It’s For You, Mom

Daughter discovers Mom and Dad are swingers, gets an obscene call from Mom’s lover. Family orgy ensues.
Cast of characters
Bob Sanders 34 derrickman, erotic author & amateur photographer.
Carol Sanders 26 artist & part time cocktail waitress
Alice Sanders 10 precocious 4th grader
Ted Henderson 45 auto parts store manager

Thursday, May 22, 1980
Carol greeted me excitedly when I arrived home from a week on the drilling rig. “We have to talk,” she whispered in my ear as we hugged.
I knew it had to be about a new lover. We had been swinging for the past four years. We gave up on wife swapping within four months, because I would rather watch Carol fuck and suck cock than fuck another woman. We couldn’t talk about the new lover at that moment because Alice was home with a cough and a low grade fever.

Carol, Alice and I always spent time together when I got home from the rig. They gave me the highlights of their week, and I told them about mine. Alice stayed home Wednesday, and seemed to be recovering Thursday. She won her classroom’s spelling bee the previous week, but came in third place behind an Indian girl and a Chinese boy in the fourth grade competition.

Carol won the $500 prize for her design for the city’s new parks and recreation department’s logo. There had been a couple of funny incidents on the rig, but I decided to save those for my next homecoming. I wanted to get to the bedroom and hear about Carol’s new lover.
“We’re going to take a nap, Honey. See you in a little while.”
“A nap. Right,” she giggled, knowing ‘nap’ was our code word for a little afternoon delight.
Once in the bedroom, Carol told me about meeting Ted Henderson at The Oasis the previous Saturday night. He was in town for an auto parts convention. Alice spent that night with her friend, Phyllis, so Carol spent the night with Ted in his hotel room. They got together for a few hours Sunday while Alice and her friends went to the movies to see Superman.
“I was immediately attracted to him. His wife left him six months ago. I told him about our open marriage. After we fucked the second or third time, I told him that I was going to tell you every detail about everything he and I did. I also told him that you got off to watching other men fuck me, and eating my pussy afterward.”
The phone rang, and we heard Alice say, “Hello?” When she didn’t call either of us to the phone, we assumed it was one of her school friends calling her.
“Ted said that he and his wife tried swinging with another couple. His wife divorced him a month later, and moved in with the other man, whose wife left him. He thought he would get off to having my husband watch him fuck me. He’ll be here Saturday morning. Alice is spending the Memorial holiday with Mom and Dad. We have all weekend to fuck our brains out.”
“Mom, it’s for you,” Alice giggled.

Carol picked up our bedside phone. “Hello? (listening) That was my daughter (listening) she just turned ten (listening) What!?! I’ll call you back.”
“That was Ted. He thought Alice was me, and told her how much he enjoyed fucking me, and how much he was looking forward to fucking me again while my husband watched.”
“Oh shit,” I muttered, quickly putting on my jeans and going to the kitchen, where our other phone was. “Are you O.K., Babe?” I asked.
She nodded, vainly attempting to suppress a naughty giggle.
“Our little girl doesn’t seem too terribly shocked,” I said, as Carol hugged her.
Carol held Alice by her shoulders and said, “Look at me.”
Alice nervously obeyed.
“You already knew about us. Didn’t you?”
Alice nodded.
“How long have you known?”
“Since last summer.”
“How did you find out?”
“Y’all thought I was playing outside. But I came in to get something to drink, and heard y’all talking about Uncle Bill coming to visit and how much fun y’all were going to have, doing it with him again, and about the stuff y’all did with him before.” Alice explained. “And, a little while later, I heard you talking on the phone to Mrs. Harper and telling her that you’ve been a slut since you were 12 years old, and that you let teachers fuck you in junior high and high school, and about all of the things you and Daddy do. And even before that, I saw the swinger’s magazine with the picture of y’all naked, wearing the Tricky Dick mask and the feather owl mask, and a post office box where men could write to you.”
The phone rang. Carol picked it up. “Hello?” (listening) “Everything’s O.K. Alice seems to be more titillated than traumatized by your revelations .”

