My Mom Uses Me

My Mom Uses Me It was 1995 and I was eighteen. Your typical stay at home introvert, living with his divorced mother. I had a job at a restaurant; Randall’s, you can look it up. It’s closed now, but back in the day it was a pretty nice spot to eat and have a drink. … Read more

Sex with friend mom

Hi, my name is Anil, my age is 22. I am doing my PG. I live in Delhi with my friend in his house. I am going to share my story about how my friend’s mom seduced me and we had sex together. This story happened in 2021 between me and my best friend’s mom, … Read more

My Wonderful Pet

My Name is MASTER FROM DELHI INDIA , MY AGE IS 32 , I M DOM , I HAVE MORE THAN 3 YEAR experience THIS STORY AROUND LADY WHO LOVE ME DIFFERENT WAY Thats Story one Of my Sex Slave She Have Wonderful BoDy And Amazing Personality , First time I met herSocial Site She … Read more

Horny stud receives sex lessons from hot Step Mom

Ralph was your run of the mill average teenage boy. He was the youngest of three children. He was bright, intelligent and above all that, he very skillful in fixing things. Even as child, he was taking things apart to see how they worked then he would put them back together again just for the … Read more