My wife has sex with 29 bikers for money each for 15 mins

I had been battling the flu for nearly a week and had a high fever, so I was in no mood, nor condition, to be going out, anywhere. It was a Thursday night and I was sitting in my recliner, in front of the TV, covered up with several blankets and shivering like a wet pup, from a high fever. My wife, Brandie, had been invited to go out by one of her girlfriends and have a little fun for the evening. I didn’t have any objection. There wasn’t anything she could do for me, other than sit around and watch me suffer, besides, I was sleeping most of the time anyway, so I wasn’t even good company for conversation. So my wife got ready to go out.

By the time she was ready to go, I was sleeping again, but she woke me up to let me know she was leaving and to see if I needed anything before she left. When I opened my eyes, my wife was wearing one of my favorite outfits.

She had on a very shear, white, nylon blouse, with long, see through sleeves on it. The blouse is actually not a “blouse”, it’s really the top to a lingerie set that my wife had bought one time for sexy evening wear, but she liked it so much and thought it was so sexy and pretty, that she liked to wear it out sometimes as a blouse. The entire blouse was very shear and completely see through, except for the collar, sleeve cuffs, the trim down the front where the buttons and button holes were, and two strategically placed pockets on the front that covered her tits, they were all solid silk. She was wearing a very sexy, lacy, white, hook in the front, Fredrick’s push up bra, that accentuated her gorgeous 38C tits and cleavage. Depending on where my wife was going to be wearing this blouse, she sometimes wore a camisole under it, tonight she wasn’t.

Her skirt was a short, black, shiny nylon skirt, with a split in the back of it that gave you a pretty good view of the upper portion of her thighs and also let you see that she was wearing a pair of very high quality, shear black, with seams up the back, thigh high stockings that had lace around the tops of them. As she walked, or especially if she was shooting pool, it was very easy to see the tops of her stockings and the bare portion of her tanned, sexy legs, above the stockings, and just below her ass cheeks. I lifted the front of the skirt with the tip of a finger to see that she was wearing a red, lacy thong, that did little to cover her cleanly shaved pussy and it certainly didn’t cover any of her ass!

The shoes matched the thong and the handbag she was carrying for the evening, they were all a dark red, the handbag and shoes were both velvet. The shoes were high heeled pumps with straps that came up the back of her ankle then wrapped around her ankle with a tiny delicate strap, and tiny gold buckle on the outside of each ankle. These shoes were sexy, and HOT as Hell! As if you needed any other excuse to look at my wife’s sexy legs, she wore a heavy gold anklet around her left ankle that glinted anytime it caught a ray of light in a dimly lit barroom and it brought your attention to the delicate flower tattoo on the outside of her left ankle, that was clearly visible through her shear stockings.

My wife was mid 50’s at the time, 5’7″ tall. She has blond hair and stays tanned year round from the sun, and/or her tanning bed. At mid 50’s, my wife could easily pass for 40ish and she had legs that many women 15-20 years younger than her would kill to have! She carried a little more weight around her middle than she would have liked, but she was still a looker, and garnered men’s attention anywhere she went, especially when she was dressed this sexy. Her outfit, makeup, meticulously manicured fingernails and lipstick, (dark red, matching her handbag and shoes), nearly shoulder length blond hair, all combined to make my wife, Brandie, look absolutely fantastic! She was sexy as Hell, nearly slutty in her appearance, (mostly because of the split in the skirt and see through blouse), but just classy enough to look like a well mannered and well kept woman.

I could see her girlfriend, Emily, who had invited her out for the evening, was standing behind my wife, in the door of the living room that went into the dining room. Emily was 20 years younger than Brandie, and was single. She was wearing a shiny blue nylon, or silk pantsuit, and black leather, high heeled pumps. Emily might have been 20 years younger than my wife, but Brandie was sexier, and whenever the two of them went out together, my wife always got more attention that Emily did. Emily was a little plain, but wasn’t ugly, her ass was a little too wide for the rest of her body, but she did alright getting her share of men too, when she wanted them. Emily also didn’t drink alcohol, so I was always pleased when she went out with my wife, I knew that Brandie wouldn’t be driving.

After taking in the sexy sight of my wife in this favorite outfit, and especially noticing that she wasn’t wearing the camisole under the blouse, I asked her, “So, where are y’all going?”

She replied, “We’re going down to ‘Strokers’ and just hang out, have a few drinks, make girl talk, and watch the football game. Emily wants to see if she can find a ride for the upcoming Toy Run.”

The local NFL team was playing Thursday night football that night and I sure wasn’t going to watch it at home. Brandie didn’t want to disturb me by trying to watch it while I was sick in my chair. Yeah, I could have gone to bed, but it was just a little more excuse for her to go out. I didn’t mind.

“Strokers” was a biker bar that we went to once in awhile, Brandie and I are bikers. We both ride our own Harleys. The bar was on the riverfront, with the back of the bar facing the river. There was a covered patio on the back of the bar that was enclosed by a privacy fence that ran off each end of the building and down over the brushy embankment towards the river. Because of the privacy of the patio, more than a few drunk women have given up a piece of ass on the picnic tables to one, or more bikers, while others watched, my wife was one of them. One hot summer night, my wife fucked me and a friend of mine on one of those picnic tables, while several other men stood around watching and cheering us on.

One other cool feature of Strokers, was that the front windows and door of the bar were coated with a mirror tint, sort of like those mirror sunglasses you see some people wearing, so that you could see out, from inside the bar, but from outside, no one could see in.

The owner of “Strokers” was a 60 year old biker by the name of Howard. Howard allowed bikers to wear their “colors”, (their club vests), into the bar, but it was understood that the bar was neutral territory, no motorcycle club owned the bar, and everyone got along, or Howard would throw you out, quick and in a hurry. For the most part, it was a pretty peaceful and cool place for bikers to party without any hassles. Howard had a very young, hot looking, brunette girlfriend, mid 20’s, who kept his books and sometimes bar tended for him.

I assured my wife that I would be fine, home alone, and that if I really needed her, I would call her to come home. I told her to go ahead and have a good time and if she had a “really good time”, (she knew I meant if she got any sex action, and the way she was dressed, I suspected that she might), to make sure she told me about it when she got home.

Brandie kissed me, then she and Emily went out to get into Emily’s car, and go. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly after they left, because other than a couple of times to get up to pee, take some medicine, and hydrate with some fruit juices, I don’t remember much, until Brandie came home, at 4 AM, the next morning!

I woke up, hearing my wife calling my name. I immediately knew I still had my fever, I started shaking as soon as I woke up. Before I even opened my eyes, I was struck by two very strong scents. The smell of tequila, my wife’s favorite alcoholic beverage, and SEX! I could distinctly smell that my wife had been fucking! When I opened my eyes, I was shocked at my wife’s appearance!

Her hair was a mess. Her makeup blotched and streaked, her lipstick was completely gone. The top two buttons of her blouse were gone, but the blouse didn’t appear to be torn, only the bottom two buttons held it closed so that it was opened to her waist, and her bra was missing! Her black, nylon skirt was rumpled and not straight, I looked under it, and her thong was missing along with the bra. Her stockings were all askew, neither one was pulled up tight so they were both wrinkled, one was lower than the other and the seams on the back were completely crooked. And more shocking than the rumpled appearance of her clothing, was that my wife was obviously covered in dried cum! She had it in her hair, on her neck and chest. It was on her blouse. Her black skirt had obvious dried cum on it. Her stockings were encrusted with it between her legs and she even had a glob of dried cum on the top of one of her red velvet shoes! As she stood there, allowing me to look her up and down, Brandie didn’t say a thing.

I broke the silence saying, “What the Hell happened to you? Did you get gang-banged, or something?”

She said, “Yeah, something like that.”

Then before I could ask another question, my wife opened her handbag and reached into it, while simultaneously saying, “I had sex with a bunch, (and she kind of emphasized the word bunch), of guys tonight and each one paid me $50 a piece to do it.”

Then she dropped a large wad of money onto the blankets in my lap. As I stared at the cash and tried to absorb what she had just told me, Brandie dropped her handbag onto the love seat, then stepped back, away from me, towards the other side of the living room. She flopped down on the couch with her head away from me so that she could look at me, and she put one foot up on the couch while leaving the other on the floor, giving me a perfect view of her swollen, reddish, obviously, very well used pussy between her legs!

I was having a difficult time focusing, because of my fever, and the fact that I had just woke up, and I was trying to understand what my wife was telling me. I looked at her, and at the big wad of money in my lap, back and forth a couple of times, then I blurted out, “How many? How many men did you fuck?”

Brandie was laying on her back, with the back of her left hand on her forehead, her elbow against the back of the couch, her eyes closed. I knew she was drunk and I didn’t want her to pass out I wanted to know what the Hell had happened!

