My Sister Lisa

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…I am 25 years old and have a sister 2 years older than me her name is Lisa.

She was good looking with long brown hair, an athletic build and huge heavy and round boobs that I used to glance at when no one was looking. I was skinny and she was a little bigger than me, maybe outweighing me by twenty pounds. Most of it was her juggs, I’m sure. When she leaned over, they were thin at the top and just filled out to some amazing cantaloupes at the bottom. I still sneak looks at them when she isn’t watching, so I guess the part about me outgrowing this was a lie.

Back then, she had a jazz-dance class at school and would always be in leotards around the apt. I remember being obsessed with my sister’s tits. I swear her jugs were so big they bulged out of her bra when she was wearing that leotard. I mean, you could see their shape and then through her top, you could tell her boobs were spilling out above her sports bra line. We lived with our father in Denver. We were both pains in the butt in school.

In her junior year, My sister started hanging around these shady older girls who were mean to everyone else in school. Some of them were even cheerleaders, but these were mean chicks, man. Lisa began staying out late at night. She was clearly in with the wrong crowd. One night in the middle of the school semester, she didn’t come home at all. Our dad came home early, and I had to lie to keep him from finding out she wasn’t in yet. I thought she’d be in later, but she never showed. I wasn’t too worried, though. I figured she try this sooner or later. I just hoped she wasn’t having sex with some guy-it’d ruin my fantasy life.

The next day at school, I saw her talking with three of her friends. I went over and tapped her on the shoulder. After a second, she turned around, saw me, and said, “What do you want?” Not at all like someone who had some explaining to do. I said, “Dad’s wondering why you never came home last night, goofus!” I had no way of knowing if this was true as our dad always got up for work very early and we didn’t see him until nighttime. “No he’s not…,” she said. ” I called him at work this morning and he didn’t say anything to me about it-liar.” Oops. She had me. Her friends started to laugh. This embarrassed me.

The bell for third period rang, but this was family business. I raised my right arm and rested it on her shoulder. “Allright smart-ass, maybe I’ll just tell dad that you were out all damn night!” That should shut her friends up, I thought. My mind alternately went, “wait stupid,, you could get her to give you something in exchange for you keeping quiet.” I had a sudden thought; if she let me feel her up, I’d keep my mouth shut. Vile, I know, but that’s what I was thinking at that moment in my young life. Of course, there’s no way i’d actually say that to her, it was just a fantasy. My eyes glanced at her chest but she was wearing a leather jacket that was zipped. I followed up.. “Wellll, maybe if yo–Bouuff!!! Lisa had slipped under my resting arm and punched me right in the center of my stomach. I was unprepared for this. My belly must have seemed as soft as a down pillow, as my stepsister’s fist sank deep into me before I fell to the ground in a crumpled, surprised, heap. I moaned for a second in disbelief. I’d gotten into arguments with Lisa before, but she’d never hit me. In fact, no one had ever hit me. I was too scrawny. I had always wished we had gotten physical, but like, wrestling. I looked up at them. Fucking witches!

One of the girls had walked off when the commotion began, but there were three of them left, including my sister, who had taken a step back to look around the corner, to see if anyone was coming down the long hall. I recovered and scrambled back to my feet but the other two girls quickly grabbed me and held me up against the wall, probably fearing I’d kill Lisa. I might have, too, but the one on my right arm said “Wait, relax, she didn’t mean it.” They were both holding me tightly, and I began to feel a little aroused. After all, two older chicks were pinning me against a wall. They looked back at my sister, who had come back to be in front of me.

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