The Great Sen Family : 13

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“Would you mind finishing the dishes for me, Bahu? Actually, now I’ve to go to Rahamatbhai’s house to know the details of my new job. Before initiating the job, he just wants to aware me about the rules and regulations of the hotel. However the hotel management already appoints me for that job….. to serve their elite customers only for two days in a week…. Saturday & Sunday.” Probhaboti said in a jolly mood….. adjusting her Saree.

“Just two days…. fine, but how much they will pay?” Parveen asked in a surprising tone.

“Rs.1000/- per day…..isn’t it great? You know it’s not sufficient to maintain a family with the money you two earn. That’s why I’ve accepted their fabulous offer…. I think it could help our family. Anyway I’m leaving now….. I’m late already.” Wiping her hands on a cloth, Probhaboti glanced at the kitchen wall-clock as she headed for the front door. Today Rahamat was going to train her about some tips to impress the customers and she was too eager to learn those.

“Maa, it seems you like the job…. but what about Rahamat…. is he cooperative?” Parveen queried with a sly grin.

“Yes, I’m really excited to get the job…. I can’t believe their handsome offer till now…. and Rahamatbhai is no doubt a great man. But one thing….. please call him as your Uncle. A truly respected person like him deserves this, OK Bahu?” Probhaboti advised her.

“Yes Maa, he really is a good person….. I’ve already met him in Munmun Didimoni’s last Sunday’s party. He was there with his friend Tarunbabu and Tarunbabu’s film-actress wife Sandhya Roy,” Parveen replied.

She listened her DIL throughly while pausing in the front hallway long enough to give her hair a last critical examination in the mirror. She then smoothed down her Saree and went on. “Fine….. now don’t wait up. Probably, you don’t know how men are when it comes for a real servicing, and I don’t want to be late. You don’t mind, do you, Sona?”

“No, that’s okay Maa. Just have a good time, Maa.” Not fooled at all by her MIL’s story, Parveen rose from the couch, and turned the television off. A small, secret smile flitted across her lips, but she quickly hid it. “And tell Rahamat Uncle hello for me, too. I haven’t seen much of him after that party!”

“I will, dear.” Not noticing that her DIL’s smile had reappeared at the vivid memory of Rahamat sprawled on the couch with his pants bunched at his knees last night.

Probhaboti finished her primping and turned for the door as she said, “Lock the gate, Bahu….. and get some rest. You look positively worn out!”

“I will, Maa…… Bye.” Parveen replied with a mischievous grin as she slumped down on the couch. Really she didn’t feel OK and intimated her Dadababu early in the morning that she wouldn’t be able to go that day.

Realizing that she hadn’t seen her MIL behave this happily since her coming in Kolkata, Parveen watched her hurry out in a quizzing look. The sharp image of Rahamat’s giant circumcised huze prick came to her mind….. it was larger than Manish Uncle but slightly smaller than her husband. Her smile widened knowingly. Well, that was certainly something to be happy about!

And though she hadn’t taken the time to think about it, her MIL looked so happy after a long time and it made Parveen happy too.
____ ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Probhaboti pranced lightly across the street to Rahamat’s house, who was actually caught herself humming. She’d been looking forward impatiently for the last two days of this moment after that hot interview session. It was with almost girlish eagerness which she started to feel after getting the lustful attention from a much more younger gentleman like Rahamat. She bounced up to his front door and rang the calling bell…… feeling her stomach flutter with jittery tension.

What if he wasn’t at home? What if the previous encounter had simply been a single drunken incident, and nothing more? Would he even want to see her? Would the high profile customers be interested to a older woman like her which she’d got from Rahamat?

She looked at Rahamat’s beautifully decorated big house in a thoughtful way. Wouldn’t it have been better to call first, just to make sure? God, she was acting like a love-smitten teenager! That’s when the door swung open, and all her tension drained away.

Rahamat appeared, and his face broke into a delighted grin when he saw her standing there. “Well, I expect to see you so soon…… come on in, Probha.”