Louder this time, I almost shouted, “How many men did you fuck?”

Brandie shuddered as if I had startled her, and she said, “I don’t know. I wasn’t keeping track. Count the money and you tell me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! My wife had fucked so many men that she didn’t know how many, and the large roll of cash in my lap told me it was…a LOT! I picked up the money, there was one, $100 bill, a couple of $50’s and the rest was $10’s and $20’s. I started counting, but because of my shaking and fever, I lost track and had to start over a couple of times. When I finally got it all counted, there was $1500 there! HOLY SHIT!

I did as quick a calculation in my head as my feverish brain would allow, and I almost screamed across the room, “There’s $1500 dollars here! At $50 bucks a piece, you fucked 30 men?”

It was as much a question as it was statement of fact.

Again, my wife bolted as I yelled, because she was almost asleep. Now that her eyes were open and I knew she could hear me, I repeated myself.

Slowly, my wife said, “No. No. I didn’t fuck all of them. I gave several blow jobs, jerked a few guys off, and it must not have been 30, it was probably 29. They were paying $50 for 15 minutes a piece and one guy paid for 30 minutes, that’s where the hundred dollar bill came from.”

My wife and I had been into the HOT Wifing lifestyle for nearly 20 years at the time. We had done a lot of crazy sexual shit during all that time and she had done a few small gang-bangs from time to time. I had seen my wife fuck literally hundreds of men since we first met and married. But her having sex with 29 men in one night, and doing it for money, was the wildest and craziest thing I had ever known her to do! Despite my illness and fever, I started to get sexually aroused, my heart was pounding and I wanted to know more. I wanted to know every fucking detail of the entire night! A thousand questions started running through my brain and I started to ask them.

My feverish mind wouldn’t let me get an exact calculation of it, but I said to Brandie, “If you had sex with 29 men tonight, you must have been having sex almost constantly the whole night long! How did you have time to get drunk?”

She looked at me kind of quizzically, like she was confused about what I meant and why I would say that, because she had been there, and she obviously knew she hadn’t been having sex, “constantly”, all night long.

I could tell that in her drunken state she didn’t understand me, so I said, “At 15 minutes with each of 29 men, I don’t have the exact figure, but that must have taken a looooong time,” I drug out the word long, to give it emphasis and make her understand what I meant.

It hit her, what I meant, “Oh. No. I wasn’t having sex all the time. Most of the guys didn’t take the whole 15 minutes. I did several of them two at a time and those should have taken 30 minutes, but in reality, they probably didn’t take much more than the 15. The one guy that paid for 30 minutes took his whole 30. The last 8 guys I did, gang-banged me all at once, that’s where I got most of this dried cum in my hair and on my clothes. Emily was the time keeper,” my wife laughed at that thought and continued, “I did all of them in the women’s bathroom except the last 8 that gang-banged me, Howard had closed the bar by then so we just did that out in the bar…”

My drunken wife was rambling, and I wanted to know what Emily being the time keeper had to do with what she was trying to tell me, so I interrupted her and said, “What’s Emily being the time keeper got to do with this?”

“Oh! Well she was suppose to knock on the bathroom door when we were down to 3 minutes and then really pound on it at the end of 15, to make sure none of the guys went over their time limit, but she only had to give a couple of 3 minute warnings and only had to pound on the door, for the first guy, and the guy who paid for 30 minutes, so these guys weren’t taking 15 minutes every time,” Brandie was having difficulty speaking clearly and coherently, she was rambling, really drunk, and pretty sleepy.

I knew I wasn’t going to get too many more details about this tonight, but I wanted to know one more thing. “How did this all get started,” I asked?

Then swinging her legs to the side and sitting up on the couch, leaning back against the back cushions, my wife started to ramble, “One guy offered me $50 bucks for 15 minutes with me in the bathroom and I was just buzzed enough to say, OK, what the heck, and so we had sex, then a few minutes later another guy paid $50 bucks for his 15 minutes and I said what the heck, and after that it just got rolling and I didn’t know how to stop it.”

I wanted to ask her more, but my fever was beginning to overtake my sexual arousal, which had only lasted a few minutes, and I knew Brandie needed a shower and some sleep. I told her to go take a shower and we would go to bed and talk more about this when the sun came up. After her shower, my wife got in the bed with her hair still wet, (she never does that), and she was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. Despite the fact that I had slept almost all night already, and that I had all the images of my wife in my head having sex with 29 bikers in a bar, my fever made me fall asleep pretty damn quickly as well.

When I opened my eyes, and looked at my watch, it was just passed Noon on Friday. I instantly realized that my fever had broken and I felt 80% better than I had been for the last several days. My wife was still soundly sleeping in the bed next to me. I wanted to shake her awake and make her start telling me exactly what all had happened the night before, but I let her sleep. I went into my home office and sat down at my computer to start recording the details of what I knew so far, so that I could later write this story.

A few hours later, my wife got up and I started peppering her with question after question about exactly what had taken place the night before. For the next two and half days, all the way up until Monday, when we had to go back to work, this was the only topic of conversation between the two of us. During the day, as we went about our normal activities, ran errands, drove around in the car, and even sitting at tables in restaurants, we talked about it. As long as we weren’t in the direct presence of other people, we talked about nothing else. My wife only gave me the generalities of it all, the time line of events, the names, (of who she could remember, there were apparently many men she didn’t know), but she wouldn’t give me the explicit sexual details that I was wanting, and in fact, needed to hear.

Brandie, for all our kinky sexual lifestyle, isn’t one to talk “dirty”, and use the kind of explicit sexual language I wanted to hear, about the details of what had taken place. She won’t talk like that unless she is drunk, or horny, or preferably, both at the same time! So in order to get those explicit details that I wanted, we spent Friday and Saturday night in our home bar and pool room, just the two of us, drinking, listening to music, and talking about what had happened at Strokers. As I plied her with tequila shots and beer, I was constantly asking my wife questions. She was wearing a short, sleazy, nightie, and occasionally, as she got higher on the booze, I would get her to stand between my knees as I sat on a bar stool and I would make out with her, kissing her neck, licking and sucking on her tits and nipples, and fingering her pussy as she told me those explicit sexual details that I was trying to drag out of her. Or, as she sat on her stool, I might stand behind her, kissing her neck and rubbing her tits with my hands, letting one, or both of my hands occasionally slide down to her legs and what lay between them.

During one particularly effective “enhanced interrogation technique”, (I doubt anyone would consider what I was doing “torture”, but it sure was effective), I had my wife on the pool table and was eating her pussy while she gave me answers to my questions. I would stop licking and nibbling her pussy to ask another question, when she stopped talking, so to keep my mouth working on her pussy, my wife’s answers to my questions were lengthy, and very detailed!

On Saturday morning, while Brandie was still sleeping, I sat at my computer making notes from what she had told me the night before, and I repeated that on Sunday morning from Saturday night’s interrogation. Over the years, since this happened, we have occasionally spoken again about that night, and I have sometimes mined a new nugget of information that I hadn’t previously heard.

So now, I am going to tell you the story about what happened to my wife, Brandie, that night, in Strokers biker bar, when she had sex with 29 men, for $50 each, for 15 minutes with her. I’m going to tell you the story from her perspective, in her voice, as if she were telling the story to me, from start to finish, without the interruption and back and forth conversation of the thousands of questions it took to get this story out of her. Enjoy!

When Emily and I went into the bar, we sat on a couple of bar stools at the end of the bar, with the women’s bathroom right behind us. There were about a dozen, or so bikers, sitting at tables in the bar watching the big screen TV, getting geared up for the game to start. It was about 6:30 PM, pregame was on the TV. Emily and I were the only two women in the place and when we walked in, dressed the way we were, we got some hoots, hollers, and whistles from the guys, some of whom I knew and recognized. Howard served us some drinks, Emily drinking sodas, and of course I started drinking a margarita with tequila shots. We sat there making small talk, sometimes talking to Howard, watching highlights on the big screen, and Emily was checking out the bikers, asking me about the ones I knew. She was looking for one, who could give her a ride in the Toy Run coming up next month.

By the time the game started, I was beginning to feel the buzz of the Margaritas and shots that I had downed over the last hour and a half and I was feeling pretty good. That big guy, “Lurch”, came up to the bar to get another drink, and he asked me if I was going to be giving any shows on the patio tonight, obviously he must been out there a couple of months ago when I did you and Jack out there on the picnic table.

I laughed and told him,”No.”

Then he said he was sorry to hear that. He paid for his drink and paid Howard for a new round of drinks for me and Emily.

About 15 minutes later, Lurch came back up to the bar, he stood on the front of the bar, right around the corner from where I was sitting on the end of the bar, so he was looking right at me, but wasn’t standing next to me.

