Extremely Erotic Cuckold story – 4

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This is imaginary story, don’t take it personally or religiously, I have another story with muslim cuckold and hindu bull.
So just relax and enjoy this extremely erotic Cuckold story.
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Part 4

We will call the last event day as shock day when Shilpa had sex with javed in front of me for the 1st time.

Fast Forward 1 month to Shock day.
Shilpa has become dominant in our relationship. She has started telling me to do daily house chores like sweeping, making morning tea, washing utensils etc. Shilpa now meets javed almost every day either in his office or his flat or in some hotels. Recently even javed started coming to our house.
I’ve resigned from job and started documentation for starting company (as told by javed) to get municipal contracts/tenders, with a condition, Shilpa will be 51% and I should be 49% shareholder in a company. Javed shall have 10% cut from the company.

Fast Forward 3 months to Shock Day.
Now most of house chores except cooking are my responsibility, Shilpa takes care of the cooking part. Javed and Shilpa have stopped meeting outside and are now meeting at our home only.
I’m relieved from the job after serving notice period. Company formation is completed and I’m now waiting to get first work in our company.
The day I was relieved from the job, Javed took me and Shilpa out for a dinner. He asked me to drive and both of them sat behind. Shilpa was dressed in a Sleevless black tight top and blue denim, gifted by javed. They both started kissing, fondling in car. I was looking from the mirror and was getting hard on.
We reached to hotel, Javed order Drinks and starter. Then he informed to agenda of todays dinner meeting. He said, from today onwards you should call me Sir and Shilpa as Mam. From today whenever I will be coming to your place, your duties will be
1. Open door with smile for me.
2. Greeting me and thanking me saying Thank you sir for coming to pleasure my wife.
3. Prepare table and serve us meals.
4. Serve us drinks.
5. Be available all the time when I and Shilpa are having sex for any help we need.
6. We will be calling you cuck from now on.
And be relax all this arrangement is going to be only when three of us are there.

I said angrily, you want to call me cuck? Fuck I’m not agreeing to this. To which Shilpa replied so you are OK with other conditions except being called as cuck? Javed replied he has no option than to agree. I said yes with little reluctance.
We finished our drinks and dinner, Javed asked me to get the car from the parking, I felt like he ordered me like a driver. I obeyed and went to take out car. Javed and Shilpa were coming laughing with Javed’s hand around Shilpa’s waist. Both of them slide in back seat and I drove back to our home. On the way back Javed asked me do you have whiskey at home? I said I don’t. he asked me to stop on a liquor shop and get bottle of whiskey for him and vodka for Shilpa. I Stopped at a liquor shop Javed handed me money, I went and bought whiskey and vodka and returned. We reached home.
Javed asked us to go upstairs and he will follow. I and Shilpa went, we both were sitting on sofa in the living room. After 5 minutes doorbell rang, I opened the door it was Javed, he stepped in, I closed the door and was going inside that when Javed grabbed me by shirt and turned my face to him, he then slapped me very tight, I stumbled and was in anger, I said what’s this behavior. He said did you forget the rules I explained you sometime back. And you had objection in we calling you cuck, right? He held my balls and started squeezing and said do you still have problem?? I was crying in pain and somehow managed to say no I don’t have any problem, please leave me. He released my balls, it too me 30-40 seconds to regain my senses.

Shilpa was looking all this quietly. Javed said now better be a good cuck and recall the rules. I understood I have not option in life now than to agree and obey whatever Javed and Shilpa tells me. Javed said I’m stepping out and will ring the doorbell, hope you follow the rules this time. He went out.