Being thrilled, he motioned with a wide gesture as she stepped through. Shutting the door behind her, he went on quickly.

“First I must say, from tomorrow you’re going to start your service at ‘Sandhyatara Bar’ with a young member. He already have booked you seeing your sizzling picture and advanced the full amount. Now come on and please, no whiskey today. My head’s still spinning!”

“That’s OK, Rahamatbhai….. I know perfectly well what you can do for me!” Swirling to face him, she turned on her sexiest smile. Her hand swooped out without warning to grasp the crotch of his trousers. “I’ve been thinking about last two days about the techniques you’re going to teach me, and I’m tired of just thinking! But before that, what do you intend to do about it?”

Her boldness startled him all over again as she gave his crotch another squeeze, and his grin grew broad. “Well, now I think there’s no need to teach you further. When you put it that way I can think of several things! Just what did you have in mind now, may I ask?”

His cock twitched with life under her squeezing fingers. A blast of heat flooded in Probhaboti’s cunt with a sudden, overwhelming arousal she hadn’t felt in last two years.

“Well, if you can’t come up with any ideas of your own, then I’ll just have to show you!” She countered…. gushing hot juice from her cunt while Rahamat’s cock twitched up in his pants to full stiffness. Even as Probhaboti spoke, her fingers moved up to grope at the fastener of his trousers….. tearing them open.

“My my…. seems you’re too much excited about your new job, do you?” Once more taken aback, Rahamat spoke huskily as his prick swung up hard…. freeing from the confines of his pants…. now bare into the air….. wagging a sexy greeting to Probhaboti.

Even as Probhaboti instantly knelt to confront his gorgeous, stiff black cock, she had to admit that Rahamat affected her in a way she’d never known before. She’d been in his home less than a minute and she was already into his pants!

But that realization didn’t stop her from her maneuvering. Sinking to her knees before his surging prick, she heard her own voice come out deep and hungry, aching for action. “I’ve wasted enough time already, and I don’t intend to lose another precious second! Oh, God, I’ve waited two days for this after our first time encounter! Come on honey. I know just what to do with it… nuhhm.”

Wrapping her both fists around his swollen prick, Probhaboti swooped without hesitation. Her full lips pressed eagerly against his bulbous cocktip in a lingering kiss. Quickly her tongue started flicking across it’s smooth sensitive surface.

“Oh Meherban, Probha dear,” he groaned, still clutching the doorknob as if not quite able to believe it was happening again.

Almost before he knew it, she was licking her way across the whole veined length of his circumcised cock…… trying desperately to taste every bit of it at once. Her tongue greedily lashed across his hefty ballsac…. matting it’s thick curls with her saliva.

She rolled his both enormous balls with her tongue until they were slick and tingling against her lips. Then she returned to the inflamed slab of his cock and caught his engorged prick head between her lips and started sucking on it like a large piece of sweet candy.

“Uhhhmmm,” Probhaboti sighed as his fingers tangled in her long dark hair, as he urged her on.

“Oh, yeah, give me some of that sweet mouth of yours! Oh, yeah… Meherban, to think I almost went bowling tonight! I’m too lucky to get such a sweet sucking mouth….. I’m sure you don’t have any problem to impress our young customers and get huge tips from them. Ohhhhhh…… do it like that, babe, do it!” He moaned continuously….. as his voice turned throaty, and his hips twitched.

It was as if a dam had burst suddenly in Probhaboti’s cunt….. unleashing a torrent of frothing cream. Moaning deep and loud, she began to bob her head back and forth. She gobbled his meaty prick down her throat as if it was the only cock in the whole world.

“Mffuuuhhhummmm,” she moaned.

The 48 yrs old Odisan widow could feel a fast growing ache that soared through her pussy now, an ache that only Rahamat’s lovely, pulsing prick could satiate. Her tongue whipped frantically along his rippled cockshaft as she sucked with her smacking lips….. her enjoyment pouring out in bursts of juicy heat. Her head bobbed faster….. and catlike purrs rose from her cock-filled throat as she swallowed his prick in.