I put the phone on speaker.
“She didn’t sound like a kid when she answered.”
“Alice has a cold,” Carol said. “She’s hoarse from coughing.”
“She sounded sexy.”
Alice giggled.
“She can hear me?”
“Bob put the phone on speaker.”
“I’m sorry I said all those things to you. I really feel awful about it.”
“That’s alright. I didn’t mind that much.”
My evil thoughts came out of my mouth before I could stop them.“I think Alice liked it.”
Carol flashed me a remonstrative glare.
“Did you like it, Alice?” He asked, following my unintended lead. “Did you like hearing me say all those naughty things about your mother and me?”
“I didn’t mind, Mister –” she giggled naughtily.
“Under the circumstances, I think it would be alright for you to call me Ted.”
“I really didn’t mind, Ted. I heard that kind of stuff before.”
“Where have you heard dirty talk?”
“Some kids like to talk dirty. I’ve heard it ever since I was in day care.”
“And, she’s eavesdropped on us,” Carol said.
“Naughty girl, eavesdropping on your parents. ” Ted chuckled. “I used to do that too when I was a kid. I listened to them ‘Doing It’ when they thought I was asleep.”
“Me too,” Alice whispered.
“Thanks to you, Ted, we discovered that she’s known about our lifestyle for nearly a year,” I said.
“What do you think about that, Alice? Your Daddy letting your Momma ‘Do It’ with other men?”
“It’s pretty cool. I hope that I can marry a man like Daddy when I grow up. A man who’ll let me ‘Do It’ with anybody I want to ‘Do It’ with.”

Ted’s voice got huskier. I imagined him stroking his cock when he asked, “Do you think you’ll want to ‘Do It’ a lot with a lot of men, like your hot momma does?”

“Maybe.” she giggled.
I kept expecting Carol to stop the conversation. My cock was trying to rip through my jeans. “Alice is definitely her mother’s daughter,” I said.
“They say the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Ted said. “It’s in the genes.”
“I have something in my jeans,” I laughed, looking down at my elongated lump.

Carol shook her head and rolled her eyes. “You’re incorrigible.”

“Encourageable. Encourage me.”
“Y’all are both crazy,” Alice giggled. “And really weird.”
Ted said, “But you love your Daddy and your hot Momma being crazy and really weird and very very naughty. Don’t you?”
“Uh huh,” she said, emphatically nodding her head.
“I wish I could meet you,” he said.
“How do you spell meet?” Again, I couldn’t stop the thought from escaping through my lips.
“Bob!” Carol admonished.
“What!?!” Alice asked.
“Nothing!” Carol said. “Forget it.”
“What’s wrong with Dad asking Ted how he spells meet?” she asked. Then it dawned on her. “Oh. M-e-a-t.”
“Your father has a dirty mind,” Carol sighed.
“But I heard you tell Daddy that you love his dirty effing mind.”
Ted chuckled, “I love your Daddy’s dirty effing mind, too. Especially since he lets me eff your mother.”

Alice giggled naughtily

“In addition to checking and making sure that Alice was alright, I wanted to know if we were still on for this weekend.”
“Yes,” Carol said. “As I told you, Alice will be spending Memorial weekend with her grandparents.”
“I look forward to meeting you, Bob.”
“How do you spell meet?” Alice giggled.
“I’m not into men, Alice. I’m sorry you won’t be home this weekend. I wish I could talk to you in person.”
I laughed, “Maybe you could make another obscene phone call to her next week.”
“Could I do that, Alice? Call you, and talk dirty on the phone again?”
“I wouldn’t mind. I get home from school a little after 3:30.”
“Oh God!” Ted moaned, and grunted a few times
“Are you O.K.?” Alice asked. “What happened?”
“Nothing. I… uh… stubbed my toe.” He cleared his throat. “I have to go take care of stuff at the store, and get the work schedule and everything lined up for this weekend.”
“We’ll see you Saturday morning,” Carol said.
“I’m taking off earlier than originally planned. You said that your parents will pick up Alice between 4 and 5. I plan to leave here at 7 o’clock, and should arrive there around 9 tomorrow night. Maybe a little earlier, if I don’t get stopped for speeding.”
“Drive carefully,” I said. “We’ll have all weekend to enjoy ourselves.”
“I enjoyed talking to you, Alice. I hope we can do it again sometime.”
“Me too!” she enthused.
“I think you’ve made a friend,” I chuckled. “We may have to get her a phone of her own.”
“Really!?! That would be so cool!”
Carol hung up.
“Are you really going to get me my own phone, Daddy!?!”

