A brother and sister practice role-playing

A brother and sister practice role-playing

WHEN I GOT MY NEW JOB at an ad agency early last year, I rented a nice two-bedroom apartment in a suburban neighborhood about a 20-minute bus ride from the center of town. It was during the pandemic, so I set up my second bedroom as an office, since my work office was pretty much shut down and we all met by phone calls and Zoom conferences. Since then, the office has opened up again, but it is still letting people work at home a couple of days a week. So my usual schedule has been to go into the office two or three days a week and work from home the rest of the time. It’s a pretty nice balance, and I enjoy having time to hang out with the other people I work with.

About a month ago my sister, Ellie, got in touch with me to tell me she had just gotten a job in my city. Ellie was just over a year older than me, and had been working as a paralegal. Her new job would give her a chance to do specialized work in commercial real estate, and would pay a lot better. She asked if I had any recommendations about places to live.

I told her she could stay with me for a while and not have to rush into finding a place until she knew more about what she wanted. She was delighted and said she would take me up on it, and was happy it would give us a chance to hang out with each other again.

I emptied the office stuff out of the second bedroom. Since I was only working from home part-time, I was able to set up a desk in my bedroom and arrange a Zoom set-up in my living room where the background would look nicer.

* * *

Ellie arrived Friday at noon. When I opened the door, she gave me a big hug. “Brandon, you’re looking wonderful! It’s so great to see you! We haven’t had a chance to really hang out and talk in a long time.”

We hadn’t seen that much of each other since high school. Pretty much Christmas break and the occasional Thanksgiving dinner. We both tended to get jobs over the summer so we weren’t hanging out at home.

Ellie was looking stunning, as usual. She was slim and had a sense of athletic presence, and guys’ heads would swivel to watch her as she walked down the street. Her hair was what I guess they would call “dirty blonde,” much lighter than my dark brown hair. We shared some similarities in looks — we’re both on the tall side and we both have blue eyes. At the same time, if we were out doing things together, people wouldn’t automatically think brother and sister.

She hadn’t brought all that much with her at this point. She still had a lot of stuff at our parents’ house, but for now, she would just need clothes and her laptop and stuff until she figured out what she wanted to do next.

“Brandon, your place looks great. I love it. It’s so nice of you to invite me to stay with you for a while. Are you sure I won’t be getting in your way?… I guess what I’m asking is, do you have a girlfriend who may find me an inconvenience?”

“No, it’s been a while. My last relationship ended a couple of months ago and I’ve just been kind of chilling since then.”

“Well, that’s great, I guess. Anyway, this will give us plenty of time to catch up.”

I gave her time to get her stuff unpacked and get her clothes put into drawers and closets. Then I offered to show her around the neighborhood so she could know where the shops and restaurants were and where the bus stops were and all that. It was a beautiful afternoon and we were both enjoying being together and looking at shops and just having a good time. We had grabbed a quick lunch, but with dinnertime approaching, I suggested that we celebrate by going to a local Italian restaurant. I used to go there pretty often (cooking for one is pretty much a drag), so the owner greeted us effusively, and the waiter was eager to give us recommendations.

I ordered a bottle of Chianti along with our meal, so by the end of dinner, we were both feeling very mellow. After dinner, we walked back to the apartment. I suggested we might want to watch some TV for the evening, and suggested that if she wanted she could change into whatever she wanted for TV watching. She went back to her bedroom and I went to mine. When we met back in the living room, were both wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants.

There was a rom-com about to start that neither of us had seen before. I went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine and brought out some glasses and a bowl of mixed nuts and we settled in.

* * *

The movie was very funny, and the two leads were very charismatic and had a lot of romantic chemistry. I guess, with Ellie sitting there next to me, the romantic vibes started getting to me. We had finished about half of the new bottle of wine, and at one point Ellie just kind of leaned her head on my shoulder. I reached my arm around her shoulder and kind of just hugged her a little bit. After a little while, I ended up putting my other hand on her lap. I’m not quite sure why I did that. Maybe it was the movie, maybe it was the wine… I mean it couldn’t have been me, right? But then somehow, I slowly began to move my hand upward. Ellie wasn’t doing anything to stop me, and so eventually I found my hand resting on her breast. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. I guess, I’m pretty sure, hell, I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, but her breast felt so good under the sweatshirt. And, of course, it had been a while since I had had a girlfriend.

I just left my hand as still as possible. I didn’t want to move and make her any more aware of what I was doing. But then, underneath the sweatshirt, I felt her nipple start to get hard and press up against my hand. Now this was definitely wrong, no question at all, but take my hand away? It felt way too good. I guess I just hoped she wouldn’t exactly notice.

I was feeling totally buzzed in the whole situation, the wine, seeing Ellie again, the romantic comedy, and now feeling her breast and nipple against my hand.

All of a sudden, Ellie sat up. “Brandon, what are you doing? What do you think we are doing? You do know you’re my brother, right? Oh my God, did I make a big mistake moving in with you?”

I sat there, incredibly embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything. I shouldn’t have done that. I love having you here but I shouldn’t have done that.”

Ellie stood there, then turned toward the hallway to her room. “I need to go to my room now, I need to go to bed. I can’t just sit down and go back to watching TV right now…” She looked back at me and saw how upset I looked. I could see her trying to figure everything out. Finally she said, “I’m not mad at you. I’m really not. And I’m not going to say it didn’t feel good. I’m not saying that at all. But to me, Brandon is my brother, and that just makes it wrong.

“Look, I’m confused. I’m not sure what to think, or what to do. I’ll see you in the morning for breakfast, okay? And no, I’m really not mad at you, so don’t worry. I still love you very much.”

There it was. It had been so nice having Ellie here, having dinner with her, watching TV with her, and now I had totally blown it. I felt miserable. I certainly didn’t want her to move out because I’d been so stupid. What was I thinking?

I turned off the TV and went into my bedroom. I heard the water running in the bathroom so I figured Ellie was brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed. I wanted to stay out of her way for now, so I just waited until I heard the bathroom door open and her bedroom door close. I went into the bathroom and peed and brushed my teeth and then went back to my bedroom.

I got into bed and tried to fall asleep, but that wasn’t working. I thought about jerking off to try and relax, but I felt like that would make me feel like a total perv. So I just lay there, and tried not to think, until somehow I finally fell asleep.

* * *

I was the first one up the next morning. I was still thinking about what had happened yesterday and wondering what it was going to be like seeing Ellie when she got up.

I took a quick shower and got dressed and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. I decided to go all out and make eggs and bacon and pancakes. I didn’t know if it would help the situation, but was the best thing I could think of. A lot of Saturday mornings I would just head out for coffee and a muffin at a local coffee shop, but that really wasn’t going to give us the same chance to talk — if she was still talking to me, that is.

I was in the middle of cooking when Ellie came in, dressed for the day. “Good morning, Brandon. Looks like you’re putting out quite a spread. I usually don’t get that elaborate for breakfast. But I appreciate you doing that.”

Breakfast turned out well, even the pancakes were done just right. We didn’t talk a lot over breakfast, but the mood seemed much lighter than last night.

After breakfast, we sat there for a while drinking coffee, and then Ellie said, “I was looking online, and there’s some shopping I need to do in town. You showed me where the bus stop is so I can just take the bus. I should be back around 3 or 4 o’clock.”

She didn’t suggest that I come along with her. I wasn’t sure whether I should read anything into that or not. I mean, if it hadn’t been for last night, I could have seen us enjoying going around shopping together. She didn’t seem to be upset, but she didn’t want me along either.

I decided to go for a quick run in the park instead. I figured some exercise would keep me from just sitting around and overthinking, and probably worrying as well.

* * *

Sure enough, Ellie came back around 3:45. She was carrying a couple of bags with her, but I couldn’t see what stores they were from. She took the bags back to her room, and then came back out. “I was thinking maybe we could stay in and watch a movie tonight. If there’s a good pizza place nearby, maybe we could go get a pizza and also pick up another bottle of wine.”

* * *

It was a beautiful warm afternoon, and there was no need to rush about anything. We walked around a bit just looking at some different shops, and stopped in at a liquor store and bought a bottle of red wine. Then we headed to a place in the neighborhood that made some of the best pizza around. I ordered a large pizza, and then we sat at one of the outdoor tables to wait until it was ready.

Normally, I would have just ordered pizza in, but it felt good being able to walk around with Ellie and do this stuff together, so I let her carry the wine and I tried to carry the large pizza box without tipping it. Fortunately, it was a pretty short walk to my place.

When we got home, I opened the bottle of wine and got some glasses and plates for us. I had a pretty big coffee table in front of my sofa so I put everything on the coffee table and even managed to fit the pizza box there so we wouldn’t be running back and forth during the movie.

