College graduate visits his hot high school teacher

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She always said there was something special about me. I never thought I’d find out what she meant. Her name was Alexis Johnson. She was my high school science teacher and I’d always had the hots for her. The chick was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5’5″ with light brown skin and a smile that could draw a grin from a failed suicide attempter with diarrhea. Although she was very pretty, it was her personality that really got me going.

She had a jovial attitude with a catty twist that made her seem irresistible to me.

Anyway during my high school years we were very close. I got good grades in her class and helped her with other classes. Well after my high school graduation, she seemed extremely interested in my plans after high school. I told her I planned on attending college and she immediately asked for my first graduation invitation. I agreed but figured she wouldn’t care in four years.

Well guess who’s graduating? I finished my Bachelor’s in Biology in three years thanks to summers spent at school, and was ready to hit the job market and Ms. Johnson. I finished in the fall and decided to wait ’til spring to graduate with some of my friends. I figured the three months off could be spent doing better things than schooling. I went home for Christmas and after all the holiday stuff with the family I could use some me time. I decided a little ride would get rid of the cabin fever. I drove from my small town a bigger city about 40 miles away. I was perusing through a clothing kiosk at a mall when a familiar laugh caught my attention. Who else but Alexis Johnson giggling away with a friend of hers over a funny t-shirt. I swallowed hard and decided to approach them. I walked over and approached them from behind. There it was; that body that had teased me all those years in high school. “How ya been”, I said as confident as I could manage.

“James!” she screamed as she hugged me. The sudden attention was a surprise, a welcome surprise, but really caught me off guard. “My goodness you look good” she exclaimed. I was overweight in high school, but three years of bad food and hard workouts had done wonders for me. She introduced me to her friend who was also now teaching at my high school. Her name was Heather and she was a new teacher who had graduated from the same college as Alexis. Well I suggested we sit down and have some lunch, on me of course. I explained my situation with school and they praised me for graduating early. The conversation continued and we were soon on the subject of relationships and Heather was complaining about her over-possessive boyfriend. I noticed that she made a point to look me in the eye when she mentioned dumping him. I tried to ignore it and told the ladies I had to go. Alexis stopped me and we exchanged numbers, Heather and I did as well. I left the table feeling victorious, a battle won in the war of conquering my high school fantasy.

A few weeks passed and I received a call from Alexis saying that she needed help setting up an experiment for her Anatomy class. I raced to the school not wanting to miss any contact with her. I arrived to find her dressed surprisingly slight for the middle of January. I took it as coincidence and started on the task ahead of us. They were going to do their first dissections and she needed help preparing dissection kits. We sat down facing each other with the tools between us. We reminisced about the time we spent together during my high school years. She admitted to teasing me, wearing clothes that just were not appropriate for a teacher. I laughed telling her I knew it all along. She asked me why I never did anything about it. I looked her in the eye and told her I didn’t know how she would react.

She paused and said she didn’t know, but wanted to find out. I reached over and grabbed her hand, not a good idea considering she was holding a surgical sharp scalpel. I winced in pain and walked to the sink. I washed the blood gushing from the gash in my hand. She rushed to the sink and checked my wound. She bandaged my hand and apologized too many times. I told her it was no big deal and turned to head back to my seat. She grabbed my arm and spun me around. “Were you gonna kiss me?” she inquired. I stood there stuck until she pulled me down and planted a tender kiss on my lips. I picked her up and sat her up on the counter. I kissed her deep, deeper than I’d ever kissed any girl. I broke the kiss to breathe and she gave me a look I’ll never forget and uttered ” You wanna do it here?” I reached for her again when the door opened.

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