Sunday Fun with Jaya, Anjana, Smita and Nagaveena

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Anjana was the first to wake up at about 9 am, as she had to pee. She was right in the center with Smita’s head on her left tit. Nagaveena was with her right leg over her legs and hand on her belly. Lying between Smita’s legs with her head on Smita’s Clean shaven mon Venus. To move out would mean that the other 3 would anyway have to be moved, and would wake up.

She waited, and when she could no longer control, peed on the bed. Nagaveena found something warm on her leg, and woke up, She saw the bliss on Anjana’s face and realised what had happened. She saw Anjana’s right tit and latched on to it and started sucking. a different pleasure started stirring in Anjana’s Pussy. As Anjana clenched her thighs, Smita was kind of stirring, pushed Jaya’s mouth towards her pussy. The pussy smell, stirred Jaya, who stuck her tongue and licked Smita to her first orgasm of the day.
Nagaveena pulled Anjana out of the bed, and brokeup the Jaya’s licking of Smita’s Pussy. They pulled the the bedsheet off the bed, and in their current state of nakedness, lifted the King Size Mattress and put it in the balcony.

Smita was horny and wanted Jaya to lick her to an orgasm, but Jaya who had a solid morning wood, had different ideas. He lovingly pulled Smita to the dining table and made her lie down on the dining table with her legs hanging from the side. He applied some spit on his dick and penetrated Smita, first a little slowly and then with deep thrusts. He bent down over Smita’s torso and latched on to her tits, sucking them hard, With each thrust, Smita was moaning away and matching Jaya’s grunt. Smita lifted her legs and clasped them behind Jaya’s back, as her levels of pleasure rose like the tsunami wave. With one long moan, Smita’s body tensed up, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure hit her. Seeing this, Jaya let off her cannon, deep inside Smita’s pussy.

Anjana was standing and looking out the balcony, as Nagaveena was seated below her and licking her pussy. The pussy juice plus urine smell was driving Nagaveena crazy. Anjana also wanted cock right now and asked Nagaveena to penetrate her. She laid down on the balcony floor, and Nagaveena mounted her missionary style. Anjana liked Nagaveena’s 8 inch cock as it was longer and thicker than Jaya’s and this was her third fuck with Nagaveena in the last 12 hours. She spread her legs wide to allow Nagaveena to penetrate her fully. Nagaveena was pumping deep and slow, giving Anjana’s clit the right massage. Anjana squealed to her second orgasm of the morning, but Nagaveena was in no mood to let go, The pumping was steady and long. Anjana lifter her legs into the air and locked it behind Nagaveena’s back ensuring the all 8 inches go in to her pussy, and Nagaveena’s balls make a thup thup sound every time they hit Anjana’s asshole. As Anjana hit her third orgasm of the morning, Nagaveena let her cum flood Anjana’s love hole and collapsed on top of Anjana in the balcony. Anjana’s nails were digging into Nagaveena’s back. Nagaveena’s shrivelled dick slowly popped out of Anjana’s pussy, and cum was trickling out.

Anjana got up and walked towards the dining table, where Jaya was on top of Smita and sucking her tits. Smita’s legs had locked Jaya in such a tight embrace. Anjana smiled at them as she passed and said “Milk is in the fridge. You will not get anything even If you suck till evening”. Smita giggled and let her grip on Jaya loose, Jaya’s shrunken dick plopped out with her cum oozing out of Smita’s pussy. She slid her legs down and stood up, and joined Anjana in the kitchen to make some Chai. Smita picked out Ginger from the fridge, elaichi, cloves and pepper from the cupboard and pounded them to make the masala for the chai.

Jaya and Nagaveena were sitting on the sofa when the door opened from outside. Anjana ran towards the door naked as Smita was equally naked in the kitchen pouring the hot tea into 4 cups. It was the maid, who entered thinking Ajay and Anjana would be sleeping as it was a Sunday. Parvathy the maid, probably all of 32, didn’t know what to make of Nagaveena and Jaya on the sofa. She saw the breasts and limp dicks with crusted cum. She stood there in the middle of the doorway looking at Anjana, who didn’t expect Parvathy to walk in, and was standing in all her naked glory with partly dry cum on her thighs. Parvathy looked into the kitchen and saw a naked Smita pouring tea into the 4 cups. There was stunned silence in the house.
Anjana was the first one to react “Parvathy come inside and shut the door.” A still shocked Parvathy, took a step forward and closed the door behind her. From the kitchen, Smita asked “Will you share a tea with us Parvathy” The poor maid, just nodded, Smita nonchalantly picked up a 5th cup and poured out some tea. She put all 5 cups on a serving plate, along with some biscuits and brought it to the table, tits and ass swinging. Parvathy kept ogling at our nakedness and blurted out, “Madam, should I get some clothes for you”. All of us laughed and told her, Anjana replied “it was OK if we stayed naked. There were utensils for you to wash, nor are there any clothes to hang out to dry today. I am sorry, that you are seeing this, but we had a party yesterday night, and we didn’t expect you to come in.”