I was just going to channel surf, looking for something, but Ellie had something specific in mind; she went to the Amazon video site and found Dr. Zhivago. “I think I want to buy this, rather than just rent it,” she said. “I’ll pay for it when your bill comes in.”

Normally I’m the kind of guy who just watches a movie once and that’s plenty, since there are so many more movies out there that I haven’t seen. But if that’s what she wanted, that was fine.

“Brandon, have you ever seen ‘Dr. Zhivago’?”

“Never seen it,” I said. “I’ve heard of it. Isn’t it kind of old?”

“Yes, the original version is pretty old, but it doesn’t really seem that way. It’s a classic. And I think they released a higher-resolution version a number of years ago, so the quality should be pretty good.”

I looked at the movie information on Amazon.

“Did you know that this movie is over three hours long?” I asked.

“I didn’t remember exactly how long, but yes, it is long. It’s an epic. It’s about the Russian Revolution and there’s all sorts of stuff going on. Don’t worry about it, it’ll be worth it.”

I wasn’t quite sure about this, but after last night, I was ready to go along with anything. No way I wanted to upset her again.

* * *

It was a long movie. We were done with the pizza long before the movie began to hit its high points, and we had finished the bottle of wine well before the end of the movie, but I didn’t want to get up and go looking for another bottle.

The story was amazing with all sorts of stuff about the Russian Revolution and all of the fighting between factions and stuff like that and what happened to the peasants and all. But the main thing was the love story between Dr. Zhivago (Yuri) and Lara. And at the end there is that final scene where Dr. Zhivago, who has gotten really old, sees Lara passing by in a streetcar and can’t catch up and can’t get her attention. She doesn’t see him and he tries to run after the trolley and has a heart attack or something and falls into the snow. That really crushed me. I sat there with tears welling up in my eyes, although I tried not to show it. But Ellie saw it.

“So you are romantic,” she said. “I pretty much figured you would be, and that’s good. Especially for what I have in mind.”

* * *

I looked at her. What was she talking about? I mean I had been really careful all evening not to do anything like I had done the night before, so I didn’t think I had done anything wrong.

“Last night, after I went back to my bedroom,” she said, “I spent a lot of time thinking about things. And no, I wasn’t mad at you then and I’m not mad at you now. But there was just this big problem to deal with. You’re Brandon and I’m Ellie, and well, we grew up together. We played together, we took baths together when we were kids, we were best friends. And, we were family. Brother and sister. That’s a huge no-no. And that doesn’t change, no matter how much wine we drink or anything else.

“But I also started thinking about something else. When I was in college, I got into acting for a while. I had some bit parts in a few plays, but my big break was getting to play the female lead in a production of ‘Miss Julie,’ a one-act play by Strindberg. And one of the big things I had to learn was that acting wasn’t just about memorizing lines and reciting them, it was about sinking yourself into the role, about disappearing into this other person. You weren’t you anymore, you were the person in the play. You were someone totally different. I wasn’t Ellie anymore, I was Miss Julie. In a way, it was kind of liberating. You could stop being you and step into some kind of completely different reality. And that was the only way it would work.

“You see, as long as you’re Brandon, it’s completely wrong. We grew up together, we took baths together when we were kids. But if you were someone else, someone completely different, well… And, of course, if I was someone completely different as well…

“Suppose you weren’t Brandon and I wasn’t Ellie. Suppose I was Lara and you were Yuri. Suppose what was between us was this incredible epic romance. Do you see what I’m saying?”

I thought about it, and I thought about all the people I had seen in movies and plays and how they became other people. And then you had Omar Sharif and Julie Christie becoming Yuri and Lara. I mean I knew they had both been in lots of other movies, but in this movie, none of that mattered. This is who they were. And it was the hottest and most moving love story I had ever seen.

“Yes, I said, “it makes a lot of sense. That’s what you have to do for the play. But it also gives you the chance to step outside of yourself and be someone else. And most people never really get to do that. I think that’s a beautiful idea.”

* * *

Ellie stood up. “When I went shopping today, I had that very idea in mind. There was a store that sold vintage clothing, and I found something for each of us.

“I couldn’t find everything for you, but this should be a start.” She went back into her bedroom and came out carrying a black formal jacket with tails. It was the kind of thing that a gentleman would wear at Ascot and at Royal parties and stuff like that.

“I think if you have a pair of black pants or something close, a pair of black shoes, and a white shirt, and maybe a black bow tie or something, it should be enough. So go to your room and get dressed and I’ll meet you in the living room. Then you get to see what I found for myself.”

* * *

I took the jacket and headed back into my bedroom. I had a pair of black pants, but they weren’t all that formal. But I did have a charcoal gray suit, and I figured the pants from that were more formal-looking, and would be a more appropriate match. The jacket fit fine and I had plenty of white shirts, including one that didn’t have a button-down collar. And I did have, from some long-ago occasion, a black bow tie. Fortunately, it was a clip-on. I looked through my shoes and I decided to go with a pair of black leather chukka boots that I hadn’t worn in some time. After I put everything on, I went into the bathroom and wet my hair and slicked it back to change my appearance even more. I definitely looked different. I was no Omar Sharif, but I wasn’t Brandon anymore.

By the time I was dressed in this outfit, I looked and felt like a completely different person. I went back out into the living room and sat down on the sofa to wait for Ellie — or was I waiting for Lara? I was still somewhat uncertain about what was going on. I had done what I could, but it was impromptu based on what I had in my closet.

It took a while, but finally I heard Ellie’s bedroom door open and in a moment I saw her come into the room. The sight of her almost took my breath away. She was wearing an elaborate burgundy-colored vintage dress that she filled out perfectly. The dress was long enough that I couldn’t see much of her feet, but it seemed that her shoes were similarly vintage. She had also put her hair up in a new way and looked totally different and totally exotic.

“Yuri,” she said, looking at me. “I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time. You look so handsome tonight.”

“Lara,” I said, “you look more beautiful than ever.”

Suddenly I understood everything. It was more romantic than anything I could’ve ever thought of, more romantic than anything I had ever experienced before in my life.

* * *

“Come Yuri, come dance a waltz with me.”

I was taken aback at this unexpected request. “I… I don’t know how to waltz,” I said apologetically.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you can count to three, and that’s all it takes. I’ll teach you. She called out to the speaker beside the TV, ‘Alexa, play classical waltz music.'”

She stood elegantly before me and I moved forward meet her. She helped show me where to put my arm and my hand, and reminded me to stand straight the whole time. Then the music began. The first waltz was a beautiful song with a very clear rhythm.

She had me follow her and count with her, one, two, three… one, two, three… With her leading me, it seemed almost natural, and I began to see and feel everything coming together.

“You look amazing tonight, Lara. You are a vision of loveliness.” I didn’t have to make any of this up, she was all that and more. She was more beautiful and more exciting and more intoxicating than any girl I had ever met. And I felt transformed as well. I had forgotten our other selves entirely. I was part of this amazing new world, or old world, or whatever. This world of romance and fantasy and love.

We danced several waltzes, and pretty soon it was becoming natural to me. I certainly wasn’t good, but I was no longer awful.

Finally, Lara said, “This has been wonderful, Yuri. I look forward to our next meeting.”

And with that, she squeezed my hand and turned and left the living room and headed back to her bedroom. No kiss, not even a hug. What the hell had I done wrong? What was going on?

* * *

The next morning, I made breakfast again, and waited for Ellie to show up. Breakfast was almost ready when she appeared. She was smiling, and acting as if nothing at all was wrong.

She got herself a cup of coffee and let me serve breakfast. When were done with breakfast, she refilled her coffee cup and sat back at the table.

“Let’s talk, Brandon. What happened last night was beautiful. It was magnificent. It was the most romantic and exotic experience of my life. And I don’t want us to mess anything up.

“So here are the rules. Brandon and Ellie are brother and sister. They love each other, but they don’t mess around. Yuri and Lara live in a world of epic landscapes, and epic love. Those two worlds are completely separate. When you become Yuri, that’s who you are. When you are with Lara, the two of you are in your own universe that knows nothing about us, about our jobs, or our lives.

“If you slip up, it’s over. I might even need to move out. But if you can stay with it, we will have our own world that’s more amazing than anything either of us has ever known. Is that clear?

“Also, we both have jobs and need to be able to operate in the real world as well. So probably, most of our Yuri and Lara time will need to be on the weekends. The other days, we will just be us and we can hang out and do regular things together. Do you agree to those terms?”

I nodded.

Then she added, “Now, one more thing, I just want you to know, about last night, I’m not trying to be a tease. It was wonderful, in a lot of ways. But… Well, it still felt like… Like we were just reciting our lines. We weren’t really there. I mean I didn’t come up with this idea just as a way to sneak around the rules. That would never work for me. And in the end, it wouldn’t be enough for you either. It has to be real. I don’t know exactly what it will take, but both you and I will know when it happens. And we’ll know why we waited.