Alice’s excitement excited me. I knew she was excited for a few reasons; having her own phone, making her friends envious, and, most of all, having Ted call and talk dirty to her.
I called the phone company and ordered a pink touch tone princess phone for her bedroom. Local calls only. Installation was scheduled for 2p.m. Friday.

Why is it called a ‘Tricky Dick’ mask? Is it because his nose looks a little bit like a dick?”
“It’s a caricature of ex-president Richard Milhous Nixon. The nose is exaggerated. He was a liar, a crook, and an all-around asshole.”
“What exactly do you know about us?” Carol asked. “Tell us everything.”
“That y’all started the swinging thing about four years ago, and y’all quit swapping wives because Daddy would rather watch you ‘Do It’ with another man than ‘Do It’ to another woman.”
“Do it?” I asked. “Do what?”
“Fuck.” she said with a nervous giggle.
“What did Ted say to you when you answered the phone?” I asked. “Tell us exactly the way you’d tell your best friends.”
“I won’t tell.”
“Good. But, if you did tell them, wouldn you say, ‘Do It’ instead of ‘Fuck’?”

She giggled and shook her head.

“Tell us exactly what Ted said.”
“He said, ‘My God, Carol. You are the best (pause, giggle) Fuck… and the best Cock Sucker I’ve ever known. I’m stroking my hard cock, remembering how tight your pussy felt around it. It’s tighter than a teenager’s. And I’ve never had a woman deep-throat my cock the way you did. I can’t believe your husband turns you loose like he does, and lets you Fuck anybody you feel like Fucking. I think I’m going to really get off to watching him watch me Fuck you, then watch him eat my hot Cum out of your Cunt. And watch him French kiss you after I cum in your mouth.’ Alice recited. “Then he asked if Dad was home yet, and that’s when I told you that the call was for you.”
“Let’s fuck,” I said, taking Carol’s hand and pulling her toward the bedroom.
“Come on, Carol. Alice isn’t stupid. She knows we’re not napping when we say we’re going to take a nap. I’m glad she knows all about us. I don’t have to lie to her anymore, and tell her that you’re working late at The Oasis, when you’re in a hotel or motel room sucking cock and getting your brains fucked out.”

Alice gasped, “You were getting fucked all those times!?!”
Carol actually blushed. “Not *All* of those times. Sometimes I really was working late.”
“Now, we can be honest,” I said. “You tell us everything that’s going on in your life, and we’ll tell you everything that’s going on in ours.”
“Uh…I don’t do much stuff,” Alice mumbled, blushing brightly.
“You’re fibbing, Alice. You know that I always know when you’re lying.”
“We’re not going to interfere with your fun and games,” I said. “I’m not going to try to scare off your boyfriends.”
“I don’t have Boy friends,” She said.
“Or your men friends,” I joked.

She was quiet for a moment before asking shyly, “Is it alright with you if I have a man friend?”
Carol and I looked at each other, surprised at this revelation. “Yes, Babe. But I need to know who he is. I’ll want to check them out before you go anywhere alone with them. I want to make certain you’re safe.”

“I was a little older than you when I started fooling around with grownups,” Carol said. “Who’s your manfriend?”
“Jake Scott,” Alice said. “The Parks and Rec dude.”
“He’s in his 50s.”
“52 last month,” Alice said. “He’s really nice. He’s eaten my pussy, and I’ve sucked his cock. We fucked for the first time Saturday.”
“How long has this been going on?”
“Since last summer. I sprained my ankle playing soccer. He carried me to his office and put an ice pack on it. He had been kind of flirting with me for a while, but he’s always flirting with girls,” she said. “He laid me down on a bench, and wrapped the ice pack around my ankle, and said I should keep it elevated for a while, and rolled up some towels to prop my foot up on. While he was talking, he put his hand on my knee. While we talked, his hand moved further and further up my leg. I could tell that he had a boner in his gym shorts. Then he started to stand up, and kind of lost his balance, and his hand touched my pussy on the outside of my shorts, and he said that he was sorry, that he didn’t mean to do that, and I told him that I didn’t mind, and he sat back down, and rubbed my leg. Rubbing ain’t really the right word.”
“Caress?” I suggested. “That means to rub very lightly and sensually.”

