and barely perceptible shake of her head. When the Maître d’ risen from his bow at the hip, she was smiling again at him.

“This way to your table please.” The Maître d’ said and turned to stride purposefully into the dining rooms. Aunt Jean lifted her hand palm down again and I took it leading her to follow in the Maître d’s wake.

On the way to our booth, I caught a few of the men glancing at my aunt. Others openly stared. It was fairly easy to tell who was admiring and who was leering. I reacted to the leering in a not so subtle switch to protect mode as some of the leering ones made eye contact with me and the meaning clear. I immediately felt my grip on her hand tighten slightly as my jaw set and six foot two inch frame tensed as if readying for battle. She looked at me and whispered something in my ear I couldn’t process right away in my state of mind. I did relax but only a little until we were seated in a mostly unoccupied section of the dining area. A wall separating this area from the main dining area gave the impression of a separate restaurant. Curtains crossed the open doorway blocked the view and most of the sound of the other restaurant patrons and I relaxed considerably once we were seated. This area was considerably more quiet as I looked around with a quick glance to take in the thicker carpet as well as the drapes on the walls. Our little privacy booth was also decorated with drapes and other material that trapped noise. Sound did not carry in here very well at all so patrons could have comfortable conversations without being overheard.

“My name is Morgan. If I may be of any further assistance, please notify Stephan, your waiter.” He said while handing out a wine list. Morgan bowed again, turned and headed to the front desk. I started to open my mouth but Aunt Jean was quicker.

“I’m moving over here so I can see the wine list too.” She said as she moved around to my side of the booth. It was just wide enough to fit two people comfortably. Confused about Morgan’s welcoming statement, Aunt Jean sat down next to him and he dumbly gave over for her to hold the other end of the wine list.

“What will you be having tonight? Beef, chicken, fish or pork?” she asked me. My mind still dwelling on Morgan’s statement didn’t respond and she asked again.

“Oh. Sorry Aunt Jean. Uh. I think I’ll have lasagne with meat sauce and a glass of Zinfandel. I’m not too well versed on wines but I do know red goes with meat dishes and white with fish. Beyond that, I know little besides what my taste buds tell me.” I said.

“A sensible answer.” She said then looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking. “I think I’ll have the spinach lasagne with a Pinot Noir.” She said as she leaned a little further over toward me. I was just about to ask her about Morgan’s welcome when our waiter, Perry showed up.

“Good evening. I am Perry and I will be your waiter tonight.” He said. “may I start you off with your wine order perhaps?”
I spoke up and gave him our wine choice as well as our meal choice. Perry thanked us for our orders and left to take our choice to the kitchen. Again I was just about ask the question when Aunt Jean spoke up first again.

“I know you’re confused about Morgan’s apparent mistake in naming me your wife.” She said looking me straight in the eye.
“But I meant for that to happen. “ she said and as I opened my mouth to voice another question, she put a finger on my lips to silence me.

“I know it seems odd I would want that impression. I also know that though we are related, we are also only 14 years apart in age. I thought it might be fun to assume the role of a married couple. Lord knows I wish I could have a life-long companion again.” She said softly and looked down at the table but her eyes wouldn’t focus on it.

“I must I am a bit shocked Aunt Jean. I didn’t know you were that lonely. I mean, you look great! I know you’re sixty but you look better than any thirty-something I know.” I said. “I can’t imagine you having any trouble getting dates.”

She smiled, a little sadly then said, “I may look as young as you think you see me but I don’t feel that young anymore. I feel like I’ve missed a good amount of my life trying to make my marriage work and in the end, fail.”

“But..” I cut off as she shook her head slowly.

“I’m too old to be going on dates and making the bar scene or using those online dating sites. I’m sixty and I feel every bit of my age.” She said then lain her head on my shoulder and sighed. “I wish I could go back and fix my current life.”

I thought of my family and the pain it brought back. I looked at the wedding band on my finger then noticed aunt Jean was wearing hers and the question I wanted to ask came to mind again.

“Why are you wearing your wedding band Aunt Jean?” I asked.

She looked at her left hand and gave a half smile. “I guess I wanted to feel like I’m attached to someone and thought maybe you and I could just pretend we were a happy couple but…” she trailed off.

“But what?” I asked. I had a feeling what she meant but wanted her to say it.

