How I meet her in quack quack and fucked her four times

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Hi this is vinay (name changed) basically from bangalore, this is my first true story if any mistakes please suggest me to mail.

Let’s begin story.

I login in to quack quack app where I searched so many girls and mature ladies, so many days after i got response from one girl, in begging chatting only hi, gm, gn, it continued for two days,in third day i texted her about ur education, family and work etc, she also responded, she also asked me everything about me, I said about etc etc, in fourth day i asked her number, first she denied later due to my force and request she give her number, sry her Nisha ( name changed) same city and her structure 34-32-36.

Buy knowing each other, we decided to meet one day at Orion mall, we meeted and haved lunch and talking about something stuff, later she went to her home. She told me I am single not married, but she lied about her marriage and kids, later in second meet I come to know that she already married and have kids.

So I directly asked her you u cheated me like this, but she telling I am not married, later we talked each other and concluded for love.
One fine day she invite me to her home, then I went she welcome me, then she gave me coffee and talking with me, then suddenly I missed her, but she not anything, later I hugged her but she avoid me, then I started smooching her she started cooperating with me, I removed her denim jeans pant and panty started licking her pussy ( well shaved) , then I sucked her boobs and then in inserted my two fingers in to her vagina, started fingering, she moaning and kissing her head, lips and chicks, in first meet if sex she avoid me because her parents may come soon, so I left her home.

In evening I got msg from her she feeling lonely and she want sex right now, but I told how it possible now ur parents are there so we texted and masturbated each other. After two weeks again she invited me to her home this time I removed everything I made her nude, started sucking boobs and cunt, then she told me insert into vagina, then I started to insert but it was too tight, then by forceful I inserted she moaned loudly, I closed her mouths I started fucking her with out condom, after 15 minutes fuck ant I told her to ride me, she came in top started riding after 10 minutes I told her I was about cum, she told me to deep inside pussy, we clopased each other and kissed for some time, then I went to washroom and cleaned myself and later she went cleaned herself and wearing the dress she came, told me that this was the best fuck and she was so happy, later I left her home, due to my work I not meet for 2 weeks, after that again fucked her and release my load in her vagina , this continued for some months, later her family got transferred and I lost the contact of her, I miss her so much and sex.

This is my story true incident in 2020 if any mistakes means correct and support me, this story is boring in begging but later interest,.
If any girl, ladies and mature women’s need sex contact me with full privacy and safety.

Do tell ur your suggestions and feedback or experience in mail.

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