In August, Marie Louise J., 39, her husband Mark, 40, and their two children, Tenisha and Mark jr, both of whom were young adults, resided Ceres. The family owned two businesses, one in Oakdale and the other a limousine service that they ran from an office situated between their house and shop.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. on August 13, Mark jr was in the family room, awake, when he heard the outside door in his bedroom open, then saw some flashlights and three people. He pretended to be asleep, but one of the intruders came over to him, said he had been watching and knew he was not asleep, and told him to get up. Mark jr was then struck on the back of his head with something hard and went to the floor. Another intruder, who had a gun and was dressed all in black, went to the master bedroom, where Marie Louise and Mark were sleeping. Marie Louise, who was dressed only in her bra and panties, was awakened by the intruder shining a flashlight in her eyes and telling the couple to get out of bed. When Mark turned, the man hit him over the head with a gun, drawing blood, and then put the weapon to Mark’s head. Towels were placed over the couple’s heads, and they were led to the room where Mark jr was. As she passed the room of Tenisha, who was seven and a half months pregnant, Marie Louise looked in and saw another intruder, also dressed completely in black, getting the young woman out of bed. This person had a flashlight and a gun. All told, there were three intruders in the home; all wore black boots and full masks over their heads. The masks had eye holes. Once in the living room, Marie Louise sat down on the floor. Her son was going to the floor as a man hit him on the head with a handgun. The intruders then threw a blanket over him.

Mark was also in the living room, and then Tenisha was brought in. Tenisha lay on the floor as she was told, then a gun was placed to her temple and she was told that if she moved, the intruder-who used a racial slur in referring to her-would shoot her. A blanket was placed over her head and her wrists and ankles were bound with phone cord wire. Mark jr was also bound with some sort of wire at the ankles and wrists. During the incident, Tenisha saw two guns, both handguns. Mark jr also saw two guns, at least one of which was a handgun. Marie Louise was situated facedown on the living room floor. She was bound at the wrists and ankles with telephone cords and her head was covered. Someone ripped two rings from her fingers.

Although Marie Louise was unsure whether this person was wearing gloves, she believed, based on his accent, that the man who was with her most of the night was Hispanic. One of the intruders, who was wearing gloves, took Mark’s wedding ring. Mark was facedown on the floor. His wrists were bound with electrical cords from appliances in the house and his head was covered with something.One of the intruders wanted to know the location of the money and valuables. Someone held a gun to Mark’s head and said they would blow it off if he did not tell them where everything was. Mark heard the gun click several times while it was held to the back of his head. Mark took them to the bedroom and showed them where the jewelry and guns were. The intruder then returned Mark to the other room and laid him back down.

At some point, one of the intruders said the family did not grow up like he did and were not raised on chitlings. Mark also heard what sounded to him like gang talk. When the intruders walked past him, they kicked him in the head three times and once in the side. At least one was wearing black boots. The Hispanic-sounding man told Marie Louise that her story about where the money was at had better match her husband’s. He untied her and took her to open the safe, which was in the weight room. He then took her to the office, where a money box was kept. At some point, another intruder joined them. Marie Louise opened the money box, which contained $34, whereupon the intruder she believed was Hispanic cut off her panties and undid her bra. She fell to the floor and he started asking her questions about whether she had ever cheated on her husband and how old her children were. Hoping they would leave, she told them that she had a limousine driver who was due. She could tell, from the tones of voice, that they were angry she had no money. Although she no longer had a towel over her head, she did not look at the intruders because she was afraid if she did so, they would kill her.

The intruders took Marie Louise back into the living room. The Hispanic one started rubbing her big breasts and asking if they were real. Next, he tied her back up, facedown,although he did not retie her feet. He then stuck the gun in her vagina and told her husband he would “‘blow her up’” if Mark did not tell him where the money was. Marie Louise screamed, and the intruder removed the gun from her vagina and put it toward her posterior, although the gun did not actually penetrate her anus. He then untied her again and stood her up. He told Mark that he was going to take her with him, and he put her over his shoulders and carried her outside.The Hispanic intruder took Marie Louise to the deck, where there was a hot tub. From things he said to her, such as accusing her of being prejudiced, she believed he was trying to make her think he was African-American. He wanted to know where the money was and twice stuck her head underwater in the hot tub.