He took two $20’s and a $10 bill, laid them on the bar, shoved them across at me, and he said, “Brandie, I’ll give you $50 bucks for 15 minutes with your sexy ass in the women’s bathroom.”

I was pretty buzzed, and the thought that this guy was offering me money for a few minutes of sex with him, instantly made me horny and almost without thinking about it, I said, “OK.”

I honestly didn’t really think that we would fuck in 15 minutes, I just thought we would play around for 15 minutes.

I slid the money over to Emily and laughingly told her, “Watch the clock for me. Don’t let this guy get more than the 15 minutes he’s paying for,” then I slid down off my stool, turned around and stepped into the women’s bathroom with Lurch right behind me.

As soon as we were in the bathroom and I turned around to face him, Lurch bent down, grabbed me in his arms, and he began kissing me. I reached my arms up and around his neck. His hands went straight onto my ass, under my skirt, and of course the thong was in my butt crack so he had two hands full of my bare ass. Kissing this giant of a man while he was massaging my bare ass was very exciting and I could feel my sexual urges starting to grow. We were kissing very passionately, swapping tongues, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. Lurch grabbed the waistband of my thong, pulled it down over my ass, and let it drop down my legs to my ankles. I stepped out of it, leaving it on the floor, then Lurch grabbed me by my waist and sat me up on the vanity next to the sink. We did all of this without hardly breaking off the heavy kissing we were doing.

Once I was sitting on the vanity, Lurch broke off the kiss and started to unbutton my blouse. Not wanting him to pop those delicate buttons off my blouse with those big assed hands of his, I helped him open it up, then I unfastened my bra in the front so that my tits swung free. He bent over and started sucking and licking my nipples, while at the same time, with one hand, he started playing with my pussy. I was HOT! The man had me turned on! I spread my legs wide for him and that encouraged him to shove one of his huge, fat fingers up my pussy. It felt as big as some cocks I’ve had in my lifetime. I started to have an orgasm almost as soon as his finger slid up my cunt. I grabbed the back of his head, holding him tight to my tit that he had in his mouth, I moaned and gasped as I felt my belly tighten up and the familiar flood of orgasmic juices rushed out of my pussy all over Lurch’s hand and the vanity underneath me.

I remember thinking to myself, we couldn’t have been in there five minutes yet, and this guy already got me off, what was I gonna have to do for him? He answered that question, quickly! As soon as I came down off my climax, Lurch undid his belt and pants, and his huge, hard cock sprang out. I thought I was gonna have to try blowing that thing, but he had other ideas. He stepped between my legs, pulled my ass forward to the edge of the vanity, and shoved the head of his huge cock against my pussy. I was already wet as Hell, but his cock was going to need a little help getting into me, so I reached down and wiggled the head of his dick in between my pussy lips. As soon as he saw and felt that he was “in”, Lurch pushed forward and forced his huge cock into me, without taking his time, or feeding it to me a little at a time! He just shoved it all the way in!

The sudden impaling of Lurch’s huge cock into my cunt, made me gasp loudly, and I was afraid that Emily might hear me outside the door. He started pulling it in and out of me, slowly for the first couple of strokes, then he started ramming it back forth, hard, in and out of me. My pussy was so wet and slicked up, I was so sexually excited, that I was surprised that this huge cock was sliding in and out of me so easily. I had my arms around his neck and held him tightly as Lurch forcefully fucked me, quickly bringing me to another orgasm. This one was going to be big! I felt it building, and I knew I was gonna scream with this one, but I didn’t care if Emily and the whole damn bar heard me! As Lurch slammed his cock home once more, I started to cum, and it was hard! My belly tightened up, I felt that rush of warmth all over my body, my eyes were closed and I saw stars as my body convulsed around this huge man’s cock and I flooded myself with orgasmic juices. I was faintly aware of hearing myself scream and moan out with pure passion and pleasure.

I heard Emily knock on the door and holler, “You’ve got 3 minutes left.”

As my climax subsided, the big man started fucking me again for a couple more minutes. Then he drove himself in hard and held it there, as he filled me with his load of cum. I felt the warmth of it as it gushed forth inside of me and then as it started to seep back around his fat cock inside of me, to leak out against his ball sack and onto the vanity under me. Lurch was still moaning with his own orgasm when Emily knocked on the door and shouted, “Time’s up!”

He laughed and while standing there with his cock still inside me, Lurch kissed me more passionately and less urgently on the mouth, then said, “Just in time, huh?”

I kissed him again, then I said, “Yeah, good timing, but that was great!”

Then as he stood there with his softening cock still inside me, I leaned back against the wall, refastened my bra, and buttoned up my blouse. When I was done, Lurch pulled his cock out of me, which felt like someone was pulling a huge fat sausage out of me. As he was pulling out, as his cock head slid back towards the opening of my pussy, I could feel my cunt closing back in, on it’s self, and as he pulled the head out completely, my pussy closed back up, forcing a huge amount of cum to squeeze out. I was hoping that it wasn’t getting on my black skirt.

Lurch did his pants up and then helped me down off the vanity. I could feel all the wet slickness between my pussy lips and in my crotch, of the mixture of his cum and my juices. Some of the wetness ran onto the inside of my thighs and the tops of my stockings. I grabbed some paper towels and wiped my crotch up as best I could, then I bent over to pick up my thong.

Lurch beat me to it and holding it up in the air, he smiled and said, “Uh, uh! That’s my souvenir. I’m keeping those.”

I just laughed and said, “OK. But how do I explain my missing panty to my husband when I go home?”

He said, “Just tell him I got them. How you tell him I got them, is up to you.”

“Well, you know I’ll tell him the truth,” and we both laughed.

Then I smoothed my skirt back down, and took a look at my hair in the mirror. Lurch opened the bathroom door, and stepped out into the bar. He stepped over to the bar, thew some money on it, and told Howard to give Emily and me another round.

As Lurch started walking towards his buddies, he started twirling my red thong on his index finger high above his head. I heard him saying to his buddies that he got himself a souvenir. I heard one guy say, “Yeah. But it cost you $50 bucks for a thong.”

To which Lurch laughed and replied, “But that wasn’t ALL I got for my $50 bucks,” then they all laughed!

I slid back on to my bar stool next to Emily and quickly swigged down a shot of Tequila, and half of a Margarita.

Emily had been staring at me ever since I sat back down on the bar stool and finally she said, “Well?”

I said, “Well what?”

“Well what did you do in there,” she asked?

I sat there thinking about what I had just done. It was fun. It was sexually satisfying and erotically exciting, to just on the spur of the moment, go into a bar bathroom and have a quick fuck with a guy. But I kept looking at the money still laying on the bar in front of Emily and I was a little bit ashamed of having done it for money. Doing it just for fun was one thing, but I had never fucked anyone for the money before. Then I thought to myself, that I didn’t really, “do it for the money”, it was just offered as sort of a gift, to get me to do what I might have done just for fun anyway. I figured this was a one time thing and I didn’t expect to do it again.

Emily brought me out of my trance by repeating her question, “Well, did you fuck that guy in there? It sure sounded like you were doing more than just making out.”

I laughed and said, “I sure did. And that son of bitch has a huge cock!”

We both cracked up laughing. Picking up the money, I told her, “It’s not every day you can go out to a bar and come home with $50 more than you started with.”

We laughed some more and I finished the Margarita I had, and then started on the one Lurch bought me when he came out of the bathroom.

We looked over at the guys watching the football game and they were passing my red thong around, taking turns smelling it, and laughing. Emily and I laughed and shook our heads at these grown men acting like teenage boys.

I had finished the Margarita and shot that Lurch had bought, I bought another round and had started on that, when “Casper” came up to the bar, slid a $50 bill onto the bar and said, “I hear the going rate is $50 for 15 minutes?”

I looked at the bill, and for a second, I considered saying, “No,” but then I thought, “What the Hell.”

I said, “Sure.”

Sliding the money over to Emily as I slid off my bar stool, I went into the women’s bathroom again, to have sex for 15 minutes. As soon as the door closed behind Casper, he didn’t give me a chance to turn around, he just grabbed me from behind and started feeling my ass. He quickly reached around in front of me and started rubbing my pussy with one hand. I heard his belt buckle clinking and I knew he was undoing it and his pants.

Then he reached over and grabbed the chair that sat there against the wall, slid it around in front of me, and told me, “Bend over. Hold onto the chair.”

I said, “Hey man, we don’t have to be in such a hurry here you know?”

To which he replied, “Hey, I only got 15 minutes, I plan to make the most of it!”

