Barbies adventure into the world of cuckolding

I slept alone in our king size bed that night, Anne choosing to sleep in one of the guest rooms. I tossed and turned, as the events of the night played through my mind. The euphoria of giving myself to Jim, was juxtaposed to the horror of being caught by my wife in bed with him. Making matters worse, I had confessed to my deepest desires in front of her. Her words,”I guess this changes things,” echoed through my mind.

I awoke suddenly, bathed in a cold sweat, my tiny clitty straining uselessly against its confinement. The trickling of sunlight through the curtains, alerted me that it was indeed morning.

I wiped my eyes, and sat up to reveal that I was indeed still alone. Still dressed in my lingerie from last night, my ass still sore from Jim’s exuberance. My hand found its way between my legs to find my well used pussy still seeped semen. My cock still wrapped in its pink cage, the sissy amulet confirmed my state.

At my feet lay a note. I quickly scrambled to retrieve the note before opening it.

“Barbie, left out early this morning to go shopping with some friends. If you wouldn’t mind washing the sheets and do a bit of straightening up I would greatly appreciate it. There is also a list of groceries and things we need for the weekend on the fridge. I need you to go out and pick up. Be home later tonight for dinner and we will talk.

Xoxo Mistress Anne.”

The last line made me anxious just reading it. I was pretty sure what this “talk” had to do with. The thought made my stomach hurt like someone had kicked me in the balls.

Eventually, I got up and cleaned myself up. Then set to work doing the various chores that my wife had instructed to do.

Once I returned home from the grocery, my phone buzzed with an incoming text message. Checking my phone I observed that the new message was from my wife.

“Be home about 5:30 ish. Wear the new dress i got you for your birthday and heels.”

I didn’t really feel like being Barbie tonight due to the awkwardness of the unavoidable conversation. However this text didn’t seem like a request, and didn’t feel wise at the moment to upset my wife. My jailed cock twitched in excitement, seemingly betraying me.

Putting up the groceries took so much time that I had little time to relax before needing to begin my transformation.

After showering and applying body lotion, I picked out a matching black lace bra and panty set. Next came my makeup and my blonde wig. I then retrieved my birthday dress from the closet and stepped into it. It took a bit of work to get the zipper done up by myself but I managed. Last came the heels, I loved the way the patent leather hugged my feet.

“Barbie, im home,” I heard Anne call out.

I quickly gathered myself before walking to living room to meet my wife. The front door was standing wide open with several large shopping bags setting just inside the door. I examined the bags just a bit before Anne emerged with more, followed closely by her friend Rachel.

Not being aware that Rachel was accompanying my wife, I tried to bolt to avoid being outted.

“There she is,” my wife called out to me stopping my getaway. I slowly turned around, cowering, trying to hide my shame.

My wife walked up to and embraced me, kissing my cheek. Her friend Rachel dropped her bags that she was carrying and looked me up and down in amazement. I stood motionless as both women examined me.

“Truly astonishing,” Rachel exclaimed.

“I know girl,” Anne responded, “Barbie is a natural.”

“You gotta tell me your secret, I may need your guidance for my little sissy hubby,” Rachel grinned devishly.

Anne cackled, “that can be arranged.”

Once Rachel had left, Anne’s attention returned to me. “Is supper ready yet, im starving!”

I nodded silently that it was, before following Anne to the dining room. I served dinner and spent the rest of the evening trying to avoid the impending conversation with my wife.

Once she was finished I took her plate and cleaned the table before returning her refilled wine glass. I then took my place next to her in silence.

“Well I guess that it’s time we talk about last night, ” Anne interjected, interrupting the silence.

I could feel her eyes peering a hole through me. The pit in my stomach quickly turned into a rock. Tears began to well up in my eyes. I had rehearsed my response several times in my head, but try as I might I could not utter the carefully planned speech.

Distraught, I finally fell to my knees and tearfully pleaded with my wife. “Please, Anne don’t leave me. I promise I will stop. I never do anything like this again. I’ll stop everything, just don’t leave me. I just want things to go back to the way things were before.”

Anne caressed my cheek softly before taking a napkin and cleaning my now running makeup. She helped me to my feet and kissed me softly before silently guiding me by the hand to the living room. She had me sit down on the sofa, before sitting next to me and once again taking my hand in hers.

Anne took a deep breath before she began to respond, ” Dear Barbie, I was afraid you might react this way, especially after me walking in last night on your little performance. I want to ensure you that I have no intention of leaving you. But I also have no intention of things returning to the way they were before.”

