Lost my virginity

Swati Jain have got experience of three guys till now ,as my lover Anuj seduced me twice,my classmate Nikhil got a single chance to love my body and than my cousin,Yogesh enjoyed with me at midnight ,but I am still virgin as my hymens are intact and I have to lose my virginity soon as my friends always narrates their story of physical love with their lovers ,I get embarassed and waiting for my lover Anuj to seduce me more.It’s a rainy season as lecture is going on in classroom ,I can see my lover Anuj smiling at me while eyeing my boobs ,my dress have covered my whole body as I have put a sleeveless kurti with leggings and as class happened , students started moving out of class for their lunch break.while sitting in classroom ,I am thinking about anuj’s moving out of class with a classmate Shaifali.now I walked out of classroom as I moved towards canteen in an anger ,looking inside ,I can see Anuj with Shaifali having talk and cold drinks.so looking towards Anuj ,I walked to Nikhil as he is sitting alone with a cup of coffee.as I sits on opposite chair ,I smiled…..

“How are you Nikhil?
(Nikhil)fine and you Swati
(Swati,)I am fine .”

As I am talking to Nikhil to make Anuj angry but he is too busy talking with shaifali.now I asked Nikhil……”ok I am going back to my home as rest of classes are boring
(Nikhil)oh but what I will do here .” As we both walked out of canteen ,Nikhil is looking for fun as he asked politely….”class is boring Swati but
(Swati)yes it’s boring
(Nikhil)ok if you don’t mind ,I will give you company in my car
(Swati)oh I see but only company ,nothing else.”

As Nikhil is shocked on my reply ,he is walking with me towards car parking.as Nikhil opened the door of car ,I moved inside and Nikhil starts the car as car started moving on a somehow deserted path ,it’s a humid afternoon and Nikhil is driving car smoothly as he is looking straight.now thinking about my lover Anuj ,I felt embarrassed as Nikhil have took inner ring road to reach my home ,I ask him…….”Nikhil put your car on outer ring road .”

And he smiled as he drive the car towards outer ring road ,we are approaching towards army cantonment areas dense forest as Nikhil is moving car at a greater speed and I am feeling bit horny as we both reached near a shopping mall ,I asked him……”Nikhil have some chilled beer and …..
(Nikhil)and cigarettes
(Swati)yes with some Contraceptive pills.”

As I felt shy ,I looked towards other direction and I am curious to lose my virginity today as it will be a befitting reply to my lover Anuj.nikhil stopped the car and walked away as I am sitting on car ,looking to him as he walked to a wine shop and bought canes of beer and now came back to me to give it ,as he walked again to a medicine shop ,he came back after a while.now he drove the car as I can see a strip of pills in his pocket ,after 20-25 minutes of drive we reached the deserted place as it’s a dense forest zone near army cantonment.looking at me ,Nikhil smiled as I walked out of car with him,he is standing near me …….

“Swati will you lost your virginity today ?
(Swati)than ,are you not capable of doing so
(Nikhil in anger)even your mom will cry having my penis.”

And he hold me in his arms as I started kissing his face to neck ,my hand is moving on his back as my legs are brushing on his legs.now Nikhil hold my neck as he put his lips on my rossy lips to kiss and I opened my mouth to have his lips inside ,as I am sucking his lips ,my hand is pressing his ass hard as we both are in dress.later on ,I pushed my long tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it while my boobs are on his chest ,his hand is moving on my sexy ass on leggings.after a while, I pushed his head back as my tongue is out of his mouth.now I put my head on his shoulder as he is rubbing my sexy ass and trying to hold its fleshy part in his palm to massage.as Nikhil hold my leggings on waist to pull it down ,I hold his wrist…..”no not here
(Nikhil)oh sexy ,what happened to you ? No one is here to see us.”

As he pulled down my leggings ,it’s near my knees and I took it out of my legs.now I am partially nude as my kurti have covered upto my G string ,my legs to thighs are nude and Nikhil started pressing my breast with his hard palm.as I put my hand on his jeans to remove ,he started removing it quickly,no one is there to look love buddies as Nikhil have removed his jeans and I put my hand on his undies as I pulled it down to legs.nikhil’s penis is in my hand as I am giving it a slow jerk as our lower parts are nude ,Nikhil have put his hand on my G string .later on ,my dirty mind started thinking about my lover Anuj as I knelt down on grass to love Nikhil’s cock.as I hold his cock to love ,he said…..”darling don’t move so fast ,have drinks first .”