I closed the door, he rang the bell again, I opened the door with a fake smile, he came inside, I said thank you sir for coming to pleasure my beautiful wife. As soon as I said this, Shilpa came running and hugged javed and started kissing him. I felt like this is what both of them were planning while coming out of hotel.
Both of them sat on Sofa, I went to kitchen and prepared peg of Whiskey in one glass and vodka in one glass, I came in living room asking soda or water and juice combination to Javed and Shilpa, they were lip locked and Javed was taking her top off. I asked sir you want full soda with whiskey or water also. He said half soda and half water, then I asked her, mam what do you want with vodka, wee have orange and mixed berry juices at home, she said would like it with orange juice. I went to kitchen to prepare the drink and returned with two glasses in a tray. Both off them were in just their undies and Javed was sucking her boobs vigorously, Shilpa had her eyes closed and her hands around his neck. I kept try on the center table and went to cover all windows with the curtain.
When I returned, javed said hey cucky, come here and give me a sip of my drink, i lifted his whiskey glass and was handing it over to him, he signaled to bring the glass to his lips. I was giving a sip of whiskey to the man who was sucking my wife’s breast in front of me.

He took a sip and signaled me to keep the glass, then Shilpa ordered me to give her a sip. I was giving vodka sip to my own beautiful wife who was seating in lap of another man with her undies only, which javed was taking off when she was sipping the vodka.

This scene sent rock hard wave to my dick and it got erected. Javed observed the bulge in my pant and ordered me to take off my clothes. I was reluctant to get naked in front of other man but then I remembered the slap and balls squeezed some time ago. I obeyed and undressed myself. Looking at my erect dick, Javed said, looks like you are enjoying being cucked and serving us drink when we make out. So henceforth you will always serve us drinks whenever we are in mood to drink and have sex.

Both of them stood up and took off each other’s undies while kissing, Shilpa had her hands crossed in his neck, javed lifted her with both hands, Shilpa wrapped her legs around his waist. Javed started walking to the bedroom, Shilpa ordered me to bring their drinks. Javeds semi erect big dick was touching shilpa’s ass while he was walking. I followed them with their drinks. Javed was a strong man; he was still holding Shilpa in his hands and was kissing and caressing her lips.

After some time, he kept her on bed and asked me to give them drinks. Then Shilpa ordered me to collect their clothes and hang them on hangers. I went to living room and cleared the mess, then organized everything in kitchen. I started to hear Shilpa’s moaning, I went to bedroom and Javed had started fucking her in doggy position. I stood there in corner, after couple of minutes javed signaled for drinks, he finished the remaining whiskey in 1 sip and started stroking fast. After some time, they changed the position and before starting again Shilpa asked me for drink and she too finished remaining vodka in 1 sip. She ordered me to wash glasses, turn off lights and bring water bottle to bedroom. I did as order.

After 14-15 minutes if stroking javed shoot his load on her Shilpa’s boobs, and collapsed on bed. Shilpa was moving to bathroom to clean herself to which javed resisted. He asked me to bring some napkin and wipe off the cum off her boobs. I was feeling humiliated but went to bathroom and took one towel and went near Shilpa. Javed was moving his hand on Shilpa’s pussy. I was wiping off another man’s cum off my wife’s boobs and he was playing with her pussy.

This scene gave kick to Shilpa and she pulled javed’s face near her and she started kissing her. I went to bathroom, and bought moist towel and wiped her boobs with it. Shilpa ordered me to clean javed’s dick just like her boob. Javed replied you did a good cleaning job. Do it always. You will be rewarded for it. I gave them water; Shilpa ordered me to sleep on the floor and both of them slept on the bed.

After 15-20 minutes javed said he will have to leave, ass he has some work early morning tomorrow. Shilpa ordered me to bring his dress. She started dressing him, all while she wall still naked. After dressed javed kissed Shilpa and said good bye. I went behind javed, he opened the door and left, I closed the door and returned to bedroom. I was about to sleep on the floor and realized how mentally I accepted myself as a cuckold. Shilpa said oh come one cuck darling, come sleep with me on the bed, you should sleep on floor, only when Javed is here on this bed.
Next morning, I got a call from Javed that I got a work worth 50 lakhs, and said your last night performance is rewarded.

Fast Forward 9 months to Shock Day.
Javed helped me find good small place for office. He gave multiple works to our company. I and Shilpa bought on loan and moved in to 3BHK furnished flat in Thane Hiranandani.