On the other hand, to his frank amazement, Rahamat saw the entire length of his prick slide between the Odisan widow’s sucking lips. His hips began to thrust rhythmically… sliding his cockmeat down her moist, willing throat as he grunted with pleasure.

“Yeah, babe, oh, yeah that’s just right, warm me up real nice like that so I can give you a fucking you’ll never forget! But get out of those clothes first, before I tear ’em off, myself!”

Instantly, Probhaboti obeyed. Without missing a stroke, first she removed her Saree with a single swift motion. Then she deftly unhooked her blouse and squirmed out of it. Saya, bra and panties quickly followed, until she was totally nude.

And as the last wisp of her clothes floated to the floor, so did any willpower she had left. She pulled herself back from his cock abruptly….. clutching it’s wet stiffness and collapsed back on the living room floor….. pulling him to her.

“Fuck me! Get it in me, lover! I need it. Hurry, oh, God Rahamatbhai, hurryyyyyyyy……..!”

Drawn by his prick, the Cameraman cum partner of Tarun’s hotel business, sank atop her only too gladly. His tortured cock speared between her wide-flung legs……. straight for her sopping, pink pussy, as he grunted: “Unhh!” His prick slid easily up her waiting cunt…. inch after slithering inch….. until his entire fuckshaft was buried inside her.

That was when Probhaboti went wild…… “Oh, my God, yesssssssss……..!”

Instantly, she was hunching up on his skyward cock…… pumping it in and out of her pussy…… in an abandon of pure, uninhibited lust. He lurched back and forth between her tapered legs, as he mashed his hairy chest against her flopping tits.

“Oh Meherban, what’s got into you, baby? I… ahhhhhh.” Rahamat hissed.

Probhaboti laughed in sheer, gleeful delight, though the sound came out more like a shriek as his prick plunged into her even deeper than before.

“…as if you didn’t know!” she managed somehow, the words blurting out as they fucked in frantic unison, bodies twisting together. “Fuck me, damn you! Fuck me good and hard, Rahamatbhai! Give it to me lover, ohhh, give it to me good! Good, good!”

In all her experience, she’d never before had her pussy so totally bloated with prick…… brimming full with wonderful thrusting cock meat. She surged up for more….. asobbing with luxurious rapture on that huge pistoning fuck shaft.

“God, yes, that feels soooo…… good! Oh, lover, fuck it all into my pussy, I’ve got to taste your scrumptious prick all the way inside me! Yessss, yes, that’s right… faster, faster!”

Clawing at his taut ass and pumping up onto the full length of his monster of a prick, she lunged off the floor with fast, furious jerks.

“Allllllaaaaaaahhhhhh……..!” Rahamat gasped, unable to quite believe the widow was the same quiet, shy woman whom he had met just two days ago. He was delighted at the way she was hungrily bouncing up and down onto his prick. He too responded with hard, slamming heaves that pounded her ripe ass back to the floor……. burying his swollen fuck shaft to it’s base inside her.

“Annnnnhhhhh……..!” the Odisan widow mother wailed blissfully as their bodies slapped together in simultaneous frenzy. The first explosions of climax went shuddering through her, and she screamed. “Nowwwwwwww….. ! Now, Rahamatbhai, give it to me now! Give me your cum, baby! Fuck your jism into me, fuck my pussy full of cream! I… oh, fucking sweet lover… I want your cum! Cuuummmmmmm!”

Digging her fingernails deep into his flesh, she writhed upward in a chain of unending orgasms. Those seemed to go off like bombs inside her….. making her shriek again and again.

“Uhhhnnn!” Unable to endure that sudden frantic attack on his aching cock another moment, Rahamat drove his prick meat into her cunt with a last furious assault, as he let his load rip.

