The Encounter – Part 1

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Dear readers, narrating my real experience, fantasy, erotic desires etc.

This all happened couple of years ago when Sumitra was working as Sr. Sales Manager in Multi National Co. Being in Marketing field he had to travel a lot.

A small introduction about Sumitra, He is a simple hard working guy done his MBA in International Marketing. He is Medium built with slightly Dark Complexion 6’ tall with an appealing personality.

This incident happened when he was travelling back to Mumbai from China. He had a stopover at Hong Kong Airport for almost 7 hrs. After killing some time at the Duty Free he went to food court to have some Indian Food. At the counter he was going through the menu he found a foreigner Couple inquiring and about the dishes for which the restaurant guy was not able to answer them satisfactorily. They looked bit confused. To which Sumitra tried to crack a conversation to help them out. As Sumitra was a marketing guy he was good at cracking a conversation.

Initially couple was bit hesitant but looking at the pleasing personality & smiling face and perfect body language of Sumitra they opened up the conversation and asked him to help them to select some good Indian Food, to which Sumitra suggested them South Indian Dishes. They ordered Dosa & Idli. Sumitra too ordered Dosa for himself.

Couple were very thankful for his helpfulness. They introduced themselves as Henry & Jane from Neatherland. Henry was 30 yrs. old, fair skinned guy with light brown eyes, aprox 5’8’’ tall atheletic built & Jane was 29 yrs old very fair skinned beauty with blue eyes, lovely luscious light pink lips with a perfect gym toned body 34c-24-36. Perfect model type body for which any guy would die for. Both of them were in Live & Relationship.

As all three were eating & chatting Sumitra’s eyes we rolling all over Jane’s hot body (which she noticed) & was imaging how hot she would be in bed. Just all these thoughts were giving him a real hard on. Further they said that they were travelling to Mumbai (India) & surprisingly all of them were in the same flight.

After chatting for Some time Jane said she wanted to go for smoke to which Sumitra readily agreed. Henry was not joining them as he didn’t smoke.

Sumitra and Jane moved towards smoking room. Sumitra could feel the aroma of Jane as they were heading towards smoking room. Inside his mind he was dying to fuck her hard but was controlling himself.

Inside smoking room both of them were alone. Both of them started smoking and chatting. They were quite close to each other and conversation lead to personal stuff to which Sumitra gathered some courage and commented to Jane “You are so hot & desirable, Henry is so Lucky to have you” . To which Jane laughingly said “You too can be Lucky.”

Getting the hint immediately Sumitra hold Jane by her arms & Softly kissed her luscious pink lips and stopped to look at the reaction of Jane, To which Jane wrapped her hands around Sumitra and pulled him closed to her pressing her hot 34c boobs against his chest and started smooching her passionately. Sumitra could smell & taste aroma of Jane’s apricot Lip gloss. Darting her tongue deep inside his mouth. As Sumitra started moving moving his hands on to Jane’s back holding her tight in his arms. For Sumitra it was like Heaven.

All of a Sudden they realise they were in Smoking room, so they broke apart. Sumitra Wishpered to Jane “ You taste Delicious just love apricot” as he winked.

Both of them went to Henry and all three of them began chatting. After a while they caught flight and came to Mumbai. Throughout the journey Sumitra kept thinking about Jane.

Sumitra being local Mumbait helped them to drop them to their hotel which they had already booked. Their hotel was very close to Sumitra’s house. They shared phone numbers and parted. That whole night Sumitra couldn’t sleep, he masturbated three times thinking about Jane.

Next Morning it was Saturday & it was off for Sumitra so he called Henry & invited them for dinner for which they readily agreed. Sumitra use to stay alone so he had to do all arrangements by himself. He made some nice North Indian food & arranged some typical desi alcohol, some beers & vodka.

It was 8.00 pm as door bell rang. It was Henry and Jane. Henry was wearing tight jeans and Blue T-shirt. Whereas Jane was wearing Skin tight jeans with crank top with strap less bra holding her perfect 34c boobs. Sumitra’s jaw dropped looking at her. It was as if beauty covered in Cloths. They hugged each other. While hugging Jane’s nipples brushed against Sumitra’s chest, immediately current passed through Sumitra’s body giving him an instant hard on. Hiding his hard on Sumitra offered them drinks with snacks. Sumitra started music and all of them were enjoying drinks, music and snacks. Jane was a big tease she started dancing on the music & pulled Sumitra to join her up. Both were dancing to the rhythm of music with touching & brushing all over each others body. Henry too joined them up for dance but it seemed Desi Daru had hit him a bit hard so he sat down & was drinking. As he was enjoying his drinks Sumitra was hot as hell. His boner was ready to tear his undeies . On the other hand Henry was knock out.

Taking this opportunity Jane pulled Sumitra to his bed room & passionately started kissing him. Darting her toungue deep inside his mouth with the exchange saliva it was so hot. To which Sumitra holded her very firmly in his arms, squeezed her real tight.

Sofltly Sumitra broke the kiss & started kissing Jane’s ear lobes sensually making her moan. This action of Sumtra drove her wild. Sumitra wishpered “you are hot wild cat” to which She Pushed Sumitra on bed & started unbuttoning his Jeans & pulled off his t-shirt. She pulled down his jeans & inserted her hands into Sumitra’s underwear pulling out his throbbing 6’’ (aprox ) hard cock. Her eyes widened looking at the size of his cock. Kissing the tip of his cock head She flicked her tongue at the tip of his cock head & tasted his pre-cum as she holded his shaft firmly squeezing it a bit which drove Sumitra crazy.

