Ebony and Ivory

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Sometimes I wonder if I have “I like teens” tattooed on my forehead. I admit that I do like teens. I am 22 years old, about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds with a nicely groomed goatie. I don’t have a huge dick, it is about 6 inches or so but it doesn’t take much for it to get rock hard.

I was 13 when I first had my dick in a girls pussy, she was my sisters friend Wanda who was 14, I’ll never forget how beautiful her boobs were compared to woman on the internet. It was also the first time that I ejaculated. I was hooked from then on. I begged my older sister to get me another friend from her circle. She got me another friends younger sister who was 13. She was not a virgin, I just never had any interest in virgins and my sister Tina was aware of that. Tina was a well liked friend to everyone she knew, but she also knew who had sexual experiences with brothers, cousins, friends, step fathers, uncles and so on. but Tina was not going to get me just any girl from her circle she wanted the more experienced for me so she convinced me to have sex with herself. I wasn’t crazy about the incest thing but considering that our stepfather was having sex with her for years, Tina wanted to know how good I could use my tool. I not going to say a lot about our experience together except that she had beautiful boobs too and she shaved her pussy. I impressed her when she had a huge orgasm and wanted me to cum in her mouth. I couldn’t believe that my sister gave me such an amazing blowjob. She ended up talking our younger sister Monica into giving me a blowjob after school one day. Tina loved the idea of the daughter of the man having sex with her was sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. I did eventually fuck Monica after my friend Brad claimed her virginity

So anyways i grew through my teen years having sex with girls from 13 to 17. I learned that many of the girls didn’t want to be labeled a slut but wanted to move from dick to dick and live as sluts. By the time I was 16 I was having sex with at least one new teen a week and after highschool graduation I didn’t want the young woman my age I wanted the young teens. My sister Tina became a stripper to put herself through college and set me up with some of the other girls but they didn’t hold my interest like my younger sister Monica and Shelly her friend. I loved it when they didn’t wear a bra and their little muffin size titties would jiggle around under their t shirts and tank tops. Their nipples didn’t seem to get very hard but many times I could see the shape of the areolas as they puffed out from their tits. Most of the girls would shave themselves down there because of all the swimming pools in this part of the country. Those girls just seemed so much more pure than a well experienced adult woman and that is where my personal taste grew to desire.

When I was 18 my good friend Brad moved away with his family. He had a pain in the ass little sister Ashley who was about 10, she was too young fuck but I did let her play with me a few times. She got her fist taste of my jiz

The other day i was getting a blowjob from Monica, she just feels safer having sex with her step brother who is three years older than her and she was always on the honor roll at school. But anyways I got a phone call from Brad that he was in town for a couple days and he wanted to have lunch with me and some of our other friends. So unfortunately for me. Monica was a little irritated that she or I got to cum.

I pulled up to the fast food restaurant and there he was standing around talking to Joe and Travis. I was excited to get out but my phone rang. I sat talking on it when a young teen approached my window. instantly she said. Hi Jason. I lost concentration on the phone conversation from being caught off guard then I realized that it was Ashley. She had a pink tank top on with no bra covering her golf ball size titties. My sunglasses hid my eyes as I looked right down her shirt as she leaned into my old camero. She told me that she liked my car and asked me if she could get in the passengers side.

As Ashley walked around the front of the car I noticed that she had on a Magenta colored mini skirt, she wasn’t very modest getting in showing off her pink panties to me. I think that she was in just as much in aw about me as i was about her. She told me that Brad had told her that they were going to meet me so she took off her bikini top. My eyes were forced to look at her breast. She grabbed both of them with her hands and squeezed as she asked.

“I developed very nice, haven’t I?”

My cock was quickly filling up with blood and she took notice at the front of my cotton shorts. All I could think about was fucking my friends little sister. Suddenly I noticed Brad walking towards the drivers side of my car. We greeted each other then told me to follow him to the lake front. I agreed but Ashley asked him if she could ride with me. To my surprise Brad whispered in my ear. “She is my treat to you buddy, just be gentle with her.” As brad walked away Ashley reached over the center console with her right hand and rested it on top of my growing boner. I looked around and didn’t see anyone watching. I slid my right hand up her tank top and massaged her little tit with my thumb, middle and index fingers. SSr5
he closed her eyes and let out a little mmmm! that is nice then she asked me if i wanted to suck on her nipples. I was cautious because of her age but I replied as I rubbed my finger against the crack between her legs. “I want to do a lot more than just suck on your nipples. She asked. “What could that be I imagine?” I just blurted out. “Will you let me put that hard hunk of cock that you are massaging into your sweet little cunt?” She quickly replied. “That is the reason that I came with my brother.”

It was hard to drive with her hand up the leg of my shorts playing with my boner and my right middle finger up the side of her panties fingering her shaved pussy.

