Hidden desires finally exposed

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I had found a swingers group on the web in a nearby town that met monthly at a local hotel. For many years I have wanted to attend an adult party with my wife but she wasn’t hearing any of that. I emailed the leaders and over time became familiar with them on line.

I had mentioned it to my wife quite a few more times and she continued to be reluctant about it. Finally after me bringing it up enough times she agreed to go. She remarked that she didn’t want to be caught up in a lewd party with a bunch of deviants. She also stated she wasn’t going to have any weird stuff going on with anyone there. She would attend only because of my persistence. I emailed the hosts and we were invited to the next event.

Not really knowing what to wear or to do we dressed casually yet really nice. I noticed she took some extra time in the shower and also with her makeup. She really looked great for being 50 years old. Her 38C’s were sagging some but her stomach was flat and well toned. She was wearing a blue bra and blue bikini panties along with a pair of nice figure fitting jeans, and a white button up top that showed the blue bra underneath. We left for the hotel and just had some nervous casual talk during the drive.

When we arrived we were met by the organizers, taken to an adjoining room and informed of the rules. They reiterated the main rules, especially that “no” meant “no”. They were a nice clean cut couple and this seemingly reassured my wife because her demeanor changed.

We entered the ballroom and it was like a community room that had about 30 couples in it. People immediately came up to us and introduced themselves, it was just like a neighborhood get together. My wife remarked that the couples were really nice.

I saw a couple across the room who looked familiar. My wife said “Hey there is Jane and Tom, who would have thought they’d be here.”

They saw us and were a bit embarrassed but approached us and Tom said “We are so glad you came. We saw your names on the list and didn’t know you liked this type of get together.” My wife said “it is our 1st time and I really don’t know what to do or say. I thought everyone would be naked and groping us by now.”
Jane laughed and said “Look, just enjoy yourself and remember nothing is expected of you okay?” My wife sort of relaxed at this and the activities began.

There were mixed drinks which everyone dove into, an abundant amount of snacks, tables to sit at and a dance floor. A DJ was playing music and a lot of mixing, talking and the lights were then dimmed a lot.

We talked with Jane and Tom as well as a lot of couples that came over to talk and joke. You would never know it was a swingers party until the organizers announced that ” it is time to party.”

Couples began to dance to the slow sexy music that was being played. My wife and I danced and she held me tightly as I casually stroked her ass. As we danced she would push into my crotch area and grind a bit and smile at me. She by then had quite a few drinks and it seemed she was really having a good time.

A middle aged couple danced along side us and the man asked if we could switch dance partners. I nodded agreement and he and my wife began to dance. His wife molded into my arms and asked me questions about us and how we came about attending the party. Then suddenly she just kissed me and her tongue invaded my mouth to explore my tongue. I was caught off guard for an instant but responded to her kiss.

As out kiss broke I glanced over at my wife and she and man guy were also kissing. He had his hands on her ass pulling her into him and she was grinding herself into his obvious erection. The song ended and they said they hoped to see us later on and wandered off. We sat back at the table and she asked me if it was alright what she did. I said “heck yeah, we are here to have fun.” She smiled and drank another drink.

This routine continued for about 3 hours. There was alot of drinking, dancing, a musical chair game was played and some different games which was sexual in nature. It was just people having adult fun and relaxing together.

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