As he was saying that, I was bending over to hold onto the chair and he slid his already hard cock into me from behind. We hadn’t been in the bathroom more than two minutes and this guy was already fucking me. I have to admit to feeling a rush of sexual arousal. It seemed like such a “dirty” thing to be doing, going into a bar bathroom, and without any foreplay, just getting a hard cock shoved up my cunt. It made me wet, warm, and sexually stimulated to think about the sleaziness of what we were doing.

Casper was holding me by my hips and driving himself in and out of me. He wasn’t anywhere near as big as Lurch had been, but still, his cock felt good inside of me, and he was making me HOT, in a hurry! I started moaning with pleasure as he fucked me hard, making me grunt sometimes when he slammed his cock in hard and his ball sack slapped my belly, making an audible spanking sound. He got a rhythm going and I was really enjoying the hard fucking, this guy was gonna get me off and it wouldn’t take 15 minutes to do it. Then as I was building towards an orgasm, Casper slowed his fucking and leaned over me to open my blouse so he could get to my tits. As he grabbed the buttons to unbutton them, the top two buttons just sort of fell off in his hand.

He said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

Between the gasps and moans of pleasure that Casper’s cock was bringing to my cunt, I kind of moaned, “That’s OK. They weren’t…ooooh…sewn on there…mmmmm…very well…anywaaaay, oh!”

He reached over and set the buttons on the vanity. I reached up, unbuttoned the bottom two buttons, and unhooked my bra in the front letting my tits hang free. Casper immediately reached under me with both hands and started squeezing, kneading my tits, and rolling and pinching my nipples between his thumbs and fingers. The whole time, still steadily, slowly fucking me. You know that was driving me crazy! I started to orgasm. I felt my cunt gush with that warm slick feeling.

I loudly gasped and moaned as I tried to say, “Oh my GOD that feels soooo gooood! You’re gonna make me cuuuuumm!”

I guess that was all Casper could stand, because he drove hard into me and held it there as he dumped his load of cum deep inside me. We both stood there for a few seconds, as we both relaxed from our orgasms, and then he backed off and pulled his cock out of my cum filled cunt. As he did, I felt some of it ooze out and drip on the floor. I stood up and I felt more of it run down the inside of my legs onto my stockings. By the time I stood up and turned around, Casper had already stuffed his cock back in his pants and fastened his pants and belt back up.

As I grabbed some paper towels and started wiping my pussy off, he told me, “That was great Brandie! Thanks.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah it was good for me too and no thanks required, you PAID for it,” I emphasized the word “paid”!

We both laughed.

Then I realized that Emily hadn’t knocked on the door yet and she had done so the last time when we had three minutes left. I thought was it possible that we had only been in here for less than 12 minutes? While I was thinking that and talking to Casper, I had refastened my bra and the bottom two buttons of my blouse. As I was buttoning the remaining buttons of the blouse, Casper again apologized and said he didn’t mean to “tear up” my blouse. I told him again, that the buttons hadn’t been sewn on very well and that he hadn’t torn the blouse up, the buttons could be sewn back on.

I picked the lost buttons up and as we opened the door, Emily turned around on her bar stool and said, “You still have 4 minutes left.”

Casper and I laughed, he again thanked me and started to walk back towards his buddies who were watching the game.

Howard caught him and yelled, “Hey! Hey! How about buying the ladies a drink here?”

Casper fished some money out, handed it to Howard and he served up a fresh shot of tequila and a margarita. My blouse was now only held closed by the bottom two buttons and so it was pretty much opened to my waist. Emily asked me what happened to it, I showed her the buttons that had come off as I put them into my handbag. I had just about enough time to chug down the fresh margarita and two more shots of tequila when two guys I didn’t know, came up to me and they both had $50 in their hands. They asked me if I would do them both together.

I was pretty damn buzzed by the booze by now. I had already fucked two men for $50 a piece, My inhibitions and any reservations I had about fucking for money, were by now, long gone!

I said “Sure!”

Giving the money to Emily, I went into the bathroom with the two guys following me. Before the door closed, Emily asked, “Do they get 15, or 30 minutes?”

I said, “There’s two of them and they both paid. They get 30 minutes.”

As the door closed, I turned around and the one guy said, “You are fucking gorgeous! VERY sexy!”

I said, “Thank you.”

Then he took me by the arms and pulling me to him, he started kissing me and his hands went down under my skirt and onto my bare ass.

The other guy walked around behind me and I felt him put his hands on my ass too, and I heard him say to his buddy, “Man Jim. This slut’s got a fine ass!”

Then the guy behind me slid his hands between me and Jim and started fumbling with my blouse buttons. I didn’t want any more lost buttons, so I quickly reached in and undid them. Then I started fumbling with Jim’s belt buckle and pants, while he continued kissing me and his buddy was undoing my bra. Unfortunately, the asshole must not have had much experience with front hooking bras and he pulled it, instead of slipping it up and down to unhook it, and he broke the hook!

I thought to myself, “Shit! If I have anymore clothing torn up tonight, or taken for souvenirs, I’m going home naked!”

The the guy behind me started pinching my nipples, while Jim was still kissing me, and now had one hand on my pussy with a couple of his fingers in my wet slit. I had Jim’s hard cock in my hand and was enjoying rubbing it. Despite the guy behind me tearing up my bra, these two guys working me over, had me HOT in a hurry, and I was wet, getting wetter, and was purring like a contented kitten.

Jim whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you from behind while you suck my brother off.”

BROTHER? I thought! Then I figured, what difference does it make? They’re both over 21, and in fact they were both pretty cute even. So I turned around, grabbed the chair and slid it over in front of me, bent over it, and let Jim slide his hard cock into me from behind while I held onto the chair. As he started slowly fucking me, his brother stepped in front of my face and offered me his hard cock to suck. I readily opened my mouth and took it in. Once again, the visions of what I was doing running through my head, the sluttiness of getting fucked while I was sucking off another guy at the same time, in a bar bathroom, drove me wild with sexual excitement! The brother had a hand full of my hair and was fucking my mouth harder than Jim was fucking my pussy. I was moaning from the pleasure Jim was bringing to my cunt, and enjoying the thrills that was sending through my whole body. The brother reached under me with his free hand and started to pinch my nipples as he continued fucking my mouth. That sent me over the edge and I started to cum, again. My moans and the tightening of my cunt on Jim’s cock were more than he could stand and he shot his wad up my hot cunt.

As he pulled his softening cock out of my soaked pussy, he told his brother, “Man, you got to come around here and get some of this pussy! This is fantastic pussy!”

I was just coming down off my climax as he said that, and hearing him talking about me like I was just a piece of ass to be used, immediately started building my sexual excitement again, because I was really getting into the “dirty slut” thing.

The brother pulled his cock out of my mouth and he came around behind me. I stood there, while they were changing positions, like a wanton slut waiting for some cock, which is exactly what I was at that moment. He easily slid his hard cock up my cunt and he started banging my pussy the same forceful way that he had been fucking my mouth. Jim stepped closer to me and slid a hand under me to pinch and play with my nipples. I reached one hand out and grabbed his semi hard, slimy cock, which was coated with the combination of his cum and my orgasmic juices, fresh from my pussy, and pulled it to my mouth and sucked it in. I tried to steady myself and give Jim a good blow job, his cock was hardening in my mouth, while his brother was impatiently pounding away at my pussy from behind.

It didn’t take but just a few minutes, for the brother to shove hard into me and hold his cock there as he dumped his load up my cunt to mix with that of his brother’s, which Jim had deposited inside me just a few minutes before.

Almost as soon as the brother finished cumming, he jerked his cock out of me, did up his pants, gave me a stinging, but not too hard slap on my ass and told Jim, “You’re right brother. That was worth $50 bucks!”

The slap on my ass kind of surprised me and I jumped when he slapped me. Still having Jim’s cock in my mouth, I almost bit it. Jim gave his brother a little admonishment, “Hey! Don’t be so fucking rough with her man! She’s still got my cock in her mouth and this is a HOT woman. Treat her with a little gentleness.”

The brother said, “Ah, she’s just a hot piece of ass is all she is. I got what I came after and it was worth $50 bucks. But I’m done with her.”

Then he turned around, opened the door, and went out. I was still bent over, facing away from the door, standing there with my skirt up over my ass, my double cum filled cunt oozing and dripping cum, and still sucking Jim’s cock. The brother left the door open when he went out. Emily hopped off her stool, stepped over and pulled the door closed. She told me later that she and Howard had a birds eye view of my well fucked cunt staring back at them through the open doorway.

Jim’s cock was hard as a rock now in my mouth but he backed off, pulling out of my mouth and pulling me up to a standing position. He pushed the chair out of the way, kissed me, and thanked me for the blow job, but said that he wasn’t going to be able to cum again, that soon, after having fucked me.

