Winter Night with Aunt

My Aunt Cindy was cool, and very sexy.

The oldest daughter, she was the best looking of the three sisters, including my mom.

Tall, dark hair, a great smile, long legs, always tan with a smattering of freckles. She had firm-looking “B” cup tits and a nice ass. Smart too, she was the first in the family to head off to college. She had a lot going for her, but I never really paid much attention.

Things took a turn the summer of ’77, after I turned 18, just before I headed off to the Army.

I planned on spending a month on my Grandparents farm before shipping out, just to get my head straight.

The whole month my Aunt Cindy was always there, doing chores, gathering eggs, feeding the chickens; always with me watching.

It was hard not to watch her work.

She would throw on an old T shirt and her dark nipples would be clearly visible, straining against the material when they got hard.

Sometimes it was an old flannel shirt, the top few buttons unbuttoned allowing me to catch a glance of her tits while she bent over.

A few times I thought it was intentional, allowing me a long look at her tits hanging under the soft flannel.

But I was in the Army a few weeks later, my gorgeous Aunt just a memory.

While I did my three years in the Army she got married and moved out to California.

She once sent me a letter with a pic of her in a string bikini on a beach, looking tan and thin.

I taped that one in my locker and kept it through my Army hitch, looking at it every now and then and masturbating at the idea of spreading those long legs.

During my last year in the Army I heard about her divorce.

She had discovered her traveling salesman husband was fucking around on her. She was dumping him and moving back home.

I was happy to hear she was returning and I remember thinking how stupid her ex was to leave that gorgeous woman at home alone.

The ex-husband stayed in Cali and forty year old Aunt Cindy returned to the Midwest, moved to a mid-sized city in the state, got an apartment and a job in some kind of manufacturing.

By this time I was going to college about twenty-five miles down the highway, fucking my way around campus, making up for lost time spent in the Army.

The cornucopia of girls available while I was stationed in Germany became a dim memory during the damn near monk-like final two years I spent at Fort Riley.

I was busy making up for those two years of celibacy.

I was 22 and a muscular 180 pounds when I got out of the Army, and suddenly I was turning heads.

There were damn few single girls to fuck in my home town, but even though the college nightlife on the weekends was much more fun, I still had to go back home to visit the family once a month at the least.

I always included a visit to the farm on those trips home, with the hope she would be there as well.

Many times she was there, in shorts, helping my Grandparents with chores.

My good-looking Aunt had gone through a series of boyfriends since her return, and I met a few of the losers she was boning. I remembered thinking that she must be horny as hell to fuck some of these guys.

One night we were at the fence near the horse barn, watching the sun go down. As we leaned against the fence a big horse began approaching a mare.

The horse’s long cock emerged and he mounted the mare, sliding the huge length into her. As the stallion fucked the mare, Cindy looked at me and gave me a funny, knowing smile.

As the horse dismounted and trotted off his thick cum continued to pour out of the mare.

“Lucky horse,” I said.

“Which one?” she countered, smiling.

After I turned back to the animals I saw her sneak a glance at my crotch.

Out at the farm I was turning my Aunts head as well.

One winter night while heading home from college I drove into one of those Midwest blizzards that turn roads into skating rinks.

I had to get off the highway and ended up at a run-down Super 8 for the night.

Cindy heard of my snowy night stuck in town a few days later.

“You get stuck in town again, just call me and come to my place; you don’t need to spend money on a hotel room.”

I filed that information away for the future.

Less than one month later I’m driving Hwy 30 looking at a crappy ground blizzard about twenty miles west of town. It was everything the weatherman said it would be. It had been a little dodgy getting myself the twenty-five miles to her town, and I was hoping she was home, and alone.

I pulled into a gas station and dropped a dime into a payphone.


“Aunt Cindy, it’s Mike. Hey, sorry for calling so late – I’m driving through and the roads are bad. I just pulled into town and was going to get a room when I remembered what you said…if it’s OK”

“Of course,” she said. “Head over here. Webb Road, you remember.” She sounded a little drunk.

“OK, about 15 minutes then.” I replied.

I hung up. So far so good.

I found her brick apt complex pulled into a visitor spot, walked up to her unit and knocked.

Cindy answered the door in a man’s button up shirt that went almost to her knees. I wondered if that’s all she had on.

“Get in out of the cold.” She said, taking me by the shoulder.

She smiled and gave me a hug as I stepped in and I felt her firm tits under the material.