Parvathy was still looking at Jaya while sipping her tea and sitting on the floor facing the sofa and asked “Why is Ajay sir having boobs? What kind of party was it? Was it a Sex Party?” Smita walked over to the sofa and sat between Nagaveena and Jaya, and Anjana, came and sat on Smita’s Lap and had her legs wide apart with the left leg on Nagaveena and the right leg on Jaya, giving Parvathy a full view of her red, swollen pussy, and mily white thighs, and all the crusty dry cum from the morning. While answering Parvati’s question Anjana said “Yes Parvathy. It was and still is a weekend sex party. Do you like what you are seeing?” . Having never seen herself fully naked even while bathing, Parvathy was excited to see four nude bodies, technically Jaya’s bra didn’t make her fully naked.

“Madam, since there are no utensils and clothes today, do you want me to help you in the party? My husband is on duty today, and will come home at 8 o’clock only. So I can help you in anyway that you want.” Aha there was a new angle to this. Anjana and Smita, looked at each other and smiled. The got up, and pulled Jaya and Nagaveena off the sofa. All of them walked towards Parvathy and stretched out their hands, motioning her to get up. Parvathy held the outstretched hands and got up. The party moved to the master bedroom, where they slowly and lovingly untucked Parvathy’s pallu. Smita quickly pulled the saree off Parvathy’s body, leaving her in her blouse and petticoat. Jaya was meanwhile unhooking Parvathy’s blouse. Nagaveena pulled the drawstring of the petticoat, leaving Parvathy confused on what to cover, her pussy or her boobs. Parvathy had a hairy pussy and underarms, but her hands and legs were fairly hairless.

We pulled her into the shower and gave her a clean bath. Nagaveena and Jaya took of their wigs, Jaya took off her bra. Jaya was applying Shampoo on Parvathy’s hair. Smita was applying the Fiama bath gel on her legs and between her legs, Nagaveena was doing the same on her back, while Anjana was applying the gel on the boobs, belly and face. We made Parvathy sit on the commode while applying the shower gel on each other. Nagaveena and Jaya cleaned each other’s cocks, while Anjana and Smita were lathering up each other boobs. Not wanting to be left out Parvathy kneeled down on the floor and applied the shower gel on the two bald pussies, feeling bald pussies for the first time in her life. Anjana offered Parvathy a razor, but she declined. “My Husband will notice and will ask too many questions.” So Anjana let go. Parvathy’s rough hands also cleaned out all the cum stains on the thighs of Anjana and Smita. All five of them rinsed off the shampoo and soap of their bodies. Parvathy was towelled off by Jaya and Smita. Jaya’s hands were spending a lot of time on Parvathy’s boobs, causing her to tense over. Smita kissed her on her wet lips, making her relax. Jaya used this opportunity to towel parvathy’s pubic area, and gently used one towelled finger to wipe the inner part of her pussy causing some unknown stirring in her loins.

Anjana and Nagaveena were washing off the soap of each others bodies, kissing and groping all the while. Meanwhile Parvathy picked out a fresh towel and was wiping Jaya and Smita dry. As she wiped Smita’s boobs dry, She gave a kiss on each engorged nipple. When Jaya tried to kiss Smita’s Nipples, She playfully put bother her hands on Smita’s nipples. “Sorry Akka. First Kiss mine, only then you can kiss Smita Akka” Jaya didn’t need another invitation and was softly sucker Parvathy’s right nipple, while squashing her left nipple. Smita helped Anjana and Nagaveena towel off quickly. It was almost 1015 am, and the bedroom balcony was flooded with sunlight.

We went to the balcony and pulled the mattress into the house. Spread out a pair of normal cotton durries in the balcony and exposed ourselves to the sun. tits were being sucked and cocks and pussies fingered. Jaya who was fully erect. then wanted Parvathy to spread her legs, which she willingly obliged. As Jaya tried to mount Parvathy, missionary style, Anjana pulled him by his hand, and said, “Jaya please wear a condom, Parvathy should not get into trouble because you were careless.” Parvathy nodded and said “Jaya akka, I had my period 10 days back. So please listen to Ajnana akka. My husband will kill me if he finds out what I am doing.” Poor Jaya had to walk into the bedroom, pick a condom. That did not stop him from giving Parvathy a pounding. Anjana positioned her pussy near Parvathy’s face and was getting her pussy licked. Smita made me roll over on my back, and mounted me cowgirl style. Her regular rocking, and my timely thrusts pushed the 8 incher all the way in. As Smita was having her orgasm, she stopped to enjoy the rush of pleasure, Anjana was squealing like a pig, Parvathy’s rough tongue was cleaning her insides out. Parvathy however was taking small breaks in the licking to take deep breaths. Jaya was grunting and shot his second load of the day into the condom and staged on top of Parvathy, gently caressing parvathy’s face with one hand and Anjana’s bums with the other. Anyone in the balcony on the 15th or 17th floor would have heard, what was going on the 16th floor.

