Raped by my dog

We live in Florida and I’m naked most of the time. We have a gorgeous all white 100lb pit named Lucky. When hubby rescued him he was close to death, but he’s now a healthy big boy.

Well one day I was going out to our pool. I was naked laying on my lounge chair putting lotion on my big 34 DD’s. Lucky was walking back and forth which he usually does. I put some music on and started to relax. All of a sudden I feel a cold nose between my legs. I look and tell Lucky your a bad boy now go. He wouldn’t listen and now he was licking my pussy. I pushed his head away and when I went to get up, he jumped on my back.

Lucky knocked me down and he was on top of me. He started to hump me and I knew if I didn’t do something fast my dog would be fucking me. I tried to get up but this time Lucky grabbed my neck and growled. He’s never done this before so I didn’t move. I feel his big red dog cock trying to find my pussy. I tried to reason with him but it was now too late. Lucky’s cock entered me with such force and he was fucking me so fast, hard and deep.

OMG what am I going to do. Lucky’s cock started to feel so good inside me. He was cumming like crazy deep inside my pussy.

Oh yes Lucky fuck mommy I screamed.

My pussy was full of his dog cum. He knotted me and he just kept cumming. I feel his big wet knot plop out of me and I get up and his cum is running out of me. I run and go take a shower and I’m playing with my well fed pussy. I get out the shower wrap a towel around me and I lay on my bed, wondering what just happened.

The door is open and Lucky jumps up on my bed. Now he’s humping me again but this time I roll on my stomach and put my ass up in the air. I say to him do you want to fuck mommy again. He mounts me and I guide his cock inside me.

Mmmmmmmm yes Lucky fuck me. I cum and once again he knots me and cums a lot inside me. He done and he’s laying with his cock almost in my face. I can’t believe the size of his cock and I want to suck it. I grab his cock and put it in my mouth and start to suck him. He’s now humping my mouth. Now he’s cumming down my throat and I love the taste of his cum.

I take another shower and brush my teeth waiting for hubby to come home.

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