Cockcream started spurting into her silky, milking pussy. Feeling that hot jism blasting in her, she wailed ecstatically. It blasted again and again with the rippling eruptions of her own lust. Her cunt lurched in spasms on his pumping fuck shaft….. sucking it for all it was worth. She’d sucked it dry, when the most violent of her climaxes had ebbed. He lay slumped….. gasping for breath atop her, while she still kept pumping him slowly.

“Oh… oh… oh, God, that was the sweetest fuck I’ve ever enjoyed!” she purred, still twitching.

His softening prick slurped in her cunt, and little splatters of cum dribbled warmly down her ass crack. “I’ve been waiting last two days for this; I don’t think I could’ve stood another moment without it!”

Rahamat laughed weakly, shaking his head in wonder. “I guess we’re just lucky you made it in my house, at least!”

“You think it’s funny to get a woman all hot and bothered over you, don’t you, Mister Rahamat! Well you just happen to be right. I’m a woman who finishes what she starts, and you may as well find that out right now! So now that we’ve got one or two of the more immediate concerns out of the way, I intend to start finishing you off all over again. What do you think of that?” She hissed kneeling worshipfully before his limp, drained prick. Her long black hair drifted across his thighs, as she leant forward even more.

“I think that’s just fine, Probha darling. Go ahead and try. We’ll just see who finishes off who around here. Ahhhh.” Rahamat replied.

Her tongue lapped wickedly at his slumping prick, this time licking the mixture of semen and cuntjuices from it. She worked on his balls…… drinking up the overflow of their wild lovemaking. She cleansed the last traces of mixed cream from them. It didn’t take much sucking at all to have his prick nudging to life again. She slid her mouth up and down his swelling prickshaft with grim determination. At last she cupped his heavy balls and teased them to new awareness….. this time she didn’t intend to be swayed.

“Oh, shit, you’re killing me!” Rahamat’s voice was a hoarse chuckle as his prick throbbed upright…… gliding into the widow’s throat at full rigid height. “At least give me a moment to catch my breath! I’m not as young as I used to be. Uhh… uhh!”

Despite that, he gave a pleasing gasp and within moments, Probhaboti had his cock twanging. Her uninhibited enthusiasm seemed to be catching, and he couldn’t resist. He lay back and clutched her head…. pumping up into her soft, sucking mouth just as eagerly as he had fucked her pussy only minutes ago.

“Uhhm… fffuuhhmm.” She sucked with all her expertise…… working him to a thrashing pitch. Gulping and licking, her mouth slid up and down on his cockmeat with pure greedy hunger. She felt the first tremors of release ripple through his prick.

“Ahhhhh.” Rahamat arched, and the first load of cockcream suddenly geysered into her throat. “Muhhm.”

She kept her sucking on…… swallowing load after load of his hot, thick musky jizz. It’s heady taste made her cunt twitch, and she sucked all the harder.

“Oh babe!” Rahamat’s groan would’ve made her smile if she could have. After all, it served the bastard right! If he was enjoying so much that she couldn’t see straight, the least he could do was pay the price for that!

That thought made her suck furiously, until every precious drop of cream had been drained from his pecker. At last, she raised her head as she licked her full moist lips. “Well? Do I keep my promises? Are you finished, Rahamatbhai?”

Slumping wearily, he laughed. “You… you cock-hungry bitch, I’ll show you who’s finished! Can we go to bed now?”

Probhaboti smiled. Her eyes glinted with pleasure, as she gave his massive prick a squeeze. “If you’re ready for it, lover. Because I’m just getting warmed up!”

“Ahhh… ahhhmmmm…” Probhaboti moaned…. she wasn’t lying either.
She was having a wonderful dream. She dreamed that a big, circumcised cock was sliding into her insatiable cunt…… fucking it with incredible skill. A tremor of pleasure rippled through her as that huge, hard prick dipped in and out, somehow managing to wiggle inside her cunt.