Smita meanwhile resumed her rocking and was going on for two more min before slowing down to enjoy her second orgasm of the session. I decided to thrust faster, and Smita’s cunt was on fire as the sweet expression of pain and pleasure mixed into one, didn’t leave her for the next 45 seconds. I offloaded my cum deep into her pussy and Smita, unable to take it anymore, collapsed on top of me, with my dick still inside her. She hugged me tight as her body was trembling with pleasure. I hugged her back with my left hand, and with my right hand was pinching Parvathy right nipple as it was within reach.

It was getting hotter in the balcony, and it was close to noon, so we moved back inside. Anjana got us some dryfruits, and pulled a six pack of Kingfisher from the fridge. Parvathy was hesitant as she had never had alcohol before. Smita told her, Sip it slowly and opened her can and gave it to Parvathy. We were sipping the beer and putting the cold cans on eachother’s sensitive zones. Parvathy was watching as Smita was keeping the cold beercan on her pussy to cool it down. The last 14 to 15 hours , it was ravaged like the city of London during the 2nd world war. She suspected that she would have an awkward walk for the next 24 to 36 hours.

Anjana smiled and said “Smita, I have had my pussy and ass drilled by your husband’s 8 incher. He has stretched me out so much yesterday and today, and add to that the love making with Jaya and all the licking. Both my holes will need the more than a chilled beer can to cool it down. Parvathy burst out laughing. The Beer and the nakedness had dropped her inhibitions to zero. She went to the kitchen and bought out a few icecubes and two kerchiefs. Sitting between Anjana and Smita, she brought the icecubes on to their bald pussies and gently applied the icepack on their pussies. This led to more pig like squealing from the two naked ladies who finished their beers.

Smita and Anjana wanted to give their tired, ravaged pussies some rest, and went into the bedroom to make the bed, by adding the mattress and fresh bedsheets. Smita and Anjana then laid down on the bed, and slept hugging each other. Meanwhile Jaya and Nagaveena split the last beer. Parvathy having finished her beer was tipsy and getting horny. She called Nagaveena and Jaya and said “Akka’s sit on the big Sofa.”

Parvathy started playing with Jaya and Nagaveena’s limp dicks and got them fully erect. Jaya went into the bedroom to pick out two condoms. She wore one and gave one to Nagaveena. Nagaveena wore her condom and sat on the sofa. Parvathi climbed on thot the sofa and plunged onto Nagaveena’s Dick. As Parvathi’s boobs were crushing Nagaveena’s face, her ass gave Jaya and opening, which he entered. The first entry has Parvathy gasping. He Squeezed his dick into Parvathi’s bung hole. Her holes were taking a two way pounding and her boobs were being crushed by Nagaveena’s face from the front and Jaya’s boobs were crushing into her back. She had never in her life had so much of pleasure. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her as her insides were massaged by Nagaveena’s 8 incher and Jaya’s 6 incher simulataneously. By the time her 4th orgasm hit her, Nagaveena squirted into the condom. Jaya also let loose her cum into her condom. After a few seconds, Jaya pulled out of Parvathy’s asshole. A tired Parvathy was still lying limp on Nagaveena’s body. After 20 to 30 seconds, as Parvathy got up from Nagaveena’s waist, cum was dripping from her pussy. Oh no the condom had torn.

Parvathy ran to the bathroom to washup. She was terrified. After washing up, She started crying. Smita and Anjana got up, from the bed. Parvathy told them that the condom had torn. Smita and Anjana hugged Parvathy and calmed her down and told her that they will give her an emergency pill. The made her pee to reduce the tipsiness. They took her to the bed and made her to lie down. Anjana and Smita laid down on either and the 3 girls slept hugging each other.

Nagaveena went in and gently caressed Parvathy, and told her that there is nothing to be worried. As things calmed down, Nagaveena picked out her phone and ordered pizza’s for the five. So It was a 35 min or free offer. Nagaveena and Jaya, picked out the clothes that they were wearing yesterday and put that on, Bra, Panties, the dresses. They then sat on the dressing table to put on some makeup. The 3 naked girls were sleeping in the bedroom. So Nagaveena and Jaya slowly closed the bedroom door.
In about 30 min, bell rang and the pizza was delivered. Nagaveena took out her purse and paid the delivery guy. She also tipped the delivery guy who kept ogling at Nagaveena’s legs and breasts.

The girls woke up and put on the clothes that were wearing yesterday night. Parvathi put on her petticoat, Blouse and Saree. Anjana made Parvathy use the mouthwash to reduce the smell of the beer.

All of them finished the pizza, giggling at the escapades last 15 or 16 hours. Parvathy was very happy with the Sex party, and was fully satisfied sexually. She took the emergency contraceptive pill and told Nagaveena and Jaya “Thank you akka, it was the best sex I have ever had in my life. I love you both”. She turned to Smita and Anjana and said “Akka call me when ever you have your next sex party” and giggled. As Parvathy left, Nagaveena looked at Smita , Anjana and Jaya and asked “ How about going to Goa next month for the weekend.

I will book the flight tickets”. All of them nodded and agreed “Girls gang in Goa”

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