When we got to the lake I let Ashley get out of the car first to give my boner a little time to shrink down before I got out. I watched in the rear view mirror as Ashley carried her bikini top into the womens restroom and come out a few minutes later with her light pink bikini on. “Wow, what a hot and sexy body. I couldn’t stop sniffing the scent of her cunt juice off my finger. As she got closer to my car I got out and ran down the warf before jumping into the warm lake water. When I came up for air a little pink streak splashed right next to me. The water was about 65-70 degrees but cool enough to kill my excited cock. I grabbed onto the warf to keep from sinking as she did the same. She said. “Jason, I knew how you were in school and at the time i loved jerking you and sucking your dick but now I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.” I was mentally aroused, i couldn’t stop staring at her little tits. She had the perfect size I adored. I mean I looked around at the full grown women who were there at the lake but the other did nothing to me like seeing sexy Ashley was doing to me. I thought of all those other highschool freshman who drove my cock and I out of our minds.

Between the summer heat and the swimming I was tiring out pretty quick and to be honest I wanted a nap. I needed some rest. I told Ashley what I was going to do and I could see the disappointment in her face but I paid little mind. I got out of the water and walked over to Brad. I whispered in his ear and he said. “By all means, absolutely.” I turned to Ashley who was still in the water and waved to her to come with me. Watching her walk towards me on the wood warf and the water dripping from her body was so arousing. When she got to me I told her. “Let’s go for a ride.” she looked at Brad and he waved her to go. The thing was that Brad knew about the hand and blowjobs and I <that I would want Ashleys sexy little body more than any friend that was in our circle. Most of all he trusted me to not hurt her but to give her a fuck that she wouldn’t forget.

When we got in my car and pulled away Ashley put her tank top on and removed her bikini top then she slid her mini skirt on before slipping out of her bikini panties. She reached around and locked the passengers door then she turned her body to lean against it. She pulled her skirt up just enough to show off her little hairless pussy. She asked me where we were going but I told her to just hang tight. Although I had my own apartment, I was heading to my parents house. They were gone for a couple weeks and if I was going to fuck that young goddest then it was going to be on my parents couch.

When we walked into the house the AC had the temperature at about 75. Ashley and I were making out and feeling each others assets when a knock on the door disturbed us. I got up to check as Ashley moved over to the love seat. I opened the door to discover Brad and a young woman with him as well as a black teen about Ashley’s age. Instantly Ashley jumped up and hustled to the door. “Amy is that you.” Her eyes opened wide and she made her way to her old friend from school. The five of us sat around my parents living room talking about old times and what was new. Ashley and Amy whispered to each other, giggling and laughing while looking at me. I got to admit that Amy was looking just as good to me as Ashley. I ran the scenerio through my brain a few times about fucking them both but deep down I knew that it wouldn’t happen.

Brad’s phone rang and he let me know that he had to split, but Amy didn’t want to leave yeat so her adoptive sister said that they will pick her up in a few hours.

The three of us sat on the couch with me in the middle deciding if we wanted to watch a movie or play a board game. But without warning Amy cut to the chase. ” I am not stupid, I know that you Ashley wants Jason’s dick inside of you and to be honest, so do I. So lets just cut through the shit and fuck. .” I was shocked. I watched Amy stand up and undress. She didn’t shave all her hair, just her bikini area. Her boobs were about the size of Ashleys. Ashley wasted no time stripping down to nothing but as much as I wanted to fuck them both I was a little bit reluctant to get undressed. I didn’t want to hurt Ashley and I really didn’t know Amy.

Ashley whispered in one ear and Amy whispered in my other, rubbing their young tits against my shoulders. It was like having the devil on one should but also the other. Then Ashley whispered. “I want you to fuck Amy first because when you cum I want it in my pussy not hers. ”

Amy and Ashley started out sucking my cock, it was amazing watching them sharing my cock. Amy wanted to fuck but iwore out pretty quick but I wanted to lick her cunt. The first black cunt I ever had and she was young too I wanted to enjoy her since it got that far. I sat on the floor and leaned against the couch. Ashley took advantage of my hard cock without expressing any pain or discomfort to her pussy that her step father wore in well. Amy helda her pussy to my face so I could lick it until an orgasm weakened her knees enough for a break. But that didn’t stop Ashley, orgasm after orgasm. I wanted to cum myself but I enjoy watching her cum over and over as she rode my shaft. At that Point I could see that Amy was turned on and rested, she wanted my cock again in her dark pussy surrounded by black curly hairs. I set her on the cushioned arm of the couch and stood in front of her pumping her beautiful young black cunt. Asley surprised me when she said. “Jason cum inside her pussy, fill her womb.” I watched Amies titties jiggle as I pumped her faster and harder. I was pulling my cock almost all the way out and slamming it into Amy then with a loud grunt I released my cream into her womb. I pulled and sat down on the couch as Ashley climbed ontop of my slowly shrinking cock. Her pussy felt amazing as my cock begain to inflate once again. I was exhausted bt Ashley was doing the hard work so I just enjoyed it until my second release of cream shot out into Ashley.

After a bit of resting I dropped Amy off at home and Ashley came back to my apartment with me after stopping to pick up a pizza on the way. But the only perperoni Ashley was interested in after filling her belly was mine

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