‘God, what a dream!’ She thought…… her pussy creamed with delight. That lush dream-cock increased it’s slithering probe, as she arched.

“…unnhh,” She moaned sleepily as pangs of sheer joy shot through her.

Suddenly her eyes fluttered open to the morning sunlight that streamed into the bedroom. And that’s when the lovely, wiggling dream-prick plunged again in her sopping pussy! She gasped….. gazing hazily down at the source of that wonderful sensation. She noticed that Rahamat lay sprawled between her leg while his tongue was plowing into her pussy with fast, fucking strokes.

“Ohh, oh, my God!” She moaned again and again.

Suddenly, that delectable sensation was too much to withstand. In one violent lunging motion, she twisted out from under him and pushed him onto his back. His prick leaped up into the morning sunshine, all swollen and huge. It ached to be sheathed in her cunt….. an ache that she intended to soothe, right now.

“Oh, you bastard!” She gasped…. straddling his waist and splaying her wet pussy directly over his bloated cockhead. “What a way to wake up! Now that you’ve got me going, I can’t stop until I’ve had it all. Aaaaahhhhh!”

She squealed ecstatically…… sinking onto his prick in a leisurely screwing motion that worked his cock into the core of her cunt.

“That’s a great idea,” Rahamat grinned up at her….. cupping her split asscheeks and urging her on. “I warned you I wasn’t so easy to finish off, didn’t I? After all, I’m not the one who fell asleep right in the middle of things! Now you have to take your… medicine… mmmmmmmm.”

Sucking in her breath, Prankrisno’s 48 yrs old widow mother began to plunge onto 40 yrs old Rahamat’s prick in great earnest. It rammed up her cunt…… jolting her fully awake.

Before she quite realized it, she was bouncing up and down on his steel-prick in total bliss. Her slightly saggy tits started flopping as the bed squeaked with her steady jumping. She drilled her hungry cunt thoroughly onto his cock….. just the way she had last night before drifting off to a happy, sated sleep.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhh……. my Probha darling, I’m cumminggggggg….!” Rahamat lunged up, as his cock started spewing uncontrollably. Loads of thick, hot, thready cum tore up inside her cunt, as she pumped until he was once more drained.

“Guuuh…” Collapsing atop him in a fulfilled heap, Probhaboti groaned as all of last night’s memories came flooding back slowly. “Oh, darling, that was wonderful! I don’t know when I’ve fucked so much. Uhhhmmm.”

Twitching beneath her and grinning from ear to ear, Rahamat couldn’t have agreed more. “That was just the beginning, hon. I expect we’re going to do much better from now on….. hey, where are you going?”

Suddenly, in the midst of her pleasure, Probhaboti’s head popped up. “Oh, my God, it’s morning! You let me sleep all night!”

She sprang up…… gasping slightly as his prick slid wetly from her cunt hole. Scooping up her discarded clothes, she dressed hurriedly.

“What’s the hurry?” He sat up, perplexed.

“I left my DIL alone all night, that’s what’s the hurry!” Slipping back into her dress, Probhaboti headed for the door. She paused just long enough to glance back at him, and a smile flitted across her lips. “We’ll have to continue this some other time, lover… and soon! I only hope I can explain to my DIL what I was doing out all night!”

Probhaboti swept out of the bedroom, still straightening her rumpled clothes as he sank back, disappointed. “Oh, shit!”
____ ___ ______ ______ ______ _______ ____ __

Dashing across the street, she worked desperately to untangle her mass of curls into presentable fashion. She tried to think of an excuse which she had to give her DIL for being out all night. Not a single reasonable explanation came into her mind. But it was still early, and there was every chance her DIL hadn’t gotten up yet. She might still be able to sneak in, and never have to face her DIL at all.

At least, that was her only hope as she opened the front door. But that hope sank as the blare of the T.V. met her. Her DIL was already up and plopped on the living room floor in her nightie….. watching her favorite morning show. It was a heart-melting religious show which all the members of this family never missed to enjoy together.