“Yeah. He caressed my leg. And the caressing got closer and closer to my pussy, and I liked it. Then he got up to get another ice pack, and his hand ‘accidentally’ brushed against my pussy again. And he said that he was sorry again, and I said I didn’t mind again, and he said that he bet my boyfriend wanted to touch me there, and I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend, and he said that he would want to be my boyfriend if he was my age, because I was so sexy. Then he said that he didn’t mean to say sexy out loud, because grownups can get in trouble for telling 9-year-old girls that they’re sexy, and I told him that I liked him saying I’m sexy, and that he made me feel sexy, and I like feeling sexy. Then he saw that I was looking at the lump in his pants. And he said that I made it get like that because I was so sexy. And he asked me if I wanted to feel it, and I said yes, and he let me. And I let him rub my pussy.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“You know the park and playground down the street?”
“At the back of the restroom building, there’s a janitor’s closet with a big sink and mops and buckets and toilet paper and paper towels and stuff. He has a padded board that fits on top of the sink. We fool around in there.”

My phallus was in pain, trying to rip through its denim prison. I pulled Carol into the bedroom. She closed the door and discarded her robe as I got out of my jeans.
We fucked, and were a little more vocal than usual, knowing we no longer had anything to hide. I ate her pussy, fucked her, and ate her pussy again. Then she sucked my cock while I told her how excited I was by the prospect of watching a stranger fuck her again.
Freddie, one of the bartenders at The Oasis, was a frequent partner who joined us a couple times a month. And, they frequently did standing quickies in the club’s storeroom. I told Carol I wanted to take Alice to The Oasis, where she could drink a Shirley Temple while the bartender fucked her mother in the storeroom. Freddie didn’t have to know that Alice knew they were fucking.

“You really are a pervert, Bob.”
“You want to do it. Don’t you? It turns you on.”
“You’re sick. You need professional help,” Carol said unconvincingly.
“Or maybe you could give Freddie a blowjob, then come out of the storeroom, lean over the bar, and kiss me. He wouldn’t have to know that Alice knows that you’re giving me some of his cum.”
She went down and started sucking my cock. “Suck it, Babe. Suck my cock. Imagine you’re on your knees in the storeroom sucking Freddie’s cock, and I’m sitting at the bar with Alice, and we’re both waiting for you to come out and kiss me and give me some of Freddie’s fresh cum.”
She fingered herself to orgasm, while she sucked me to mine.
I slept for a couple of hours. I was exhausted after having worked the night tour on the rig before getting relieved, and riding the helicopter to Pelican Island, and riding my Honda scooter home.

Alice was watching TV, and Carol was cooking when I got up. I went into the kitchen, opened my robe, and hugged Carol from behind, pressing my erection against her chemise covered ass.
“You are a dirty old man,” she said. “Alice could come in here at any moment.”
My cock cock lurched violently between my spouse’s buttocks at the thought of a filial audience.
“You really are disgusting,” she giggled.
“Why is Daddy disgusting?”
“He can’t help it. I think he was born that way.”
I backed away, closing my robe. “Your prudish act isn’t going to work anymore,” I chuckled. “Our daughter knows her mother is a slut.”
“I am not a slut!”
“But I heard you tell Mrs. Harper that you’ve been a slut since you were 12 years old.”
“Get my dictionary, Carol,” I said. “Let’s look up the definition of slut.”
“Alright! I’m a dictionary definition slut. It sounds bad.”
“It doesn’t sound bad when Daddy says it. It sounds kind of sweet when he calls you a slut.”
“That’s because I love your mother being a slut. And she loves being a slut. You heard her on the phone. She loves having different men fuck her.”
“Come on, Babe. Be honest. She knows all about us. Tell our daughter how much you love what we do. I want her to know. She knows how much I love it. You’ve told your friends and your lovers. Tell our daughter. Tell everybody.”

She moaned, then said, “I do, Alice. I dearly love your father eating me after I’ve been fucked. I love watching him watch me fuck. I love watching other men watching him watching them fuck me. I love hearing your father say, ‘Fuck her! Fuck my wife. Fuck her good.’ I love watching other men watch your Dad lap up their cum out of my just-fucked cunt. I love watching their faces when I tell your father to drink their cum out of my pussy. I love telling men what we do. After Ted fucked me last Saturday, I told him that my husband would love to watch him fuck me, and that my husband loves eating other men’s cum out of my cunt.”
“Wow!” Alice sighed. “That is so hot.”

