An older couple rediscover the joy of anal sex

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Edward and Agatha are an outwardly conservative middle aged couple, happily married in all of their 30 years together. He work’s as an accountant, and she went back to school after the kids grew up and sells real estate, which even though the economy has taken a downturn, she has been in the business for so long that sellers and buyers still flock to her when then are needing her services.

They attend the First Baptist church which is located in the town nearest their home, and they are both regular attendees and participants. Agatha is also active in the community and the events that keep her in the spotlight, when she’s not serving the tea at church.

But Ed and Agatha have a secret past that has so far been able to stay locked away in the bedroom. Although it is forbidden by the church that they attend, (missionary position, especially for the procreation of children once man and woman are married, is the only form of allowable sex.), they both used to enjoy anal sex.

Ed especially came to love anal sex after the third child was born, and Agatha’s vagina seemed too stretched to get the “tight” feeling that had been slipping away gradually because of the previous natural childbirths. The “tightness” that he felt made his orgasms even more powerful when he could feel her anal muscles and sphincter tighten around his cock as he plunged it into her ass.

Agatha learned to love the feeling of having her ass being filled by his cock, and pumping away, and she would often reach down with one hand and massage her clit while she balanced with the other one. She would bring herself to the largest of her climaxes that she had ever achieved when performing this sex act alone. Sometimes she would insert her fingers into herself and slide them in and out of her pussy. At times she would do it for the feeling, sometimes for the lubrication.

Slowly the anal sex started to get painful for Agatha, although nothing had really changed in their lovemaking. Ed increased the use of the lube, and even made sure that she was relaxed enough to accept his cock inside of her ass by using his finger to stimulate her before inserting his rigid cock.

Unfortunately for the both of them, the troubles were made worse when Agatha discovered that she had developed hemorrhoids, which were causing her pain. She was still in her 30s, and considered this to be the prime of her life, especially the sex life. But she was just too shy and embarrassed to seek treatment. Being so well known in the community, she was scared of the questions that she might be asked if she went to a doctor, especially since the couple was also well known among their fellow church members, and considered to be in good standing in the community and the church.

Ed tried to assuage her feelings when he jokingly told her, “Don’t worry; now if I ever say you’re a ‘pain in the ass’, you can’t argue.”

Agatha popped him on the ass in response, but she loved his teasing, so she just winked at him before going back to what she was doing.

So reluctantly, they both made the decision to give up this joy. Although they were both church members, she knew that Ed was human, and Agatha worried at times that Ed might find another woman willing to share her ass to be fucked. So she decided to keep him well pleasured though- he was never allowed to go to work without having his balls drained, even if it was just a quick blow job in the shower. But it was just never the same for either of them without the tremendous pleasure that they got from the anal sex.

A few months before their 30th anniversary, Agatha went to the doctor for her annual checkup. Her old doctor had finally retired, but a new doctor just out of residency at the local hospital had taken over his case load. The nearest established doctor was quite a drive to make, so Agatha decided to give the new doctor a chance.

In the examination room, Agatha sat on the examination table in just the gown that was provided by the doctor’s office. A young nurse stood in the corner of the room, ready to assist at the doctor’s beckoning.

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