Barbies adventure into the world of cuckolding

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I slept alone in our king size bed that night, Anne choosing to sleep in one of the guest rooms. I tossed and turned, as the events of the night played through my mind. The euphoria of giving myself to Jim, was juxtaposed to the horror of being caught by my wife in bed with him. Making matters worse, I had confessed to my deepest desires in front of her. Her words,”I guess this changes things,” echoed through my mind.

I awoke suddenly, bathed in a cold sweat, my tiny clitty straining uselessly against its confinement. The trickling of sunlight through the curtains, alerted me that it was indeed morning.

I wiped my eyes, and sat up to reveal that I was indeed still alone. Still dressed in my lingerie from last night, my ass still sore from Jim’s exuberance. My hand found its way between my legs to find my well used pussy still seeped semen. My cock still wrapped in its pink cage, the sissy amulet confirmed my state.

At my feet lay a note. I quickly scrambled to retrieve the note before opening it.

“Barbie, left out early this morning to go shopping with some friends. If you wouldn’t mind washing the sheets and do a bit of straightening up I would greatly appreciate it. There is also a list of groceries and things we need for the weekend on the fridge. I need you to go out and pick up. Be home later tonight for dinner and we will talk.

Xoxo Mistress Anne.”

The last line made me anxious just reading it. I was pretty sure what this “talk” had to do with. The thought made my stomach hurt like someone had kicked me in the balls.

Eventually, I got up and cleaned myself up. Then set to work doing the various chores that my wife had instructed to do.

Once I returned home from the grocery, my phone buzzed with an incoming text message. Checking my phone I observed that the new message was from my wife.

“Be home about 5:30 ish. Wear the new dress i got you for your birthday and heels.”

I didn’t really feel like being Barbie tonight due to the awkwardness of the unavoidable conversation. However this text didn’t seem like a request, and didn’t feel wise at the moment to upset my wife. My jailed cock twitched in excitement, seemingly betraying me.

Putting up the groceries took so much time that I had little time to relax before needing to begin my transformation.

After showering and applying body lotion, I picked out a matching black lace bra and panty set. Next came my makeup and my blonde wig. I then retrieved my birthday dress from the closet and stepped into it. It took a bit of work to get the zipper done up by myself but I managed. Last came the heels, I loved the way the patent leather hugged my feet.

“Barbie, im home,” I heard Anne call out.

I quickly gathered myself before walking to living room to meet my wife. The front door was standing wide open with several large shopping bags setting just inside the door. I examined the bags just a bit before Anne emerged with more, followed closely by her friend Rachel.

Not being aware that Rachel was accompanying my wife, I tried to bolt to avoid being outted.

“There she is,” my wife called out to me stopping my getaway. I slowly turned around, cowering, trying to hide my shame.

My wife walked up to and embraced me, kissing my cheek. Her friend Rachel dropped her bags that she was carrying and looked me up and down in amazement. I stood motionless as both women examined me.

“Truly astonishing,” Rachel exclaimed.

“I know girl,” Anne responded, “Barbie is a natural.”

“You gotta tell me your secret, I may need your guidance for my little sissy hubby,” Rachel grinned devishly.

Anne cackled, “that can be arranged.”

Once Rachel had left, Anne’s attention returned to me. “Is supper ready yet, im starving!”

I nodded silently that it was, before following Anne to the dining room. I served dinner and spent the rest of the evening trying to avoid the impending conversation with my wife.

Once she was finished I took her plate and cleaned the table before returning her refilled wine glass. I then took my place next to her in silence.

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