Sex with friend mom

Hi, my name is Anil, my age is 22. I am doing my PG. I live in Delhi with my friend in his house. I am going to share my story about how my friend’s mom seduced me and we had sex together.

This story happened in 2021 between me and my best friend’s mom, who was divorced for 17 years and was desperate for a good sex life.

My heroine’s name in this story is Amisha, whose age is 42 and whose figure is 40DD-34-31. Her skin is milky white, and her nipples are pink; she works as a manager in an IT firm.

I knew Amisha from my 1st grade and for 10 years I stayed with her because my parents went abroad because of their work. For the past 8 years, I have stayed in her house.

Her son and I studied in the same school and college, but he did not do PG and he went to work and we three lived like a family. I did not see her with any bad intentions.

The day came when she was going to seduce me. There was a marriage in her relatives’ Mumbai. We three had booked tickets to go, but at the last moment, my friend couldn’t come because he had an important job.

We went to Mumbai around 4 in the evening and checked into a 5 star hotel because there were no rooms. Me and Amisha shared the same room. The marriage was at 7 in the night.

Around 5 pm, she started to get ready because she did not want to be late. She wore a bathrobe and called the hotel for makeup and they came and started doing makeup.
At 6, I went to the bathroom and got ready.

I got ready at 6:15 and came out and saw she was wearing her saree with the help of a makeup artist and she was looking beautiful in it.

By 6:30 a.m., she was dressed in a backless red saree and asked me how I looked; I said you look beautiful, and she said you also look cute in formal dress. We reserved a car and drove to the wedding.

We reached there by 20 minutes and we attended the marriage. Amisha was too happy to see her relatives and all were telling her to look beautiful. By 10 pm, all the rituals got over and she told me to book a car to the hotel.

In the car, Amisha apologised to me because she did not ask if I was comfortable here and I was alone all the time. I told her I could do anything for you, aunty, because you take care of me.

We reached our hotel and went to our room. I told Amisha you can change your clothes, I will be out. She said I am tired, I will remove my dress tomorrow morning. I will also remove my jewellery and makeup. I went to the bathroom and removed my dress and wore shorts and came shirtless because I slept without my shirt.

I saw Amisha was in bed. I went to the couch to sleep. She called me to bed and said “sleep here, I am comfortable, don’t worry.” So I went to bed and was trying to sleep. Suddenly, I saw Amisha came on top of me and started kissing me. I hesitated and told Aunty this is wrong.

Amisha said, “Nothing is wrong in love. I have fallen in love with you for the past 4 years but could not tell you I love you from the bottom of my heart.” She started kissing my neck and cheeks.

I couldn’t stop her. My daughter got up and I got a sudden vibration in my body. I kissed her back and she removed my shorts and made me naked.

Now we were kissing each other and now I got on top of her and I was touching her whole body with my hands. I started to remove her saree pallu. Now I saw her stomach and I got lost.

Next, I went to her backless blouse and removed it and saw her in a blue bra, which could not handle her huge melons. I removed her bra quickly and saw her huge melons and thought how I could be so big and started to suck it.

I sucked her nipples for 10 minutes while pressing it, and she said, “You are my king.” Fuck your queen, I removed her lower now. She was only wearing her panty, and it was wet.

I went to her pussy and removed her panty and started licking her vagina. She started to moan and said “I am waiting for your dick.” I said, “Wait for some time, then only you will feel good.” I licked it for five minutes.

She said, “My patience level is over. Please put your dick inside.” I asked for a condom. She said it’s in my suitcase. She was prepared for this moment in Delhi itself.

I wore the condom and put my dick inside her vagina in missionary position and started to stroke it, but it was not going in properly because it had not been used for 17 years, so I put some oil in it and started stroking it and it went in.

She started to moan loudly. She did not feel any pain. She was on cloud nine and was telling me to increase my speed. Our sex drive was intense. We had sex for 15 minutes in missionary position.

I asked Amisha, are you tired? She said this is only our welcome drink, we have 3 more rounds left and she said after 17 years, I am getting a little dick inside. How can I leave it so easily?

She said, “Let’s have butterfly position.” I said, “I don’t know.” She said, “I will spread my legs in the bed corner.” You should insert your dick while standing and stroke me.” She came to the corner and I started to stroke her.

While stroking her, I saw Amisha’s full body. She was just enjoying her sex and her boobs were going up and down and she told me you are fucking me like a professional and I released a lot of cum so I changed my condom.

She said let’s have a spooning position, so I went to that position and started fucking her and kissing her neck. We did that for 10 mins and she was sweating too much.

Amisha told me now you can choose the position. It will be the last round because my fat body can’t have more sex, so I chose the standing sex position.