I had to take my blouse completely off to get my broken bra off, then put the blouse back on. Now my tits were covered only by the thin material of my blouse and barely hidden behind the two pockets on the front. The blouse was only held closed by the two buttons below my waistline, so my whole chest and cleavage was fully exposed. I threw the broken bra in the trash can. Then I took some paper towels and tried wiping my crotch clean and somewhat dry again. I looked in the mirror and tried to fluff my hair back into place a bit with my hands and fingers. I needed to bring my comb in here and leave it on the sink.

As I thought that, I realized, that I was thinking, this shit of me fucking men in the bathroom, just might go on all night!

Jim stood there watching me pulling myself together and when I was all done and about to go back out to the bar, he said, “You are really a gorgeous woman. I can’t get over how sexy and beautiful you are. Especially with your blouse open like that, your beautiful tits barely hidden. Your husband must be a very lucky man to have such a HOT woman as you!”

At the mention of “my husband”, I was suddenly wondering what all these guys in this bar think about me. Did they think I was cheating on you? Then I thought, no, that can’t be true, because Lurch, the guy, who started all this, knows the truth about our HOT Wife lifestyle. I thanked Jim for the compliments and opened the door to go back out and join Emily at the bar. Jim followed me out and bought me and Emily a couple more drinks. I quickly downed the two shots that were already sitting at my place on the bar, finished off the one margarita that was getting warm there, and started on the fresh one that Howard brought me. I was getting drunk, but I was also having the time of my life!

Emily grabbed my shoulder and turned me toward her and said, “What the Hell happened to your bra?”

I told her about the idiot brother who broke the hook, rendering it useless.

She shook her head and laughed, “If you let anyone else destroy or steal your clothes tonight, you’re going to be naked!”

I had already thought that myself, but to hear her say it, just cracked me up and we both had a good laugh!

Things get a little blurry for awhile after that, I did several more guys, I can’t remember exact details of each and every encounter. I fucked a few guys, some guys wanted blow jobs, I did a couple more doubles. In between each trip to the bathroom, I had several minutes at the bar to swig down fresh shots and margaritas bought by the men I was doing. The constant supply of free booze kept me drunk all night long. I didn’t have an orgasm with each and every session, but I was fucking horny all night long! I enjoyed being the biker bar slut and as the night wore on, I noticed that even though the football game was winding down, the bar was filling up with more men. Emily told me that the guys were calling their buddies and telling them to bring $50 bucks and come on down to the bar. I never “did” all of them, so some of them must have just come down to see what the, “Strokers biker bar $50 whore” looked like.

As I think back on it now, that is the only regret I have about the whole thing. It started on a lark. Then it just got rolling, and I didn’t know how to stop it, and honestly, I don’t think I wanted to stop it. Because although I wasn’t having orgasms one after another with each and every guy, I was horny. It did feel good. I would go several guys at a time and not cum, then someone would do something that tripped my trigger and I would have a mind blowing orgasm! But the money thing bothers me now. I hate that I will forever be known as the, “Strokers biker bar $50 whore.”

(Author’s note here: My wife didn’t know it at the time, but she needn’t worry about that reputation. As it turns out, the bar owner’s young, hot girlfriend had a bad coke habit and was snorting all his profits up her nose. A few weeks after this happened, Howard went out of business, the bar closed down, and today, it’s not even a bar anymore. Sure there are still some men around, who she did that night, and others, who remember that night, but they aren’t concentrated all in one bar anymore. We run into one every now and again, at biker events around the area, but since Strokers no longer exists, her reputation as the “Strokers bar $50 whore”, didn’t last long.)

Although I don’t remember every detail about each and every session in the bathroom, there are several more notable guys I can tell you about that stand out in my memory.

I don’t know how many men I had done, but I had definitely fucked several men, my pussy was constantly wet and oozing cum even as I sat at the bar. Sometimes I could feel it oozing out on the stool under me. When I went in the bathroom with this one guy, he reached around and locked the door behind us. At first, that kind of freaked me out, I wondered why he was doing that. But then I figured that little barrel type lock on the door frame wasn’t all that sturdy, Hell, Emily could probably bust the door in if I screamed for help. So I put it out of my mind.

Then the guy told me, “I don’t want to fuck you, I just want to eat your pussy.”

That kind of shocked me, and I asked him, “You do know that I have fucked several other men already and I haven’t exactly had a douche and proper cleaning supplies here to clean up with, right?”

“Yeah, I know that. But I get off on eating a woman’s pussy after she has been thoroughly fucked. I know it’s not exactly the conventional thing to do, but it’s something I enjoy doing. But that is why I locked the door, I don’t want anyone to disturb us,” he explained.

Doesn’t want anyone to disturb us, I thought? No, he doesn’t want anyone to see him eating my well fucked pussy, that’s what he wants to make sure we keep behind closed doors.

So as I pulled my skirt up over my ass, and slid up onto the vanity next to the sink, I said, “Hey. I don’t care what your kink is, but I enjoy a good pussy eater. Come and get it!”

I leaned back on the mirror and spread my legs for him to pull the chair up between them and sit down. Then I laid the backs of my knees over his shoulders and hooked my feet/shoes together behind his back. The guy went down on me and started lapping at my pussy like he was a starving man at a buffet!

I could feel him spreading my pussy lips open as far as he could get them and sticking his tongue as far into me as he could get it, to lick, and suck, and clean as much of the cum out of me as he could get. He also spent a considerable amount of time licking and nibbling on my clit, this man was an expert pussy eater! I’ll bet he hadn’t been eating me 5 minutes when he brought me to my first orgasm, yes, I said my first orgasm! During his 15 minutes, he got me off several times! After that first orgasm, this guy had me cumming almost every other minute! And with each and every orgasm I was moaning and groaning with pleasure, on the harder ones, I literally screamed and didn’t give a damn, who heard me.

I heard Emily knock on the door and holler, “3 minutes!”

The pussy eater jumped, I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him back into my pussy. I was building towards the biggest orgasm he had given me yet, and maybe the biggest one of the night so far! You know that I can squirt when I am really fucking horny and this guy was going to make me squirt! I knew he wanted to keep it secret from the other guys what he had done to me, but if I squirted on him, I would soak his shirt and vest and it would pretty well blow his cover. I told him he was going to make me squirt. I grabbed a handful of paper towels and shoved them at him.

Just then, Emily knocked on the door and said, “Times up!”

I grabbed his head and told him, “Ignore that bitch! Make me cum!”

And then he did! I’ve said that I screamed about some of the other orgasms I had before this one, but on this one, I made a sound that even I don’t know where it came from. It sounded like a long, low, guttural, growl, and it was LOUD! I felt my belly muscles tense up so hard I thought I would break myself in two! Then the spasms hit me and I started squirting a couple of hot steady streams of orgasmic fluids out of my pussy! He held the paper towels in between my legs, soaking the towels, and stopping the hot juices from hitting him. What the paper towels didn’t soak up, went onto the vanity under my ass, soaked into my skirt, and ran down the front of the vanity. Much of it splashed all over the inside of my thighs and soaked into my stockings. I made a mess! Or maybe, I should say, he made a mess!

When I was done, my pussy eater, pushed his chair back and stood up. He helped me down off the vanity, my knees were still a little wobbly from the intense orgasm, and maybe from the excessive alcohol. He steadied me for several seconds, until I could stand on my own. Then I got more paper towels and tried to wipe off the vanity and dry up myself as much as possible. While I was doing that, he was washing his face in the sink, and I thought, maybe that’s why this guy doesn’t have a beard like a lot of bikers.

When we were both done cleaning up, I turned around, pulled him to me, and I gave him a hot, passionate kiss, then told him, “Thank you! That was wonderful! But I hate that you didn’t get off, what can I do for you? You want some pussy, or a blow job? I’ll give ya more time.”

“Oh, I didn’t go without anything. I jerked off while I was eating you and it was wonderful too,” he explained.

I hadn’t even noticed that he was jerking off at the same time he was eating me. His tongue and mouth work on my pussy was so good, a freight train could have come through that bathroom and I wouldn’t have noticed!

When I went back out onto my bar stool, Emily looked at me and I think this time she was looking at me a little differently, like she couldn’t believe I was so “into this” after so many hours and so many men. But too, she seemed to be a bit amused.

“You smell like you been fucking,” she said!

“Not that time,” I said with a smile as I tipped up a shot.

What do you mean,” Emily asked?

Leaning over closer to her so that no one would hear me, I said, “He ate my pussy for the whole 15 minutes, made me cum a bunch of times, and even made me squirt at the end!”

Emily leaned back and looking shocked, I don’t know if she was feigning that, or if she really was shocked, but she grabbed $50 off the pile of money in front of her and said, “Can I pay him?”

We both busted up laughing over that one.