Anyway, putting on her most innocent expression, Probhaboti took a deep breath and strode into the house….. smiling as if she had nothing at all to hide.

“Well, it’s about time you got up, sleepyhead! When I went out this morning, you were still snoozing away as if you meant to spend the whole day in bed!” Probhaboti bluntly lied without hesitating a bit.

“Oh Maa.” Parveen glanced up with a small indulgent smile, and her knowing expression chilled the lie on her MIL’s lips. “Actually, I was up pretty early. But that’s okay. I don’t mind if you want to stay out all night with Rahamat Uncle now and then. You don’t have to tell a lie to me.”

“I…… I……. you mean……. ” Taken aback, the religious minded Odisan widow didn’t quite know what to say. Her face lowered….. shoulders sagged in shame, and a furious blush crept across her face. “Bahu, I….. I didn’t mean to pretend. And I didn’t mean to stay out all night, either. It’s just… Sona, can we talk a moment? I mean woman to woman?”

Parveen nodded cleverly, and her smile brightened. Her MIL slumped onto the couch beside her and tried to decide just what she was going to say. The newly bride hopped up and shut the T.V. off, then joined her.

“I know you like Rahamat Uncle and spent the whole night with him, didn’t you?” Parveen queried…..the question came so abruptly and naturally that it caught her by surprise. She stammered, then gave up any pretense with a shrug of surrender.

“Yes, yes, I did. Bahu, you know, he is really a wealthy person who provide me such a great job. No doubt our family will be benefitted financially due to his great contribution. This makes ourselves good friends and for that it’s my obligation to pay back a little also…. do you understand what I mean?” Probhaboti tried to justify her closeness with Rahamat as she looked questioningly to her DIL.

“Yes Maa…. you’re absolutely right. I admit I would’ve been followed your path if I were in your place,” Parveen said heartily….. supporting her MIL’s explanation.

“Besides these, there’s something I want you to understand. You know I’m without a male’s touch for the last two yrs and you could guess it’s too hard to a widow to suppress that urge. Yes, I spent the night with him because… well, because we like each other that special way. You’re old enough to know about that, aren’t you?”

Parveen bobbed her head solemnly up and down. “I think you fell in love…… I mean, if so, do you want to marry him too?”

Instead of getting uneasy, this discussion was no doubt turning in compassionately. “Umm, yes I love him…… but marry? Although he proposed once, I didn’t think about it seriously. So that’s a little hard to say right now, Bahu. After all, even though we’ve known him a long time, I’ve only just started seeing him! To marry someone takes a bit longer than that, you now!”

All these loosened the tension between the MIL & DIL as Parveen was blunt suddenly. “Do you have sex with him….. I mean fucking?”

“Bahu!” Probhaboti was shocked…… hearing such bold and raw version of sex from her DIL. Aghast, she, stared blankly at her twinkling eyes. She realized that the whole confrontation was getting out of her hand, and she frankly didn’t know quite what to do about it. Sputtering for an answer, she felt her face growing redder.

“How… how could you even utter such a obscene thing like that! Why…… your uncle and I hardly know each other? To even think… I mean, really! We just… that is…”

“It’s all right, Maa,” Parveen said comfortingly…… hugging her MIL and planting a kiss on her cheek lovingly. “I’m your DIL….. son’s wife….. so you know I’m quite aware about all the things between a adult man and woman. You just need some extra rest, that’s all. Here, let me do this, and you can lie down. We can talk better once you’re relaxed.”

With that Parveen slowly pushed the ‘Anchal’ of her MIL’s Saree from her bosom and started unhooking her blouse as she continued speaking. Completing those, she pushed the material away from her MIL’s shoulders. Probhaboti shrugged out of it and then without complaint and sighing gratefully, she allowed her DIL to remove her Saya too. It seemed her DIL really was forward, after all.