“Oh nothing. Just an old woman’s fanciful dream so as not to feel like she’s the last of her generation. Don’t worry Ben. I didn’t want to bring up the hurt you must be feeling having lost your family too. I’m sorry.” She said and started to move out of the booth. He put a hand on hers to stop her. She stilled then looked into his eyes. His eyes were glistening and realizing what she’d done, hers did too and she sat closer to him again.

A couple minutes later, Perry brought their wine order out and poured each a glass. As he was about to put the bottles on the cart, I stopped him and asked if he would just leave them and add them to our bill. Perry smiled greatly and left them. Aunt Jean was curious now.

“Why?” she asked simply.

“We both have a lot of memories that hurt. This is the elegant way to dissolve many of them. Afterwards, we can either paint the town red or stock up on the way home. Much can disappear in this universal solvent as can more potent potions of patriarchal partaking of the more prodigious poison.” I said. She laughed as her face lit up in surprise.

“You really mean we should get plastered tonight?” she said.

“I partake in extreme patriotic latitude when it comes to this magic solvent.” I said and put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her tighter to me. “A toast to a most magnificent celebration of being the only two lonely people on the planet tonight.” I said raising my glass.

She raised her glass and said, “To our everlasting companionship. May we never feel lonely when we’re together.” Their glasses clinked and made a tiny musical note then downed their glassfuls in large gulps.

Chapter 2
Upon finishing out meals, we were both tipsy and thought it best to save some of the night for more spirits elsewhere. After paying the check, they both went to Morgan and asked for a cab. Morgan did so immediately.

“I trust your stay with us was enjoyable?” asked Morgan.

“I think I had the best lasagne I have ever had. Thank you for a wonderful meal.” I said.
Morgan nodded and looked at Aunt Jean. “And how was Mrs. Logan’s meal?” he asked. Aunt Jean had a grin on her.

“It was truly wonderful and my husband here knows more about wines than he let on. That Pinot Noir was excellent.” She said. I missed the “husband” part and looked at Morgan with one eyebrow raised thinking about his addressing my Aunt as
“Mrs. Logan”. I felt a finger on my lips as I was about to open them to protest but I kept silent after that. Aunt Jean pulled me toward the door holding my arm as if I was leading her.

AS we got outside, the warm night air seemed to have a calming effect. We sat silently and waited for the cab to show up. Once it did, we piled into the back and told the driver to head to the nearest classy bar.

After we arrived, we headed straight for any corner table or booth we could find and sit down. When we found one, a waitress was already waiting to take our orders. I ordered a Rum and Coke while Aunt Jean ordered a Bloody Mary. She sat next to me and we listened to the live music onstage. It wasn’t loud but loud enough. The waitress returned with our drinks then promptly left our table. We sat there taking sips and watching the band play.

After half of her drink was gone, she leaned over into me. I settled back and let her get comfortable. The waitress came back to check on us and we both ordered Margaritas for our next round.

“I like this place Aunt Jean. You have excellent taste as usual.” I said. She looked up at me and smiled. She then reached up behind my head and pulled my head closer to hers and kissed me on the lips. Not one of those family type kisses but a short one albeit deeper kiss. My mind seemed to have gone totally blank at that moment and as I started to kiss her back, she pulled away and held my gaze.

“I think it’s time that while your with me you should call me Jean. Just Jean.” She said. I cocked an eyebrow as if to question what I heard. She smiled and nodded.

“I’m glad you liked it Ben. I’m also glad our cab driver knew about this place. I couldn’t remember the name but classy it is.” She said changing the subject back to my original comment. I just sat there dumbly trying to figure out what was going on through the muzziness of the drinks. She nestled into me further and I could swear I heard or rather felt her sigh. A few moments later I felt one of her hands on my thigh and gave a gentle squeeze. I was so muzzy from drink that it took a moment to process what was happening. Reactively or by instinct, I didn’t know what was what at this point, my right hand tucked around her slender waist and gently rubbed her stomach through the fabric of her dress. Her hand went to stroking my thigh and an all too familiar ache began to stir down there.

Suddenly she sat up and in a flowing motion to leave the booth took my hand and pulled me up with her. I went with the flow and she headed for the dance floor. Not caring now about what transpired in the booth, we hit the dance floor and had a blast just cutting loose. After the fourth song, we left the floor and got back to our booth gasping and laughing.