Here’s another interesting one that stands out from the blur. I was finishing up with one guy who had just fucked me while I sat up on the vanity. He had left out as soon as he busted his nut, leaving me there as I wiped my pussy and started to button my blouse. Suddenly, the door came open and a young biker, looked to be maybe early 20’s, he had such a baby face he couldn’t even grow facial hair yet, was shoved into the bathroom by someone else. I instantly recognized him as a “Prospect” for one of the clubs.

I was standing there with my blouse still open, I hadn’t buttoned it up yet, I was still leaking cum from the previous couple of guys, who had fucked me, and the Prospect was looking me up and down.

I said to him, “What do you want, Prospect?”

I was more than old enough to be this kid’s Mother, and wasn’t really thinking that I was going to fuck him.

Then he said, “The guys paid for me and said that I have to fuck you as a part of my initiation into the club.”

“I’m not gonna do that,” I told him, “You’re too young.”

“Oh please Ma’am,” he said, ” I really want to get into this club.”

The little young fuck had just called me, “Ma’am!” I sure couldn’t fuck him now! Then a thought hit me.

I don’t know if it was because I was drunk and feeling evil, or because I just wanted to screw with the “Prospect”, but I told him, “I’ll tell ya what Prospect, I’m going to sit up on this vanity and show you my pussy for 5 minutes. You got 5 minutes to jack off, or I’m outta here and your buddies will know we didn’t do it. Jack off in 5 minutes or less, and your secret is safe with me.”

Then I pulled my skirt up over my ass, sat up on the vanity, leaned back on the mirror and spread my legs putting my feet up on the counter with my knees pointing up in the air. I couldn’t have had my pussy any more wide open if I had been in stirrups in a gynecologist’s office! I proceeded to rub and play with my pussy, pulling my pussy lips as far open as I could get them so the Prospect could see up my cunt. He immediately stepped over between my legs and while staring straight at my pussy, he unzipped his fly, pulled his already hard cock out, gave it a half dozen jerks, and blew his load all over my pussy and the inside of my thighs!

We were done in two minutes! I laughed and hopped off the vanity, not bothering to wipe myself clean this time.

The Prospect had already stuffed his softening cock back into his pants and we opened the door. As we started to step out, I whispered to him that if any of his buddies needed the “proof” that he had fucked me, just tell them to come see me. As we stepped out, the table full of his club members all started laughing and hollering that he couldn’t do it.

I shouted back,”He was the best one yet!”

That got them all laughing as I mounted my bar stool again and threw back a fresh shot of tequila. As I sat the glass down, a big fella from the Prospect’s club stepped up beside me and asked me if he had really fucked me. I told him that yes he had. It was fast, but he did it.

Then I said, “You want the proof?”

I turned on my stool, spread my legs and pulled my skirt up to show the big guy my still cum covered, gooey pussy lips, and inside of my thighs. He was satisfied that the Prospect had done his duty and he went back to the table. Many bikers have nicknames, and many of them earn them while they are Prospects. I heard the club members razzing the Prospect and calling him “Quickdraw”. It probably stuck!

Sometime after midnight, the game was long over, but the bar was still full of drunk bikers. During the night I had many guys come up to the bar and talk to me, and to Emily. Some tried to talk me into a free piece of ass. But since this thing got started earlier in the evening, I felt like, “Hell, no!”, everyone else is paying, so are you. So no one got any free pussy. Some of the guys tried to talk Emily into fucking them, but she wouldn’t. She figured if she did anything for free, then they would all be trying to fuck her, instead of paying me, so she played with a few guys, kissing them, letting them feel her up a bit, and I found out, she played “fluff girl” for me, giving a few hand jobs and getting guys ready to come in the bathroom with me.

Then this one guy came up to the bar, put a $100 bill down, slid it across in front of me to Emily, and at the same time said to me, “If I had known that all I had to do was pay for it, I would have done that, back in the day.”

When he first walked up to me at the bar, I had noticed that this guy was wearing a Desert Storm patch on his vest, and I knew that was “your war” too, and he had some of the same military unit insignia on his vest that you have. I wondered if maybe you, and he, knew each other. Then when he said what he did to me, I wondered if he was trying to say that we already knew each other?

He could see the puzzled look on my face so he said, “My hair is longer, mostly gray now. I’ve got the beard, and I had laser surgery a few years back so I don’t were my glasses anymore,” then before he could finish, it hit me, “I’m Sean O’Brien.”

My mouth gaped open and I said, “Sean O’Brien! Oh my God! I haven’t seen you in what? 15 years?”

Then we made some quick small talk about where he had been, what he had been doing and where he lived now. He told me he was just visiting some old biker buddies in town that he knew from his Army days and somebody called him and his buddy to come on down and check out the hot babe fucking everyone for $50 at Strokers. He said he was shocked to see who it was, but then Lurch filled him in on our sexual lifestyle.

I turned to Emily and told her, “When I first hooked up with Joe, and he brought me to town, O’Brien and Joe were both Platoon Sergeants in the same Infantry Company out here on Post. During that first year, before Joe and I got married, O’Brien was after my hot ass and tried his best to steal me away from Joe. Even after Joe and I got married, O’Brien tried to get me to cheat on Joe every chance he got. But I never did! I never gave in to this smooth talking, good looking devil, and although we were all three friends, it was well understood between Joe and O’Brien, that Sean would fuck me in a heartbeat if he got the chance.”

Then Sean spoke up, “It was more than just about getting laid, I was infatuated with you and I have thought about you many times since those days.”

“See? I told you he was a smooth talker,” I said to Emily!

Then Sean reached over and tapped the $100 bill with his finger tip and said, “That buys me 30 minutes with you, doesn’t it?”

I smiled and said, “Tonight, I guess it does!”

I turned around, slid off my bar stool and stepped into the bathroom like I had many times before, already tonight. When we got in the bathroom, I grabbed the chair and told Sean to sit down, then I straddled him and sat down on his lap, wrapped my arms around his neck and we started passionately making out. As I straddled him and sat down, my skirt pulled up around my waist and my pussy spread wide open on top of his crotch. As we sat there making out, I could feel the heat rising in my cunt and I wondered if I might be leaking onto his jeans and making them wet. I also wondered if he could feel the warmth of my horny pussy through his jeans.

Sean undid the two buttons on my blouse and pushed it open on both sides of me so that he could rub his hands over my tits, as he did, he said, “Oh my! They are as gorgeous as I ever dreamed they were!”

Then he leaned forward and sucked each nipple into his mouth and gently sucked and nibbled on them. You know how you have always said that you thought my nipples and clit had a secret nerve that ran between them, well when he started that, I was so fucking turned on that I had a little orgasm. I felt that warm rush through my whole body, I moaned with delight as my belly tightened and my cunt squeezed on nothing, then that wetness flooded my pussy. I figured I was surely getting his jeans wet now.

We kept making out like that for several minutes. Sean was kissing me, licking my neck and tits, and I was in Heaven! I don’t know if I have ever secretly fantasized about fucking Sean, but this was awesome. I was thinking about back when we all knew each other, before you and I started sharing me and I really got into the HOT Wife lifestyle. How you use to get me to dress up like a slut and we would go out to the bars and nightclubs and I would tease and flash men all night. Then we would go home and fuck like rabbits while you talked dirty to me about all the men, who had seen me that night, and how they would like to be fucking me now, like you were. I remembered how O’Brien was one of those guys! More than once the three of us would be partying together in a bar, or nightclub, and I would purposefully tease and even flash O’Brien a quick look of my bald pussy, or a bare tit. Then you seemed to enjoy talking about him to me while we were fucking after we got home. At this moment, I started to realize, that maybe some of those fuck sessions we had were so hot, because as you were talking about O’Brien wanting me so badly, I might have been subconsciously fantasizing about fucking him!

I wanted to show O’Brien what he had been missing out on all those years. So, I stood up and backed off, then got down on my knees and opened his pants up. He raised his ass up off the chair so I could pull his pants down. His cock was already hard inside his jeans and sprung out at attention as soon as I opened his pants. Then I grabbed his cock in my hand and started stroking it.

He looked down at me and started to speak, causing me to look up at his face, “I’ve dreamed many a day about you having my cock in your hand.”

Then I leaned forward, at the same time saying, “Well, if you’ve dreamed about me having it in my hand, you’re really going to enjoy having it in my mouth,” and I went down on him!

I heard him take a deep breath, and in a low, soft voice, he said, “Oh yeah! I’ve dreamed about this too!”

Then I started giving him the best blow job I could. I used every technique and trick that I’ve ever learned. I was really trying to give him a world class blow job. While I was sucking his dick, he reached under me and was playing with my tits and squeezing my nipples, that made me hotter than I already was. I must have really been sucking him good and getting him worked up, because at one point, O’Brien grabbed a hand full of my hair and started forcefully ramming my head up and down on his cock. I enjoyed that. You know how I like it when a man grabs my hair while I’m sucking him and starts to forcefully fuck my mouth with his cock. It makes me feel so slutty, like I’m being used, but not abused, and it turns me on! I could feel my pussy was leaking juices in my crotch.