I told Amisha to stand with the help of the table and I would fuck you from behind. I started to fuck her and was enjoying her big ass and slapping it and I made it red.

We stopped after 10 minutes because she became tired, so we went to bed and she started to talk and said, “I wish I could have had sex with you before.” I was waiting for a good sex life and you gave it to me. Thank you.

She said I am hungry, so I went to our mini fridge and saw there were some snacks and fruits and she ate them and asked me why don’t you eat. I said you eat, I will drink your tasty milk, and she said you have become a bad man.

After she ate, I laid her in bed and started to suck her nipples and drink milk for 10 minutes. The taste was awesome, and the time was 2 am, so we went to sleep naked. I woke up at 2 pm and saw she was still sleeping and was naked. I slapped her ass and kissed it and woke her up.

We both went to the bath because the reception was at 5 pm. We both took a bath in a bathtub and I was rubbing her pussy. By 2:45 pm, we came out and she wore a bathrobe and called her makeup artist for makeup and started doing her makeup. She did her makeup and got ready by 4:15 and I also got ready.

We left for reception at 4:30 p.m. in the car, and I was enjoying touching her back while she did not say anything. We arrived at 5 p.m., and she went to see her relatives and forgot about me.

I messaged her, saying I was lonely, and she replied, “For 2 hours adjust for 4 days. I will be with you 247.” I asked her if we had a flight tomorrow afternoon, and she replied, “I am going to reschedule it after 4 days and we can enjoy our sex.”

I got happy and sent some love emoji and she told me to go and buy condoms because she did not have them. I went to a medical shop and bought many condoms and came to reception.

After reception got over, we went to the hotel room and straight away I pushed her to bed. She said this is the type of man I want in life and we both removed our dresses and came into 69 position. It was the best experience keeping a woman’s ass in her face and licking her vagina.

I said, “Can I keep my dick in between your boobs?” and she agreed. I was moving my dick in it and my water splashed on her body. I wore a condom and we did doggy style and she was shouting in joy and her boobs were dancing.

Next we had sex in Cowgirl and I was enjoying that position too much. I told Amisha in Delhi don’t forget me. She told me you only reopened my vagina hole. We will have sex in Delhi also thrice a week

She told me she needed to use the restroom while we were having sex, so I lifted her huge body and went to the bathroom, where she did her business and we had sex there as well, standing near the sink, laughing as we saw each other in the mirror.

While having sex, I thought can we take pictures of ourselves, so I asked Amisha. She said bring my phone and we took mirror selfies and pictures of each other’s bodies. She told me to keep the password for these pics.

Later, we went to bed and I started to suck her boobs. While sucking them, she took video of us and we started to see our own pictures. She told us, “Your dick is a rock.” I told her, “After seeing your naked body, it became a rock.” I teasingly told her, “In the dark, your naked body will become a light.”

We slept together kissing each other, and we spent our remaining days going to malls and buying dresses for each other. I bought her a lingerie set, and we both went to the trial room. I said please try it and show it to her. She said tonight I will show you.

We went to the hotel room and she changed in her lingerie and I was shocked to see her in it. She was just mind-blowing and quickly removed my dress and we had sex .

The remaining days we were roaming naked in the hotel room and having sex, and when the day came, we left for Delhi in a flight. No one was near our seat, so I was fingering her and making her wet.

When we reached our home, her son asked how the trip was. She replied that it was the best trip of my life and she hoped we go on trips like this every month.

After returning from Mumbai, we did not have sex for one week, so we both became desperate. We could not have sex because she goes to her work in the morning and at night her son is at home, so we planned to have sex at night.

She said you tell my son I am going out and go. When he sleeps, you come home and let’s have sex in my room. She said she has a gift for me at night.

I left the house and went to the terrace; at 11:45, she called me and said, “Come home,” and when I arrived, the door was open, so I locked it and entered her room, where I saw her standing in her nightgown; I locked the room and went to kiss her.

After kissing her, she said close your eyes. I have a gift, so I closed. She said now you can open. When I opened my eyes, she was in a transparent bra and panty. The panty only had 1 line in her ass and I slapped her ass and said you are looking beautiful.

We had 5 rounds that day and slept naked in her room, and in the morning, I left that room and went to my room and acted as if nothing happened between us.

For 1 year, we have been having sex regularly because her son is on night shift and we sleep together in the same bed. We sleep naked together whether we have sex or not to improve our sleep.

I hope you guys like my story. It’s a true story. You can comment and tell me whether you want to know an instance where we almost got caught by her son and how we escaped.

Thanks for reading the story Don’t forget to comment

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