“Oh my God! I haven’t had so much fun in forever it seems!” she said breathless. The muzzy feeling seemed to have diminished some as most of our Margarita’s were still intact. She gulped hers and I sipped mine. I was curious about her behavior now. She was acting like she was in her twenties at sixty. I had a sudden anxious moment as the thought hit me that she might have health problems I wasn’t aware of. The thought of her just dropping dead of a heart attack sobered me up considerably.
She turned and kissed me on the lips again but held it longer this time. I kissed back. She pulled away and looked in my eyes in contemplation. I gave her a wry smile and her mouth dropped open. I lifted her jaw closed and gave a half smile and a wink. Before she could react, I pulled her close and waved to our waitress to come over.

“Yes sir?” the waitress said.

“Do you have Champagne here?” I asked.

“Yes. Would you like me to bring two glasses?” she asked.

“No. I think we’ll take two bottles and check out.” I said.

The waitress smile slyly, turned and headed to fill the order. Jean looked up at me.

“Champagne! What’s the occasion or should I ask?” Jean said.

“We are going home to toast the end of our miserable lonely lives for better tomorrows.” I said.

“Oh? And how do you propose to end our miserable lonely lives? Have you figured out something I haven’t?” she said in a mock serious tone. I smiled and kissed her nose. I had taken what she had initiated and fully intended to fulfill her desire.

“I intend to finish what you started and I believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.” I said. She hit me with several questions and I ignored them. She even thumped her fist on my chest in an attempt to get me to talk.

The waitress returned with two bottles of champagne and the check. I paid the bill and asked the waitress if she would mind calling us a cab too and tipped her a ten. She had a grin on her face now and she went off to call for a cab. A few minutes later a cab did show up. I helped Jean in and climbed in myself and gave the cab driver the address. Jean sat quietly but occasionally bit her bottom lip. I could see the wheels were turning and trying to work out what I had said. She looked at me several times with expressions of curiosity, concern and worry. I figured when she got that last one she had come to some sort of conclusion. When she looked over to me again with that worried look, I leaned over and kissed her gently. Her eyes closed and she kissed back. As I started to pull away, she went with me and kept our lips locked until she couldn’t lean any further over. I stared ahead but in my peripheral vision, I could tell she was staring at me and then I felt a hand on my thigh again.
Just then the cab bumped over a speed bump at the entrance to the driveway of her house. The spell broken, she sat upright and folded her hands in her lap until the cab stopped. I paid the driver, got out and went around to her side. Setting the champagne down I opened the door, held out my hand and helped her out. Closing the door the driver almost immediately took off not bothering to make sure we were clear of the car to earn his next fare. I instinctively grabbed Jean around the waist and pulled her clear as I was sure the mirror would have clipped her. I shook my fist at the driver and noticed Jean was holding on to me and looking up at me.

“Thank you Ben.” She said in a husky voice. I didn’t relinquish my hold on her waist as I made sure the cab driver didn’t hit anything or anyone in his rush to leave. When he took off, I looked down at Jean and she was staring me in the eyes. A softer look now than before.

“Shall we go inside?” I asked. She shook her head. “Where then?”

“To the pool.” She said and began to lead off letting her arm fall from around my waist. I let her go and knelt to pick up the champagne bottles. I turned my head to see which way she was heading and was entranced as my eyes followed her. She walked with a sway to her hips I don’t remember ever seeing her having before. It was a seductive rather than a regular hip-swinging style of walk. It was amazing to watch. Before I knew it she turned her head and looked back at me smiling.
“Are you coming?” she asked in a sultry voice. My mind was thinking I should be in more ways than one after seeing her walk that way. I gulped knowing what I was doing but the fact that she was perpetuating it was incredibly arousing. I stood up and caught up with her in only a few strides. My mind knew what we were about to do and my cock was reacting with an intensity I haven’t felt in a long long time. I held our my arm to her and she took it and hugged it as we walked to the fence gate that opened to the back yard.

