My Sexy mom vishalakshi – part 1

Hi to the readers , My name is Rahul ,this story is about the sexual desires which I had on my sexy hot mom and how I achieved those desires . My sexy mother name is vishalakshi , currently her age is 46 . But she maintained her shape and structure of body very impressively such that she looks like mid 30’s. So let me give you guys the idea like how she looks , what she wears and dimensions of her body so that you can imagine her structure and get into the heat mood before moving onto the main story.

She has very fair complexion, deep navel with small belly , she has medium sized very soft, whitish boobs, which can be easily grabbed and pressed by hands and nipple’s on her boobs looks like a cherry on a vanilla cake . Her ass is big enough to bang and enjoy her spongy nature of ass, her asshole is quite big to take at least two cocks at a time . The main interesting part is her vagina , through which I came to this world , similar to her asshole her centre hole is also big enough to take two large cocks into the hole at a time .

She has sexy curves on her waist . The aroma of her body is very attractive, it’s like magnet it attracts the men and her underarm smell boosts the energy while fucking her . After going through this I think you guys found difficult to resist your hard cock.

The main story begins from here , I got attracted to my mom’s figure when I was in 9th std I accidentally entered the room ,where she was dressing. She was on a petticoat and blouse , usually she will not wear bra so I was able to see her large nipple’s popping out through her blouse and round shaped boobs and I also saw her whitish navel at that day .

At that night I got thinking about the scenes which I saw, I got more erotic , my cock got erected, I wasn’t in a situation where I can control myself anymore so I got into the bathroom and mastrubated vigorously. She usually wears nighty daily, she wears saree’s only during rituals and festivals . Once I saw her very thick vaginal hair, she will not wear panties only . Like this only whenever I got chance to peep into my sexy mom’s structures while doing daily chores I took all those chances, later that night remembering I used to mastrubate . As the time passed I had made habit to ejaculate thinking about my hot mom daily twice . I was thinking that my father is very lucky man who got such a sexy women to fuck daily without getting bored . I saw them romancing in house, sometimes my father grabbed her ass and pressing boobs but he was not putting his cock in my mom’s heaven hole. I was begging for God to give me a chance to fuck my mom.

Guys let’s continue in the second part , releasing very son

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