My sexy mom vishalakshi – part 2

So guys this is the continuation of the part 1 .

As the time passed I used my mom’s blouse, petticoat, saree’s for mastrubation I used to smell those and lick her blouse near her underarm part I was able to taste her sweat , imaging how could I fuck my mom if I got a chance. Later when I got my personal phone I started recording vidoes of my mom while she was changing her clothes , while she was bathing . I saw all her body parts in those video’s her juicy boobs , navel , vagina .I also made vidoes from her backside while she was walking wearing a saree , her big asses were boucing heavily that made my dick very very hard . I was noticing that my father hasn’t fucked my mom for a long period , I know both were starving for sex but my father has habit of watching porn videos and mastrubate ,but my sweet sexy mom was starving for sex, her heaven hole became dry without cocks in it . Once day I got caught making video of my mom changing her clothes , she took phone and saw but she didn’t talked to me about it anything at all . This made me curious that now she is aware of my things,but she never talked to me about that .

So that was like a orange signal for me, getting very nearer to fuck my mom.

So finally the day came , it was a festival day my sexy mom had worn pink green saree she was looking damn sexy and hot in that saree, which was my all time favourite saree . After doing Pooja my father gone to work , I was waiting for this time only , me and my mom alone in house . I was thinking how can I ask my mom , how to move forward,so I planned to fall on her a accidentally and move forward. It was the time to execute my plan , my mom just finished her cooking work and was returning from kitchen, she was sweating heavily due to the heat in kitchen , I came in her way and intentionally fallen on her by putting the hands back on her ass and my mouth touching her blouse, near the nipple’s . Immediately my sex queen mom asked me “what are you doing” , I said “mom you look so sexy today in that saree , that I can’t resist so please give me a chance to put my cock into your hole , I know that dad is not fucked you for a while and you are starving for sex “.
My mom was in shock condition after hearing this , she didn’t moved and talked for some seconds. I thought her quietness was the green signal for putting my cock into my mom’s hole .

I made my move by , slowly walking her to the bedroom and started to kiss her on her forehead and cheeks , but still she was very quiet , I shouted at her saying “c’mon mom let’s do this together what’s wrong with you, talk something ” . After saying like this in no time she then grabbed my head and kissed me on my lips , I also started to lip kiss her very vigoursouly such that our tongues were touching and our saliva was getting exchanging through our mouths. Then I slowly removed her pallu safety pin, then placed my hands nervously on my mom’s boob’s and started pressing very hard , my mom was enjoying she was saying”press little harder more “. Then I unhooked her blouse , as she was not wearing any bra the door to her boobs were opened . I raised her hands and smelled her underams, and licked it . She had some armpit hair grown but I enjoyed licking her armpits and her armpits smell made my dick very hard my saliva was there all over her armpits ,really guys this was the best ever aroma of armpits .then sucked her nipple’s .Then she removed her petticoat , I undressed myself , now we both are naked I made her sleep backwards on bed , then I started kissing and licking her body from her feet , and reached to the heaven hole , she had shaved all her pubic hairs ,I started to lick slowly and gently enjoying her vagina . I said my mom I was feeling thirsty I will drink water and come back ,but my mom offered me her urine to drink .I placed my mouth over her vagina and she peed directly into my mouth. Then i finally inserted my cock into my mom’s hole and gave some strokes to enjoy her . She then took my cock into her mouth and began giving blow jobs ,I cummed inside her mouth. We both enjoyed the sex for around 50 minutes , so guys this is how I achieved the desires on my sexy mom.

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