Have anyone felt their parents having sex

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Have anyone felt their parents having sex

Real incident…. Karnataka

I was about 18, My mom was 46 at that time. My father was 54. We an upper middle class family and we had our own house. Telling about my mom, she was really beautiful very traditional Indian women, wife and mom. My room and my parents room were opposite. Means there door are opposite. Between the rooms we have bathrooms. So there is about 5 meter distance between the doors.

That day I remember I was studying late night as I had test next day. So I was studying in the next room after my dinner. My father was that day drunken and was romantic that day, he was talking funny that day with my mom. As I was studying, I don’t know what happened, I have slept without my knowledge. Suddenly I woke up it was dark in my room I searched for mobile and saw time it was 12:50 night. My parents had had switched off the light and have gone, I thought, and got up. My door was simply closed, not lock and all. I just simply open, the opposite door of my parent’s room was half closed. I was sudden shock, I heard moaning sound in my mother’s voice and there was bed light glowing in their room. I could see my father’s night pant and my mother’s pants with her panties on the floor. Suddenly shirt fell. My heart was pumping High. I did not go further to see and all, just stud still was hearing what they were doing. I was hearing some sucking sound and my mom was moaning little, and she said “haaa… don’t bite hard”. I guessed I was my father sucking her boobs.

After sometimes her bra fellow down. I was already in hard dick, seeing this I was crazy horny. Want to see but scared of getting caught. That would be embarrassing for all. I was standing and peeping. But unable to see. Then he started to penetrate I think, she was moaning louder, and she was murmuring something I couldn’t hear properly. They had love for 20 min I think. After sometimes there was no sound. And there was little voice. And saw a leg came down that was my father’s. I got scared that I would get caught. But luck I don’t know, while he was getting down he again kissed her for few seconds. I closed my door quietly, leaving a small gap to see what’s happening. He got out of bed and was standing. I was seeing my drunken father naked body has a big tummy. He had semi erection. As it was a little dark, I wasn’t able to see clearly. He talked something with her in little voice and was walking towards bathroom. In 10 seconds, my mom’s leg was visible. She was sitting on bed, my eyes glued to that. She said “ufff” and got up. Oh, god seeing that……..she had white complexion, she was sweating I guess, even in that dark due to bed lamp it was shining little bit. She was in her sideways. I was able to see her little big mature ass and her boobs little saggy and little tummy. She took a towel and speared her legs and was wiping her pussy and she wiped her body. By that time, my father came out of bathroom and went near her. He was talking to her in a low voice.

The bathroom light was no and door open, so little light falling on him. So I could see his back naked body, little clear. My mom was little visible. He started to kiss her. She did “mmmm” sound resisting like, but she put the towel down, hugged him. I was able to see her white hands on his back. He was dark skin. The bathroom light made her hand clearly visible. They were kissing and her hand moving on his back, she then put her hands on his ass.

Then by laughing they separated, and she picked the towel, ran towards bathroom and closed the door. I was mesmerized, for a flash of second I saw her naked front. I was able to see her mangalsutra on her neck hanging on boobs. But it was with bathroom light falling on her. It wasn’t full clear, but enough feast for eyes. My heart was at it’s high. My father bent down, picked his pants and wore it. And went to bed. Then my mother came, but while she was coming, she locked the bathroom door and switched off the light. So there was only the bed lamp glowing. She came out and took her pants with panties. She separated the panties and wore it. And put her pants. She then went to another side of the bed, I guess to take her chudidar and came this side and was wearing it. Then she went to the bed to sleep. I was in cloud nine. I did not believe what just happened. I went to my bed and was recalling her sounds and her naked body. Just cummed in few minutes. That was so intense for me.

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