Sucking in the woods

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As a young man, I rented this low cost apartment, it backed up to a field, there was a cement wall separating the property, I was on the 2nd floor, and living alone. Not having much money, and no real friends to speak of, I would stay home listen to music and drink.

Sometimes I would see guys going through this missing place in the wall, and I would see lights over there is went on for quite some time so I finally got drunk enough, I went to see what was going on.

I didn’t have a flash light I just took my lighter, I quickly seen a couple of cars parked, not knowing cars could get back there, I see several lawn type chairs, and a few benches. There were little clear places in the wooded areas, a path, and a make shift road. It looked like many cars have been back there.

I was trying to be quiet, I notice a few men at this car with the door opened, I snuck around in the wooded area to get closer, when I seen a guy getting his dick sucked by someone in the car. It seemed he finished up, and the next guy took his place. I couldn’t see who was doing all this sucking, but I could tell what they were doing.

I watched for a while, then I herd some voices behind me in the distance, so I started going that way. I seen someone sitting on a chair, sucking a guys dick. I was walking on the semi path, he must have herd me cause he turned my way, looked but just keep on getting his dick sucked.

I got out of sight and watched for a while. He must have got finished because they traded places, this is when I knew it was a guy sucking another guy. I stayed for a while then I went back home. I thought about this as a few days went by. And I couldn’t wait to go watching again.

I keep an eye on the place as I would see a few cars go in there with there lights off, and I would see guys come and go from the apartments..I went back a couple of times watching, I even went before dark. These guys were not trying to hide very much. I seen old fat men, younger men, all ages and shapes. I would see one guy sucking cock and they would just look my way, and keep on going.

It watched for about a week before I decided I’m going to take my cooler full of beer, and go sit on the bench. Several men walked by, so were alone, some were with another guy, and I even seen a man with a woman. Most of them said hello to me. I was there about 2 hours, I would guess about 10 to 15 people walked by. About the time it got dark a man walked up to me asking could he have a beer? I said sure, and he sat besides me, we started drinking. He was about 50 years old heavy set.

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