She was holding a rocks glass in one hand, ice clinking faintly.

I smelled whiskey.

“Put your stuff down and relax. Want something to drink? I have Seagrams 7.”

“Whatever you’re having, Cindy. Sorry to keep you up. I didn’t want to go any farther in the snow.” I trailed off, watching her ass as she retreated to the kitchen for my drink.

I sat on the couch, her place was warm, neat and clean.

“Don’t worry about that, I told you to stop by next time you were around.”

She handed me a whiskey on the rocks and changed the music on the turntable. There was a kind of fake electric fireplace that cast a flickering light across the room.

She leaned back against a chair and looked at me.

“The Army sure was good to you, you know that?”

“You’ve told me that.” I said, sipping my whiskey

“College suits you hmmm? I liked it too. Until I got pregnant. I bet the girls there are good-looking.” She said, her Hazel eyes watching me over the rim of her rocks glass.

“They’re alright.” I said, smiling.

“Don’t be that way – I know a good-looking guy like you is getting plenty.” she purred.

“I do alright, I guess.”

“Better than me, this town is the pits.” She filled her glass. “My boss asked to screw me last week. Can you believe that? What an ass.”

Her top few buttons were unbuttoned and I could glimpse her cleavage, and when she sat down on the couch she drew a leg up and could see her panties, her dark bush under them.

“The last time I saw you I was at the farm…I..I was thinking Jesus he grew up into a stud.”

“Yeah, that’s right, we were watching the horses.” I said, attending to my drink.

“You think I’m still pretty, right? Pretty good for forty-two.” She slurred, her brunette hair falling in front of her eyes.

“More than pretty.” I replied, sliding over and draping my arm around her.

“I like your tight jeans. ‘Cause I can look at your butt. And I can look at your bulge.” She burst out laughing when she said this and almost spilled her drink.

“You’re being very bad,” I observed.

I pulled her a bit closer and kissed her on the forehead.

She got very quiet and lifted her lips up to meet me. I let her press her lips to mine, and when she did I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She made a low sound, deep in her throat.

She kissed me back, gently at first, her tongue sliding into my mouth.

We began making out, hard, passionate kissing.

I moved my hand under her shirt and began running my hand over one of soft tits.

Suddenly she pulled away, breathless. “I want to.” She said weakly, her voice trailing off.

“It’s OK. I do too. You’re so sexy. So hot.” I took her hand and put it on my bulging crotch – my cock was straining the buttons of my Levi 501’s.

“See how hard you make me?” I asked.

She took another large sip of her whiskey, and I gently pulled her in for another kiss.

She didn’t resist.

I slipped a hand under her shirt and cupped one of her tits, the nipple was hard under my fingers.

She moaned and leaned back as I unbuttoned the men’s shirt she was wearing, a left-over from a previous boyfriend most likely, and opened it up to reveal her small round tits.

Her hand was softly rubbing the bulge in my jeans.

I stood and undid my belt, and unbuttoned my Levi’s and pulled out my hard cock.

Her eyes became fixed on my penis and she reached out and took it in her hand, holding it gently.

The men in my family are pretty well endowed, and I was no exception.

My beautiful Aunt was holding nearly nine inches of thick cock, the bulbous tip smooth and dripping precum.

As I stood and watched, Aunt Cindy leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth with a low moan.

I watched in amazement as the head of my thick cock disappeared between her lips and re-emerged, wet and glistening.

She held my dick up and licked the underside, flicking the sensitive area where the tip meets the shaft with the tip of her tongue.

Then she expertly slid the length of my cock into her mouth, one hand holding my balls gently.

My beautiful Aunt took the length of my cock in her mouth before sliding it back out, saliva and pre-cum stretching from the head to her lips.

With hand she stroked the shaft, licking up the strands of precome on the head.

One of her hands was busy between her legs, and began deep-sucking me again.

I dropped my hands to the side of her head and took hold of it gently, guiding the stroking by fucking her mouth.

She pulled back to get a breath, her head drooped and she mumbled something about it being “Wrong.”

I took her by the chin and lifted her head until I was looking into her Hazel eyes. Her mouth was hanging open, her breathing heavy.

“You want this, Cindy. We both have for a long time. I’m here now. Let me take care of you. Okay?”

“Yes. Yes…” she stammered.

“You want this cock, yes? Say it.”