“So for now, we both need to keep thinking about it, and Yuri and Lara can meet again next weekend.”

I suppose that made me feel a little better about what happened last night, but at the same time it left me feeling kind of stuck. What did she want? You know, it’s like that old whine by male comedians, “What do women want?” As if it’s some kind of total mystery. (Which in this case it was.)

But at the same time, I kind of felt like I understood what she was talking about. If it was going to be a classic romance, we weren’t nearly there yet. I wasn’t nearly there yet, and I knew it. I just wasn’t sure of how to get there.

* * *

Monday morning, after breakfast, Ellie headed out to catch the bus to go to her office.

I was working from home that day, so my time is pretty flexible. I decided to take a long lunch hour to do some shopping on my own. I found a formalwear shop that rented tuxedos and the like. They also had some fancy vests for the tuxedos which had these raised patterns on them. I got a black vest with a raised black design. They also had some bigger, slightly floppy, old-fashioned bowties — fortunately also clip-on.

That would be a little better, a step up on the formalwear side, but I also knew that wasn’t the real answer. On the way back home, I stopped off at a bookstore to check out some Russian poetry books. I was thinking that since Yuri was also a poet, maybe that would give me some language or something.

I looked at some of the poems. I don’t know whether it was a problem with translation, or maybe I’m just not a poetry person, but that wasn’t giving me what I was looking for. I decided I would have to do some more thinking about my next step.

What was I missing? As I thought about it, I began to realize that I was, at heart, an American in my soul. I was, whatever setbacks faced me or even faced the country, an optimist. Things were good, and when bad things happened, they would pass. But I also realized that that was not the Russian way. There was some kind of darkness some sense of bad history, some sense that things were only going to get worse in different ways, not better. And that your best hope was to survive, however tragically.

I realized that the answer was not to become a clone of Yuri in the movie (how much more was there to learn about him?), but to become my own Yuri, with his own sense of tragedy interwoven with romance. I started doing some research online to find some quintessential Russian authors. That was easy enough. Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekov, Pushkin. Maybe Solzhenitsyn, although he was later, but he certainly understood Russia. I even decided to add Kafka to my list, even though he wasn’t Russian, but he understood the absurdity of life and the idiocy and dangers of bureaucracy.

A lot of these authors were old enough that their works were out of copyright and available free online through the Gutenberg Project. Where I could, I looked for short stories by these authors, although even their short stories were pretty long by today’s standards. I wanted, as they say, to “git ‘er done,” and reading the novels in full was going to be too much of a project. For the longer works (was I really going to read all of “War and Peace”?), I went to summaries on Wikipedia or study notes on the web.

This was my project. I needed to become my own Yuri, with my own depth, and my own angst. I needed to absorb the culture through my mind and through my skin. I needed to surround Lara with that tragic world, where only love had any meaning at all.

* * *

I still had to keep up with work, and I still went in to the office at least two days a week, so I needed to find ways to block out extra time during the week. On the days when I was working from home, it was easy to use lunch hour for my research. Also, Ellie had about a 30-minute commute from her office to get back to the apartment, so that gave me a little extra time at the end of the day. But I also found myself making time in the evening by telling Ellie I had a project I had to work on and going back to my bedroom to hit my computer for more research.

She didn’t seem to mind, and a lot of evenings she would just watch TV or sometimes read a book. I would’ve enjoyed being able to hang out and watch TV with her, but I really wanted to make some progress with Russian literature. Also, I was just starting to really enjoy it and find it fascinating. And I did start to get a better sense of this kind of dark Russian sensibility and I began to feel myself starting to incorporate this into my vision of Yuri. It was about so much more than just waltzes and vintage clothing. It was an understanding that nothing came easy, that disappointment was more likely than success, but the one kept going, regardless.

I tried not to let that start affecting the weekday Brandon, although I guess it probably began to make me a little less chipper and maybe even a little more brooding than my usual self, even when I went into the office and was working with people I got along with and liked to hang out with.

The real test would be the weekends. We kept Friday nights for Brandon and Ellie, a chance for us to go out to dinner together and relax. But Saturday I would spend much of the day preparing myself mentally for the evening. That next Saturday, when I appeared with my new best and my vintage-looking tie, Lara was impressed. We waltzed, and we talked. We talked about the darkness of the weather, the darkness of events, the weight on the soul.

I could see Lara looking at me differently. I was moving into this world far more than she had expected. She reached over and held my hand as we talked. And when the evening was over, she gave me a hug as she said goodnight.

On Sunday, we — Brandon and Ellie — went out for a walk to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. We were both feeling the afterglow from last night, although neither of us was free to say a word about it. Still, there was a romantic image to our being together that hadn’t been there before.

Sunday night, Yuri and Lara got together again, and danced and talked, with Lara holding the Yuri’s hand practically the whole time. At the end of the evening, when it came time to say goodnight, she kissed me softly on the lips. “I am falling more in love with you, Yuri. Soon I fear I will fall in love with you completely. Even now, it is hard for me to say good night, but you know I must.”

Of course I would’ve loved more, would’ve loved a lot more, but I understood. I, of course, was in love with Lara all along, but I guess I felt I understood what that love meant in a way I had not understood it before.

The best part was, I knew what both of us wanted. And I knew it was up to me. I had to decide, “Whether I am a trembling creature or whether I have the right?” (A line from Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment.”) I don’t know whether that was the right way to use that quote, but I had to assert myself, to break past the idea that we were simply playing roles, and become the dark romantic figure of Lara’s dreams.

* * *

I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand waiting. I would keep studying the stories and novels and plays, but I needed a grander gesture.

I decided to write Lara a letter. Actually, pretty much a note, since I wasn’t sure how to sustain a Russian romantic voice in anything lengthy.

“Dear Lara,

I miss you every moment that we are apart. Events and circumstances do not favor us, as we both understand. And yet, I believe that our feelings must, in spite of everything, conquer all.

I long to be with you, and to be able to express my love freely and wholly. You are the vision who inspires me to think past the obstacles, and to believe in miracles.

I am, till I see you again, your most humble and devoted servant,


I wrote it up on my computer and was going to simply print it out, but I realized how out of sync that would be. Instead, I went out during my lunch hour and found a shop that sold elegant notepaper and envelopes. I bought a pack of each in a light cream color that looked somewhat old-fashioned. I figured I’d better have some backup sheets in case I screwed up my first attempt. (Which I did.)

My usual handwriting tends to be quick and sloppy — pretty much the kind of handwriting that most American males end up with, since learning cursive seems like a royal pain in the ass. So I had to practice on some regular paper first just to neaten up my handwriting and try to make it look as formal as possible. I would’ve used a fountain pen, but really, who has those anymore? So I just used a ballpoint, although I used a high-end pen I had gotten as a present from a relative when I graduated from high school.

After wasting a lot of regular paper on drafts, I set to work on a sheet of the notepaper I had bought. By the third sheet, which wasn’t bad, all things considered, I had a decent copy.

I folded it carefully and put it in a matching envelope. Then I wrote “Lara” on the front, and sealed the envelope. I didn’t want to mail it, too much modernity in a US postal stamp, and not quite the right set-up for me to have to tell her to check the mail. So I slipped it under her bedroom door for her to find privately when she got home. That way, I wouldn’t have to say anything about it, and she wouldn’t either, at least until the weekend.

I didn’t say anything when Ellie got home.

She had said “Hi” when she came in, and then went to her room to change into comfortable clothes for the evening. She was gone a lot longer than usual, but when she came back out, she had a big smile on her face. It was obvious she had read the note that I left for her. It was something I knew she wouldn’t be expecting at all.

“I hope you don’t have to work on one of your projects tonight,” she said. “It would be nice to have an evening where we can just hang out and watch TV together.”

“Absolutely. I’ve been looking forward to it. I already ordered Thai food, so we can eat dinner while watching TV.” I brought out dishes and silverware, along with a bottle of wine and some glasses. Then I brought out a platter with the various takeout boxes for a classic-style TV meal.

Ellie was even more talkative than usual, telling me about her day and asking how my day had gone. We managed to find a good movie and settled in. When we finished our meal, she even moved over next to me. It felt really good, feeling her body against me again, but I also knew not to do anything stupid this time.

Now all I had to do was to continue reading about Russian literature, and wait till the weekend.

* * *

After breakfast on Saturday morning, Ellie told me she had some shopping to do and she would be back mid-afternoon. I had my own plan in mind, and set out for an expedition of food shopping.