Javed and Shilpa have decided to make a baby and that why Javed asked us to inform our families that we have been trying for IVF since last few months. Javed has planned 8 days’ vacation with three of us for the same reason. I and Shilpa has informed our families about IVF.

Shilpa had packed her bags and it was 2 big bags with lots of clothes, makeup kit, accessories, jewelry etc. Shilpa had ordered new dresses, erotic lingerie, babydolls dresses etc for vacation. I packed my dresses in 1 medium sized bag. Shilpa went to javed’s house to pack his bags.

Next day I took all bags in lift and kept them in car, and we left to pick up javed. We reached at the decided spot and was waiting for Javed, Shilpa got down, when javed came both of them sat in the back seat. Shilpa asked me to keep Javed’s bag in car.
Javed had asked me to book suite room in a resort in Mahabaleshwar. We reached there and checked in.

We went sightseeing for sometime in the evening, had dinner and returned to resort. They both went to bedroom and I slept in the hall.
Next day morning was normal I suspected if they fucked or not in the night. Next day morning we went to mapro garden and some other spots and returned to resort in the evening. Javed asked me to wait in the garden area and both of them went to the suite.
After approximately 1.5 hours around 7.30 Javed called me to come to Suite. As I entered, I was frozen to death. Javed was dressed in Sherwani and Shweta was prepared as a bride, she was wearing the same saree, jewelry, hairstyle and makeup which she did on our wedding day. Hundreds of thoughts started running in my brain. I thought they have planned a destination wedding and going to make their relation public today. Before I could speak anything, Javed said, don’t worry cucky, it going to be private thing between three of us only. I said why you want to do all this, when you are already getting everything out of her be it physically or mentally, to which he replied coz Shilpa wanted it. I looked at Shilpa with shocking expression on my face. Shilpa came and sat beside me and said, Cucky as Javed is going to father our child, I should not feel guilty of being mother from someone else than my husband, so we have made this arrangement. At least I will be at ease when getting breed by him with mental acceptance of him as a husband.

Turst me this is going to be private thing between three of us only. Once we go back to our home everything will be like earlier days. For the our families, to the world only you will be my husband. Its just I will be wearing new Mangalsutra from today. Even Javed don’t wish to make mee his wife as he feels I’m excellent as his keep. I was surprised to see my wife being comfortable as a keep of a married muslim man.

While discussing this, Shilpa got a call, it was her mother, Shilpa signaled us to be quite and started talking to on phone, she was telling her mother that she is at a clinic for IVF treatment and she smiled naughtily looking at javed. She also told her mother that doctors are expecting that we will get some positive result in this week. Her mother was also looking happy with this news, then they disconnected the call.
Shweta then walked to me and said, I will do it only with your permission darling, after all your going to be our baby’s legal father and Javed will be just biological father. Javed came to me and said don’t worry Shilpa he has make up his mind and has no problem with it, am I right cucky? I couldn’t even think of saying no, as Javed now owns our life be it financially or physically or mentally. I nodded my head in agreement.

Shilpa was very happy and kissed me on the chicks. Then they played mangalashtaka and started taking pheres around small fire lit in the room. Then javed put new mangalsutra in Shilpa’s neck. Then both of them came and sat on Sofa and asked me to clean the room. It was around 8.30 or 9 pm. Javed had already ordered dinner, room service guy came with dinner, Javed and Shilp went inside the bedroom, I took the food and sent back the service guy. We had a dinner, Javed and Shilpa were feeding each other like a newly wed couple.