“Yes, I want that cock.” she said quietly, staring at my large dick as I stroked it, holding it out to her.

“Say it again.” I commanded.

“I want your cock. Bad.”

I brought my dick back to her lips and she took it in both hands, opening her mouth to accommodate its girth.

Her hesitancy seemed to melt away as she surrendered to her urges, no longer resisting the primal desire but embracing the forbidden.

With both hands she stroked my hard cock as I stood there, the head smooth and wet in her mouth, the veins on the shaft standing out.

I took each of her hands in mine and held them as her head bobbed back and forth on my shaft as she greedily sucked me.

After watching my gorgeous Aunt suck me for what seemed like forever I finally pulled away.

I knelt on the shag carpet and grabbed the panties she was wearing and slipped them off.

I roughly pulled her forward and spread her legs, bringing her pussy to my hungry tongue.

I went straight for her clit, licking it with the fullness of my tongue like an ice cream cone.

She threw her head back, her hands gripping a throw pillow with a large sunflower on it.

I had seen that pillow many times at the farm, now in this context, my nude Aunt laying back on it as I ate her pussy – it seemed like an image from a dream.

As I licked her, she released the pillow and her hands went to her tits, rubbing and squeezing them.

“Oh God, honey, that’s so good. Don’t stop licking me.”

Her pelvis pushed back against me, grinding on my tongue and bucking when I hit her clit.

I ran my tongue along her pussy lips and stuck it inside her as far as I could. The older woman’s back arched and she groaned.

“Yes, please, yes, ohhhhh yes.” The my pretty Aunt murmured, her breath coming in gasps

I was watching her face as my tongue explored her pussy and continued its assault on her clit.

I couldn’t believe I had my mouth on the cunt of my lovely Aunt, and I had her on the edge of an orgasm.

Both her hands came down and pulled back her pussy lips, exposing her clit for me. I began licking the bud with a steady pace, hard then soft, teasing her relentlessly.

She became quiet and still, tension building in her, her body taunt, her breath coming in little gasps.

Suddenly my beautiful Aunt doubled over, spasming and convulsing, her legs closed now, one hand rubbing her clit.

“Oh God…I’m cumming.” she gasped.

She convulsed a half dozen times, the waves of pleasure coursing through her body in waves.

Finally she laid back, currents of the orgasm still running through her body in little twitches.

I took her legs and pulled her forward to begin rubbing my very hard cock up and down her wet pussy, the bulbous tip spreading her lips open.

She pulled back slightly.

“It’s alright baby, you’re ready for me. Feel how wet you are? Doesn’t that feel good?” I asked as I continued to rub the head of my big cock along her cunt.

“Do you feel that?” I asked again.

“Yes,” she replied weakly

“You want that, don’t you? You need it.”

“I need it”

“You want me to fuck you. Don’t you?”

“Please…Please fuck me.” she blurted out.

“Say it again”

“Please fuck me. Please”

I slid my cock into her pussy as I watched her face.

Her mouth opened in a round O and her hands went to her tits, fondling them both.

As she looked me in the eyes for the first time tonight, she drew her knees back, giving me full access to her cunt.

I placed my hands behind her knees and held her legs back, giving her a few long, slow strokes.

“That feels good doesn’t it?”

“Yes. Yes, don’t stop.” she pleaded

I moved in close and held her tight, feeling her body under me.

She smelled of Avon perfume, whiskey and cigarettes.

I kissed her and felt her tongue move into my mouth passionately, her hand went to the back of my head, the other rubbing my back as I ground my cock into her.

I leaned back to watch my long penis parting her dark pussy lips. I slowly pulled it out until only the bulbous head was in her, toying with her, moving it in and out while I rubbed her clit with my thumb.

“Jesus, fuck me please, baby.” She moaned.

I smoothly slid my cock back into her warm slit, parting her pretty pussy lips. Her head lolled back and her mouth opened in that “O” again.

After a few strokes I pulled out and positioned her on the couch on all fours.

I moved up on the couch, kneeling behind her so I could see that lovely ass. I rubbed my cock on her pussy as she reached back, taking the shaft in her hand and guiding it into her cunt.

I took her hand and placed it on her pussy and she began rubbing her clit furiously.

I was long-stroking her cunt now and my orgasm was building. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as I lost control, my orgasm coming on like a tidal wave that I couldn’t stop.

She started convulsing with her second orgasm as my cock began jetting cum into her with a series of intense pulses.

