Stranger to best mistress ever

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Hey y’all , myself Lalith from Bangalore and this is about few months back when I meet a random women on hangout who soon became my mistress. She had read my story on iss long back about my first slave story .

We started talking , she said she liked the story n we shared our interests . She was a single working women who is sweet and bossy in nature . I liked her from the time she texted me . She asked me what do I like , I said ,” like being dominated and a girl to be the boss in relationships and just exploring it “ .
We texted for few min and then I asked , “ will you be my mistress?” .

She gave it a min and said , yes. Your my slave from now and am your mistress bitch . I was shocked seeing the reaction got instant chills . She then said from now your training starts to be my slave and gave me rules i must follow at all times . She then texted a lot of rules and some of them were , “ every morning and night you’ll kneel down naked and send me a pic saying gm or gn and each time I come online “ , “ you must obey me at all conditions and never say no “ , “ you must be ready with all things I ask you and if u disappoint me you’ll be punished “ , “ I must call her mistress at all time except when we will talk like friends “ , “ I must not wear any clothes when we are texting no matter where u are or what time it is “ . These were some of the crazy rules she sent and I just couldn’t believe it’s happening as I was reading them . I said I accept them mistress . She then asked “ who is in your room now ?” I said , no one mistress am alone . She said , lock the door now . I locked the door and she said remove your clothes and kneel down and send me a pic . I did it and omg I was getting so much chills . She then asked to get a bra and panty . I said I don’t have them now and she said today is your first day am leaving u Tom don’t do this mistake or you’ll be punished . She ordered me to send my nudes . She waited a while and started teasing my small dick and called me diff names . I had to say yes miss or I would be punished . She then said it’s the first day so I don’t expect a lot

Now go get lotion . I got a lotion and she said apply a lot on your dick . I applied n sent her a pic and she said more . I applied almost 1/6th of the bottle . I never felt so satisfied. She then said run your dick cum on the floor and send me the video . I did as my miss ordered me and she said that’s it for today , it was just a warm up .

Then a few hrs later at night 12:30 she texts me and I had to reply within 10mins . I replied and she said where the nude . I said my brother is sleeping I can’t send . She got angry and said you’ll be punished now . I begged not to as my small bro was sleeping in the same room . She didn’t listen to me and said to go get something big n long . I understood what my punishment is and searched and bought a paint brush as it was the only thing in the room as per she ordered me to bring . She said now get nude under blanket and send pic . I had to send her pic everytime I did something . Then she started scolding me for saying her no and then said take the brush n put it in your asshole . I asked can I use the lotion please miss . She said no just put it n completely in. I somehow did it painfully and she said keep it in . I kept sending her pics and she sexting me like a boss . Then she said to apply lotion on my nipples and dick . Then I mastrubated while pulling my nipple and playing like boobs until it got red . It was quite painful . After few min she said she’s going to sleep and to never do this mistake again . I slept in the bed after texting thinking ,” she’s a goddess “

Next day morning she texted and I instantly send her my nude kneeling down . She said good dog and said are you ready for your training today . I said yes miss . She then asked me to get things like bra panty . I said I only have my moms . She said it’s ok don’t then order online I’ll wait for few days . Then She asked me for a carrot ,lotion long rope and tape . I couldn’t get a rope but I tore a long cloth like a small rope which I regretted later on . She then made me sit on floor and finger myself with lotion . She then ordered me to put the whole carrot in and put tape around it so it doesn’t come out . I had to video tape this n send it to her . Then she ordered me to tie my dick and balls with the rope tightly . I did n she said me to send a video of room and window view . I sent and from my window it’s pretty public and a house where a same age girl lives . She then said my to take the order end of the rope below my balls back from my ass n tie it to the window bar facing the girls house . I was so embarrassed and begged to stop but she made it ever harder n made me tie the rope to higher bar . I had taken it form a cloth so it was small n I regretted it as it was paining . I stood there with half curtain open standing like I was wearing heels cause the rope was so high . She went offline and said not to move . After 10/12mins she sent me a lot of pics of women slaving men or pegging them and said me to imagine she’s the women and am the guy . After few mins she said to get down n remove everything and sit . Then she said to take the rope and put it in my ass . I did it and it went in and she said she’ll come online at night till then I have to not take it out .

At night she came and asked me to take it out and send her video
I started to take it out by holding the tip and pulling slowly

At first it was kinda satisfying but as I kept pulling it felt like blades . The most painful part was the last as while pulling it got caught up m became a ball and extending my hole a lot . I sent her the video and she said good slave . She then again made me tie my dick to the window and started sending me nudes . This time I couldn’t get erection cause if my dick was bent over by the rope and if I was getting erection it would hurt bad . She kept sending nudes and I had to keep sending my dick videos .

Then after a while she said let go now bring the lotion . I bought the lotion n applied and jerked of and came on the floor . Now she ordered me to lick it and send video . I was hesitant at first then she said she’ll give punishment so I did it . From then every night for 20/30mins we would talk like friends . We did so many other things I never could even imagine . We did this for a few weeks and then we decided to stop as she was getting into a relationship and had to stop this . We had last sessions most fun sessions I would say and said goodbyes and ended the friendship on a good basis . She said she’ll not remove me and someday if she feels it’s alright she’ll text her slave again . Honestly this was one of my best experiences ever.

That’s it for the story

If you’d enjoyed it let me know in hangouts or mail or if ya want some loyal slave hit me up kinda needing a mistress now . My mail is [email protected]

Thank for reading

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