One last time with her

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This is Santosh back again with a new incident after a long time. For those, who don’t know me, I had a brief affair of 1 week with my trainee Gouthami back in 2016.  She moved on to Hyderabad post that and we’ve not been in contact post that. After working for a long time in the company, I decided to call it quits and got a new offer from another company. I had to finish some pending work in Hyderabad and also visit my old colleague one last time to see if I can get the fire again.

I boarded my flight to Hyderabad and landed at the airport, freshened up and went to the office. I was busy with my works and for a while I forgot about my lust mate. It was lunch time and I went to the cafeteria and then I noted her there sitting with her colleagues. She had that same glow albeit a bit bigger boobs and wider ass than I saw her the last time. The girl had changed to a woman. I didn’t want to talk to her there and quietly finished my lunch. Towards the evening, I called her to the cabin via the helper and she came wondering who it was. For a second, when she saw me she was shocked and I casually said hello. She recovered and asked me about my well being and all. We began talking about our respective careers and other life things. I asked her if she could join me for dinner (I still didn’t mention anything about my resignation). She readily agreed and informed her family she would be late. We went to the hotel in the evening and had a nice dinner. She said her parents were looking for matches and she might soon get married. I naughtily said that her would be was going to be lucky that he is going to experience 2.0 version of her. She awkwardly smiled and said stop it sir.

Me: I had a few affairs post that but none have been as good as you. You were the best
Her: I have moved on from that incident and don’t want to remember it sir. It’s just a one time off thing
Me: Why? Didn’t you like it?
Her: I did, but I feel guilty.
Me: Do you mean you’ve not had sex in all these years?
Her: Ofcourse noo
Me: Do you want to have it now?
Her: What? Excuse me?
Me: I mean it Gouthami. Do you want to have sex with me?
Her: What? No sir. It was one time. I’m sorry. I don’t have any such thoughts.
Me: It’s okay. I don’t want to force you. The actual reason I came to Hyd is I’ve resigned from the company and am moving on to new company. Had some pending work here and wanted to finish it. I also thought I could rekindle some old fire in you.
Her: Whaaat. You’re resigning. Big news sir…
(After discussing sometime about company)
Me: So, do you want to have sex with me one last time?
Her: No sir. I’m really sorry.
Me: It’s okay think about it. I’m leaving tomorrow at 7 PM. My work is done here. I won’t be coming to office tomorrow.

She felt uncomfortable and left. I felt disappointed that I couldn’t make it work out.

The next day, I felt bored and was just watching some porn and just whiling away the time when I heard a call to my mobile. It was Gouthami. She asked me what my room number was (I told her the name of hotel the day before) and came straight to my room. It was 11:10, the time. I was wondering why she was here.

Her: I know I didn’t want sex with you but last night I was thinking about it and thought maybe one last time why not. After all, you’re my first crush. I understand we don’t have time and let’s do this real quick please. I’ve put leave today but got stuck in traffic and hence I’m late.

Me: My stars must be crazy. I’m going to experience 2.0 as well.

Her stats were now 34 32 36

I just jumped on her and started kissing her like a crazy wild animal and she responded to me in equal force. I just took ripped her cloths off and went down kissing her upto her legs that made her crazy. I took off her bra and her boobs were so mature now and pretty firm. I started to suck them and she moaned with pleasure. We started to explore ourselves. She went down on her knees and started to give me a blowjob. She was sucking my dick like crazy women. After all it’s been years since she last experience one. Due to that in a short time, I came in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. After that I went down and started to suck her sweet juicy pussy, she started to moan and the room was filled with her moans. I started to tongue fuck her and I put my figure in her ass that made her so wild.

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