Carol was getting into talking dirty to our daughter. “You told Ted on the phone that you hoped you could marry a man like your dad, who would let you fuck whoever and whenever you want. And Ted asked if you wanted to fuck a lot of men like I do. You said you didn’t know.”
“I do, Mom. I hope I can marry a man who’ll let me do everything Dad let’s you do.”
“Once you get started, Baby, there’s no turning back. The more cock you get, the more you want. And you acquire a kind of radar that let’s you spot men who want to fuck you. All men want to fuck. The radar zooms in on the ones who really know how, and eliminates the ones who are looking for love and commitment. It spots the fuckers, not the lovers.”
“I want Daddy to watch me fuck. I know he wants to watch. I could tell by the way he looked at me while I was telling him about Mr. Scott.”
I ejaculated!

After coming down from my orgasm, I said, “We’ll have to arrange a meeting with Mr. Scott to let him know that I approve of your relationship with him, and invite him to the house for a visit. We’ll feel him out to see if he would like to fuck you under parental supervision.”
We fell asleep.


Friday, May 25, 1979
I awoke early, showered, shaved and put on a short terry cloth bathrobe. I ate a bowl of Wheaties while a pot of coffee brewed. When the coffee finished dripping, I poured a mug and carried it to our library. The library was the third, and smallest bedroom in our mid-century subdivision ranch house. The library window looked onto the 4’x4’ concrete slab we called a porch. The window was perpendicular to the front door. I could see whoever rang the doorbell, and tell door-to-door salesmen and Jehovah’s Witnesses to go away without getting up from my desk.
I sat on my antique office chair at my antique roll top desk, and rolled a sheet of paper into my 1926 Model 8 LC Smith typewriter. I had sold an incest novella to Greenleaf Publications the previous month. And was working on an outline for my next one.
Alice woke up and came into the library. She was no longer coughing, and wasn’t feverish, but I told her to stay home one more day
The phone rang. Carol picked up in our bedroom. “Oh no!”
I went to the bedroom, Carol put a hand over the mouthpiece. “Aunt Wilma’s had a heart attack. She’s going to have bypass surgery. We need you to drive us to Hobby.”

Both Carol and I drove old cars. Her’s was a red 1964 MG Midget her parents gave her as a graduation present. Mine was a silver gray 1960 Ford Falcon station wagon I bought in 1963 when I got out of the navy. I put mirror tinted film on the windows, and a red velvet drape behind the front seat. It was my Fuckwagon.

We quickly dressed. Carol packed some clothes in her suitcase. We picked her parents up at their house, and headed to Houston.
“Don’t you think you’re a little old for this thing?” My father-in-law, Jessie, asked.
“I’ll keep it until it falls apart,” I replied.

I met Alice’s Aunt Wilma at our wedding, and at a family Christmas gathering not long afterward. I learned a lot about her on the drive to the airport, as Carol and her parents shared memories about her.
Alice and I waved goodby as they boarded the plane to Tulsa.
I pulled into our driveway as the phone company truck parked at our curb. He was an hour early. While the phone guy installed Alice’s phone, I called Ted’s auto parts store.

“Mr. Henderson left a little after noon, and won’t be back until Tuesday morning.”

