I fuck my sister at my age 14 – part 4

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hi friends I come back with another story this story more about my friends sister and MI e and after that I f****** my elder sister with me friends and I f*** my friend my sisters and also Priyanka and after that I was enter into 10 standard there was a new girl come to our class at name is Samantha she is my friends cousin sister.

10th standard she had a big boobs very nice shape assist when we were in class 3 and class with civil dress you are all looking at her don’t sleep in girls bro after that Sheetal about her in classroom and after her cousin was introduced have to me after that top closer and closer when became a good friends and after that she told about her life and she is very nice smiley and looking very cut and hot

I am Shiva always jeans type t-shirts which make have boobs were pulling out from the T-Shirts always in our class all boys time to see her boobs and receipt and after that she had very nice sister also went talk like this sizes wear 36 28 34 now let’s go into the story was very nice girl I am at the age of 15 she have a nice weather and after that Shiva vande

one day she come in half saree to this cal school all the boys are very excited to see her after going we have very many tiktok talking playing reading something and after that 6 months went over school animals day celebrations come black saree she did not participate in any event and I also participate in any event our school was celebrating and in dances news and very busy on me and Samantha yeah sitting by side and keep talking tik tok and slowly I know that my hand to have boobs start pressing cc into my eyes he was very angry and take it out my hand and she told it is not good to do this if you do this like I will go I told

I will never do this again please don’t tell to anyone she said ok

And after 1 hour I can start press her boobs she again take my hand and seriously she move to top of the cool school terrace I followed her I went to the terrace you are start to me e and slab on my face and ship to what you have gone mad stupid what are you doing dirty things you will do I will complain to the teachers if you do this things I will surely complain and she with you serious warning to me I get mad and I pull her and remove her black saree

she was saying only blouse and pant she was closing her boss with their hands and I go and give a baby lip lock to have and after that I started pressing her boobs with my two hands very hardly first she try to escape but after 15 minutes she fully corporate with me she har har blouse and bra starts eating her boobs non stop she was coming it is nice please do it fast please do it fast and she pulling my head tu hawa boob from the time I get her go it is very nice and after that I went down and I remove pant and I take out the condom and please take to be my disc she was looking at dickes

and I keep itinsider pass try to keep it inside and she was ful me that and tell it is paining but I never reason wonderful my cock into her was very hardly she shout like this amma amma I closed her mouth and I tried again she was crying I have seen eye drops from her eyes and she was crying again I try this time it went in secret your lot and shout out its paining its paining and shouting amma amma amma I never listen her words I start moving inside and outside she was crying like a small child I never leave her and I start f****** her and after 10 minutes she fully corporate with me

After that I start eating her fastly at boobs worksheet in very nicely I never stop I f***** have half an hour she fully corporate with me and after that she sit on my cock and she start riding goggles style after that riding my disk checking she give me after that till 11 o clock we did and we f****** each other on the terrace

And after that I went to my home and I ask her can you come tomorrow in my house nobody will it there she told she will come and she told we will not tell to anyone about this

I told ok what our foolish thing was on the terrace there was a CC camera we didn’t see that and after that I got your call from about security of our school sweet told to me what we did on school annual day celebrations on the top of the terrace of school I was shocked and please send a small video clip 2 Samantha also and she was shocked and she come to me and ask what you did I told I also got small video clip I don’t know who send this he she was crying like it send after that I call to that number and after that your man pick the call and he told that next Sunday you both have to come to my place

I will message you I place she told I told I will ask Samantha and I will tell she give me e 15 minutes I ask to Samantha after we went and we request him to delete this video 7 Samantha was agreed and we went and I told you that man he will come and after that the man send his address to me and after you went to that place and that name call to me and tell you wait outside and send Samantha only but but I don’t know she told if you want that video please send Samantha only Samantha told OK I will Pantene ok

Samantha went inside and Samantha was shocked and white after that sometimes after sometime again I got a call I am waiting outside after that you told to come me also I will say there was a Samantha was raped by four guys guys not even where one o’clock also Samantha also known and not wearing any cloth and let world Tumi take a small video while we doing it cal what what they told you not know Samantha was following what they telling to do the four guys f*** her at one by one after that before guys for group sex and before guys very very hardly f*** where she did all I did I standing and I recorded on the video and after that aur secretary was telling I will save this video with me when we called you have to come and you have to bring have I told no it is not current not to this site pay money please give me see the video I told she told no again next Sunday this time you have to come but someone was crying a lot and after that the security see to me I am why are you saying like that if you want f*** you can f*** now also I want to be happy but Samantha receiving but I never dude that I think but my cock was increased

I remove my clothes and I f*** her again and once again and after that I told to the security not delete that video and keep it safe baby get that baby to enjoy this year I told to the security ok now you can go you told come out and don’t act too smart it is always normal things only what they do they just f*** you only you never kill you know next Sunday come and give you give your past to them they will send a free nothing will happen and I told very seriously if you do any unnecessary things we will release that video on internet after that your family and you have to die for the case and I blackmail her she listen that and she told ok tell to secretary keep it secret and never tell to anyone I will come and he call to come me I told ok and after that I asked her openly next week you come here after that next week you have to come with me where she asked I told I have friends I have to share with you at them also she was so what you are man or animals your f****** latest small girl and was told come and give your past to my friend also ok ok it’s showing Shekar had she told ok and after that sunday your security had enjoyed and she drink and they also give drink to 7:30 and drugs also she never not even know I drop have their morning 7:00 o clock and she never did not come to home due to days I told you I told in their parent she want to learn from the school site also agree and after that I want to see in a closed watch man was doing a business with Samantha and on by one guy was coming and f****** her hunting back after I told you to what you are doing she told his have a good figure I making get cash and after that I slowly went home and after that when he was in truck I take care mobile and delete that video solve the videos after that takes the to our home and f***** her and I take a video that you wake up call at what time I had come I told it is dash have over you never come I do this all things and he tell that video in hour to 12 hour go to Watchmen again thank you I have asked when I call you have to come ok you told ok this is all this is my fourth part my friends please give me reply comment to my mail my mail ID is Shyam @ Hotmail and after that I will share my next story and next go in my 10th summer holidays f***** three girls in my grandfather’s village it will soon as soon as I will post this as a fifth part of my story please give me comments bye and take care it is it true story

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