I tried to interrupt, but my wife stopped me by placing her finger against my red lips, silencing me further. “It has become quiet clear that you rather enjoy your time as Barbie and your sexy time with Jim. I would never dream of making you give that up since it was me after all that gave you the nudge towards the dark side.” Anne finished that sentence with a little wink that caused me to blush and my caged penis to groan.

“Instead, I believe that I have come up with a solution that will benefit us both. Have you ever heard of cuckolding?” Anne queried.

I tried to further hide my embarrassment as I knew exactly what it was. I knew my wife had been unfaithful in the past, and even though our marriage was a completely “open” relationship, I gave Anne a lot of leeway with her escapades outside of our marriage. I even admit to fantasizing about watching my wife with another man on occasion.

Anne waited patiently for a response to her question. I eventually nodded that I did indeed knew about cuckolding.

Anne smiled as my rather timid response betrayed my true feelings,” Great then I won’t have to explain then.” She gave me a rather condescending pat on the leg before continuing on. “So you will continue exploring your feminine side further, with my gentle and firm guidance as your Mistress. I will begin cucking you with other men as I see fit as part of your training. Jim will continue to help you explore your sissy sexuality further.”

My then lifted my chin so that she could look into my eyes and then asked,” how does that sound.” I shrugged my shoulders before managing to stammer, “do I have a choice?”

“No sweet girl,” Anne responded, “it’s either this or we go our separate ways.”

“Ok,” I replied as I managed to force a smile to my face.

Anne’s face lit up before bringing her face and kissing me. After breaking the kiss she excitedly said, ” it makes me so happy you are on board. I love you Barbie!”

“I love you too,” I replied.

Anne stood up and helped me to my feet as well. She then motioned to the numerous shopping bags that crowded the entrance way. “Could you be a dear and put all of those into the spare bedroom, I don’t really have time to deal with those seeing as that we will have company soon.”

Anne then grabbed a shopping bag and headed off to our bedroom.

I began to gather up the bags before stopping myself, “wait did she say company!?!”

I quickly cleared the entryway of the spoils of my wifes shopping spree and finished tidying up the dining room, when the familiar ding dong of the doorbell startled me.

“Barbie, could you get that. I’m not quite ready,” my wife shouted from the bedroom.

I tried to quickly gather myself, before crossing the distance from the dining room to our entryway. I took a deep breath and opened the door. To my surprise, Jim was standing there.

“Hey, baby I have been thinking about you all day,” he smirked as he stepped inside.

Before I could respond Jim wrapped his arm around me and pulled my body close to his. His other hand instinctively fell behind my neck, guided my lips to his. My legs went weak underneath me, but Jim’s powerful embrace kept me upright as he kissed me passionately.

We stood there in the doorway locked in a lustfull kiss for a minute or more until my wifes voice broke our embrace.

“Easy there cowboy, your mine tonight,” she announced.

Both Jim and I, turned our heads to greet my wife. There Anne stood on the opposite side of the room hand on hip waiting for us to acknowledge her presence. She was dressed in a royal blue corset that left her perky C cup breasts exposed. Attached to the corset via garters, white stockings adorned her legs. Her blue platform heels fastened neatly at her feet. She had bothered with panties, as her clean shaven pubic mound was bare for everyone to see.

Jim stepped on inside and I quickly shut the door behind him. My wife quickly sauntered over, tits bouncing free, to greet our guest. Jim’s massive frame enveloped Anne as they kissed, letting their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Eventually they broke their kiss before both wolfishly grinning at me. Anne laughed, “after seeing Jim’s beautiful BBC last night, you didn’t really think I was going to let you keep him all to yourself?”

She then turned back to Jim, “believe it or not this will be my first black dick.”

Jim chuckled as he let his hand drift south until he began to play with my wifes already drenched pussy lips, ” I’m going to make sure it won’t be your last!”

They kissed deeply again, before Jim swept Anne off her feet. Anne tilted her head back toward me, “come on Barbie, let’s go to bed.”

Once we reached the bedroom, Jim gracefully laid Anne down on the bed. She opened her stocking covered legs revealing her glistening folds. Jim began to disrobe slowly, hungrily eyeing my horny hotwife.

Anne motioned for me to join her on the bed. As I lay down beside my wife, she began to slowly work her clit with one hand and pulling at one of her exposed nipples with the other. Anne turned toward me whispering in my ear, “I can’t wait for you to watch a real man fuck my pussy!”

All I could do was whimper,” yes Mistress.”

By this time, Jim was standing naked at the foot of the bed slowly kneading his growing erection. “Get over here sissy,” he commanded. I quickly got down from the bed and knelt at his feet obediently.