When I went to Alice’s bedroom, she was on her bed, on her hands and knees, facing the installer, who was explaining the phone to her while looking down the tee-shirt at her nipples. She knew he was admiring her nips, and he knew she knew he was admiring her nips.
“Ted already left Lake Jackson. He should be here soon.”
The installer left, holding his tool pouch in front of his crotch. He drove away a minute before Ted parked in his place.
“There was a family emergency, and Carol flew to Tulsa,” I said.
“I got my new phone!” Alice said, taking Ted’s hand and leading him to her bedroom. “Wanna see. I can’t wait to get my first phone call.”
“Get the phone number, Ted. Call her from my bedroom.”
He went into my bedroom. I went to the kitchen and stealthily lifted the handset off the cradle when Alice answered.
“You said you wouldn’t mind if I called you and talked dirty.”
“No, Ted, I don’t mind.”
“Did you like hearing me telling you how good your mother’s pussy felt when I fucked her?”
“Uh huh.”
“It didn’t bother you that your Daddy was letting your mother fuck other men, and suck their cocks and swallow their cum.”
“No. I heard Mom and Dad talking about the stuff they did with Uncle Bill when he stayed with us for a while.”
“What ‘Stuff’ did they talk about?”
“Fuckin’ and suckin’ cock and eatin’ pussy, and how Dad loved watching Mom getting fucked and sucking cocks, and tasting other men’s cum in her mouth and cunt and stuff. And how Dad gets off to people knowing all about what him and Mom do. Like I said, Dad is such a pervert. He gets off to people knowing that he wants Mom to fuck other men, and that he loves watching her suck cock and get fucked and that he loves tasting other men’s cum in Mom’s cunt and mouth.”
“And you said that you want to marry a pervert like your Dad, who’ll let you fuck anybody you want to fuck.”
“Uh huh.”
“Do you think you’re going to want to suck a lot of cocks and let a lot of men fuck you, like your hot Momma does.”
“Yeah. She told me that the more cock I get, the more I’ll want, and that once you start fucking, you don’t want to stop. And she’s right. I’ve been sucking Mr. Scott’s cock and he’s been eating my pussy for nearly a year, and he fucked me for the first time Saturday, and I want to do it some more. I want to fuck a lot more!”
“Who is Mr. Scott?”
“He’s the parks and rec dude.”
“The director of the city’s parks and recreation department,” I added.
“How old is he?”
“Shall we gather in your bedroom or mine, Alice?”
“Yours. You got a bigger bed.”
She entered the room a few steps ahead of me, and sat on the bed on his left side. I sat on her left side.
“I told you about me and your Mom,” Ted said. “How about telling me about you and Mr. Jake Scott.”
“I was playing soccer, and sprained my ankle, and he carried me to his office, and…”
“Let Ted play the part of Mr. Scott,” I suggested. “Carry her to the living room and back.”

She put her arms around his neck. He carried her with his left forearm under the bend of her knees, and his right arm around her back. Her left hip rubbed against his crotch as they walked.
Ted looked down. “You knew what you were doing to him. Didn’t you?”
She nodded, giggling naughtily.
He brought her back to the bedroom, laid her on the bed, and propped her left foot up on a pillow, and pretended to put an ice pack on her ankle.
Alice guided his right hand to her lower thigh. Then, she showed him how Mr. Scott accidentally touched her pussy twice. “Then he said that he would want to be my boyfriend if he was my age, because I was so sexy. And I told him that I didn’t like boys my age because I knew that they would tell everybody if I let them do anything, and that I liked him, and would like for him to be my man friend , and he hugged me and kissed me.”

Ted hugged and kissed her, and she guided his hand to her pussy.
“Wow!” Ted exclaimed. “Where did you learn how to kiss?”
“Susan’s, my friend’s sister, Betty. She’s 14. She showed us how. She said a grownup showed her how, but she wouldn’t tell us who.”
They kissed and fondled some more. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen; a 45-year-old man passionately kissing and fondling my 10-year-old daughter. I was afraid to take my cock out. I was afraid it would ejaculate as soon as I touched it.
“Betty also showed us how to suck cock, using bananas for cocks. Wanna see?”
Ted nodded enthusiastically, stood, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his average sized cock with a large glans. He came profusely the instant he felt her lips on his mushroom-like cockhead. The first ejaculation went into her mouth, catching her by surprise. She coughed and gagged as cum inundated her face.

“I am So sorry. I wasn’t ready. I haven’t had a premature ejaculation since I was 18 years old.”
I kissed Alice passionately and licked Ted’s ejaculate off her face.
“Fuck me, Daddy. I want you to fuck me.”
I quickly undressed and laid down on my back. My daughter mounted me, and guided my cock into her slick cunt. I watched in amazement as my phallus disappeared into her prepubescent pussy.
“Is this how you and Mr. Scott fucked?”
She nodded. “At first, we just play-fucked with his dick between his stomach and my pussy, and I’d slide up and down it until he came and I came.

