Mother and well-hung son

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I love the thought of incest, replaying it endlessly in my mind. If you are also obsessed I am at 956 282 9015. I would love to hear from actual incest survivors like me who want to share the beauty and lovely turn-on of family fucking.

One of my stories concerns a family of naturists. All the family members are nude at home and engage in sex acts with each other throughout the day. No one is permitted to refuse–even Nala, the mother, who has huge, swinging dark breasts and a thick hairy pussy running almost to her navel. She is proud of her son Kenji’s huge penis–he is only eleven, but he is starting to breed his mom to bear a son. His father insists–and leaves them alone more and more so mother and son will want to breed like animals. One day they are in their modern kitchen and Nala brings her son Kenji a cup of hot coffee. Nala has a collar of obedience to men fastened at her neck–she serves her son and husband as a sex slave, never meeting their gaze. They both sit down at the high circular glass table–through the clear glass Nala sees Kenji stroking his penis and staring at her breasts.


–groans the child.

The sight of his mother’s hair-covered cunt through the glass of the table is too much for the young boy and he is soon erect. His glans is shiny with pre-cum. He measures nine inches–and his mother is consumed with lust whenever she sees that cock.

Nala takes butter and reaches down under the glass and smoothing it on the cock. She starts pulling on her son with a slow rhythm, uttering filthy phrases and sentences to excite him.

“Oh my motherfucking God!,” Kenji blurts out. “Oh. My cock!”
“Enjoy it my son–give sperm–shoot for momma! Like a beast! I am your whore, Kenji. I want to eat your cum, carry your child in my womb. See how hairy my pussy is?? Rape this animal! Use me!”

“Oh my mother, I–I–am–C-C-UMMING!”

Nala expertly angled her son’s dick up at the glass and five shots of sperm jolted out of the cock. The whitish fluid smeared and dripped down. Nala quickly kneeled under the high table and began to lick up semen excitedly, fingering her clit, enjoying her young man’s jizz.

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