Big titted cousin

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This is a real story based on the incidents in my life. I’m Malik, 19 years just entering Btech in Bangalore. I was looking for some private hostels as there was a high chance if ragging in the college hostels by seniors. At same time i found out that my cousin was also looking for a place to stay in the same city. Her name was Ishika. She got a placement regarding work here. We were so close when we were young. We were each other’s neighbors. We used to play and hang out a lot until her father died. Then her mother went off to their maternal house and it was just calls and messages from then. As soon as we found out that both of us were in the same city we called up for a meet. I was a bit nervous meeting her as its been a long time. As soon as i saw her my heart jumped into my mouth. She was so gorgeous with those big brown eyes, her mesmerizing smile but the most prominent feature was her breasts. They grew so huge as opposed to her age. She hugged me straight and her breasts pressed hard against my chest. We talked for sometime and I could see from the corner of my eye most of the guys were already ogling their eyes over her. Since we were both looking for a place to live, her mother convinced me to stay together. At first i was not convinced but she said if I was with Ishika, then she would be happy that someone was there for her. So we then decided that we would take a small flat for rent. And we rented a small single bedroom flat. Things were good. I’d tell her to sleep on the bed while I’d sleep on the floor in the living room but she’d insist on sleeping on bed together saying it’s big enough for both of us.

6 months passed and she started being more free around me. During nights she’d sleep in her innerwear, would roam around the home braless. As she started being more free, i was getting more uncomfortable. I would keep masturbating like hell seeing her body.

One day, i went out with my friends and went home late. When i went into the bedroom she was asleep half naked. Her torso was bare whereas she wore just panties and her legs were spread wide. The first thought i got was she hooked up with someone and this got me angry. When i went closer i caught the smell of alcohol. Then i understood, she was drunk. She’s a heavy sleeper. When that mixed with alcohol, she wouldn’t wake at all till the next morning. I tried not to take advantage but i took pictures of her boobs and felt her waist. I slept in the living room. Next morning she seemed embarrassed and didn’t meet my eye. We didn’t talk much either and that evening I went out with my friends again and one of my friend was talking about having sex with his girlfriend. By the time I got home i was so horny and hungry for sex. I found Ishika the same way i found yesterday. This time i couldn’t control my self. I slept right beside her without my shirt. I made sure she was asleep and slowly fondled her huge breasts. They were so soft like pillows but her nipples were really hard. I kissed her neck and lips. She shifted suddenly in her bed and i got scared and acted asleep. 10 mins passed. Then slowly i continued rubbing her navel and my fingers creeped into her panties. I felt a bush of hair. I rubbed my index and parted her pussy lips. I jerked her clit for a few times and then inserted two fingers inside her. She breathed heavily and i started pulling it out but suddenly her hand held mine and pushed it deeper inside. I couldn’t believe it, she was still not sober but i took my chance and fingered her hard until she came and moaned. I didn’t want to push any further so i slept. Morning i woke up a sometime before her and made sure my morning wood was sticking straight up and also placed my hand on her butt. Then her alarm went off and she woke up groggy and all. She slowly removed my hand from her butt and her eyes fixed on my shorts.

She opened her mouth and placed her hands on her mouth. She then brought her hand and nearly touched my dick when i opened my eyes. She retreated her hands and covered her boobs with the blanket. Her cheeks were flushing with pink colour. I went outside and she got dressed and came back. We didn’t talk much but i could say her eyes were always going towards my crotch. So i decided to push one step further tonight. She had the day off so she said she’ll cook something good for me tonight. By the time i came home she wasn’t there. Her laptop was open and i went through her chats with her friend. She told her about last night which meant she was awake. She told her about morning how she saw the size of my penis through the shorts and wished she could have it. So i decided tonight I’m definitely going to fuck her. I turned the tv on when she entered. She was in tights and a jumper. She was drenched in sweat top to bottom. Just looking at her was arousing for me. She unzipped slightly and her dark blue sports bra was visible and also her deep cleavage line can be seen. She came right over said hi and went to her laptop. She was a bit bent and her ass was sticking out. I couldn’t control myself. I stood up and pressed my cock on her ass. She got up swiftly and said ‘What r u doing Malik’? I said ‘What u like only no.

Don’t try to resist i read all ur chats’. She stopped resisting so i opened her jumper zip fully and her boobs were really struggling to stay inside her bra. I threw the jumper aside. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her back tightly. Our bodies were pressing hard, sharing the heat and warmth. Her aroma was full of sweat and was driving me crazy. I licked the side of her neck and caught her boobs from behind. She let out a small gasp. I turned her around and removed her bra. I smelled her chest and the scent increased my dick size even more. I licked all the drops of her sweat off her boobs and she kept pleading me to let her bath as she was so sweaty. I flicked all the sweat drops off her waist and kissed her belly button and sucked it dry. She still kept pleading. My hand slipped inside her legging and I felt her bushy pubes and i played with her pubic hair. She just pulled away and said she won’t allow me to touch her until i let her bath so i told her ok but only one condition. She should bath in front of me. She agreed to this and went into the bathroom and turned the shower. She gave me a strip tease, swaying her hips side to side, bent and removing her panties. As soon as she stripped naked, i too got rid of my clothes. Her eyes fixated on my thick, black dick that’s going to demolish her pussy. She started getting wet under the shower and applying soap on her body. I kept jerking my cock until i was rock hard. Then i went and joined her. I grabbed those huge boobs and spread soap all over her huge mounds of flesh. With my other hand i lifted one of her legs and fingered her pussy very fast. She kept twitching and shaking while juices kept flowing out. I didn’t give her any warning at all. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed her clit while simultaneously i pushed my cock inside her pussy. She gave out a deep breath and i let all the length of my dick deep inside her. Then i started fucking her hard and rough. I bent her, pulled her hands back and fucked her in doggystyle.

After half n hr of fucking under shower, we turned the shower of and i lifted her off her feet and took her onto the bed while kissing her lips. I put her on bed and bit her lower lip. I pulled it back hard and left it at once. Our eyes were full of desire and lust for each other. She told me ‘we skipped the oral part and went right to fucking’. So i laid my body on top of her and slid slowly down. Since our bodies were wet, i moved easily. While going down, i kissed her neck, boobs, armpits, navel and then i reached her crotch. I spread both legs as wide as i could and put my tongue on her pussy. As soon as the rough surface of my tongue touched her she squirmed like a worm. After 5 mins of licking, we got into 69 position where i eat her pussy while she sucks my dick. Then i fucked her in missionary position. Soon i cummed right into her uterus ignoring the fact she could get pregnant. I was still hard so i didnt stop. I turned her around caught her hair pulled it back and kept hitting her pussy like there’s no tomorrow. I laid her sideways and fucked her from behind. Then i shot my sperm deep inside her again. I fucked her 7 times that one day and since then we roam naked in the house, fuck whenever we want. We also had a gangbang session where a few of my friends also had a taste of her.

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