After several minutes of my mouth on his dick, Sean grabbed me and pulled me up over his lap again, he wanted to get his hard cock into my pussy! As I stood there, straddle of his lap, before I sat down, I reached down and pulled my skirt up around my waist. Then I grabbed my pussy lips with my fingers on each side and spread it wide open so that he could see the wet, pink insides, of my fuck hole that was about to swallow his cock.

With a wicked smile on my face, I was drunk as Hell, or you know I wouldn’t have done this shit, I said, “Is this what you’ve been wanting for so many years O’Brien?”

His eyes were fixated on my pussy, I saw him swallow hard as he reached up to put both hands on each of my hips, he almost whispered, “Fuck YES!”

Then he pulled me down so that his cock slipped into me and I sat all the way down, impaling myself on his hard cock. As I hit bottom, I just sat there for a few seconds and O’Brien’s eyes were closed, his head was leaned back, he was obviously in ecstasy and enjoying the feeling of being buried deep in my cunt. I had my hands on his shoulders, then I slipped them around his neck, pulling his head towards me and I planted a passionate kiss on his mouth. As I sat there, with his tongue in my mouth and his cock up my cunt, I squeezed my cunt muscles on him and I heard him moan into my mouth. We sat there making out like that for several minutes, with his cock buried up inside of me and me not doing anything but squeezing him with my muscles while we kissed, made out, and he occasionally bent down to lick and nibble on my tits.

I don’t know about him, but I was getting hornier, and I wanted more! So, I started bouncing up and down on his lap, fucking myself with his cock. My tits were bouncing up and down and Sean just held onto my hips and leaned back, watching me fucking myself. Sometimes I leaned forward and kissed him, other times I had my head back, my eyes closed, and just enjoyed the feelings of his cock sliding in and out of my cunt. At one point, the vision that I was a bucking bronco rider flashed through my head and it almost made me laugh.

Suddenly the urge to cum started to build and I wiggled and fucked myself to a huge orgasm! As it started, I slammed down into Sean’s lap, driving his cock as far up inside me as I could get it. Then I tensed up and squeezed his cock with my cunt muscles as hard as I could, and the spasms swept through my belly and crotch as my hot juices flooded my cunt and leaked out around his cock into his lap. I gasped and moaned, with my head back, my eyes closed, hanging onto his shoulders and Sean leaned forward and sucked one of my tits into his mouth as I was cumming. When his teeth grabbed my nipple and he gently nibbled at it, I groaned loudly as his mouth on my tit heightened my orgasm and made me cum a little more!

When I came down off that climax, I leaned forward, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him to me for another deep, passionate kiss. Then I stood up, pulling his cock out of me and he almost looked disappointed. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up, off the chair.

I turned and bent over the vanity, looking over my shoulder, I told him, “Come on O’Brien, take me from behind and fuck me good!”

He positioned himself behind me and slid his hard cock into me again. Once he was buried with his pelvis pressed against my ass, he just stood there.

I urged him to get started, “Come on O’Brien, fuck me!”

He said, “I’m just enjoying the feeling of being inside you. I’ve fantasized about it so many times, I want to be able to remember this for the rest of my life.”

Then he started stroking me, slowly, at first. He bent over and reached under me to rub my tits and pinch my nipples as he was slowly fucking me. He was bringing me towards another orgasm and I don’t know if he knew that, or not, but he let go of my tits, stood up, grabbed me by both hips and he started pounding his cock back and forth into me hard. He was driving it in so hard and fast that his ball sack was slapping my belly and making a spanking sound as he bottomed out on every in stroke. About then, Emily banged on the door with her 3 minute warning. I had every intention of ignoring her, I was going to fuck O’Brien as long as he wanted to fuck. And fuck me he did! He pounded away at my pussy making me moan and gasp, grunting sometimes as he drove in hard, and he was building me to a huge orgasm.

Emily pounded on the door and yelled that the 30 minutes was up, but we kept fucking. Another minute, or two, and we were both about to cum.

I started first, with my belly tightening up, those spasms running through my cunt and crotch, my hot juices flooding out of my cunt around O’Brien’s cock, and me screaming, “Oh my God! That feels soooo fucking gooood! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUUUUUUMMMMM,” and then I groaned the rest of the way through my climax!

As I was cumming, Sean leaned over me and in a low voice he said to me, “I’ve waited so many years to do this, I’m going to…fill…your…cunt!”

Then as my orgasm was subsiding, he drove hard into me, and held it there, as he shot his load of cum deep inside me. I felt the hot fluid, shoot inside me, filling me, and then seeping back around his cock which he was holding still, buried as deep in my cunt as he could get it. When we were both done with our own orgasms, we stood there, with me bent over the vanity and him still buried ball sack deep in my pussy. We were both breathing hard, trying to slow our heart rates down, trying to regain normal breathing, we were both sweating. Finally, O’Brien backed off, pulling his softening cock out of me. As his cock vacated my pussy, I felt large amounts of our mixed fluids seep out and run down the insides of my legs. As I stood up, I felt some globs of cum squirt out of me onto the insides of my thighs, some of it dripped between my legs, I felt it hitting my leg halfway down, some hitting the front of my leg just above my ankle.

I turned around and Sean embraced me in another hot, passionate kiss. He was hugging me hard as we kissed, his wet, soft cock was pressed against my belly right at the waistband of my skirt. We kissed for a couple of minutes and all the while, I could feel the wetness of our juices still seeping down the insides of my legs.

When we finally broke off the kiss, he started kissing my neck and my ears and he whispered into my ear, “That was great. But I would love to have you in a bed sometime and make love to you for hours.”

I was drunk, but not that drunk! I wanted him to know that we just had some great sex, but that was as far as that went.

I pushed him back, patted him on the shoulders, looked him in the eyes and said, “I ‘make love’ to my husband. Everyone else, I’m just fucking.”

Then I turned away from him and stepped to the sink to get some paper towels and clean up a bit. O’Brien stood there for a couple of seconds, as if he was trying to grasp what I had just said, then he bent down and pulled his pants up and buckled his belt.

After wiping my crotch as clean as I could, pulling my stockings up and straightening them out, fastening the two buttons on my blouse, and smoothing my skirt back down, I looked at him and said, “You ready to go?”

He stepped over to me and gave me a last kiss, less passionate and more of friendly peck this time, then smiled and said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

I opened the door and stepped out.

Emily snapped her head around to look at us and said, “You’re five minutes over your time limit!”

“Fuck you,” I said as I laughed at her bossy attitude!

O’Brien bought me another round of margaritas and tequila shots, then with a friendly, “Tell Joe I said hello,” he walked off back towards the tables where his buddy was waiting, but where I noticed there weren’t as many men as there had been before.

Emily told me a bunch of them had left while I was in the bathroom with O’Brien. She said as Lurch was leaving, he was twirling my red thong on his forefinger, over his head, and when he got outside, he slipped over the mirror on the left side of his bike. She said she could see it flying like a flag off his mirror as he left the parking lot.

I swigged down a couple more shots, and I think, one more margarita, when another fellow came up and paid his $50. I was pretty worn out by now. The sex I had with O’Brien was great and he made me have a couple of very nice orgasms, I almost shut this thing down and said, “No.”

But I thought to myself, “Oh what the Hell is one more?” So I said, “OK, come on.”

We went in the bathroom and he wanted a blow job. So I sucked him off, which didn’t take long and he blew his load in the back of my throat. We were in and out in 10 minutes. When I came out, almost everyone was gone except eight guys sitting along the front of the bar, Emily still sitting on her stool, and Howard was behind the bar. The TV was off, and everyone else was gone.

Howard came walking around the bar and said to me, “I closed up,” as he waved at the guy I had just sucked off in the bathroom, to motion him towards the door, so he could let that guy out, “but these guys have all already given their money to Emily. If you want, we can give them their money back and I’ll send them packing too.”

My first instinct was to say, “Yeah. I’m done.”

But then I thought about the money. Eight more guys, at $50 bucks a piece, that’s another $400! Then I thought to myself, “Holy shit! How much money have I already made tonight?”

Not wanting to throw away $400, I said, “No, that’s alright, I’ll do ’em! Who’s next,” and I waved my arm for someone to come on as I turned back towards the bathroom.

Then Howard said, “I’ve closed up Brandie, you don’t have to go in that cramped bathroom anymore.”