“I suppose you’re right, Bahu. I’m a little worn out. I guess a few minutes extra sleep wouldn’t hurt.” Probhaboti said smilingly.

At last, she surrendered herself totally to her DIL…. facing a little emotional confrontation still within herself. So within minutes, she was totally naked….. lying stretched out on the couch…… feeling weak and exhausted from her early morning’s heavy sex.

“There, that’s better, Maa.” Parveen gazed down at her MIL, once again remembering the image of Rahamat Uncle’s huge, circumcised meaty rod tearing into her MIL’s cunt. “And next time you spend the night with him, accept his proposal and tell him you want a good husband like him. I’m sure your son wouldn’t mind it too….. you know, he really likes to see you happy. You can just tell him all that I said… OK!”

Probhaboti just stared at her convincing DIL…. meant, if she married him, her DIL wouldn’t mind it at all. However she wasn’t sure about her son…. but she felt her DIL would be able to convince her son about the recent development.

So at last, feeling grateful to her DIL for her broadminded attitude and even accepting Rahamat as her future FIL, her eyes moistened in motherly affection. Parveen could feel that too….. wiping her MIL’s eyes with her fingers, she kissed her lips momentarily.

Soon her gaze had drifted down between her MIL’s legs, and she gasped openly. Lying back in a heap, her MIL had unconsciously let her thighs glide slightly apart. Her pussy was still wet and tingly, and a splatter of sticky jizz was seeping from between the natural fire of it’s pouting lips.

Unexpectedly, Parveen knelt….. bringing her rapt gaze level with her MIL’s cunt. The teenage DIL let out a sound of frank amazement.

“Is that what he did to you, Maa? Wow, he sure must be something in bed! I never saw so much cum all at once!” Parveen exclaimed with a naughty smile.

Probhaboti’s eyes widened in surprise, and she started to protest. But it seemed pointless to hide anything now, since her DIL already knew everything. So resigning herself to the fate, she gave in with a sigh and let her look in her leaking cunt.

“Oh wow…” Parveen’s hands dipped into the slot of her MIL’s thighs….. easing them wider for a better look. Her MIL’s pink cuntlips opened farther, and a thread of thick, white cream oozed out slowly.

“Uhh, Bahu, I don’t really think you need to know details quite that intimate!” Probhaboti told shyly….. forcing a weak smile. She then fluttered a hand down toward her bared pussy, but didn’t quite try to hide it. After all, if her DIL intended to know about the situation, why treat her in a separate way?

“It’s okay, Maa.” As if to voice her thoughts, Parveen responded quickly. “I… I think it’s kind of beautiful…… married again with Uncle….. a really matching couple. Yes Maa, I really want to see you happy with him.”

Then with a sudden, tender motion that took them both by surprise, Parveen abruptly leaned forward and lightly kissed her MIL’s cum-drenched pussy. Probhaboti’s reaction was a searing jolt of unexpected pleasure. It ripped from her cunt and tore throughout her….. escaping in a breathless hiss.

It was an unexpected act. Caught up in the sensation of sharing her MIL’s experiences, Parveen felt her lips press against the widow’s moist, warm cunt-flesh. It’s scented juices poured across her mouth, and she flicked her tongue out to taste them.

Although it wasn’t her first time with a female, it was her MIL’s cunt that was filled with a male’s spunk. She always loved to taste a male’s jism mixed with pussy-juices…. and never thought that was disgusting. Now the scent of the jism mixing with her MIL’s cunt-juices made it so much intoxicating, she was overwhelmed….. she dived in front of the cunt-gush.

On the other hand, Probhaboti couldn’t halt the burst of reaction that rippled from her cunt….. filling it with a creamy new blaze of warmth that tugged her hips up. Blurting out a surprised gasp of mingled lust and astonishment, she writhed.

“Bahu, my Sonamoni, what…… ohhh, oh, my God, Ohhhhhhhhhh Sona, that’s… that’s nice, please… please!”

