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Hi…..I am Tanphu .. this is my first story. I am a private school teacher and I had sex with one of my stuff. Actually we had started chatting first to know each other feeling.. he is not that handsome or does he look smart but just only I know what exactly he is.

So one day we were chatting on WhatsApp suddenly he said I want to kiss you I want to play with you.. I felt he might be just kidding and replied him …. Ok go on….but didn’t know he was that serious .. so he said I am coming to your place then. I said ok…..then within no time he reached my gate and called me to open the gate…. I was totally surprised and got no words so just went and opened the gate…. He was there with blue t-shirt and shorts and me too was just wearing loose t-shirt that too without bra and very short boxer. I was a bit shy and uncomfortable but still I called him in my room.

We both get into my room and I closed the door as I live in rent. I offer him to sit and brought some fruit juice to drink. So I have only two rooms one for my tuition n other as bedroom. So I had no much furniture and he was sitting on my bed. When I offered him the drink he ask me to sit nearby him. I noticed that his eyes were on my boobs which were clearly visible and even my nipples were visible over my t-shirt. He drank the fruit juice and I took the glass from him and kept aside then sit nearby him…… Since I know why he was in my place I thought of beginning myself.

So I hold his hand and went very close to him and place a deep kiss on his cheek. Then I pulled him towards me and hold him with both my hands and started to kiss on his lips. Ahhhhh I lost myself…..we started kissing passionately at the same time our naughty hands explore each other s part. Now we were kissing each other and I took off his t shirt and mine too….coz I couldn’t wait for him to take off my clothes….he had a hairy chest which I love very much. He smiled at me as I did all the work by myself…. He stare my melons for some time and then place his hands on both sides and start to play with them. Uffff I was at cloud 9…I got no words to express my feelings. After that we both turned naked completely and lay down on my bed and hug tight each other….

Then he slowly moved to my boobs and started to kiss on them and slowly moved his tongue all over my nipples and also gave them soft bite. Then I went down to his boy which was getting hard a bit already….just to make it harder I decided to take it in my mouth…… So I kissed his boy I mean his panis and slowly took it in my mouth deep deeper I moved it in and out till it got complete hard…. Unfortunately we don’t have long time so we have to hurry.. that’s why we decided to fuck…..he asked me to bent on doggy style n I obeyed him like a slave. As I bent already he hold my XXL melons and with one go inserted his hot iron rod…..oooo my my…..it hurt such …..but when he started moving it slowly in and out I forgot the pain enjoying the pleasure…

He fucked me that hard asking me if I am pained in between… I bagged him to fuck me harder as I was enjoying… He fucked me for about 10 minutes and cummed inside my Virginia …… We were both tired and lay naked on each other s arm for some time kissing each other…. He kissed me on my forehead my neck my cheeks my boobs all over my body. And we cleaned up and had coffee.

And after some time he hug me tight and kissed me on forehead and lips and then left my place… saying longer and more next time.

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