As I sits on grass while Nikhil took out two canes of beer from car.now we started drinking beer while he lit a cigarette to smoke ,his cock is in my palm as I am masturbating it slowely and Nikhil is pressing my breast hard on my kurti.after a while ,I have my drinks as Nikhil is sitting with his legs straight.now I hold his cock as I leaned my face to kiss its base to shaft ,he is lifting my loose kurti upto my neck ,now I took his glans on my face as I am moving it slowely to have smoother touch on it and than I opened my mouth to swallow his long dick.now my mouth is sucking his cock as Nikhil have lifted my tops upto my neck and he is holding my both boobs in hands to massage it.later on ,Nikhil put his hand on my back as he unhooked my brassiere ,it’s out of my chest as my lovely tits are nude.He is pressing my breast as I took out his wet dick from my mouth and started licking it fastly with my tongue and he is screaming”oohh aahh uumm ” loudly.after a while ,I sit on grass as I put myself on knees and lifts my kurti upto my neck as my boobs are on his face ,he hold one and took it in his mouth to suck as he is pressing my other breast .my vaginal path seems to be hot as it’s itching inside.as he left my breast and took out my other boobs in his mouth to suck ,I put my hand on waist as I opened its strings .now my vagina is nude as Nikhil is sucking my breast hard while putting his hand on my cunt ,he pushed his finger in my cunt as he is fingering it fastly while I am screaming in joy”oohh aahh Nikhil suck my breast hard” as he left my breast ,I put down my kurti to cover my boobs.as I sits on his thigh ,I kissed his lips…….

“Nikhil ,now move inside car
(Nikhil)ok as you wish .” And I walked with him while having my clothes in hand .Nikhil opened the door as I frisked inside car on back seat ,he came inside and put doors closed.He have switched on the A/C and now I am kissing his face as well as lips ,he took out my kurti as I am completely nude inside car.while sitting on seat’s corner ,I have widend my legs and he knelt infront of me as he is kissing my vagina.my vagina is getting the love it deserves and he put his fingers on it to widend the hole as his tongue started licking his vagina fastly.nikhil is fucking my vagina with his tongue as he is pressing my breast hard and my legs are shivering as my body is in full sensation.later on ,Nikhil took my vagina in his mouth to suck as my hand have hold his hairs…..

“oohh uumm suck hard you dog ,I will cum soon.”

And my vagina poured cum inside as he licked it to taste it’s cum .now Nikhil is sitting near me on seat as he is removing his shirt and vest ,we both are nude as Nikhil took out a strips of pills and put it on my hand…….”read the instructions and put it inside
(Swati laughed)pH it’s your duty .” And he took out a long white pill from the strip as he made me sleep on seat ,now my legs are stretched as he pushed his finger in my vagina and than put pill inside as he is pushing pill in my vagina to make sex safe.my wet cunt is curious to have the penis and Nikhil is moving his hand on my tummy to thighs as he said…….

“darling whenever you feel your pill melts inside ,say me .”and it took 2-3 minutes to melt inside as I asked him……..”pill have melted so what.”

And he sits on his knees as his hand have hold his penis ,now looking at me ,he put his glans on my vagina as he is rubbing it hardly and I am waiting for my fuck as he pushed his glans and 1/2 of his cock is inside my vagina ,now his cock is brushing it’s wall as I feel my cunt tearing in pieces ,he fucked me hard and I shouted

“oohh Nikhil no no took out your penis my vagina is in pain” but he hold my waist as he took out his penis part from my vagina and than fucked hard as my vagina is full of his cock ,I am in pain and his hard cock is fucking me fastly while my mouth is shouting

“oohh my vagina is now in pain ,Nikhil it’s in much pain ,don’t fuck me more .”

But Nikhil is pounding my vagina hard while pressing my breast with his palm.now Nikhil is slow while fucking me as his hand is pressing my breast and I am still in pain as it’s feels like a hot rod hitting my smooth vagina harder.my legs are in pain as I am feeling my vagina in much pain as Nikhil is pounding my cunt hard ,I have surrendered myself to him as he have broke my hymens ,my vagina have lost their virginity and now Nikhil started shouting”oohh aahh have my cum you bitch ujmm.”

And his penis ejaculated sperms in my vagina as I am lying on seat like a exhausted gal with his penis in my vagina.I have lost my virginity to Nikhil as my lover have lost his chance to do so.

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