My mom secret affair

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Hello all
I am posting this story on behalf of Shalini. It’s a real incident and doesn’t make fun of it.

I am Shalini. We are four in the family. My Dad is more than 40 years, my mother is 40 years, my brother is 22 years and I am 20 years old.
My mom is very sexy and she wears a western dress in the home. My neighbors and other men have a bad eye on my mom because of her figure.
She is not tall but of decent height with good shape. She is fair and bra size of 36 and a waist of 28. Honestly, no one believes she is the mother of two children

My father is handsome but he doesn’t involve in sex with my mother for along time. And I and my brother aware of this issue.
It was my brother’s birthday and we all decided to have dinner at the hotel. My Mother wore a sexy saree just below her Navel.
Everyone was looking at my sexy mom. And I noticed that my mom and brother both were exchanging a lot of conversations.
Post dinner, they both were walking closely, and my brother’s shoulders were touching my mom’s shoulder. My mom was blushing and I can see the joy and blush on her face.

My dad went basement to bring his car from Parking. And we were chit-chatting at the entrance. My mom pallu was off track and she was exposing her huge cleavage to my brotherMy brother was having a good view to see my mom’s valley and he was staring at her clevarage. My mom was not in the mood to cover her partition.
My brother was enjoying the show and in meanwhile my dad arrived in his car. My mom asked my dad to stop the car at the medical store.
My dad stopped the car at the medical store and my mom and brother visited the medical store. They both were back after 5 minutes.
My mom didn’t reveal what she bought in the pharmacy and that raised curiosity in me. We reached home and everyone moved to our respective rooms.

My mom and dad went to their room. And I and my brother moved to our room. Brother went to the washroom and I quickly check my mom’s handbag
The handbag was lying on the sofa and I quickly look around the corners and opened the handbag zip. I was surprised to see pills tablets and other pills.

I felt shy that mom will make love with dad for tonight. And I moved to my room before my brother came from the washroom.
After that, I changed my dress. Mom was in a saree and she picked milk from the fridge and went inside the kitchen.
I thought my mom’s dress will be changed by dad tonight. But later she came to the living room and picked pills from the handbag and went inside the kitchen.

Soon my brother went inside the kitchen. It was suspicious for me andslowly I reached the kitchen entrance.
My mom was adding tablet powder to my dad’s milk and my milk glass. I was surprised and went inside my room.
Later my brother came to the room. Mom gave milk to dad and me. She said Nikhil, your milk is in the kitchen, go and collect.
My brother left the room and mom left to daddy’s room. I didn’t drink milk and threw it outside from the window.
After that, I laid down on the bed and covered it with a bedsheet. My brother’s bed is far away from me. He switched off the lights and came to the room.

He was operating mobile and all sudden he came near to me and checked me if I was sleeping or awake. I acted as deep sleepSoon after my mom came to our room. Brother switches on the bed light.
B: Shalini slept. How about dad?
M: Dad is Sleeping
My mom was in a pink nightdress. She looks very sexy in that dress. Her 36 size cups were stiff and her ass was right in that dress.
She loosens the curly hair and the nightdress has a deep cut. Her red lips were shining and her face was glowing.
Brother put his palm on her cheeks and make her sit on the bed. I was stunned to see that. My mom was in lust and her facial expressions tell her dark intentions with brother

She was biting her lips and breating heavily. My brother moved his fingers to the neck. He started rubbing her neck and she was moaning with ahh and closed her eyes.
I was excited and watching them under the blanket. Brother slowly moved his finger on her cleavage

Mom: Baby! What are you doing?
B: You are sexy!

Brother moved close to my mom. He touches his lips with my mom. Then he moved his hands inside her hair.
She too put her hands around his head and they locked their lips. They both were kissing passionately. Her boobs were touching his body and he pushed her on the bed.

My brother was crushing her boobs with his crest and kissing her passionately. They both were kissing as there was no tomorrow.My mom was pulling his hair and twisting her tongue with him. After some time they broke the kiss. Her lipstick was moved out from her lips and looks very sexy.
Then my brother started kissing her neck and removing her buttons. She was moaning like no baby, no
He removed all the buttons and pulled her up from the bed.
Mom: Baby! Come let’s move to another room. Shalini may wake up
B: No, she is sleeping.