Then, Saturday, I wanted it in me. And it felt so good in my pussy, and my cum was a lot more intense than it was with his dick outside my pussy. We were going to fuck again in the janitors closet Wednesday after school, but I stayed home with the cold. Do you like it, Daddy? Do you like fucking me with Ted watching?”
“This is so incredible, Baby. It’s a fantasy come true. It’s so unreal.”
“I love it, Daddy! I love feeling your cock in me. Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!”
I grasped her hips, and lifted her up and pulled her down like a fuck toy.
“Fuck her, Bob! Fuck your daughter.”
Alice and I came together. I rolled her over onto her back, and continued pumping until I finished ejaculating. I went down on her and devoured my semen, giving her two more orgasms.
It took her a few minutes to recover.
“Fuck me, Ted! I want my Daddy to watch another man fuck me, like he watches other men fuck Mom. I want him to lick another man’s cum out of my cunt, like he does with Mom.”
Ted quickly mounted her and humped frenetically.
“Fuck me, Ted! Fuck me like you were gong to fuck Mom. You love it. Don’t you Daddy? You love watching a grown man fuck me. I love you watching me! Fuck me, Ted. Fuck me hard! Tell him to fuck me, Daddy. Like you do with Mom. Tell Ted to fuck my pussy!”
“Fuck her, Ted. Fuck my daughter! Fill her hot little cunt with your cum!”
Ted lasted longer than I thought he would.
“Oh, God!” he gasped. “I’m cumming!”
“Eat my pussy, Daddy. Lick his cum out of my cunt like you do for Mommy after other men fuck her.”

I put her legs over my shoulders and thoroughly cleansed my baby’s prepubescent pussy, giving her at least three more orgasms.

“I loved it, Daddy! I loved watching Ted watch you eat his cream pie. Now, I know why Momma loves it so much. It is so fucking hot!”
“Baby, I nearly ejaculated when I saw your lips wrap around Ted’s cockhead, and he filled your mouth and covered your face with his cum. It was so incredibly erotic. Your mother is going to be so disappointed that she wasn’t here to witness it with me.”
“Will she be mad at us for not waiting for her to be here?”
“I know she’ll understand. She wouldn’t have made you wait for me if she were
here and I wasn’t.”“I’m starving!” Alice whined.
We had eaten only vending machine snacks at the airport. I fried up bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Alice, Ted and I sat at the dining room table naked and devoured our late lunch. Then I served up bowls of Rocky Road ice cream with raspberry topping.
We were washing the dishes when the phone rang.
“You have a collect call from Carol Sanders. Will you accept the charges?”
“Aunt Wilma’s surgery went well. She had two clogged arteries. There’s no serious damage to her heart. The Doc says her prognosis is excellent. Daddy and I will arrive at Hobby this evening at 7:15. Momma’s going to stay for a while.”
“Ted arrived early,” I said. “The party started without you. Sorry about that.”
“Did Alice … ?
“Yes, she did. She is most definitely your offspring. She takes after you in every way. Where are you calling from?”
“The hospital cafeteria.”
“Let me talk to her,” Alice demanded, taking the phone. “It was so cool, and so hot. Now I know why you like Dad watching, and watching Dad being watched! Mr. Scott eats my pussy, and it feels really good, but Daddy’s better. I mean, I nearly fainted when he made me cum with his tongue! And, Ted had a prejacu-something” … “Yeah, a premature ejaculation when I took his cock in my mouth. He nearly drowned me with his cum. Daddy licked it all off of my face, and kissed me. He’s a really good kisser.” She handed the phone back to me.
“I am so fucking horny,” she hissed. “There’s no chance in hell of me getting laid between now and flight time. You and Ted better be ready to take care of me.”
“Maybe you could seduce your father.”
“I wish! I’m afraid he’d have a heart attack if I came on to him. He’s no prude, but I’m afraid he’d be shocked at the thought of incest.”
“Maybe you ought to tell your daughter to leave us alone until you’re home,” I said, handing Alice the phone.
“Do I have to, Momma?” she whined melodramatically. (listening) “I love you too, Momma. See you at the airport.”
“What did she say?” Ted asked.
“She begged me to have pity on my poor horny mother. So, no fucking till she gets home.”


