Homeless – part 2

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He had 3 video cameras set up in the living room. Told me to detach the one and bring it to him. With him sitting on the edge of his chair, me in between his legs, he turned on the camera, and ordered me to beg, I started begging for his cock. Giving it a lick or two, smashing my face in his balls as I held them up. I begged him for several minutes, then he said if I’m a very good cocksucker he would allow me to suck his cock.

Homeless part 1

I took his cock in my mouth, sucking away as he video taped me. He told me to look up at the camera, I stared into the camera as I sucked.. he pulled back removing him from my mouth, and ordered me to turn a round, now that his cock was hard, I gave him my ass, just as he wanted it. I was down on all fours, arched my back up as he slid it in, it surprised me at how he could keep on going. Hell, I just sucked a load from him a few hours ago.

It also surprised me at how good it felt, he pulled my ass to him going balls deep and he would hit this one spot, and man did I like that. He gave me a slap across my ass, telling me to pump. So there I was, down on my knees, ass bent up. Riding this guys cock. I rocked back and forth for a while, then he pulled back a little, forcing his cock to withdraw totally from my fuck hole, then back in he slid it, he took it out and put it back in quite a few times. All’s I wanted was for him to keep it in balls deep.

He stopped for a while and we just stayed there with no action a couple of times, he said he’s about to cum. He wanted it to last longer. He shoved his cock in deep held it there, then filled my hole full of cum. He slid his dick out and I backed up on it to I wanted him to hold it in my ass some more. He laughed like hell. He said on camera, can’t get enough huh cocksucker? I just replied with yes sir. More please. He let me stay there until his dick went soft and it just fell out.

I went to clean up, bringing a warm washcloth to clean him and then we watched the video we just made. He took me to his computer and we emailed the video to several of his friends. It was titled my new cocksucker. I was somewhat ashamed, and humiliated, but turned on at the same time.

He Finley allowed me to jack off, I had to do it on camera, dressed in women’s clothes, and I had to eat my own cum.
About 2 pm. He told me some friends were coming over tonight, and for us to take a nap. I’m only allowed to sleep with my back to him, and my fuck hole pushed out. He lubbed up my hole, slid his cock in, then we just lay there, I would wiggle around a little, until I found the sweet spot. Then I fell fast asleep.

Part 3 with the friends coming soon

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