Ellie came back around five that afternoon. She was carrying another shopping bag. This time I recognized it as being from the vintage clothing store. She took the bag back to her room and came out and said, “What would you think about going out for dinner someplace? I’m pretty hungry, and I don’t really feel like having us spend a lot of time cooking.”

Although I had just gone out grocery shopping, I was happy to wait until tomorrow to get into cooking.

We went to a restaurant near my apartment that had good food, with at least some emphasis on healthy. We both ended up ordering dinner salads. I think we both wanted to keep it light, since we had the evening ahead of us. That said, we did end up sharing a bottle of wine with our salads. I don’t know if that counteracts the healthiness of the salads, but whatever. It felt good.

I wouldn’t say that we rushed through dinner, but we didn’t exactly linger either. When we were done we headed home, and each of us went to our own bedrooms to change.

* * *

I hadn’t added anything new to my wardrobe. I had been too focused on studying Russian literature. And I suppose that sending Lara the note was a pretty big deal too.

I went out to the living room to wait for Lara. I’d been waiting a while when I finally heard the bedroom door open and close. Then I saw Lara come into the living room.

This time, she was not wearing the burgundy dress. She had bought another vintage dress, low-cut this time, in a shade of blue that matched her eyes. And she was wearing bright red lipstick that totally got my attention.

“You look lovelier than ever tonight, Lara,” I said.

“And you look as dashing as your note,” she replied.

She led me over to the space near the speakers and turned on another waltz. I was much better this time, in fact I was almost feeling graceful. I felt the romance of waltzing with her, of holding her and moving with her. And, of course, the whole time I was feeling mesmerized by her face and her eyes and her lips.

I was glad that we were dancing. I doubted I would’ve been able to utter a coherent sentence.

We danced one more waltz, at the end Lara stopped. She pulled me forward to her and kissed me, first gently so I felt her lips against mine, but then I felt her tongue in my mouth and we were both kissing each other passionately and urgently.

She stopped for a moment, and said, “Yuri, I have been waiting for this evening. I have been wanting you for so long, and tonight I must be with you.”

* * *

She took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. She opened the door and let us in, and then closed the door behind her. The room was dimly lit, with two small lamps whose flame-shaped bulbs flickered like candles. When I looked around, I saw a large movie poster for Dr. Zhivago hanging on one wall.

Lara began kissing me again, now moving her hands all over my shoulders and my back, and I began running my hands over her as well. Then I began running my hands up to feel her breasts and I felt her hands pressing on mine. Then I felt her move her hands to her back to reach up to the zipper of her dress.

I reached behind to help her and unzipped the back of her dress. Then she stepped back and let the dress fall, and then took it and folded it and put it on a chair. She was wearing a lacy blue corset bra in the same color as the dress, and blue bikini panties.

She was also wearing a blue garter belt and matching blue stockings.

I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. I might have liked to see her in better light, but this was the perfect romantic picture.

I took off my jacket and folded it and put it on top of the dress, and did the same with my pants. I made sure to take the tie off myself, since a modern clip-on wasn’t something I wanted Lara to see. Then she stepped forward and unbuttoned my shirt and removed it and added it to the pile.

She stepped forward and we began kissing some more, feeling our bodies against each other in this new way. Then I started kissing her neck and then kissing my way down to her breasts and then gradually down to her panties.

“Oh Yuri, that feels so beautiful, you are so romantic, and I love you so much.”

I was burying my face in her panties, trying to suck on her mound and run my tongue up and down her pussy through the thin fabric. I could feel the soft hair of her bush, and wanted to be able to bury my face in it.

In a moment, I felt Lara lean down and unhook her garters from her stockings. Then she pulled down her panties, leaving the stockings in place, and when she had kicked her panties off, she reattached the garters to her stockings. Then she stood back up with her bush and her pussy in my face. I began rubbing my face in her bush, feeling the soft hair and sucking on it and licking it, then I moved down to suck on her mound and her clit. I took her pussy lips between my lips, sucking my way down, and then made my way back up, this time with my tongue between her lips at the same time, tasting her and feeling her juice on my face.

She fell back on the bed, with her pussy facing me. I went back down, licking and sucking on her and then stuck my tongue in her as far as I could reach, playing with her and tasting her and feeling her. Her hips were quivering in both of us were getting totally turned on.

Then she brought her hands down and held my arms and guided me back up again to her breasts. I began kissing her breasts and trying to suck on her nipples.

The corset had clasps running down the front, on Lara began undoing them while I was still kissing her breasts. There were no straps, so when she was done, she simply opened it from the front, leaving her breasts and nipples for me to suck on directly.

Her breasts felt beautiful, and her nipples were already hard. I began sucking on her breasts and her nipples with my arms wrapped tight around her. I could feel her bush up against my chest.

She sat back up and kneeled in front of me to pull my boxers down and let me kick them off, while she was tossing her corset on the floor. Then she took my cock in her hand and looked at it, and then she began kissing it, kissing her way down the shaft down to my balls. Feeling her lips kissing my balls was the most beautiful, loving kiss I could imagine. Then she kissed her way back up and took me in her mouth. Her mouth felt warm and velvety and loving. I couldn’t believe how beautiful all of this was.

After a little while, she stood back up and we both got into bed together. She lay down on the bed with her legs open for me. “I love you Yuri, make love to me now, I want you so much.”

I positioned myself above her between her legs, and I began to enter her. She was already completely wet and completely ready, but I wanted to take it slowly to enjoy every bit of it. “You feel so good inside, so warm and sexy and beautiful. I love you and I love making love to you. I want to make love to you forever.”

We went slowly, looking into each other’s eyes as much as possible. When we came, we came together, holding each other tight, and saying, “I love you, I love you,” over and over again.

We made love three times. After the third time, I thought it was time for me to go back to my room and not overstay the situation. But Lara gripped my arm with her hand and said, “Don’t leave, Yuri. I want you to spend the night with me. I want to wake up with you here beside me.”

* * *

I woke up in the morning with the sun trying to peek around the blinds. There was Lara beside me, looking at me, with a smile on her face. It was the perfect way to wake up.

Lara hugged me and kissed me, and then she got on top of me to make love once more. She looked beautiful in the morning light and both of us were joined in this incredibly romantic act. I wondered if I would ever be able to accept anything less in the future.

* * *

When we finally got out of bed, Lara put on her robe, and I got my robe from the bathroom, and we went to the kitchen for breakfast. Lara put the coffee on and I pulled out a box from my shopping trip the day before.

I had gone to a Russian bakery/deli and had picked up all sorts of different pastries: Syrniki (Russian Cheese Pancakes), Zapekanka (a breakfast cake made with farmer’s cheese, eggs, raisins, and cream of wheat), Russian pancakes (with sour cream and raspberry preserves), Sharlotka (Apple Cake), Vareniki (dumplings with cherries), and Russian Cream Cheese Vatrushka Buns (like Danish).

To balance that carb and sugar fest out just slightly, I also had open-faced sandwiches with rye bread and cold cuts.

I had bought way too much stuff, but it all looked really good. I would’ve fried up some eggs to go with it all, but it was all over the top already.

Lara was amazed and delighted. We both ate every too much of everything, and still there were tons of leftovers for the days ahead.

* * *

“It’s beautiful outside. I want to spend the day with you,” Lara said. “My dress would not be appropriate for walking outside, so I need to find some plain clothing that will not attract attention. I believe you should do the same, since obviously tails are not daytime wear. I think we should probably just look for the plainest clothes we have, preferably in gray and brown or black. No bright colors. And definitely no red.”

I went back to my room and looked around. Blue jeans weren’t quite right, but a pair of un-pressed tan chinos would probably work. And I had a blue work shirt which seemed to fit in pretty well. I found a pair of older brown shoes that hadn’t been shined in a long time to complete the outfit.

Lara had done her best, but she didn’t really have anything that didn’t look good on her, even if it was tan or brown.

Still, we managed to look pretty low-key, except that Lara had her hair done up, which made her stand out from the crowd. It was a warm and sunny day, perfect for strolling around the neighborhood and sitting at a bench in the local park.

Breakfast had been pretty huge, so we didn’t need lunch, although we did have coffee at a sidewalk table at one of the local snack bars. We didn’t end up heading home till about 4:30.

When we got back, I told Lara I was going to be making dinner for us. I had bought all the materials to make meatball stroganoff, including wide egg noodles, sour cream, and lots of dill. I had also bought a loaf of Russian brown bread, along with container of whipped butter. Lara was delighted at the idea, and was happy to pitch in to help me get everything cooked and ready. I suppose the appropriate drink would’ve been straight vodka, but I decided to stick to red wine.

Dinner was delicious, and I even had some Russian pastries for dessert. We ate dinner at the table in the kitchen, but then went to the living room and sat on the sofa with our wine.

We had taken a long time over dinner, and were in no rush to finish our wine.