“Get Daddies dick nice and hard before I fuck your wifes pussy,” Jim ordered.

I firmly grasped Jim’s semi erect cock, before guiding his bulbous cock head into my warmth mouth. I lightly suckeled his glans causing his cock to jump in my hand. He tasted just as delicious as he had before. This ignited my sexual desire. I started coaxing his BBC to life, working his hardening shaft with my hands and mouth. Before long he was hard as concrete and he grabbed the sides of my head and thrust his dick, down deep into my throat. He held himself there for a second until my throat began to throb and I began to choke. He quickly removed his cock and let it spring forth in all its glory.

The dark black shaft swung in front of my face. Veiny and engorged, a small strand of of my saliva beginning to drip down toward the floor.

“Good job sissy,” he laughed. “I think she is ready for this black dick now.”

My attention returned to Anne who was furiously working her orgasm button. Jim crawled up in between her legs he stopped only momentarily to greedily suck and nibble at her swollen nipples. She gasped and moaned as Jim worked each one before resuming his asscent up her body. They kissed each other lustfully as I lay back down beside them. My wife’s helpless body writhing underneath his weight.

Jim finally broke the kiss and pushed himself up to a kneeling position between my wifes legs. He grabbed his enormous shaft and loudly smacked it against Anne’s pubic mound.

“Grab my black dick and guide it into your wife’s white pussy,” he barked.

My wife lost lost in a lewd stupor chirped, “fuck yes, put that black cock in my pussy.”

I grasped Jim’s phallus and slowly worked the head into my wifes folds. Lubing his large mushroom head with her juices and my saliva. Once I was satisfied I positioned his dick at her opening and I felt Jim begin to push into her. Jim applied more and more pressure trying to force his cock into my wife.

Anne whimpered in pain as his tool began to spread her open. Her body recoiled as he chuckled, “damn this is some tight ass pussy.”

He kept pushing until his cock head popped free. Anne shouted,”God damn thats a big cock!”

Jim laughed as he gave her a minute to adjust to his larger size. Once he felt Anne was ready he resumed pushing into her. Little by little, Jim’s BBC disappeared inside my wife, untill all 10 inches were nestled home. Jim kissed Anne as she wrapped her legs around him.

“Holy fuck, this is the biggest thing I’ve ever had inside of me,” Anne exclaimed. “How the hell did you fit this thing inside her sissy ass!”

“Lots of lube,” Jim laughed.

Sensing Anne was ready Jim began to slowly move his cock in and out. Gently working her pussy. Her moaning alerted us both that she was becoming used to his size. Her soft moans, gradually became screams of passion as Jim fucked her pussy with increasing fervor.

Sounds of sex filled the room. I could feel my wifes breathing and moaning getting louder, a sign she was closing in on an orgasm. Moments later she dug her fingernails into the bed and screamed, “oh fuck I’m cumming!”

Her entire body convulsed as she went through the most powerful orgasm I had ever witnessed. It took her a minute to recover before Jim withdrew his cock from Anne’s body. A white frothy liquid had accumulated around the base of his cock.

He waved his cock over into my face and I greedily lapped at the musty mixture of my wifes orgasm juices and Jim’s precum. Jim eventually pulled away before laying down on the other side of my wife. In one swift motion he grabbed her hips and pulled Anne on top of him. “Time for you to ride this dick,” he ordered her.

“Mmmmn thought you’d never ask,” Anne cooed.

She quickly guided his cock back toward her pussy and lowered herself down untill he was fully inserted.

“I’ve never considered myself a size queen, but oh my God this dick, I think im in love,” Anne gasped as she began to slowly buck her hips.

Jim chuckled, “Once you got black…”

The both laughed a bit as Anne began to ride him harder. I rubbed at my sore cocklett while watching my wife bounce up and down on her stud. Within minutes she was slamming herself up and down moaning like a wild animal.

In short order her head flung back as she went through a second orgasm. Her body shaking as sexual bliss washed over her.

Anne recovered faster from the second orgasm than the first. Looking down at Jim, she got a devilish grin, “I wanna try something.”

He nodded in agreement as she whispered her devious plan into his ear. They then both turned to face me. “Lie on your back sissy, head off the bed,” my wife ordered.

I was so horny I obeyed, quickly flipping around and laying on the bed. My wife dismounted her stud and then crawled over to me and straddled my face. Without warning she pressed her sex into my face. I offered my tongue as she grinded her well fucked pussy against my face.

A few minutes later, Anne leaned forward and lifted her pussy from its seat. My head fell back against the bed, to see Jim approaching phallus. In one smooth stroke, Jim reinserted his big black cock back into my wifes waiting pussy. I was rewarded as Jim’s large testicles came to rest on my face.

