My sex with a young boy

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Hi i m madhu age 36 i completed my degree and married a person who is my husband now he is 45 years he works hard and drinks alcohol daily he won’t think of me i am mother 2 kids.i very horny for sex during nights i seduce my husband he do sex but just 3 minutes.

Then i go to bathroom and masturbate my life going like this one day young boy who is studying btech come to my house he is son of my husbands friend he came and wished me hi aunty i wished the same then i show his room during dinner time i gone to his bedroom to call him for the dinner he is underware and towel on shoulder i went inside stood in front of him he said hi aunty sit i told i not came to sit i prepared dinner come and eat he even with closed his hands then i left from there he came and ate my husband and that boy discussing about college and education then he told he came to write exam he will stay for one week i said ok no problem he smiled at me while my husband gone to wash his hands my husband gone outside for fresh air i gone wash my hand boy followed me to kitchen i m Washing there he stood my back then he came forward there is no gap between my hip and his penis i can feel it he is touching then he wishpered in my thank i can feel his breate then he took his hands from my novel my body heating i washed utensils fastly he prepared bed to sleep for my husband kids and me in Hall though my house is single bhk we gave bedroom to him only one bathroom that too in bedroom so i rushed to him and told close room but not to put bolt he said ok then i tried to seduce my husband he said no not interested then i decided to go to bathroom but how anyway i tried.

Bathroom lights were on i pushed room he was jerking his erected one i saw for a while then go to bed and start thinking of that i slep next day i rushed to bathroom i can his tented pants myboob nipples are erecting then I finished my breakfast after completion of naturecalls my husband ate gone to office then kids gone to schools me and that boy that’s it then i called him from kitchen he came in his underware i told not to roam like this he sat beside me he said food was nice i said thanks i asked about his exams i even motivated him not to fear and i went inside kitchen to wash he came and hugged me from behind i pushed him and scolding him then he showed my video that i m masturbating in bathroom i kept silent he came and hugged me hardly and gave lipkiss deeply then he said your wash your utensils i continued washing meanwhile he closed all windows and door and came near me he lifted me i said no no he showed his rod of 5.5 inches his hand kept inside my panty started rubbing for a while he made me horny i fell on his shoulder due to pleasures in my pussy he put his rod in my pussy he started fucking hardly im moaning aah aaaa aa….. A…… Ooo…. Hhh….. Uff………….. then i orgasmed he is turning me back i said i will come night he said how me no i will come he asked me to handjod i m doing then he put his cock in my mouth he released his orgasm i drank it……

Story will be continued

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