* * *

Even though it was starting to get late, I thought we would change back into our formal outfits for waltz or two before moving onto the next phase of events.

Lara surprised me when she said, “It’s been a long day. Why don’t you just come with me to my bedroom?”

I was more than happy to oblige. Being in conventional clothes meant it was a lot faster and easier to get undressed and into bed. Even without the formal outfits in the waltzing, we still felt the romantic afterglow of the long day we had just spent together. Making love was beautiful and romantic and tender. It was all part of what we had built up to for so long.

This time, after we’ve made love twice, Lara said, “Yuri, I think you need to return to your room. It’s a weekday tomorrow.”

I got up and went back to my room. I was feeling relaxed and slightly exhausted from the events of the weekend, and still feeling the glow of my new connection with Lara.

It was a lot of work, being perfect and romantic. Still, it was the only way to be with her.

* * *

The next morning at breakfast we were Brandon and Ellie again. We still had some pastries left over from yesterday, and there didn’t seem any reason not to have them for breakfast. Then Ellie left for work and I settled into a day of working from home.

All morning I found myself thinking about the weekend. From time to time, Lara’s Theme from the movie would take over my brain. I had never experienced, in any relationship I had ever had, that kind of epic romantic sensation. It was memorable and beautiful and perfect. What more could anyone want?

Still… I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was that was bothering me. Yes, all of this romance took a lot of work. It demanded attention, even a kind of vigilance. But it gave me something unlike anything I had ever found before. So it felt ungrateful, perhaps, to even wonder about any of it, to harbor even the slightest doubt.

Eventually, I managed to get focused on my work and put my questions away, at least until next weekend.

* * *

Wednesday evening, Ellie and I put on our sweats and had Chinese food again, along with our usual wine. We had been watching TV during dinner, but when the show ended, Ellie surprised me by taking the remote and turning the TV off. I looked at her, feeling puzzled.

She turned to me and said, “Brandon, I have something I want to talk to you about.”

In my experience, that sort of opening never portends well for the discussion to follow.

“Look, I’m going to break one of my own rules. It doesn’t feel quite right, but I can’t see any other way. Basically, I’m going to break the fourth wall. You know, that’s like when a character in a play or a television show or a movie stops and starts talking directly to the audience. They break that fourth wall that is supposed to divide us from the action.”

What? What the fuck was she talking about? What fourth wall was she talking about here?

“You know how I had said we were going to keep Yuri and Lara completely separate and not talk about them between us? Well, I think we need to talk about them, and about us. That’s what I mean about the fourth wall, opening up that sealed space that they’ve been living in and that we’ve been living in.

“Yuri and Lara have made some of the most beautiful, romantic love I could imagine. Perfect, tender, caring, loving. I had always dreamed of that kind of love, that kind of romantic connection. And I couldn’t have asked for anything that fulfilled that vision any better.”

I nodded cautiously. Of course there was a “but” coming.

“The thing is, with all that, and believe me, this past weekend was beyond magical. It was perfect in every way. But even with that, I began to realize that there’s something missing. I mean what could be missing from such a perfect romance? Wasn’t it everything I asked for and more? It was. But still…

“You know I love Yuri. He’s incredibly handsome and romantic and thoughtful and poetic. The thing is, there’s someone else.”

What?! I felt my heart drop in my chest. Was everything over? What had I done wrong?

“You see, Yuri is this romantic figure. And with him, everything is so romantic and perfect. And with him, I have to be perfect and romantic too.

“But this other guy, well, he’s romantic too, but it’s different. He’s real. And I just have this feeling I could do things with him that it wouldn’t be right to do with Yuri.

“I do love Yuri, and he is sexy in this really romantic way. But this other guy, well I guess the thing is, I feel like I could get kinky with him. It wouldn’t really feel right to get kinky with Yuri. You know what I mean?”

Oh my God, this was even worse than I thought. “Uh, maybe, I mean I guess so, sort of…maybe.” I was hoping I wasn’t sounding totally freaked out, but I was feeling totally freaked out.

“Yeah, it’s a guy I have known for a long time. I knew he was sexy, but I guess I didn’t realize how much I wanted to fuck him. I told myself I didn’t, but I was wrong. I mean, now, I realize I just want to fuck his brains out, do him every which way. And I want him to do the same to me.”

Shit. This just could not get any worse, could it? Did she really have to say it that way? To me?

“I think you know him… His name is Brandon.”

I looked at Ellie and she was looking back at me, smiling like crazy.

“Look, I know what I said that first night, you know, about it being totally wrong and all. Getting upset and everything. But now, I realize what I’ve been missing. You are sexy as hell, and you turn me on like crazy. Even if you are my brother. Hell, maybe I’m so freakin’ hot for you because you are my brother. I really don’t care why, you just do.

So if you still want to fuck Ellie, if you still want to fuck your sister, here I am. And I do want my brother’s cock — your cock — in me. Every way you can think of.

“In case you’re wondering if the whole thing with Yuri and Lara was just a waste of time, I don’t think so. That was beautiful for both of us, and it showed me that I needed to accept that I really wanted more. I don’t think I would’ve gotten to this point without that. But now, believe me, I’m ready to do so much more.”

I couldn’t believe she was saying all this. And I realized that that was the same thing that had been bothering me. I loved the romance, but I also wanted the freedom to be horny for her and to just want to fuck the hell out of her. In fact, I was horny as shit right now.

“I want to see your tits,” I said.

I think Ellie liked hearing me say that. She was sitting there smiling, and kept smiling as I reached over and started pulling her sweatshirt up and over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She helped pull her arms out of the sleeves and tossed the sweatshirt on the floor beside the sofa, leaving her tits on full view. They were absolutely beautiful, full and round, and her nipples were already sticking out hard.

“Happy?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I said, and I leaned forward and started sucking on her tits and on her nipples.

“That feels good, brother of mine, that feels really good. But don’t you want to see the rest of me too?” She stood up facing me in only her sweatpants. I immediately leaned forward and started pulling the sweatpants down. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

I had gotten her sweatpants down to her knees and she was helping take them off the rest of the way when I noticed. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped.

Ellie saw the look on my face. “Yes, I shaved my pussy. Lara wouldn’t do that. They didn’t have razors for women back then — women didn’t even shave their legs. And I doubt anyone would really have thought of shaving anything else. But Ellie — your slutty, horny as hell for her brother, sister Ellie — would. So here it is, everything in plain sight for you. How do you like my bare pussy?”

“I love it. It’s sexy as hell. I totally love it. I can’t wait to get you into the bedroom and started eating your totally naked pussy.”

She smiled. “Maybe I should get my nipples pierced too?”

“Uh… No. Definitely no. I love sucking on your nipples and I don’t need hardware getting in my way. Please don’t.”

Ellie giggled. “Okay, I’ll leave them this way… At least for now.”

As she was saying that, she reached down and pulled my sweatshirt up over my head. Then she motioned for me to stand up and she pulled my sweatpants down, letting my boner pop up as she did so. I pulled the sweatpants down over my feet and let them drop on the floor.

We were both totally horny by now. “Your room or mine?” she asked.

“Well, Yuri and Lara have been using your room, so maybe we ought to go to mine for some privacy.”

* * *

We didn’t run, but we moved pretty quickly to get to the bedroom, with me grabbing her ass the whole way there.

We climbed up on the bed and I started sucking on her breasts and her nipples and then started making my way down her stomach to her pussy. It was so strange having her pussy naked that way. It was like a completely different pussy. I started sucking on her and licking her sucking on her clit and sucking on her lips and running my tongue up and down between her lips, tasting her and feeling her, and feeling her juice getting all over my face. When I got to the bottom, I stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could reach and played with her and felt everything about her.

“Oh my God, Brandon! This is so hot! I love being horny and slutty for a change! I love having my brother eating my totally naked pussy. I hope you like it too.”

“I love it! I love eating my sister’s pussy! I love every bit of it! This is what I’ve been wanting to do to you all this time!”

“Now it’s my turn,” she said. And she moved around so that she could start sucking on my cock. “I love your cock. I love sucking on it. I love feeling my brother’s hard cock in my mouth. I want to feel it in my pussy. I want you to pound it in me all the way up to your balls! I want to feel you shooting your hot come inside my pussy!”

I loved feeling her sucking on my cock. Her mouth felt velvety and sexy, and I loved watching my cock going in and out all shiny and wet from her mouth.

I had loved having Lara suck on my cock, but Ellie was totally different. She loved sucking on my dick. She was taking it into her mouth as far as she could manage. This wasn’t about being romantic, this was about being hot and horny. And I absolutely loved it.

It felt wonderful, but I didn’t want to have her make me come in her mouth right now. I wanted to be able to fuck her. I turned us around so she was on her back and I was over her between her legs. I started moving my cock into her.