Instantly I began giving the large orbs a tongue bath as if try to coax them to release their seed inside my wife.

Jim then started to work his cock back and forth. His fucking had a different pace as before. He had sufficiently stretched her out so that he could hammer her pussy as he pleased. I, of course, had a front row seat, as Jim’s testicles swung back and forth across my face. A few strokes later, his pace quickened even further, before he withdrew then slammed home and filled Anne’s pussy full of cum.

Eventually Jim took his cock out of my wife. It flopped against my face. He drug his spent member, across my face smearing my lips with a mixture of his semen and my wifes juices.

Anne quickly flipped onto her back next to me. Spreading her legs for Jim, allowing him to survey his work.

“God, I have never been fucked like that,” Anne cooed. “I can tell why Barbie loves that dick so much!”

“Big black cock, tends to have that effect,” Jim chuckled.

My wifes attention finally returned back to me, “why don’t you be a good little sissy and clean my pussy?”

Anne, pivoted on the bed offering her pussy too me. I needed no other invitation, and dove face first into my wifes folds. Her sweet, musky scent filled my nostrils as my tongue lapped at her cunt.

“Damn, look at that sissy go!” Jim exclaimed before spanking my exposed ass.

Anne snickered, “she will take cum anyway she can get it.”

I continued licking at my wifes box, using my tongue to probe deeper, fishing out every ounce of Jim’s salty semen.

“Atleast, she’s good with her tongue,” Anne cried as she forced my face into her.

“I’ve gonna run and leave you guys to it,” Jim snickered before leaning down and giving my wife a kiss.

I continued working at my wifes snatch, working her towards another orgasm. “Make me cum and I give you a treat,” she barked as her breathing quickened.

My attention returned to her engorged clit. I worked her button with my tongue furiously trying to please her. In short order, Anne’s legs clamped down on the sides of my head and her body shuddered.

After a few minutes Anne, had recovered her senses. She finally sat up and smiled, “ready for me to unlock you so we can have a bit of fun?”

I nodded urgently, as my wife went to retrieve the key to my chastity from her purse. She returned with a little gold key and layer down next to me. She unlocked my cage and then quickly removed it. Unrestrained, my cock hardened almost instantly. I quickly got to my knees and prepared to try to mount my wife.

Then suddenly my wife stopped me, “sorry baby. Jim stretched me so much I’m a bit sore down there. Lay back and ill finish you,” she said, giving me a little devious wink.

I did as ordered, laying back on the bed offering my erection to my wife. She gently began to stroke my penis.

“I’m so glad we got to experience this together,” she giggled as I bucked my hips yearning for release. “I love we can share this together.”

Sensing I was nearing my own orgasm, Anne’s pace slowed trying to draw out the process.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we could do this all the time. Me bringing home black men to fuck me and breed my little pussy. You being the good little sissy hubby, locked up in chastity ready to service my lovers at my request and clean me after I’m overflowing with seed.”

I eagerly nodded, trying to work my cock against her hand. This caused my wife to chuckle before she continued, “of course I wouldn’t neglect your needs either.”

Anne teased my little prick keeping me on edge. I squirmed desperate for release, which caused my wife to snicker a little at my discomfort.

“So what do you say,” Anne asked,” are you going to be my pretty little sissy cuckold?”

I couldn’t take anymore teasing, I needed to cum, I needed to orgasm. Surrendering I blurted out, ” yes Mistress Anne, I’m your little sissy cuckold!”

Anne smiled back at me, before returning her hand to my cock. Within a few strokes I was nearing orgasm. I just needed a bit more to go over the edge. Unexpectedly, Anne gave me one last stroke and then released my cock. My dicklette twitched helplessly. I went to reach for my penis to finish myself off, but Anne stopped me. Then my clitty began to spurt cum onto my stomach. All the pleasure of an orgasm had been denied to me.

I layer there for a minute, still frustrated that I couldn’t achieve release. Anne eventually got up and grabbed a washcloth to clean me up. The cool water off the cloth caused my clitty to shrink and my now empty testicles to shrivel.

Once I was clean, my wife retrieved my chastity cage. I tried to protest but Anne quickly silenced my objection, “now, now Barbie. I was generous allowing you to cum. I can’t have you going around uncaged can I. You would be jerking your pathetic little dick all over the house.”

She finished assembling my cage before snapping the lock closed. Once my cock was secure again in its prison and put the key back in her purse.

We lay there for a bit in bed before drifting off to sleep. It gave me a bit of time to reflect on what had transpired. Things were definitely going to be different now.

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