“Fuck baby…I’m cumming.” I grunted.

“Oh God, yes, yes.” she blurted out.

Holding tight to her hips, I held my dick deep in her as the intense waves shook my whole body. One after the other, a long series of spasms shook me as my balls emptied into the pussy of the beautiful brunette..

My orgasm faded, slowly subsiding, my cock still twitching inside her warm wetness.

Long and soft now, my cock slid out of her pussy like an eel, long and dripping.

I sat back on one end of the couch, watching her.

She stayed on all fours, her ass in the air, head in a pillow, breathing hard, for a long time.

A long strand of my thick cum oozed out of her pussy and stretched for the cushions.

She reached back between her legs, fingers running along her pussy lips, gathering up the cum. She shuddered slightly, her fingers brushing her sensitive clit as she collected the semen leaking out of her.

She rose up into a kneeling position and almost in a trance, began rubbing my cum over her tits, one hand between her legs gently touching her clit.

She knelt there for a moment, trembling as she fingered herself, her dark nipples hard and her tits glistening with cum.

After a few moments she began to come out of this pleasure induced state, and seemed to notice me again after a few minutes of solo bliss.

She moved to the end of the couch, lit a cigarette and curled up there with her whiskey, smoking silently.

As I watched, I noticed shivers running through her body every now and then.

Small aftershocks, tiny spasms of pleasure as she sat wreathed in smoke, drawing on her cigarette.

From the other side of the couch I sipped my drink as well, wondering where we went from here.

“I’m going to bed.” She said finally as she rose from the couch, putting the mens shirt back on over her tan, freckled shoulders.

“Where do I sleep?” I asked.

She paused for a beat.

“In here, with me”.

I woke in the morning and the bed was empty.

I hurriedly dressed and went out into the kitchen, where Cindy was standing in a robe pouring a shot of Jack Daniels into a coffee cup.

“Good morning,” she said. “Hungry?”

I took a seat at the table and lit a cigarette.

“Yeah, sure”.

I sat there in silence as she dropped a couple of eggs into a pan and made some toast.

We ate quietly, sipping coffee.

“Last night was great.” I said, breaking the silence.

“Last night didn’t happen.” she said flatly. “I was drunk, it was a mistake. Just forget it.”

That’s going to be really hard to do.” I said.


I finished eating and grabbed my bag.

“Well, I guess I better get on the road.” I said, heading for the door.

Cindy followed and rested her hand on the door before I could open it. She looked as if she was going to speak.

“Hey, it’s OK.” I said, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her in tight.

Her arms encircled my neck, and she pressed herself close to me. I held her like that for a moment then softly kissed her slender neck. I felt her relax in my embrace and I kissed her neck again.

I pulled back and kissed her on the lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth.

We passionately kissed there by the door for maybe four minutes.

Her hand went to the bulge in my jeans, rubbing my cock though the denim. I slipped a hand under her robe and cupped a breast.

I began leading her to the couch.

“Wait…” she said suddenly, and took my hand.

“This way.” she said softly as she led me back to the bedroom.

She paused at the side of the bed. I came up behind her, opened her robe, put my large hands on her hips and began nuzzling her neck.

She took my hands and moved them up to her breasts.

I cupped them as I continued to gently kiss her neck and ear.

She turned to face me and we began to kiss deeply, her arms around my neck. I slowly moved her down onto the bed, sheets still rumpled from last night.

We lay together kissing and her hand found my cock and began slowly and gently stroking it, my hand searched out her pussy and I slipped a finger between the lips and found it wet and inviting.

I moved down her body, kissing her shoulders, her tits, her stomach until I arrived at her pussy and slipped my tongue inside her.

Her body stiffened, then relaxed, she spread her legs wide and her hands pulled her cunt lips back exposing her clit for my probing tongue.

I slipped the length of my tongue inside her slit and heard her gasp with pleasure and surprise. My tongue flicked her clit and she groaned, thrusting her pelvis to my mouth.

Still licking the hood of her clit with my tongue I stretched my arm up and took a firm breast in my hand, the nipple hard between my fingers.

She became still, then began shuddering with an intense orgasm, her hand went to the back of my head as she convulsed in a series of waves.

I made my way back up her lean, tan body stopping to kiss and suck her hard dark nipples, her neck.

While kissing my pretty Aunt, the tip of my cock found the wet entrance to her body. One of her hands wrapped around the shaft and guided my dick inside her.