“Your cunt feels so good. You feel so tight, so warm and wet and sexy. I just want to fuck your brains out. I want to shoot everything inside you and fill you up, and have my come dripping out of your pussy!”

“Oh God, yes. Yes, yes, yes! I love it. I love being fucked by my hot brother! I love having you talk dirty to me. I love having your dick all the way inside me. I love sucking on it, I love having you fuck me with it, I want to have you fuck me in the ass with it. I want everything! I want all of us!”

We were both fucking like crazy. It had the intensity of two animals fighting in a dark jungle somewhere. Both of us wanted to achieve what we had held back from that weekend — the ferocious, primal fuck. This was all about the Land of Fuck, where nothing else mattered.

We rolled over several times, trading places with me on top and then her on top. When we were both about to come, she pulled me over her. “Pound me! Pound my pussy! Fuck your sister like crazy! Shoot everything for me! I want it all!”

I did come like crazy. It felt like I couldn’t stop. I had never come like that in my life. She was coming just as hard as I was, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh yes, oh yes, that’s it, that’s it!”

When we were finished, I kind of collapsed on top of her, and then we rolled over so we were side-by-side, just holding each other and kissing each other.

“Oh Brandon, did you ever think it could be this good? That was the most amazing fuck ever… Do you think we’re going to hell for this?”

“I don’t think so. But one thing I do know is we’ve got a lot of totally horny sex ahead of us. And I’m going to enjoy every fucking minute of it. And every minute of fucking you.”

* * *

“So, what about Yuri and Lara?” I asked. “I mean this is so much more fun, so much sexier and hornier. Do we just let them freeze to death in the snow?”

“I don’t know. That sounds kind of cruel, after all they did for us. Maybe we could let them visit once a week? Maybe once a month? Maybe they could even get a little hornier and kinkier. I mean they do have some pretty neat outfits, so the formality could be a nice contrast with getting seriously kinky.”

“That’s a good idea. I love the idea of being formal and romantic — and kinky as hell at the same time.”

We were both exhausted from everything about the evening. I pulled the covers up over us and we fell asleep almost immediately.

* * *

My alarm went off at seven the next morning. It was early enough so that I didn’t have to absolutely rush, but it was a good time to start getting ready for the day.

Ellie heard the alarm and looked over at me and smiled. “You’re not getting out of bed yet, are you?”

“Well, I usually get up about now. That way there’s enough time to have breakfast before heading out to get the bus. Probably about time for you too.”

“Well, I hate to tell you, but you’re not getting out of bed yet. I don’t care if I have to miss breakfast. I’ll just grab some of those Russian pastries and take them to work and have breakfast in the office. But right now, there’s something I’m going to do, and you are not getting out of bed until I’m done.”

With that, Ellie pulled the covers down. We were both still naked from last night. She reached down and took my cock in her hand. “I don’t care if we’re both late for work this morning. You’re not leaving this bed until I suck you off, mister.”

She started kissing around on the head of my cock, then began licking around it, and then began sucking. I loved watching her, and I loved how good it felt. Pretty soon I was totally hard and she was taking me deep into her mouth and holding my balls in her hand.

“How do you like having your freaky sister suck your dick first thing in the morning? Is that kinky enough for you? I’ve been fantasizing about this ever since that first night when you started touching my tit.”

“I love it. I hope you like the idea of having your horny brother shoot his hot come in your mouth, because the way you’re going, that’s going to happen really soon. And God, does it feel good. I want you to feel me shooting everything for you, straight from my balls.”

When she heard me say that, she started sucking faster and harder, and sure enough, I felt my cock start to twitch. Then suddenly I was shooting like crazy right into her mouth. She was still sucking on me, and I realized she was swallowing it all as fast as she could.

“Oh my God, Ellie, that is so beautiful. That is so hot and so sexy. It’s also so romantic, if that’s not a bad word. You’re so beautiful, and I love you so much.!”

Ellie looked at me and smiled. I could see a little bit of come at the edges of her mouth and on her lips and I leaned forward and kissed her. I wanted to taste my come in her mouth. Everything about this was so beautiful and perfect.

She was kissing me back eagerly, obviously delighted with my reaction.

After a few minutes, she stopped and said, “Okay, time for us to get up and go to work. No more sex until we get home this evening.”

* * *

That afternoon, Ellie arrived home about 20 minutes after me. I was sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting for her to get back from work.

She came into the living room and saw me. She said, “Brandon, go into your bedroom and take off your clothes and lie on the bed. Oh, but first, go to the bathroom and wet your hair and slick it back.”

I had no idea what this was about, but I did what she said. I went to the bathroom and slicked back my hair, and then I went into my bedroom and lay there on the bed wondering what was up. After a while, I heard a door open, and then a few minutes later I saw someone walk into the room. It was Lara, with her hair up and wearing her elegant blue low-cut vintage dress.

“There you are, Yuri. What are you doing naked? Never mind, that’s fine. But you’re not hard yet. Let me take care of that. She got up on the bed, took my cock in her hand and played with it, and then kneeled down and began sucking on it. It was strange seeing Lara again, especially so unexpectedly, and she seemed to be sucking my cock more vigorously than the last time we had been together.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for me to get hard. Then Lara said, “Very good, Yuri.” She pulled her skirt up just enough to let her straddle me, and then she lowered herself down and guided my cock into her. Her pussy felt great, but it was very strange seeing her still in her elegant dress sitting on my cock as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Her skirt hid everything, including her pussy and my cock, and basically the whole fact that we were fucking. Although I could feel everything that was going on, the picture in front of me was entirely different.

“Yuri, do you like me fucking you? Am I turning you on? I am loving having your cock inside me.”

She had not been moving much at first, but now she began moving faster and more energetically, and pretty much grinding on me and my cock. Having her fucking me would’ve turned me on anyway, but having her do it while still wearing her elegant dress was a weird disconnect, although I guess in a way it was sort of kinky. Right? Her dress looked like it belonged at an aristocratic party, so having her fuck me while wearing it felt kind of like I was lifting the back of her skirt and surreptitiously fucking her from behind while she was greeting guests in a formal receiving line.

Anyhow, none of that mattered for long, since feeling her pussy dancing all over my cock made everything else pretty much irrelevant.

I started coming. “Oh God, Lara, you feel so good! You look so beautiful! Oh my God, yes, yes!”

“I’m coming too, Yuri! I love your cock in me! I love having you shooting inside me! Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes!”

Her hips were moving back and forth in a frenzy, making me come all the harder. When we were finished, she just stayed there, sitting on me and looking down at me. I had no idea what was next. No idea what to do, or what to say.

After a few minutes, Lara got a worried look on her face. “I have to go now, Yuri. I have to leave right away.”

She got up off me and got up off the bed, and hurried out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

What the fuck? What the hell was all this? I mean I wasn’t complaining, but I was confused.

* * *

I lay there, still wondering about what it just happened. Eventually, I heard some noise from down the hall, and heard a door open and close. Then the door to my bedroom opened. It was Ellie, wearing her sweats, her usual after-work hanging-out outfit.

“There you are. I thought you’d be in the living room, waiting for me. Why are you naked? Wait… What’s going on? Was there some other woman here?”

Now I was totally confused. I had no idea what I was supposed to do or say. All I could think of was to say, “No, I… I, uh, I was just jerking off. There wasn’t anyone else here, it was just me. I didn’t mean to, it just kind of happened.”

“Jerking off? When you knew I was coming home? Look mister, you’d better be ready to go again, because I’m horny as shit and I need you to fuck me right now.” She pulled off her sweatshirt and her sweatpants and hopped up on the bed.

“You can start by eating my pussy. Maybe that will help to start making up for your stupidity.”

She lay down on the bed and spread her legs.

I moved over and got between her legs. There was her totally naked pussy staring at me. Only…what was that? That thin trail of white between her legs. Was that my come? And now she wanted me to eat her pussy, come and all?

“Come on. What are you waiting for?”

I bent forward and started sucking on her mound and her clit. Then I put my lips around her pussy lips and started sucking my way down. Then I put my tongue between her lips and licked and played with her all the way up. I was tasting her and feeling her and feeling her juice on my face, but there was that extra something. I couldn’t even be sure that I was tasting it, but I knew my come was there in the mix.

Oh, what the hell? Hadn’t we wanted to get kinky? Here was my first taste of it — so to speak. And in a way, now that I thought of it, it was kind of like some sort of communion, my come and her juice mixed together.

Once I got over my initial confusion, I just concentrated on eating her, sucking on her, licking her, sticking my tongue inside her and playing with her. She was loving it.

“Oh, Brandon, that’s great. You sure do know how to eat my pussy. I love it. Just keep going, and believe me, we’re going to end up fucking each other’s brains out tonight.”