So I stopped, right at the corner of the bar, reached over and grabbed my margarita and took a good big gulp. As I was, one of the guys had gotten off his stool and walked over to me. As I sat the glass down, he put his arms around me, kissed me, and slid his hands down under my skirt onto my bare ass. He started making out with me right there. Then he slid one of his hands around to my front and slid a couple of his fingers into my pussy, which was wet, as it had been all night long, if not from my own juices, from the constant supply of freshly deposited cum that was constantly leaking out of me.

Then I felt another pair of hands reach around from behind me and undo my blouse buttons, then slide up to my tits. And then, I felt two other hands, one on each side of me on my ass and sliding down to rub the backs of my legs! I was still making out with the guy to my front, who was also fingering my pussy, so I couldn’t see them, but it was apparent that I had at least 4 men pawing me all at the same time! Suddenly, my sexual switch got turned on and the slut in me started that familiar sexual glow all over my body, that I knew would eventually lead me to an orgasm, or two, or three!

Then someone shoved a bar stool under my ass and I sat down on it. The guy in front of me had undone his belt and pants and his hard cock was sticking out, I reached down and rubbed it.

Then a couple of guys grabbed both my arms and started to lean me backwards, I heard someone say, “Lay back.”

I hadn’t known it, but they had lined up several bar stools behind me so that I could comfortably lay down with the last one under my head. As I laid down, the guy that was in front of me, the one who’s cock I had just had in my hand, lifted both my legs behind my knees and stepped between my legs. One of the other guys, grabbed one of my legs while the guy between them guided his hard cock into my pussy. Then he wrapped his arms under my knees and around onto the front of my thighs and he started fucking me. While he was fucking me, another guy grabbed my head and turned it to the side so he could shove his cock in my mouth. Then he grabbed my hair on the back of my head and started fucking my mouth almost harder then the other guy was fucking my pussy. My blouse was wide open, hanging down on both sides of me so that my entire body was on total naked display, except for my belly below my navel that was covered up by my skirt which was bunched up into a strip of material across my abdomen. My tits were laying on my chest, rocking around from the fucking I was getting from both ends, then I felt a couple of pairs of hands playing with my tits, squeezing my nipples, once in awhile I felt a mouth on a tit. Soon, two guys, I don’t know if they were the one’s playing with my tits, or others, at this point I didn’t know how many men were playing with me, put their hard cocks in my hands for me to play with.

I tried to visualize what I must look like from a few feet away, laying there on a line of bar stools, getting fucked by one guy, having my mouth fucked by another, while still more guys played with my tits, and I was jacking off a couple of dicks. I thought about how much you would like to be there watching that show and it made me hot as Hell to think that you would be loving it!

The guy fucking my pussy busted his nut, I felt him cum inside me and I heard him grunting as he came.

Then as he pulled out and stepped back, still holding my legs up and open he asked, “Who want’s this pussy next?”

When I heard him say that, I felt so cheap, so dirty, being passed around like a filthy slut! But at the same time, his words and those feelings, heightened my sexual arousal and pushed me ever closer to another orgasm!

I heard someone say, “I’m ready,” and I felt the new guy take the other guy’s place.

As he started getting in position and sliding his cock into me, the guy in my mouth shot his load of cum into the back of my mouth and he forcefully held my mouth on his cock until I swallowed his load. Then he pulled it out, still holding the back of my head, he held his cock head close to my mouth and told me to lick him clean. Which I did. I lapped at his cock with my tongue and gave him a few more hard sucks on the head before he let go of my head and stepped out of the way.

The new guy between my legs was by now, pounding away at my pussy and giving me a good fucking. He was quickly bringing me to an orgasm and I tensed up, squeezed the two cocks in my hands, clenched my teeth and moaned my way through a nice orgasm. Despite the fact that this guy was fucking me immediately after another guy, I could feel my own cum juices lubing me up more and making my cunt sloppier and juicier, and I could feel fluids running down the crack of my ass. I remember thinking it was a good thing these bar stools are vinyl they’ll clean up easily.

From there I really don’t remember the whole sequence of events. These guys all swapped around, taking turns doing different things to me. They took turns fucking me, took turns in my mouth, I even remember sucking a couple of cocks that had just come out of my pussy. I think some of them “cheated” and had more than one orgasm with me in one way, or another. Along the way, I heard such comments as;

“Man! This bitch is HOT!” “Ohhhh. You have GOT to try this pussy! “This slut is gonna make me cum!” “Man, she has some gorgeous tits and those nipples are huge!” “Holy shit! This slut can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!”

At one point, or another, some of these guys came in my pussy, some shot their loads in my mouth, and a couple of them whacked off and shot their loads of cum in my hair, I think they were aiming for my face, on my neck and tits and chest, and one guy unloaded on my bare belly, filling my belly button with cum! When they were all done, I was covered in cum, filled with cum, and my blouse, skirt and stockings were soaked with cum! I was such a mess, that when a couple of guys helped me sit up, I didn’t even bother to close up my blouse, or try to clean up. I figured I had been a filthy slut all night long, I would just go home looking and smelling like one! As I sat there, with my pussy oozing cum all over the stool under me, I wondered what you would think of me having done what I had. I wondered what you would have thought of this last eight man gang-bang. Would you have been turned on by it all? Or ashamed of me? I hoped that it would have been something you would have enjoyed seeing and being a part of.

As I regained my focus from being gang-banged, while I laid out on a bunch of bar stools for, I had no idea how long, I realized that Emily had her pants down around her ankles, was bent over a bar stool, and Howard was behind her, fucking her.

I looked over at her and said, “Hey! What the fuck are you doing acting like a common whore?”

Which was funny as Hell, considering what I had been doing all night, which is why I said it. I was trying to be funny!

Between grunts and gasps from Howard pounding her from behind, she managed to say, “Howard and I got so fucking horny watching you get gang-banged, that I thought I would give him some free pussy for being such a great host tonight.”

The eight guys who had all just done me, were standing around, finishing a beer, or just watching Howard fucking Emily. Emily began to scream her way through an orgasm as Howard stood there pressed hard into her. I waited for her to relax and for Howard to start his rhythmic fucking of her again, then I hopped off the cum soaked bar stool I was sitting on and waved at the guys who had gang-banged me, to come to the door. I opened it up and ushered them all out of the bar. I stood there holding the door open for them to go out with my skirt all wrinkled, it had fallen down some when I stood up but I hadn’t smoothed it out yet, my blouse was still all the way open, my tits on open display, and I was covered in fresh cum that was drying all over me. My pussy was constantly oozing fluids down the insides of my thighs and I’m sure I was dripping some here and there as I moved about, that’s how I got that glob on my shoe, no doubt.

A few of the guys gave me a slap on the ass, or tweaked a tit as they went out the door. About the time I closed and locked the door back up, Howard shoved hard into Emily and gave her his load of cum up her snatch. When he was done and pulled out, Emily didn’t bother to clean up, she just pulled her silk pants up and as soon as she did, I saw a wet spot show up in her crotch as her’s and Howard’s orgasmic fluids leaked out of her pussy into her pants.

I buttoned my blouse back up and pulled my skirt down trying to smooth it out as much as I could. Then I mounted my bar stool again and finished my last margarita. Howard had done up his pants, and gone back around behind the bar to start cleaning up.

He said to me, “Brandie, any time you want to come back down here and pull another train like that on a week night, you’re welcome to. This is the best Thursday night’s receipts I’ve ever had!”

“Yeah, well, you better get all this cum cleaned up off these bar stools, the floor, and in the bathroom, then spray some serious air freshener in here, before your jealous girlfriend comes in here to do your books. If she gets a whiff of what went on here tonight, she’ll cut your balls off,” I replied!

His mention of money brought my attention to the pile of cash laying on the bar in front of Emily.

I asked her how much was there and she said, “I don’t know. I haven’t counted it, and I wasn’t keeping track. You want me to count it?”

“No, just let me take it home and I’ll let Joe count it. He’s NEVER going to believe this story,” I really didn’t know if you would!

Then Emily and I came home and I woke you up.

My wife’s account of the details of what happened to her at Strokers that night, has never failed to make me horny and get my cock hardening! Over the years, since this took place, we have had incredible sex many times while we spoke about it and I plied her for more specific, explicit details. Near the end of her story, she expressed a question about whether or not I would have enjoyed being there and seeing it happen. Would I have been ashamed of her? I have answered those questions for her by assuring her that I most certainly would have enjoyed being there to see that, to watch her getting gang-banged. I have seen her get gang-banged before and loved every minute of it! I have been one of the men fucking her in a gang-bang before, so no, I would not have been ashamed of her!

But, even though I wasn’t there that night to actually see it for myself, I have heard her tell me the details of that night and the story has been seared into my brain as if I had been there to witness it for myself.

And now, you too, have had a chance to hear the story, and enjoy the action!

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