In a feeble attempt to stop what was happening, Probhaboti clutched handfuls of her DIL’s long hair. On the other hand, the incredible feel of having a mature widow’s cum-bloated cunt made the young wife mad with sheer lust. She kissed her MIL’s cum-soaked pussy-lips so sensuously with her soft willing lips, that it was just impossible for the widow to ignore the sensations she started to feel.

So, instead of pushing her DIL’s mouth away from her cunt, the widow grabbed her head and arched up…. splaying her overflowing cunt eagerly for more. Meanwhile Parveen was too much engrossed by the tempting taste of mixture oozing from her MIL’s cunt. Her tongue dipped again…… gliding deep between her MIL’s fur-fringed cuntlips for another taste.

“Ahhhh!” Probhaboti’s eyes bulged as she felt her DIL’s tongue wiggling eagerly into her cunt…… probing the depths of her stoked gush for Rahamat’s cum. Her legs slid wide open as her ass arched off the couch for more.

Parveen hadn’t expected anything like this. As her groaning MIL hunched up her waist, she plunged her tongue deeper. Slippery globs of Rahamat’s musky cum rolled across it. She swallowed again and again…. shoving deeper with each new jab. Her tongue raced in and out of her MIL’s hot cunt….. collecting fresh blasts of semen and cunt cream. She lapped furiously….. gulping it all down.

“Yesss, yessssss…… Ohhhhhhhhhh Sona!” the widow cried in ecstatic pleasure, her face wrenching in bliss. “Do it, do it for me baby, give it to me good! Annnnh!”

Probhaboti’s throbbing clit strummed under her DIL’s frantic tonguing. Spasms of pleasure soared through her…… growing stronger with each jabbing thrust of her DIL’s searching tongue. Suddenly, she lurched as her DIL’s tongue shoved into her cunt with wild, squirming urgency.

“Aaaaahhhhhnnnn……..!” Probhaboti howled as her pussy surged up in an ecstatic series of eruptions…… plastering her DIL’s mouth with her cunt. Parveen didn’t have to be told that her MIL was experiencing a huge orgasm. She licked and lapped more eagerly than ever…. soaking every quiver of completion from her MIL’s twitching cunt.

“Uhhh, ohhhh, my babyyyyyyy……!” Probhaboti continued to moan.

When at last the widow fell back in a heaving blur of satiation, her DIL’s stabbing tongue slipped out from her cunt-hole. It licked it’s way up along her flat stomach….. dipping momentarily into the little pucker of her navel, then moved on. Lastly, the soft, young lips of Parveen caressed each of her throbbing nipples in turn…… licking them into tingling awareness.

Strangely, Parveen’s youthful explorations didn’t seem the least bit naughty to either of them. At last her lips slid up to place a wet…… loving kiss on her MIL’s mouth.

Then sitting upright, she said, “There. Now you ought to be good and relaxed! And just to make sure you get plenty of rest, I’ll do all the cleaning, cooking….. and everything today, all right?”

Parveen seemed so openly eager to please her MIL that Probhaboti couldn’t help but smile. “Uhhm, that sounds perfectly all right to me! And Sona, thanks….. thanks for understanding.”

It was as if a wall had broken down between a MIL and a DIL….. allowing them to face each other, woman-to-woman. As Probhaboti drifted to a grateful sleep, her loving DIL quietly went to do the morning dishes, as she’d promised.

But Parveen’s thoughts were now on her own hot, seething pussy. The young bride was painfully aware of the creamy itch gnawing within it. She needed some action fast, the very first chance she got. And, fortunately, she knew exactly where to find it…. yes, her husband was out of Kolkata till now but there was her Dadababu.

But before that she would have to convince her husband for the marriage of her MIL with Rahamat uncle. It seemed they really loved each other…. and she didn’t want her truly respected MIL once again loose her regained happiness. She would never miss this great opportunity which the almighty God suddenly poured upon them as a blessing.

To be continued…..

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