Her legs wrapped around the small of my back, her heels drawing me closer. My cock slid into her wetness and she groaned, head back, eyes closed. We fucked like that for a while, both savoring the feel of each other.

At one point she slid out from under me and pushed me on my back. She climbed on top of me and her slim hand reached between her legs and wrapped around my thick shaft.

As she knelt over me, my slim sexy Aunt began rubbing her wet pussy with the head of my cock, until my dick was glistening.

Then she locked those big Hazel eyes with mine and slipped it into her cunt, settling down on the fat shaft until it was buried inside her.

“I’ve wanted this for so long”, she said.

“Me too, baby. For a long time” I replied, laying back and fully taking in the image of my beautiful, slim Aunt riding my cock.

She was squatting on it, stroking my cock with her pussy, holding on to my broad shoulders with both hands, her shapely ass slapping down against my thighs.

I pulled her down and held her tight to kiss her, and she began grinding her pussy against me, my hardness deep inside her.

“God, I love your cock, I love it.” she gasped.

We lay like that for a long time, kissing, my cock buried inside her, her ass moving and grinding on me.

I rolled over and positioned her under me. She placed her hands just under her knees and gently lifted her legs back and open, spreading her pussy wide for me.

I placed the head of my cock lightly against the lips of her pussy, brushing her full lips softly, teasing her with the fat tip of my dick.

“Please.” she began.

I slid the round, smooth head of my cock inside her, her back arched and she groaned –

Watching the expression of passion on her face, I slowly pushed my thick cock into her, until our mounds met and I was completely inside her pussy. I leaned back so I could get a better look at my thick shaft sheathed in her pink lips, just visible inside the wild black bush of her pubic hair.

I began to stroke her pussy, slowly at first, methodiclly fucking the older woman watching her lying there on the bed, eyes closed. One hand was cupping a tit and the other resting on her mound, a finger toying with her clit.

I felt the familiar sensation in my balls as my orgasm began coiling inside me like a taunt spring. I began to pound my thickness into her, my balls slapping against her ass, all eight inches of my dick stretching her cunt.

“Oh fuck, yes, yes, hard baby!” she gasped.

As I held her she took my nipple in her mouth and began to suck on it, sending a jolt of pleasure through me.

“You’re going to make me cum baby!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, yes, honey. Inside me.” She pleaded.

Suddenly my cock began pulsing, jetting cum into her as I arched my back and colors exploded behind my eyelids.

“Fuck, baby, I’m cumming!” I gasped

I convulsed again and again as the waves of my orgasm contorted my body. She held me tight, my hard cock deep and throbbing inside her until my orgasm slowly subsided.

After a few long moments of kissing I slipped my wet, soft cock out of her pussy and rolled over next to her.

She lay next to me and lit a cigarette.

We lay there in silence for a while until she started laughing.

“Jesus Christ if the family could see us.” she said, blowing smoke at the ceiling.

“Yeah. I know..” I mused.

“That was the best sex I’ve had in years. I knew you’d be fantastic in bed. I wanted you for a while, you know.” she said.

I turned to my beautiful brunette Aunt and took her in my arms.

“Look, Cindy,” I continued. “This was so good. We waited a long time, and I really want more of this.”

“I don’t know.” she began.

“I’m thirty minutes away. I can be here in no time, almost anytime you want. I can spend weekends here if you want. No more dating crappy guys, shitty bosses making passes at you. You deserve better. Let me come and take care of you.”

“What if someone finds out? The family?”

“No one is going to find out. How could they? Imagine having this whenever you want.” I countered, holding her tight.

She sighed after a long moment of being intertwined together, her face nuzzled into my neck.

One of my large, strong hands rubbed her back as I held her tight, her tits pressed against my chest.

“I’ve wanted this too, honey. I wanted it bad, for a while now. ” She finally said. “Let’s play it by ear and see what happens. Our little secret.”

“Our secret ” I agreed, pulling her in closer and kissing her.

My cock was getting hard again, and she made a soft sound as my tongue slipped into her mouth. As we lay there and kissed, I cupped my hand around one of her soft, round tits and gently pulled at the nipple. Her hand took my cock and began softly stroking it as I slid my hand down the slim body of my Aunt to her pussy.

Her slit was wet, and I slipped a finger inside her and a small shiver of pleasure ran through her body.

The sun was coming up, but we weren’t going anywhere.

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