She punched in a key-code on the keypad and the lock clicked. I pulled the door open and let her through then pulled the door closed behind me. The yard was lit up with accent lighting low to the ground and gave the impression of a very large area surrounded by trees, bushes and an assortment of flower beds. She loved gardening and it showed in the little light there was. I also noticed that the area felt totally secluded and with the new moon, was absolutely dark where the light couldn’t reach.
“It seems like we’re out in the middle of nowhere.” I said looking up and saw the stars blazing overhead.

“I know. The nearest house is actually a few hundred yards in any direction. I built the house in the middle of the property so I could have the peace and quiet I couldn’t have in the old place. Now that I have it, I feel more isolated in more ways than one. But it is home and I do love to keep up with the yard work. I inherited a lot you know. I’m the only living kin she had and I wanted to do something nice without going overboard for myself.”

I looked down at the ground and a few memories of Grandma’s old place flashed through my mind. “Yeah. I never knew how well off she was until you and I talked about it. And instead of going crazy with the money, you built your dream home where you wanted and can live peacefully without guilt. Anyone who can be that responsible with that much inheritance deserves a little something for themselves. Another reason to celebrate!” I said hoisting the bottles in the air.

She smiled, giggled and clapped her hands bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet like an excited little girl. “Let’s start now!” she exclaimed. She bent down, pulled off her high heels and with them in hand, ran through the grass toward the pool. I ran after her. It was wonderful to see her so happy and bubbly again.

We climbed the stone stair steps cut into the side of the slope leading up to the pool from the back yard. The pool was a pretty good sized one and on the same level as the first floor of the house. The back of the house was built into a slope so the lowest level was a semi-basement. This was the game/media/great room with two bedrooms and a full common bath. It’s intention was clearly for guests and recreation.

The slope lead down into a level area with the large trees, bushes and such hence the stone stairway. Upon reaching the pool area, the motion sensor lights came on and flooded the area with a harsh bluish white light. Jean went to a panel next to the large sliding glass doors and turned them off. The effect was the total loss of night vision and spots remained for a couple of minutes while my eyes adjusted again to the dark. The low accent lighting turned on around the pool as did the underwater lights. I saw her running toward the pool and with a leap as graceful as a deer, dove into the pool. In that instant, I realized she wasn’t wearing her dress. The low lighting kept her pretty well hidden as did my still recovering night vision. The splash sound she made was small as she swam daily and enjoyed diving that started in high school. She won a few championships both at the county and state levels but declined invitations to try out for Olympic competition. Then it occurred to me that she wasn’t wearing her dress again. I stopped and looked. She was swimming back toward me and in the soft glow of the pool lights, I couldn’t see that she was wearing anything. My heart started pounding in my chest and my breathing was changing as my own passion rose. She got to the edge of the pool and rose up to lay her arms over the edge to prop her up while keeping everything in the water.

“Are you going to just stand there and gawk or are you going to offer up some of that champagne?” she asked in a playful tone. I came to my senses and went over to the wet bar near the glass doors to retrieve two glasses and put one of the bottles into the chiller. I looked over to her and she had her arms up on the edge of the pool looking at me. I calmed myself a little before I spoke.

“It will take a few minutes to chill the bubbly. They got a bit warm.” I said.

“There’s some beer and coolers in the fridge under the counter. Bring me a cooler if you would please?” she said.
I looked under the counter and took two coolers out then walked over to where she was and handed her one. I took a seat at the nearest table and started downing mine. My mind was racing and things had gotten too clear and I wanted that muzzy feeling again.

“Why don’t you come on in. The water’s fine.” She said with a coquettish smile. I just looked at her in wonderment.

‘This woman seems to want you like you want her.’ I thought to myself.

“C’mon!” she said. “Go for it!”

I knew she had to be referring to my reluctance to get into the pool but my mind twisted it into an invitation to show my prowess. I smiled as I realized that had already been taken care of. After another moment of considering what was to become of us from now on, I made up my mind to be with her fully and completely. So I stood up and began removing my clothes. When I stood up and dropped my trousers and boxers at the same time, I heard her gasp and she caught her breath. My cock stood out proudly with a slight up turn. I looked at her and saw her eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth hung open. With a sly grin, I moved toward the edge of the pool and I heard a whispered “Oh my Gawd!” slip past her lips as she could see my cock bouncing and swaying. I dove into the pool knowing she was following with her gaze.