While this was going on, Mark was brought out to the hot tub. He had been kicked in the head a few times and was bleeding. The intruders demanded to know where more money was at, but there was no more money. One intruder held him by the back of his neck and tried to dunk him, but Mark resisted. He then let his head be dunked in order to avoid a beating. Mark managed to free his hands and straighten up, but one of the intruders punched him in the side of the face and the intruder who was with Marie Louise pointed what looked like it might be a black nine-millimeter semiautomatic at Mark’s face. Mark capitulated and his hands were retied.

At one point, an intruder grabbed Mark’s head, which was bleeding, and asked Marie Louise, “ ‘Is this your husband?’” She said yes. An intruder dunked Marie Louise’s head one more time, then the couple was taken back into the house. Marie Louise was not retied. Her head was shoved down into the love seat so that her naked posterior stuck up in the air. Every time she tried to sit down, an intruder would put her back up. At one point, two of the intruders were laughing and one of them pantomimed having sex with her. A dildo was thrown at her, and the Hispanic intruder told her to use it. When she did not want to touch it, the two intruders moved her into Tenisha’s room, where they placed her on the bed, face up. One of them put a pillow over her face. They encouraged her to use the dildo on herself, then one of them inserted it into her vagina and moved it in and out as the woman spread her legs . At the same time, the first of them stroked her genitals with his hand. When the intruder placed the dildo against her rectum, Marie Louise said there was something wrong with her. At that point they stopped using the dildo and undressed completely. One of them stood near the bed and pushed his penis into Marie Louise’s mouth who began to suck it.

The other intruder put his head between the woman ‘s spread thighs and began to lick her vagina and to stimulate her clitoris. After a while, the two men switched positions and while Marie Louise sucked the second man’s penis, the first got on top of her and started rubbing his member between the woman’s big breasts, fondling them and licking the erect nipples. Then he moved his penis to the entrance of Maria Louise’s lubricated vagina. The woman spread her legs wide and the intruder pushed her erect member into her, penetrating her with long, deep thrusts. After about ten minutes the man sped up his thrusts and then pulled out her penis, ejaculating over Maria Louise’s belly.

Then, as the woman got on all fours on her bed, the man got down on his knees in front of her and put his penis inside her mouth. Marie Louise licked the glans and the shaft of the man’s penis, clening it of the semen. Meanwhile the other intruder had got down on his knees behind her and inserted his erect penis into her vagina. While the man gave vigorous and deep thrusts into the woman, the third intruder entered the room, attracted by the noise of the bed and the panting and moaning of Marie Louise. Then this man undressed and went to bed, replacing the intruder who was standing in front of Marie Louise and who then left the bedroom to look after the rest of the family. Meanwhile, the intruder who was penetrating Marie Louise from behind, withdrew his penis and told the woman to turn around. Immediately after, the man ejaculated on Marie Louise’s face and the woman then took his penis in her mouth, sucking and licking it. Meanwhile, the third intruder was stroking hard his penis to achieve an erection and at the same time was moving two fingers in and out of Marie Louise’s vagina. When the woman felt a finger enter her rectum, Marie Louise told the man that she did not want to have anal sex and so with her hands she took the erect penis of the intruder and slipped it inside her vagina. The man put his hands on the woman ‘s hips and began to push his penis deep, stroking and slapping the woman’s butt at the same time.

While Marie Louise was being penetrated doggy style, she resumed sucking the other intruder’s penis.After about ten minutes the man turned Marie Louise around and ejaculated into her mouth. The woman swallowed all the man’s sperm and immediately afterwards she began to want to throw up. So the intruders took her to the bathroom and then tied her up in the living room again.

When the intruders left, they used the back door, which was in Mark jr’s room. All told, they were in the house some 45 minutes to an hour, during which timethey ransacked the family’s belongings.

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