I kept going, now focusing my attention on sucking on her clit. Her hips were pushing harder and harder against my face, and pretty soon I began feeling her shuddering against me. “Oh God yes, Brandon, yes! That’s it! Don’t stop! That’s it! That’s it! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her pussy was practically banging against my face at this point. I held on as best I could until she slowed down. Then she just lay back on the bed and I moved over and lay beside her.

“It serves you right, you know,” she finally said.

“Serves me right?”

“Yes, going jacking off like that without telling your sister, and without giving her a chance to watch. But don’t worry, I’ll get you back up. We have plenty of fucking to do.”

I had no idea I was supposed to inform her when I was going to be jacking off, and I had no idea that she would want to watch. And besides… Oh, never mind.

* * *

We got up and put on our sweats and went to the kitchen to see what we could find for dinner. I had bought a dozen oysters for us and put them out on a platter. “Those look good,” she said. “But why don’t you have eight of them and all have four? You’ll need them more than I will.”

We also had sandwiches and finished up with some of the leftover pastries from the Russian bakery.

When Ellie got up from the table to put her dish in the sink, I noticed she was missing her sweatpants. It looked strange but also kinky — kind of a reverse from when Lara was in the bedroom keeping her dress on. And she did have a cute as hell ass and I loved watching her naked pussy walking around

When I mentioned the missing half of her outfit to her, she said, “Oh, I guess I forgot it in the bedroom.” I pointed out that, no, actually they were on the floor beside her chair. “Oops,” she said. “Oh yeah, I guess they slipped off somehow. I don’t know why I didn’t notice. I guess maybe they were loose.” She giggled. “You don’t think I would do something like that on purpose, do you?”

Seeing her wander around wearing a top but no bottoms was somehow sexier than just watching her walk around naked. Her top half in the sweatshirt would be fine anyplace outside in public, while the bottom half was open for business. It didn’t make any sense. But it didn’t have to. It was getting me horny as hell anyway. I just wanted to run over and grab her ass. As I say, no sense at all.

* * *

Obviously, having Ellie parade her pussy and ass around like that had me totally ready for an evening of hot and kinky sex.

It felt wonderful to be free to have horny and kinky sex with Ellie. I don’t know for sure how much it mattered that she was my sister and I was her brother, but it definitely seemed to add an element of kinkiness to whatever we did. Everything was hot as fuck. I just wanted to fuck her like crazy and she wanted to fuck me like crazy and we were right back to the Land of Fuck that we had been in the night before. I loved her naked pussy, and we both loved to talk about me fucking my sister and her fucking her brother.

Finally, after we had gone three rounds of intense fucking and pretty much any position we could think of, we flopped down on the bed beside each other, exhausted and happy.

Finally, I heard Ellie start to chuckle a little, and in another moment she was full-on laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

It was hard for her to get the words out between bouts of laughing, but she finally managed to say, “You should’ve seen your face this afternoon when I opened the bedroom door and started asking you what was going on and asking if there’d been another woman there. You had no idea what was going on, and you had no idea what to say. You had that total ‘deer in the headlights’ look on your face. That whole business about ‘just happening’ to jerk off? I had wondered what you were going to say, but I never would’ve guessed that.”

Now that she was laughing about it, I guess I was free to laugh about it too, but I couldn’t quite tell. Had she been fucking with my head? Obviously, she had been fucking with my head. Although there were definitely worse ways to have your head fucked with, and having Lara fucking me while still wearing that fancy dress was definitely a kinky turn-on.

Still, she seemed to be playing fast and loose with the rules — the rules that she had set up in the first place. But could I really be upset about any of that? Especially after all of the ridiculously hot sex we had just had? I mean being naked with my hot gorgeous sister after we had just finished fucking each other’s brains out, it made no sense to be mad about anything.

I think she saw I wasn’t quite laughing along with her, although I didn’t seem to be terribly upset either. “Don’t worry, Brandon, you’re allowed to jerk off anytime you want. You don’t need my permission, although I certainly wouldn’t mind getting to watch.

“And I promise I won’t fuck with your head again that way — at least not for a little while — okay? Look, to make up for it, I’ll give you another morning blowjob before we head off to work tomorrow.”

* * *

Saturday was our first day of the week when we didn’t have to work. We had had a pretty strenuous night Friday night, so when we got up Saturday morning we were ready to just have breakfast and chill.

As we were finishing up her coffee, I said to her, “It’s a beautiful day out. Would you be interested in going out for a quick jog just to get the day started?”

“That sounds like a really good idea, just as long as you promise to keep it slow enough so that I can try and keep up with you.”

We changed into jogging shorts and T-shirts and laced up our jogging shoes and headed out. We went over to the neighborhood park, which had a pretty decent and scenic jogging trail.

It did feel great getting out and running with Ellie was a lot more fun than running on my own. We ran for about 40 minutes before ending up at our starting point. Ellie stopped to catch her breath. “Okay, Brandon. That felt great, but that’s also enough for this morning.”

We stood there for a couple of minutes, and then jogged slowly back to the apartment.

When we got inside, I was ready to ditch the sweaty clothes and take a nice warm shower. But Ellie had a different idea.

“No shower yet, Brandon,” she announced. “The first thing we’re going to do is have hot, sweaty sex.” She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. We took off our running shoes and socks, and peeled off our sweaty running clothes and threw them on the floor. Then she hopped on the bed. “Come on, Brandon, all that running pumped me full of endorphins. Let’s not let them go to waste.”

She was right. My muscles were pumped and my endorphins were flowing. This was all about having hot, sweaty sex. We both felt like athletes who had done some big event, and were ready to work off all that tension by fucking as hard as we could. It wasn’t precisely the Land of Fuck from before, this was the land of the Victory Fuck. No elegant romance, no polite manners, just a wonderful, all-out, sweaty fuck.

When we were finished, we just lay there, side-by-side. “Oh my God, that was amazing!” Ellie said. “That was a spectacular fuck! I guess that’s why people like jogging so much.”

“Well, I’ve been jogging for a long time now, but I never went jogging with you, so I guess I didn’t really realize what I was missing. And now I do. And it was spectacular.”

Ellie laughed. “Maybe we should start training for a marathon. Just imagine what a post-marathon fuck would be like.”

* * *

We lay there a while, but we had too much energy to fall asleep, so we got up and hopped in the shower. It was a lot of fun getting to soap each other down after the exercise and the sex.

After we got out and dried off and Ellie finished drying her hair, we put on regular clothes and headed out into the day.

We walked around the neighborhood, trying out some new streets and looking at new shop windows. After a while, Ellie said, “They don’t seem to have any adult sex shops around here, do they? You know, for sex toys and stuff?”

“I don’t think they would have them in this neighborhood,” I said. “Probably they would be downtown. Why, were you thinking of something he wanted to get?”

“No, not really, but I’ve never been to one of those shops before and it might be nice to go and look around with you. Although I have this feeling you’d probably be kind of embarrassed being there, especially with your sister, even though nobody would know.

“But I guess I was also thinking, now that Yuri and Lara are kind of on vacation for a while, well, I guess I was wondering if there were any other characters, you know, for role-playing?”

“Role-playing?” I asked.

“You know, new acting scenarios that we could try out. I mean it’s not the right season for Christmas or we could maybe try Santa and one of his female elves or something. I certainly wouldn’t be fat old Mrs. Claus. But I’m sure some of these shops sell costumes, you know, like French maid, or maybe sexy nurse? How about sexy Catholic schoolgirl in her school uniform? Or priest and nun? We could do some more acting, without all the burden of history upon us.”

“I don’t know. I mean I didn’t act in college, so I don’t really have any experience, and I don’t know whether I could get into it. I don’t think I really have that much imagination.”

“Think about the great job you did with Yuri,” Ellie reminded me. “If we found the right thing, you could totally get into it, and you wouldn’t even need to read a lot of Russian literature. Pretty much homework-free. And believe me, I would be kinky as hell for you. I can guarantee I would get you into it.”

Kinky as hell sounded pretty good.

* * *

We decided to stop off at a Thai place for dinner. They had some outdoor tables, so we could enjoy the late afternoon sun while we were eating. We also polished off bottle of wine with dinner. It went great with the meal, but suddenly I was starting to feel the effects of the morning run.

Actually, I don’t think it was just the run. It was everything that had happened in the past few days. Everything that had happened since Ellie arrived. I world had been flipped over and turned inside out. Yes, so much of it had been amazing, but everything had been so intense that I was suddenly feeling utterly exhausted.

When we got home, we figured we would settle in and feeling, just watch a movie, but we both felt ourselves conking out by the halfway point and headed to bed.

