Sex in the Vehicle

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Hi readers, This is Anand, 20 years old from Hyderabad. I’m sharing one of my stories with you guys. I was friends with a girl Mamatha from when I was 5 years old. Our parents were good friends hence we soon became best friends as well. She has an elder sister, Amrutha who’s 2 years older than both of us. As the years passed both of them transformed from young, cute innocent girls to juicy, hot and sizzling beauties. Mamatha is light brown, 32B-24-34 whereas Amrutha is very fair like me and 36-28-36. Since I hit puberty, I always wanted to hit on both of them but I was just too afraid. Over the days some things kept happening between me and Mamatha. She too was feeling the same way towards me. But we never went too far. The best I had was seeing her in innerwear. But our chance was coming soon.

When our degree 2nd year exams and Amrutha’s final year exams finished, our families planned on going somewhere for vacation. We decided Goa and everything was planned but then suddenly my parents said they had some emergency work in the company and hence could not go. I was devastated. So were both Mamatha and Amrutha. Seeing us three, uncle said “don’t worry, we will take Anand with us, they three were so eager to go together” Listening that our faces lit up. So everyone agreed and we were waiting for that day.

We rented a caravan and decided to go in it even though it would take longer but it would be more fun. And we all got ready thay evening. Mamatha was wearing a half spaghetti top that gave hints of her cleavage and came upto just over her belly button with some tight leggings while Amrutha wore a one shouldered sweatshirt and jeans. While packing the luggage, Mamatha was bent and seeing her tight ass I got hard. Now I had to go past her but the gap was narrow, I decided I’d go for it and while doing so I rubbed my dick between her ass and felt her do the same. That was my green signal. I wanted to rip her dress and fuck her brains out but it was not time yet. So we got on said good byes to my parents and started our journey. It had two compartments one just like a car 2 seats in the front and 3 seats behind. The 2nd compartment had 2 beds, a small bathroom and kitchen.

So me, Mamatha amd Amrutha sat behind, Mamatha in between us. Uncle amd Aunty sat in front. After a few hours, it got dark so me and Mamatha decided to see a movie together while Aunty, Amrutha slept. We covered ourselves with a blanket and saw the movie. After sometime an erotic scene came. I imagined myself and Mamatha in that scene so automatically I had a boner. I tried my best covering it. She too must have been aroused. I placed my hand on her thigh. It was warm and soft. Since we had a blanket over, from our legs to stomach it can’t be seen outside. I took advantage of that and slowly rubbed her waist. She bit her lip. I pushed my finger into her belly button and piched her sides. I felt her get goosebumps and her nipples were hard and poking her top. She was not wearing a bra. That little slut! I wanted to press her boobs but it was too risky so I went lower and stopped when i felt the entrance into her pants. I looked at her waiting for approval and she nodded. I pushed my hand inside her pants and rubbed her pussy over her panties. It was moist already.

Then I went inside her panties and felt her bare pussy. It was soaking by now and I flicked her clit. She jumped and put a hand on her mouth to stop herself from making sound. Uncle asked “What happened?”She replied” Oh it’s the movie, someone got murdered “Then he focused back on driving. She shot me a look and again signaled me to continue. I kept rubbing and then with my other hand, pulled her hand onto my cock and pressed it. She felt the girth and size of it and gave me a OMG look. She opened my pant buttons and slid her hand inside and slowly started stroking it. Her hand felt way way better than mine when I wank off. I inserted my finger inside her and kept fingering it. This continued for sometime. I was close to cumming and told her that .

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