After dinner both of them went inside bedroom, I called room service guy and asked him to clean the room. As he left javed called me inside and asked me to help him for his Suhaagraat. They both laughed when he said Suhaagraat. I was asked to help another man to have su haagraat with my own beautiful wife. He said, cucky please take off her Jewelry one by one except her Mangalsutra, Bangles and payal. I would like to hear the voices if these things when I fuck her hard on our Suhaagraat. I started taking off her jewelry one by one and they started kissing. Then he asked me to help him take off her blouse. Javed pulled Shilpa put of saree, he then looked at me and pointed his finger towards her petticoat. I untied her petticoat and it fell on the floor. Now Shilpa was standing in just bra and panty which was new set as I saw them for the 1st time. It was very fancy black netted inners. Shilpa asked me to help her by taking off Javed’s Sherwani and she sat on bedi helped Javed to take off his Sherwani then he pointed his fingers to her pant and I did the rest of the work.

Now Shilpa stood and they started kissing, caressing each other, I was standing at some distance and observed, Shilpa had prepared her body very well for this. Full body wax, manicure, pedicure etc. like as new bride. They Shilpa told me to fold and keep their clothes neatly. After I did this, Javed asked me to or-der Drinks for them. I went and called the reception and ordered the drinks. In 8-10 Minutes room service guy rang the doorbell, I opened the door for him and he came inside with a tray in his hand with bottles, glasses, snacks as ordered. The moment he entered the room, I heard moaning from the bedroom. I think room service guy also heard it as he slowed down his task, till the time he kept the tray, moaning got louder and easily audible to us, he intentionally stood there saying do you need anything more sir, I said no, then he said please feel free to call if you need anything else sir. I said sure and was escorting him to door that when Shilpa shouted loudly ohh fuck me hard, he heard it but didn’t say anything and left.
I then prepared the drinks and took glasses inside the bedroom and both of them were fucking hard.

For next 1 or 1.5 hours they were taking breaks and fucking in different positions, Javed shoot his load inside Shilpa twice that night, finally they slept exhausted and naked. I took glasses and snack plates outside and called the room service guy, he came, collected the trash and left.

Next day morning when we were going out for some sightseeing I saw that guy looking mischievously at us I thought to myself that he must have guessed that Shilpa was getting fucked by other man and not me. For the next 5 days Javed fucked Shilpa everyday atleast twice, and then after a week we returned to our home.
Our daily routine started and every day when I looked at Mangalsutra wore by Shilpa it reminded me the whole event.

Fast Forward 11 months to Shock Day.
Shilpa missed her period for 2 consecutive months, so we decided to do pregnancy test, Shilpa called Javed and asked him to come home with 2 Pregnancy test kits. Javed said he will not be able to come now as he had some important meetings that day. And warned us not to do the test in his absence. We were left with no option to wait for tomorrow. That was the longest day in our life. In the evening Javed came and bough 2 test kits with him. We had dinner and watched some comedy shows and slept and decided to wake up in the morning at 7.30Am. we set alarm and slept. In the morning we all woke in excitement. We went to bathroom and carried the test on both test strips, both came out positive. Shilpa was extremely happy, she hugged and kissed Javed.
We came out and sat in living room, Shilpa came to me, hugged and kissed me and said congratulation daddy. She whispered in my ear. Lets thank Javed, without him it was not possible at all.

We decided to visit gynecologist same day to confirm the pregnancy officially. Javed congratulated both of us and said he will have to leave as he had meetings regarding elections and asked me to call him and inform gynac’s report. I searched for best Gynac in the nearby area and finalized one and called them for appointment. I and Shilpa went to doctor and was waiting for our turn. Finally receptionist called our names and we went inside. Doctor started examining Shilpa and I was waiting for final confirmation. Gynac did the sonography also and asked us to wait for 10-15 minutes for sonography report. After 20 minutes receptionist asked us to go inside doctor cabin. As soon as we went inside doctor congratulated us, Shilpa immediately hugged and kissed me, then we sat with doctor and doctor informed us that Shilpa is in 7th week of pregnancy and everything is perfect he also gave us all the necessary precaution to be taken. He also said not sex after 7th month. We came out and Shilpa immediately called Javed and confirmed the news.

We reached home and started calling our parents to give them the good news. In all this excitement I completely forgot that I’m not the biological father of the child.

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