Mom gets up from bed and he removed her shirt. She holds his hand but his brother pushed her towards a wall and said “I can’t go that far”
Mom smiled and hugged him tightly. I was watching them under a blanket. Mom was in a pink bra and lower. Shelooks sexy in that dress.
My brother was in an aggressive mood and he lowers her bra. Her boobs were in white and her nipples were in brown.
Boobs were stiff and tempting. Without wasting any time he started licking her boobs. He started increasing the sucking pace and mom was moaning loud.

She has awesome boobs and no doubt my brother was enjoying her boobs. Mom was moaning like ” slowly, ahhh, awww, it’s in pain, take it slowlyyyyyy”.

But my mom was celebrating her boob sucking. He was biting her nipple and sucking her boobs. Her moans were awesome and honestly, I was loving her moans.I wanted my brother should treat her rudely so that I can hear her sexy groans. Then he removed her night pant. Now she is covered with one small piece of panty and bra.

My mom’s legs were sexy. It’s shining in the night. Her legs are lean and tempting. Her tighs are incredible and my mom is super sexy.
Her facial expressions were so lusty and that makes my brother blood hot. He turned her back and unhook her bra.
Then slowly she started kissing on her back and reached her ass. He slapped her ass and slowly he down her panty.
Wow!! I saw her ass cheeks. It’s like a white mountain and very sexy. He removed her panty and started kissing her calf and tighs.She is gorgeous in the back view. He kissed her ass cheeks and spank her ass hard.

Mom: ahh! Treat me delicate
B: You have a sexy ass. Can’t control it.
Mom: I am a delicate baby.
B: you are sexy.

Then he turned her to the front view. My brother was in knees and his head was covering and I was not able to see her nude.
But he was teasing her with his tongue. He was licking her belly button and mom was blushing and moaning like no baby, no, no
Brother started kissing on her tighs and I got a better view to see her pussy. Wow! She is cleanly trimmed. I was stunned after seeing her pinkpussy.
Pink pussy with white completion, 36 boobs, and 30 size of the waist. I don’t know how she manages to maintain her assets but it is sexy.
I am wet after seeing her nude like that. I understand my brother’s dick in that situation. My mom spread her legs wider and pulled him between the legs.

He started licking her pink pussy with aggression and she was moaning ahhh, slowly!! Slowly babyy! And going hair massage.
My mom’s eyes were in lust and enjoying my brother’s foreplay. He was pressing her boobs and eating her pussy.
She was moaning loud and closed her eyes. After few minutes, she cum and pulled my brother up. She pushed mybrother on the bed and removed her shirt and said ” it’s my turn”
She removed her shirt and kissed her chest. He moaned and she bites his nipple hard. He moans with ahh.
Then she removed his pant and dick was like the trunk in his boxer. Mom bites his dick over a boxer and said ” I love your dick, my baby! It’s thicker and longer than dad”

Then she removed his boxer, and his dick was raised like a tower. I was excited to watch them under the blanket.
My heart rate was high and I was in a sweat. Mom pushed his dick skin and licked his dick. It was shit for me.
But she was licking with good pace and enjoying the blowjob. My brother was pulling her hair and pushing her head. can hear mom was making umm, hmmm noise and licking her dick. After that, she hugged and whispered something in his ear
Then mom laid on the bed and spread her legs widely. He came over to her and rubbing his dick over her pussy.
Mom was saying ahh, ahh, fuck my baby. Don’t tease more. But the brother was moving his dick over her pussy.
Mom holds his dick and placed it on the correct point. Then he started pushing his dick and her moans become very sexy.
He holds her palms and pushing his dick hard. Mom was moaning like “Ahh, my babyy, ahhhhhh, slowlyyyyyy, ahhhhh”.
Brother pushed his whole dick andcovered my mom. Then he started shoving his dick. I can see my brother’s ass was going up and down under my blanket view.

I can’t see my mom’s face but I was hearing her sexy moans. Her legs were wider and he was fucking with good pace. My mom was moaning like, cum deeply baby

Cum, cum more in my pussy. After some time brother was tired and stopped fucking her. Mom became red and her boobs were crushed by his chest.
They both breathed heavily and mom pushed him on the bed and started women on top. It was a good view for me to watch.
My mom was jumping like a young teen and her face was in joy when dick went inside her cunt. She was energetic in jumping and at the same time brother was raising his hip. They both were in a good rhythm and fucked for some time.
Later they went washroom for a shower and I fall asleep. I don’t know what was happened next.

I hope you enjoyed my sexy mom’s story.

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