Sumitra just loved the flicking of her tongue. She started rolling her tongue to the length of his cock shaft at the same time she grabbed his balls & squeezed them hard. Sumitra started moaning, he was enjoying the mix feelings of Pleasure & pain Sumitra’s legs were shivering with pleasure & pain.

Slowly Jane took the tip of his cock inside her mouth & started sucking it harder & fondling & squeezing his balls harder with her hand. All of a sudden Sumitra grabbed Jane’s face & pushed his cock deep inside her mouth, chocking her & started mouth fucking her deeper & harder , she tried to pull her face away but Sumitra hold her face so firmly that she couldn’t do any thing. Slowly Sumitra started increasing his speed giving deep strokes & fucking her mouth. With Each stroke Sumitra was darting his cock deeper & deeper.

Now Sumitra couldn’t control anymore & with a Spark he shot his load deep inside Jane’s mouth hitting very deep inside her mouth. It was a big load oozing out of Jane’s mouth. Sumitra just loved it. It was the best mouth fuck he had ever had. Sumitra’s cum was running down from Jane’s mouth to her neck flowing down to her Cleavage. Jane, with the surprising eyes looking at Sumitra and said “You have left me Thirsty”.

Sumitra took Jane to Bathroom & helped Jane to clean her (Sumitra was still nude). Sumitra wore his undies & went outside to check Henry. Henry was all knocked out. Sumitra got a drink for Jane & Himself. Looking at the hot body of Jane, Sumitra was getting harder which Jane noticed as Sumitra was wearing only his undeies.

Sumitra moved close to Jane from behind as he softly pulled her top off from behind . “wow you boobs are soo hot “ wishpering this he cupped her boobs on top her bra, softly squeezing them. Jane softly moaned. Sumitra started giving soft kisses on to her neck, sucking & kissing her earlobes. Sumitra’s action was driving her crazy she was enjoying the movement of his tongue. Sumitra’s action were making her wilder & wetter.

Sumitra unhooked her bra, setting her hot boobs free. He made her rest against wall as he bend down & kissed her light pink nipples. She started moaning as she grabed sumitras hair. Sumitra started circling her nipples with his tongue & flicking his tongue at his nipples, Jane was driving crazy. All of sudden sumitra softly bited her nipples making her shiver, Sumitra looking into Janes eyes and wishpered “ Did you like that.?” To which jane just nodded “yes” this action of her made Sumitra really wild & started giving soft nibbling & biting on her hot boobs.

As Sumitra was was sucking Janes boobs. Sumitra with his free hands started unbuttoning her ass tight jeans, softly unzipping & pulling it down to her waist to hot ass sliding down to ground, as Jane parted it with her legs.

She was looking super hot in her black g-string. Sumitra softly slapped her ass cheeks as he made her lie down on bed & pulled down his undies too. His cock was rock hard again. Sumitra kissed her wet spot onto top of her black G-string. She was dripping wet. He slowly pulled down her G-string , exposing her pink clean shaved dripping wet pussy lips.

Sumitra Started cleaning her wet pussy lips with his tongue. Circling her pussy with his tongue, to which Jane went wild & started moaning louder. She spreaded her legs wider as Sumitra darted his tongue deep inside her pussy driving her crazy. She started pleading Sumitra to Fuck her but Sumitra was busy tongue fucking her.

Jane couldn’t control any longer, She grabbed Sumitra by arms & pulled him up & rolled him down with herself getting on top of him. This action of her made Sumitra crazy as he squeezed her tightly in between his legs. Jane positioned the tip of his cock onto her pussy lips but before Jane could balance her self Sumitra pushed his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy making her scream loudly.

Janes pussy was so wet that Sumitra’s cock slid inside her pussy very easily. Sumitra slowly started fucking her pussy deeper & harder as he was slapping her ass cheeks harder giving her all togather different feeling. Jane was riding his cock like anything Sumitra’s balls were hitting Janes Ass hole.

As Sumitra was fucking Jane he cupped her boobs & started squeezing them harder & softly pinching her hard nipples. By this time Jane had already come thrice, she just loved the feeling.

Gradually Sumitra started increasing his speed at the same time Jane too was fully controlling his cock. Whole room was full of Janes moans which was turning Sumitra crazy. He wanted to shoot his load which he hinted Jane to which Jane directed him to shoot his load onto her ass hole.

Sumitra pulled out his cock & made Jane stand in Doggy pose & with a instant he entered inside Jane’s pussy from behind making her scream. Sumitra increased his speed as he wanted to cumm. With couple of strokes he pulled out his cock & splashed his massive cum onto Jane’s ass creek covering her ass hole with his cumm. Sumitra & jane were fully exhausted with this awesome fuck. Both of them lied down on bed for some time & after a while they lited ciggrate.

Suddenly Jane realised that Henry was sleeping outside. So hurriedly both of cleaned them selves, got clothes on & slowly went to Henry as if nothing had happened.

To be continued…

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Feel free to comment or suggest at

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