I swam to the far end hit the wall and swam toward her. Under water I could see that she still had on her stockings but no panties or bra. When she turned to follow me, I could tell as I got closer that she was also trimmed and partially shaved. I got closer still and could now make out the large swell of her labia. She was plumped and my cock was beginning to hurt from the most intense erection I could ever recall having.

I broke the surface a few feet away from her in a quick upward movement like a whale trying to fly free of the water. When I put my feet down and stood up the water came to my stomach and I looked straight at her. She had a hand up to her mouth biting down on two fingers and an incredulous look on her face. I continued to just stand there waiting for her to make the next move. She looked into my eyes and read my mind. She came to me.

She walked over to me never breaking eye contact, lowered her hand from her face and held both out to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, lifted herself up and deposited a deep, long, wet kiss on my lips. I stood there kissing her without moving. I wanted to make sure she wanted this. When she broke the kiss and pulled back, I saw a glimmer of trepidation in those beautiful green eyes. I slowly brought my arms around her and embraced her. As I did, her pupils dilated even further and she kissed me hungrily this time. In that moment, we ceased to be related as Aunt and Nephew.

After we came up for air our breathing was ragged as though we had been running from the Hounds of Hell. Without words, her legs now wrapped around me and her hand guiding my cock toward her pussy. I felt the tip nudge her opening and she began to slid it between her folds. Pulling with her legs she began to bear down in impatience. I felt pre-cum pulse from my cock and the head slipped in slightly. Then she bore down again and the head slipped past her opening. She moaned and let herself get used to being penetrated. It had been a long time since she made love. It had been a very long time indeed. She had toys but seldom used them and it had been a long time since she had used them too. She wasn’t tight like a woman in her twenties but she was very snug and after each attempt to bear down and I went a little deeper then stopped to accommodate herself to my cock.

I should tell you that I wasn’t endowed with an average cock else she most likely would have been able to spear herself on me in the first or second downward thrust. My cock is about ten inches long and the diameter nearly two and half inches at the widest part about half way down the shaft before it narrows slightly back to two inches. The head is just under two inches across. Being tapered at both ends offers my lady friends a unique feeling of being expanded and they are able to “capture” me inside them at the just the right moment of their choosing. The tapering came about from an auto accident and the resulting surgery I had to have. But that’s another story.

Jean was now moving up and down in short movements to increase my depth into her. The water wasn’t helping as it diluted both our juices as my shaft slid out. Her eyes closed, she was a picture of exotic, aroused concentration as she kept the short movements going to make me impale her deeper. With only half of me inside, she wanted more and with more urgent thrusting, she was getting it. I could feel a sudden rise in heat as her lubricating juices flooded around my cock suddenly and she did indeed slide deeper. I put my hands down on her hips and helped push her down on me. Her hands came from around my neck and grabbed for my shoulders, her nails digging in. I felt a fluttering around my cock and then hard contractions. I pulled her down harder on each thrust forcing her down on my cock more. Her head fell back and a low stuttering moaning wail came from her throat as she came and convulsed.

It wasn’t an earth shattering orgasm from all appearances but it was a deep one. Her breathing slowed after a couple of minutes but her pussy was contracting often. I held her hips down and let her orgasm play out. Her grip on my shoulders became weak and I shifted my hands up behind her back to support her. I let her lay back and “float” making sure to keep her head above water. Her arms slid into the water and floated out from her sides. The grip her legs had around me also lessened. I supported her in this position for a few minutes letting her enjoy the ecstasy of her moment in time.

I hadn’t cum and being buried to the hilt in her watching her float was intensely erotic to say the least. This kept me hard throughout. As her legs relaxed, I pulled them up and kept her knees bent holding then to my sides. In this, she could float without any support under her back. She was beautiful to say the least. Her nipples peaked and hard as diamonds as the water lapped over them, the moisture evaporating and causing a cooling sensation. I could still feel her contractions but they were weaker now. She had the instant gratification orgasm she wanted and I was happy to help.

Her eyes opened dreamily and the smile she had when she came remained. This was the moment of truth. Our act of incest. Would she become guilty or not? She looked down her chest up into my eyes. The smile remained and a new look of newfound compassion was on her face. The afterglow of her orgasm no doubt but no sign of guilt.

“Thank you.” She whispered as she hugged her legs to me enjoying the feeling of float free in space.

If you like this part, I may continue this story. Please let me know!

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