* * *

Sunday was another beautiful morning, with the sun waking us up through the blinds. Ellie and I looked at each other and just hugged each other for a while and then got up. No sex, no nothing, just a very lazy start to the day. We had pretty much finished all the Russian pastries I had bought, so I cooked up a breakfast with bacon and eggs and lots of pancakes. Ellie made coffee, and we just sat and ate and drank coffee and looked out at a beautiful day outside.

We weren’t really ready to go jogging again this morning, but we were ready to get outside and not miss out on the day. We got dressed and went out and decided to catch a bus to go to one of the trendy parts of town that we hadn’t been to together. Lots of restaurants and shops and boutiques, loads of people sitting at outdoor tables eating meals or just drinking coffee.

“I love days like this,” said Ellie “seeing all these people out just relaxing and enjoying life.” We were holding hands as we walked along. It felt safe being in a neighborhood we had never been in before, but at the same time, there was no guarantee that we wouldn’t run into somebody from her office or from mine. Still, for now it just felt wonderful.

Eventually, we decided to stop been a sandwich shop and have a late lunch before we headed back.

* * *

We got back home around 4:30 in the afternoon. It was still bright out, and kind of an odd time of day. Way too early to think about dinner, but we weren’t ready to head back outside again. We had plenty of energy, so we weren’t ready to just hit the couch and watch TV.

“Okay,” said Ellie, “this seems like the perfect time.”

“Perfect time?” I asked.

“Come on with me, we’re going to take a quick shower.” I followed her into the bathroom, and we both got undressed and hopped into the shower.

“I know yesterday I wanted hot, sweaty, post-jogging sex, but today, I think we should start out squeaky clean.” She was soaping me up and I was soaping her up and were both totally clean by the time we finished up and got out of the shower.

After we dried off, Ellie took my hand and started leading me to her bedroom. “I think we should use my bedroom for this, since it’s my idea.

“You remember the other night when my sweatpants somehow fell off in the kitchen? And you remember how you were grabbing my ass the whole way to the bedroom? You like my ass, don’t you?”

“I love your ass,” I said. You’ve got an incredibly cute, incredibly sexy ass.”

“I’m glad you like it that much. It’s about to become the center of attention.”

She hopped up on the bed, and I got up and joined her. Then she reached over and opened the drawer of her bedside table and pulled out a tube of something.

“This is called, Kama Sutra lube. It’s not like it has any particular fruit flavor or anything, it’s just a little bit tingly. I mean I didn’t see any reason to have my ass taste like strawberries or anything. But I think we’ll both appreciate the lube part of it.

She squeezed some out from the tube and started rubbing it all over my cock and balls. It did feel little tingly. I couldn’t quite tell if it was warming things up or cooling things off, but it felt kind of good. It certainly made things feel slick.

Then Ellie squeezed out some more and began rubbing it all over between the cheeks of her ass. She grabbed a Kleenex and wiped her hand dry, and screwed the cap back on the tube and put it on the bedside table. Then she turned towards me.

“Okay, let’s see how this tastes.” She kneeled down and began sucking on my cock. I wasn’t really hard yet, but when she started sucking on me it felt incredibly good, and I started getting hard right away. “It tastes pretty good actually,” she said, “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I don’t know if I could exactly describe the taste to someone, but it’s not bad at all.”

She stopped and turned around and kneeled down with her ass facing up towards me. “Okay, your turn.”

I started out by just kissing all over the cheeks of her ass and then started pulling the cheeks apart and kissing my way inwards. I was circling around getting closer and closer to her ass hole. When I got there, I started running my tongue in a circle around it, and then running my tongue up and down over it.

“Oh my God, Brandon, that feels great. That feels amazing. Keep going, I love it!”

“It does taste pretty good. And I love playing with your ass this way,” I said. I kept licking, and then I put my lips in a circle around her asshole and sucked on it gently while still running my tongue over her rosebud itself. Then, still sucking, I started pushing my tongue in.

At first, I was just focusing on playing a bit with her rosebud, but then I started getting into it and sticking my tongue further and further in.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how good that feels. I want to feel your cock against my asshole!”

I raised my torso up and started rubbing the tip of my cock around her asshole, first in a wider circle, and then moving in. Then I started rubbing my cock up and down over her rosebud, and felt my cock wanting to make its way in.

“Yes, yes! I love it! Start sticking it in!”

I started pushing my head of my cock gently against her asshole, and felt her pushing back against me. The lube had made everything wonderfully smooth and slippery, and I found the head of my cock starting to slide in with almost no effort. When I looked down, I saw the entire head of my cock was already in her asshole. Seeing my cock starting to disappear into her ass that way was one of the sexiest things I could imagine.

She was still pushing back against me, and my cock kept slipping further and further in. I was about halfway in by now, and began moving my cock slowly in and out to make it easier to make progress.

“Oh my God, you feel so big! Your cock feels huge in my ass! Keep going, I love it! I want you in my ass all the way up to your balls!”

I loved watching my cock going in and out of her ass. And very quickly I was all the way inside, with my balls bumping up against her. “Your ass feels amazing,” I said. “You feel so tight and sexy and beautiful. And kinky too. Do you like having your brother’s dick all the way in your ass? Do you like having him fuck you in the ass?”

“I love it, I love that you have your dick all the way in your sister’s asshole! I love how kinky this all is! I want my perverted brother to fuck my ass like crazy! I love how big you feel! I love how tight everything feels! I want to feel you shooting all your hot come in your sister’s tight ass!”

I was just watching my dick going in and out of her asshole, faster and faster. She was feeling so tight and so sexy I just wanted to pound her as hard as I could.

“Yes yes! Keep pounding my ass! Fuck me all the way in my ass! I want to feel you shooting everything all the way inside my ass!”

I started coming like crazy, pounding against her and feeling myself exploding inside her. She was coming like crazy too, and her ass was yanking my dick in every direction. “Oh yes, yes! Fill my ass up with your hot come! Fuck my ass as hard as you can!”

We were in the Land of Ass Fuck. It was amazing. We were both going crazy. I had never felt anything like it, I could never imagined anything like it. Here I was, fucking my sister in the ass, watching my dick going in and out of her ass, and it was the hottest thing in my life.

When we were both done, I fell forward on her and she fell forward on the bed. I lay on top of her for a while, and then rolled often we lay there side-by-side holding hands.

She looked over at me. “So, what did you think? Was that kinky and sexy enough for you? Fucking your sister in the ass, and shooting all your hot come in her ass?”

“It was the sexiest thing ever. It was incredible. You felt so tight, and getting to do that with you was so amazing. It is was the hottest feeling ever. Actually, I guess it felt cosmic. That’s the best word I can think of to describe it.”

Ellie got this huge smile on her face and she reached over and hugged me tight. “I thought so too. It was beautiful, and intimate, and it was the sexiest thing ever. I love you so much. I couldn’t have a better, sexier brother, could I?”

“I love you too, kinky ideas and all. I couldn’t have a better, sexier, and kinkier sister either.”

* * *

We lay there a little longer, just holding hands and kind of absorbing everything that had just happened. Then we got up again and headed back to the shower.

While we were soaping up, I needed to pee and I figured the shower was as good a place as any. I was just going to aim at the drain, only when I told Ellie to step out of the way, she said, “No way. I’m not missing out on this.” She grabbed my cock in her hand and said, “Okay, now go ahead.”

It was a little weird trying to get started peeing with Ellie holding onto my cock, but it didn’t like take long to get going. Ellie was just aiming my cock all around and watching the pee go wherever she aimed.

“That is so cool,” she said. “I love it. I wish I had a dick. If I had a dick, I would be sure to fuck you in the ass with it. I would love that.

“Actually, I guess I could just go to one of those sex shops and buy a strap-on dick and fuck you in the ass with it. I could get one of those really big ones. Maybe get it in purple or something. With a giant set of purple balls. That would be awesome!”

“No, Ellie, that would not be awesome. N-O. Maybe if you grow a live dick of your own, we can talk about it. But I definitely do not want some giant plastic dick in my ass.”

Ellie laughed. “Don’t worry, it’s just an idea. Maybe we could work our way up to it, start with a number two pencil or something.”

“No, no pencils either. Nothing.”

“Well, what about if I just put the tip of my finger in your ass while we’re fucking? Would that be okay? I mean that wouldn’t be any big deal, would it?”

I thought about that idea for a moment. “I don’t know about that… I guess we’ll see… Maybe someday… In the future.”

Ellie smiled. “Well, that’s progress, I guess. You know, it’s been just over a month since I moved in here, and look how far we’ve come. Would you have believed you’d end up fucking your sister and I’d end up fucking my brother and we’d be doing this weird and kinky stuff when I first arrived? Can you even begin to imagine what kinds of even weirder stuff we’ll be doing six months from now?… I can think of so many cool ideas already…”

* * *

© 2023 — Ron Ehrs

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