The flight arrived on time. Ted, Carol and Alice rode in the back seat. Oswald, my Father-in-law,rode in the front. Father and daughter told us everything they had learned about open-heart surgery on the way to my in-law’s house. Carol and Ted started making out in the back seat as soon as her father was out of sight.
“We have to stop for gas,” I said. “The needle is touching the E.”
“Fuck!!!” I have to wait longer?”
I coasted to the pumps at a 7-Eleven. The Fuckwagon’s gas gauge was accurate.
I handed Alice a ten dollar bill. “Get $5 worth of gas.”
“Hurry!” Carol commanded. Then to Ted. “Let’s get in the back.”
They lowered the back of the back seat, closed the curtain, and the station wagon rocked slightly as they frantically undressed.
The pump turned on, and I began pumping gas.
Alice came out of the store hand-in-hand with Jake Scott. “Look who I found, Daddy!” she giggled.
We shook hands as the Fuckwagon began rocking in earnest. Alice moaned. Ted grunted. Jake looked shocked.
Alice giggled, “That’s Momma and her new boyfriend, Ted.”
“Ted called Momma, and I answered the phone, and he thought I was Momma, and…” She related the entire telephone conversation almost verbatim, and its aftermath while the Fuckwagon rocked, and the occupants moaned and groaned and grunted. “And I told Dad and Momma all about us.”
“Fuck me, Ted! God! Yesss! Fuck meeee!”
“Un-fucking-believable!” Jake muttered. “This has to be a hallucination. I have to quit smoking that shit.”
“Daddy says that we can fuck whenever we want to. He wants me to tell him all about it. Daddy is such a pervert.”
“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven,” he chuckled.
“Has a father ever let you fuck his daughter before?” she asked.
“A couple of times. Five years ago, and about six years before that, a mother assisted in our affair. There have been a couple of other times that I was pretty sure that one or both parents were aware of their little girls’ affairs.”
The pump stopped, and I returned the nozzle to its cradle.
“You don’t have to resort to the janitor’s closet anymore,” I laughed. “Her bed will be much more comfortable than that padded board on the deep sink.”
“Do you want to come home with me now, Mr. Scott?”
“I would love to cum with you!”
“Hop in,” I said.

Alice sat between me and her manfriend. “I ain’t wearin’ no panties,” she giggled.
“Alice Sanders !” I admonished. “You should be ashamed of yourself! What have I told you about double negatives?”
“I’m not wearing any panties,” she sighed, lifting her skirt hem, and exposing her bald puffy pussy.

Carol parted the curtain and peered out. “Mr. Scott. How nice of you to join us.”
“My pleasure,” he replied, ogling my wife’s tits. “Please call me Jake.”
She patted me on the shoulder. “Looks like you’re going to get to enjoy a double feature, Honey.
We went home, and directly to our bedroom, where I immediately went down on my wife, while Alice helped Jake undress.
“Do you like it, Ted? Do you like watching my husband clean your cum out of my cunt?”
“I love it. It’s even hotter than I imagined it would be.”
“I love it too,” Carol said. “I really get off to watching men watch my husband eat my pussy after they’ve fucked me while he watched. I love watching Bob watch me fuck and suck cock. It’s so hot.”
“Eat Momma’s pussy, Daddy. Clean out Ted’s cum. I loved watching Ted watch Daddy eat his cum out of my pussy.”
Ted’s flaccid penis slowly tumefied as he watched me and listened to my daughter’s obscene encouragement.
“I want Daddy to watch you fuck me, Mr. Scott. I want to see his face while you’re fucking me, and I want to see your face while you watch him lick your cum out of my cunt. It was soo hot watching him watch me and Ted.”
“Maybe I should invite my brother, Josh, to join us,” Jake said. “I told him all about you, and showed him the naked Polaroids I took of you. He wants to fuck you too.”
“Can he, Daddy? Can he call his brother?”
“The more the merrier,” I said.
Alice picked up the phone. “You dial. I’ll talk.”
He dialed.
“Is this Josh Scott?” … “This is Alice. Your brother told you all about me.” … “I don’t mind at all. I like it! Especially since he says that he showed you naked pictures of me, and that you want to fuck me too.” … “1920 Third Avenue.” … “My parents? They want you to fuck me too. We’re having an orgy right now.”
She put the handset in the cradle. “He’s on his way.”

There was a knock on the door less than five minutes later.

I watched Ted, Jake and Josh fill my wife’s and daughter’s mouths and cunts with cum, and watched them watch me eat their cream pies. Both Jake and Josh were in excellent physical condition and had more stamina than I imagined men in their 50s would have.
It was a memorable Memorial Day weekend.


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